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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1919
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Halaman 25 - ... such county, city and county, city, or town shall be entitled to receive the same pro rata appropriations as may be granted to such institutions under church or other control. An accurate statement of the receipts and expenditures of public moneys shall be attached to and published with the laws at every regular session of the Legislature.
Halaman 70 - When any child under the age of sixteen (16) years shall be found to be dependent or neglected within the meaning of this act, the court may make an order committing...
Halaman 140 - ... physically to care for and bring up such child or children, provided such widow has been a resident of the county or of the city wherein the application for an allowance Is made for a period of two years immediately preceding the application, and whose deceased husband was a citizen of the United States and a resident of the State at the time of his death.
Halaman 70 - State institution, or to the care of some reputable citizen of good moral character, or to the care of some training school, or an industrial school, as provided by law, or to the care of some association willing to receive it, embracing in its objects the purpose of caring for, or obtaining homes for dependent or neglected children, which association shall have been accredited as hereinafter provided.
Halaman 103 - ... the board of education of the school district in which such child may reside, and such board of education shall be authorized to and may in their discretion grant such relief as will enable the child to attend school during the entire school year. In all cases where such relief is necessary the said board of education shall be authorized to, and may, in their discretion, furnish to such child the necessary textbooks free of charge, in addition to such other necessary assistance or support.
Halaman 140 - ... such tax to be levied and collected in like manner with the general taxes of the said city or village and to be known as the "Tuberculosis Sanitarium Fund...
Halaman 140 - ... the mother would be required to work regularly away from her home and children and when by means of such relief she will be able to remain at home with her children, except that she may be absent for work a definite number of days each week to be specified in the court's order...
Halaman 179 - ... the allowance shall be made only when in the absence of such allowance, the mother would be required to work regularly away from her home and children...
Halaman 202 - ... shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor ami upon conviction thereof shall be fined in any sum not exceeding one hundred dollars, and shall pay the costs of prosecution.

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