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Draw on quarter-master-general for colors and musical instruments.

124 To receive returns of delinquent officers from battalioni paymaster.

88 To hear complaints of inability,

125 Of delinquents aggrieved by company courts.

126 May stay execution in such cases. To be certified by the judge advocate to the company court.

128 To erect houses for artillery pieces.

129 BRIGADE JUDGE ADVOCATE, appointed by brigade board. 130

Ex officio clerk.
To keep record of their proceedings, certify balance of
fines in brigade paymaster's hands:

132 To be transmitted to the treasurer.

133 To receive list of fines from president of company courts, 68 Certificates from constables of money paid to battalion.

paymaster. BRIGADE MAJOR AND INSPECTOR, his duty to attend, inspect the troops, arms, &c.

153 To make returns to the adjutant general.

154 To report name of the reviewing officer.

155 His compensation.

156 Penalty for neglect.

157 If absent a person to perform his duty.

158 To appraise horses of the cavalry.

226 To advertise meetings of regiments, battalions, &c. 40 BRIGADE PAYMASTER, how appointed.

91 To give bond.

93 Oath to be endorsed.

95 Certificate thereof.

96 To receive returns of delinquents.

67 To file returns.

97 Vouchers and receipts.

98 To be examined by brigade board.

99 To make return to the treasurer.

100 Balance to be paid to the treasurer.

101 To receive returns of delinquent officers from battalion paymaster.

88 To collect fines imposed by brigade board on officers. 102 If not paid to make return of delinquents to a justice. 103 Shall pay forward monies to the treasurer.


CAPTAINS, their duty to enrol their companies.

3 To make return to the major.

41, 43 Pp

To appoint company clerk.

53 To deliver roll to assessor.

184 Neglect or refuse to make list of delinquents and convey same,

254 To be cashiered and fined.

255 To approve of substitutes.

220 CAVALRY, meet in troop.

29 In squadron.

33 Horses to be appraised,

226 And value paid by the treasurer.

227 Manual for exercise of.

266 COLLECTORS OF TAXES, to receive duplicate from assessor of names not enrolled and liable to be fined.

191 To deliver duplicate to county collector.

192 To the treasurer.

194 To be prosecuted in case of neglect.

198 To collect exempt fines.

199 COMPANY, of artillery.

13 Cavalry.

12 Infantry.

11 Non-commissioned officers and music to be appointed by company officers.

19 Meetings to be advertised.

32 Clerk to call roll.

53 Fines for deficiency in arms and accoutrements.

54 Names of delinquents to be published.

55 Returned to company court,

56 On oath of clerk.

57 Of delinquent officers to battalion paymaster,

58 Under penalty.

59 Company officers when chosen to report acceptance. 159 Resignation of company officers to brigadier-general or commandant.

160 Sergeants when to take command of the


178 COMPANY COURT, constituted by company officers.

60 If but one officer to call two enrolled men.

65 If no officer, sergeant to call three enrolled men. 179 Oath of the members thereof. To meet first Monday in August.

62 To hear testimony.

63 Impose fines and forfeitures.

64 To make three returns of delinquents,

67 One to battalion, one to brigade paymaster, and one to judge-advocate.

68 Of sums imposed



Members of the court fined for neglect.

70 Their fees to be paid by battalion paymaster.

208 CONSTABLES, to levy on delinquents' goods and chattels, 76 And take them to jail.

77 To make return to battalion paymaster.

82 Overplus to be paid to delinquent,

83 Or to brigade board.

84 To be certified to judge-advocate.

85 To observe all duties and subject to usual penalties. 104 COURTS-MARTIAL, general, for trial above rank of field officers,

231 Of field officers.

232 Of captains and subalterns.

233 Regimental courts-martial within respective regiments and independent battalions.

234 Officer who appoints courts-martial to approve or disapprove sentence.

235 Officer arrested to have 15 days notice.

237 Copy of charges exhibited against him.

238 If defendants neglect to appear, court may proceed. 239 Witnesses to appear and give evidence,

240 Under same penalties as at law.

241 Regimental court-martial composed of 5 officers. 242 General court-martial of 13 not under rank of captain. 243 Two-thirds of the members must agree.

244 Oath of members.

245 Judge-Advocate.

246 Trial of general staff to be paid by the treasurer. 267 Above grade of major by brigade paymaster.

268 Of majors and inferior grade by battalion paymaster. 269 Compensation to members and to witnesses.

270 Bystander molest or insult the court to be fined. 272 Fine to be recovered before a justice.

273 Fines imposed by courts-martial to be certified to brigade board.

274 Collected by brigade paymaster.


D DELINQUENTS-Fined for non-attendance on days of exercise.

44 On field officers, Company officers. Non-commissioned and privates,

47 Absent from roll-call.

49 Without arms.

49 Bayonet and belt.

50 If unable to procure arms and equipments,

51 When called into actual service.

45 46

Those liable, low ascertained.

53 Want of equipments.

54 Delinquents names to be published.

55 To be returned to company court.

56 Their goods and chattels to be levied on.

76 Delinquents committed to jail.

76 How relieved by brigade board.

79 DRAFT, to be by lot from classes.

212 To be notified by printed or written notice,

221 Exempt subject to be drafted.

205 E ELECTion. Company officers when elected to report acceptance.

159 Resignation to brigadier-general or commandant. 160 Who will issue warrant to major to hold election. 161 Ten days notice by advertisement.

162 Certificate to be annexed to warrant of eļection.

163 Transmitted to adjutant-general.

164 Who will send commişsions to brigadier-general, 166 EXEMPTS, from military duty.

2 Also service of ten years in uniform corps.

5 F FERRIAGE. Militia going to training pay but one third, 189 Fines. See delinquents, company court, assessor.


I INDEPENDENT BATTALIONS. Commandants when entitled to promotion.

19 On what days to parade for training.

27, 29, 36 Where more than one exists to draw for rank.

35 Invasion, Insurrection, military to be ordered out, 210

See militia, Issue, general may be pleaded, and this act given in evidence,

209 JUSTICES OF THE PEACE. Delinquent lists to be returned by battalion paymasters.

73 Justices to issue execution, Form of execution.

81 Also against delinquent-officers returned by the brigade paymaster.

103 Of disorderly persons at musters returned by the battalion paymaster.



Or against officers fined at court-martial.

273 L LIQUORS SPIRITOUS, brought within one mile of parade forfeited.


362 Commanding officer to see this executed.

M MAJORS, to organize companies.

177 appoint serjeant to command where no captain or subalterns.

178 See brigade-board, election, militia. Militia to rendezvous three times a year.

25 When by companies.

26 Battalions.

27 Squadrons.

28 Regiments.

30 Brigade.

37 To be advertised.

31, 32 When free from arrest.

183 Called into service to be classed.

211 Enlisted lot or draft.

212 With proper grades of officers.

213 Roaster to be kept of officers by adjutant,

214 By captain for men.

215 To be relieved.

216 When whole called out.

213 Pay and rations,

218 Requisitions of the President.

219 Substitutes allowed.

220 Drafts to be notified. On sudden emergency:

222 Penalties for refusing to performn tour of duty.

223 Hiring substitutes.

224 Surplusage to be paid to battalion paymaster.

225 Misbehavior on parade,

226 To be disarmed.

227 In case of desertion to be fined or imprisoned.

228 Under military discipline from sun-rising to sun-setting. 259 Under arms six hours, three hours at a time.

260 Bystanders behaving disorderly how punished.

271 By fine to be recovered before a justice.

273 Minors, fines to be paid by parents.

86 Music. Youth above 12 and under 18,

171 Beat the drum, blow the trumpet, &c.

172 Father shall be excused from military duty.

173 Muskets, pistols, &c. not to be brought on parade loaded. 257


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