Laws of Wisconsin Territory

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Halaman 43 - Company, and by that name they and their successors shall and may have continued succession, and by such name shall be capable of contracting and being contracted with, of suing and being sued, pleading and being impleaded, answering and being answered unto in all Courts and places whatsoever, in all manner of actions, suits, complaints, matters and concerns whatsoever ; and they and their successors may and shall have a common seal and...
Halaman 45 - ... or collected by such warrant within the time therein limited, or the time limited by any renewal of such warrant; or in case the property assessed be real estate belonging to an incorporated company, and no goods or chattels can be found whereon to levy the tax, the trustees may sue for and recover the same in their name of office.
Halaman 85 - An act to appropriate the proceeds of the sales of the public lands and to grant pre-emption rights...
Halaman 46 - Notice of . rr application. laying out of a highway through any such land, shall cause notices in writing to be posted up at three of the most public places of the town, specifying, as near as may be, the route of the proposed highway, the several tracts of land through which the same is proposed to be laid, and the time and place at which the freeholders will meet to examine the ground.
Halaman 26 - ... shall have the same powers and privileges and be subject to the same duties, liabilities and restrictions as other corporations established under said chapter, except as hereinafter provided.
Halaman 34 - An Act to provide for the government of the several towns in this territory and for the revision of county government...
Halaman 70 - Section 1 of this article, and such taxes (the word "taxes" as used herein shall include, but shall not be limited to, all levies on an ad valorem basis upon land or real property) shall be levied and collected as other taxes are levied and collected by the respective taxing agencies. The Legislature may provide that any redevelopment plan may contain a provision that the taxes, if any, so levied upon...
Halaman 49 - ... by two or more of the commissioners of highways of each of said towns, either upon such line, or as near thereto as the convenience of the ground will admit...
Halaman 59 - ... to the provisions of an act to provide for laying out and opening Territorial roads.
Halaman 74 - Nor shall a writ of injunction be granted in any case without reasonable previous notice to the adverse party, or his attorney, of the time and place of moving for the same.

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