Public Documents of Massachusetts, Masalah 7,Bagian 1 -Masalah 10,Bagian 1

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Secretary of the Commonwealth, 1863
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Halaman 34 - For further orders and information, apply to the adjutant-general of the commonwealth. By order of his excellency John A. Andrew, governor and commander-in-chief. WILLIAM SCHOULER, Adjutant General.
Halaman 24 - States to aid in the maintenance of the laws and the peace of the Union. His excellency the commander-in-chief therefore orders : That the commanding officer of each company of volunteer militia examine with care the roll of his company, and cause the name of each member, together with his rank and place of residence, to be properly recorded and a copy of the same to be forwarded to the office of the adjutant-general.
Halaman 24 - States, that they be forthwith discharged, so that their places may be filled by men ready for any public exigency which may arise, whenever called upon. After the above orders shall have been fulfilled, no discharge, either of officer or private, shall be granted, unless for cause satisfactory to the Commander-in-Chief. If any companies have not the number of men allowed by law, the commanders of the same shall make proper exertions to have the vacancies filled, and the men properly drilled and...
Halaman 21 - ... very great number of apartments of American citizens, and a large amount of American property, I beg leave to call the attention of your excellency to the correspondence upon this subject between Mr. de Thile and Mr. Bancroft. I have the honor to inclose a copy of Mr. de Thile's letter in reply to Mr.
Halaman 176 - ... at the expiration of which time the disheartening order to fall back was given. We have neither time, space, nor heart, to record in detail the disasters to the Fifteenth on that day. It was repulsed in common with all other regiments attached to the division. In the history of our State we claim to be mentioned as having...
Halaman 23 - If subsistence cannot be furnished in kind, and board be necessary, it will be furnished at a rate not to exceed forty cents per diem. 4th. Necessary transportation of volunteers prior to completion of company organization and muster into service as a company. After completion of such organization and muster, transportation will be paid by the Quartermaster's Department. Transportation will be at the rate of two cents per mile for railroad travel, and at the current rates for stage and steamboat...
Halaman 176 - It has been the subject of much remark, that troops never went into battle more cheerfully than did ours that morning, so confident were all that the shattered enemy would be driven ere night across the river.
Halaman 313 - Peirce, who lost an arm in the battle of White Oak Swamp, has my sympathy, and in so soon rejoining his regiment for duty, proved his readiness to be where a soldier should be, at the head of his regiment. Lieutenant-Colonel Joseph H. Barnes is a soldier of the true type, in whom I have perfect and implicit reliance. Brave and honorable, he is a credit to his State. Major Charles Chipman, likewise, is a soldier of first-rate order, and has borne himself as a true man and a patriot on the field, and...
Halaman 121 - ... which make their gains out of the activity of trade, expected to be the greatest sufferers. Neither of these fears have been justified by the event. Seldom, if ever, has the business of Massachusetts been more active, or profitable, than during the past year. The war has brought into activity many mechanical employments for which there is little occasion in time of peace ; such, for example, as the manufacture of arms and ordnance, camp and garrison equipage, saddlery and artillery harness, and...
Halaman 247 - ... double line of battle, most gallantly and steadily moved across the plain, swept by the destructive fire of the enemy. When about sixty rods from the city, Color-Sergeant Collins, of Co.

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