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No. 30.]

JANUARY 31, 1811.

[Vol. 6.



For the Belfast Monthly Magazine. torily, that Ireland is capable of

producing large timber. In the

year 1793, there was cut down on THE traveller utro has had an op- the estate of Wm. Hoey, esq. at

portunity of viewing the produc. Dunganstown, three chesnuts, one tions of waiure in various regions, of which measured 16 feet 6 inches, must be struck with the contrast be another 15 feet, and a third -14 tween the wonderful luxuriance of feet'3 inches in girt; the length of Tropical vegetation, and that which one was 24 feet, and the other 36. takes place after passing the bounda- At Portmore Park, on the shore ries of the temperate zones. Adamn- of Lough Neagh, in the county of son found on the banks of the Sene. Antrim, there was an oak growing gal, several trees from 65 to 78 feet within the memory of some persons in circumference, and braving the yet alive, that may stand in comtremendous convulsions of a thousand parison with the before-mentioned years; the great chesnut of Mount celebrated trees of England.. : The Etna, whose trunk of 204 feet in trunk of his tree vås 4:2 feet girt; circumference, and ample shade, and 25 feet long to the first branch, seems placed on the confines of ice one of the branches made into an and frame, in order to exhibit the Axletree for a bleach-naill

, i sord at various powers of nature. To these 9. the remainder of the tops teárwe may oppose the dwarf willow, ly built a lighter, called the Royal with a stem of only two or three in. Oak, which carried 40°. tons; this ches the only woody species of plant was sold for £30. oak timber at hitherto discovered in the inhospi- that time sold for 1s. - 6d. per foot. table regions of Spitzbergen.

Our correspondent informs us the In Englaod a sweet chesnut has timber brought €97. but the bark grown in Hertfordshire, to 42 feet being sold with other bark of the in circumference, and another at park, what it brought is not exactly Trotworth, in Glocestershire to 44 known. Were more instances nefeet 4 inches. The Cowthrope oak, cessary to prove that the climate of near Wetherby, Yorkshire, t0 48 Ireland seems peculiarly favourable feet; Boddingion oak, in the vale to the growth of large timber, it of Glocester, to 42 feet, and another would be easy to produce them. at Broomfield Park, in the year Our country has been long famous 1764, measured 68 feet in girt.

for the solidity and strength of its And notwithstanding the many

oak; we need not therefore travel arguments which have been arlvanc.. abroad for this useful tree, our own ed to the contrary, the following woods produce in the greatest abuninstances seem to prove satisface dance the best kind of seed; but



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If by the encroachments of power, or the supineness or venality of the conto
ductors of the Press, the LIBERTY OF THE PRESS be lost, all other libero

ty will soon follow. It is THE SAFEGUARD OF TREOVQM..

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