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Pierce & King's Re

Rand. Em. Dom..... Randolph on Eminent Do visory Legislation.. Pierce, Taylor and King's

main, Revised Statutes (La.) Rap. Contempt . Rapalje on Contempt. Pike Pike (Ark.)

Rap. Wit..........

. Rapalje's Treatise on WitPin. Pinney (Wis.)

nesses. Pittsb. Leg. J.. Pittsburgh Legal Journal Rap. & L Law Dict.. Rapalje and Lawrence (Pa.)

Law Dictionary.
Pittsb. R.
Pittsburgh Reports (Pa.) Rawle

. Rawle (Pa.)
P. L.
Public Laws.

Rawle, Const. U. S.. Rawle on the Constitution Platt, Leas. ..Platt on Leases.

of the United States. Ploud. Plowden's English King's Rawle, Cov.

Rawle on Covenants for
Bench Reports.

Plowden's English King's Raym.

Lord Raymond's English
Bench Reports.

King's Bench Reports. Poe, Pl.... ..... .Poe on Pleading and Prac- Ray, Med. Jur.... Ray's Medical Jurisprutice.

dence of Insanity. Pol. Code Political Code.

R. C......... Revised Statutes 1855 Pol. Cont... . Pollock on Principles of

(Mo.) Contract at Law and Redf. Carr....... Redfield on Carriers and Equity.

Bailments. Pom. Eq. Jur. Pomeroy's Equity Juris- Redf. Railways..... Redfield on Railways. prudence.

Redf. Sur...... Redfield's Surrogate (N. Pom. Rem. Pomeroy on Civil Reme

Y.) dies.

Redf. Wills...... Redfield on the Law of Pom. Rem. & Rem.

Wills. Rights

Pomeroy on Civil Reme- Rees' Cyclopædia... Abraham Rees' English dies & Remedial Rights.

Cyclopedia. Pom. Spec. Perf.... Pomeroy on Specific Per- Reeves, Dom. Rel.. . Reeve on Domestic Relaformance of Contracts.

tions. Poph.

Popham's English King's Reeves, Eng. Law.. Reeves' History of the Eng-
Bench Reports.

lish Law.
Port. (Ala.)
Porter (Ala.)


Coke's English King's Posey, Unrep. Cas.. Posey's Unreported Cases

Bench Reports. (Tex.)


The Reports, English. Poth. Oblig...... Pothier on Obligations. Rev.

Revision of the Statutes. Pow. App. Proc..... Powell's Law of Appellate Rev. Civ. Code..... Revised Civil Code. Proceedings.

Rev. Civ. St. Revised Civil Statutes. Pow. Cont.... Powell on Contracts.

Rev. Code.

Revised Code.
Prac. Act.
Practice Act.

Rev. Code Cr. Proc.. Revised Code of Criminal
Pr. Ch.
Precedents in Chancery,

Procedure. by Finch.

Rev. Laws.

Revised Laws.
Prest. Est..
Preston on Estates.

Rev. Mun. Code.... Revised Municipal Code.
Priv. Laws.
Private Laws.

Rev. Ord.

Revised Ordinances. Priv. St.... . . Private Statutes.

Rev. Pen. Code..... Revised Penal Code. Prob.

. English Probate and Admi- Rev. Pol. Code..... Revised Political Code. ralty Reports for year Rev. St..

Revised Statutes. cited.

"Reynolds' Land Prob. Div. ........ Probate Division,


Reynolds' Spanish and lish Law Reports.

Mexican Land Laws. Prob. Pr. Act.... Probate Practice Act. R. I.

Rhode Island.
Prob. R.
. Probate Reports (Ohio) Rice

Rice's Law (S. C.)
Prov. St.
Statutes (Laws) of the Rice, Eq.

Rice's Equity (S. C.) Province of Massachu- Rice's Code. Rice's Code of Practice setts.

(Colo.) Pub. Acts . Public Acts.

Rich. Dict.........Richardson's New DictionPub. Gen. Laws. Public General Laws.

ary of the English LanPub. Laws.. Public Laws.

guage. Pub. Loc. Laws.... Public Local Laws.

Rich. Eq.

Richardson's Equity (S. C.) Pub. St... Public Statutes.

Rich. Eg. Cas.. Richardson's Equity Cases Pub. & Loc. Laws.. Public and Local Laws.

(S. C.) Puffendorf Pufendorf's Law of Nature Rich. Law.

Richardson's Law (S. C.) and Nations.

Rich. (S. C.). Richardson (S. C.) Purd. Dig. Laws... Purdon's Digest of Laws Riddle's Lex.. Riddle's Lexicon. (Pa.)


Riley's Law (S. C.) Purple's St..... .Purple's Statutes, Scates' Riley, Eq.

Riley's Equity (S. C.) Compilation.

| R. L..

Revised Laws.
P. Wms....

Peere Williams' English R. M. Charlt. R. M. Charlton (Ga.)
Chancery Reports.


Charles Robinson's English P. & L. Dig. Laws. . Pepper & Lewis' Digest of

Admiralty Reports.
Laws (Pa.)

Rob. (N. Y.). Robertson (N. Y.)
Rob. (La.)

Robinson (La.)
Rob. (Va.)

Robinson (Va.)

Robb, Pat. Cas..... Robb's Patent Cases (U.
Q. B.
Queen's Bench Reports, Rob. Pat.

Robinson on Patents. Adolphus & Ellis, N. S. Rolle

Rolle's English King's (English)

Bench Reports. Q. B. Div..........

Queen's Bench Division Rolle, Abr. ... Rolle's Abridgment of the
(English Law Reports)

Common Law.
Quincy (Mass.)

Roll. Rep...... Rolle's English King's

Bench Reports.

Root (Conn.)

Roper, Leg.. ... Roper on Legacies.

Rorer, Jud. Sales... Rorer on Void Judicial
Randolph (Va.)

Rand. Com. Paper.. Randolph on Commercial Rorer, R. R........ Rorer on Railways

Paper. .


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Roscoe, Cr. Ev..... Roscoe on Criminal Evi- ! Shankland's St..... Shankland's Public Statdence.

utes (Tenn.) R. S. Revised Statutes.

Shannon's Code.... Shannon's Annotated Code R. S. Comp. Statutes of Connecticut,

(Tenn.) Compilation of 1854. Shars. Bl. Comm... Sharswood's Edition of Russ. . Russell's English Chancery

Blackstone's CommentaReports.

ries. Russ Crimes....... Russell on Crimes and Mis- Shars. & B. Lead. demeanors.

Cas. Real Prop.... Sharswood and Budd's Russ. Fact....... Russell on Factors and

Leading Cases of Real Brokers.

Property. Russ. & M........ Russell and Mylne's Eng- Shear. & R. Neg... Shearman and Redfield on lish Chancery Reports.

Russ. & R. Cr. Cas.. Russell and Ryan's English Sheld.

Sheldon (X. Y.)
Crown Cases Reserved. Shep.

Shepley (Me.)
Ruth. Inst.........
. Rutherford's Institutes of Shep. Abr..

Sheppard's Abridgment. Natural Law.

Shep. Touch. Sheppard's Touchstone of Ry. & Corp. Law J.. Railway and Corporation |

Common Assurances. Law Journal.


Shower's English King's
Ry. & M..
Ryan and Moody's English

Bench Reports.
Nisi Prius Reports.


Siderfin's English King's R. & Ry. C. C...... Russell and Ryan's English

Bench Reports.
Crown Cases.


Silvernail (N. Y.)

Simons' English Vice Chan

cery Reports. S

Sim. (N. S.)........ Simon's English Vice Chan

cery Reports, New Series. Salk.

Salkeld's English King's Sim. & S.......... Simons & Stuart's Eng.
Bench Reports.

lish Vice Chancery Re. Sanb. & B. Ann. St.. Sanborn and Berryman's

ports. Annotated Statutes (Wis.) Skin.

Skinner's English King's Sanders, Pl. & Ev... Saunders' Pleading and

Bench Reports.

Slade's St.... Slade's Laws (Vt.)
Sandford (N. Y.)

Smedes & M... Smedes & Marshall (Miss.) Sandf. Ch.

Sandford's Chancery (N. Smedes & M. Ch... Smedes & Marshall's

Chancery (Miss.)
Sand. Inst. Just. In-

Smith, Com. Law... Smith's Manual of Comtrod. Sandars' Edition of Jus

mon Law. tinian's Institutes.

Smith, Cont.

Smith on Contracts. Sand. & H. Dig..... Sandels and Hill's Digest Sunith, E. D...... E. D. Smith (N. Y.) of Statutes (Ark.)

Smith (Ind.). Smith (Ind.)

Saunders' English King's Smith, J. P........J. P. Smith's English
Bench Reports.

King's Bench Reports.
Saund. Pl. & Ev.... Saunders' Pleading and Smith, Man, Eq.


Smith's Manual of Equity Sawy. Sawyer (U. S.)

Jurisprudence. Saxt. Ch.

Saxton's Chancery (N. J.) Smith, Merc. Law.. Smith on Mercantile Law. Sayles' Ann, Civ.

Smith (N. H.). Smith (N. H.)

Sayles' Annotated Civil Smith (N. Y.).... Smith (N. Y.)
Statutes (Tex.)

Smith, P. F..... P. F. Smith (Pa.)
Sayles' Civ. St..... Sayles' Revised Civil Stat- Smith's Comm.
utes (Tex.)


Smith's Commentaries on Sayles' Rev. Civ. St.. Sayles' Revised Civil Stat

Statutes and Constituutes (Tex.)

tional Law and StatuSayles' St....... Sayles' Revised Civil Stat

tory and Constitutional utes (Tex.)

Constructions. Sayles' Supp....... Supplement to Sayles' An- Smith's Laws...... Smith's Laws (Pa.)

notated Civil Statutes Smith's Lead. Cas.. Smith's Leading Cases. (Tex.)


Sneed (Tenn.) 3. C. South Carolina.

Snyder, Mines.. Snyder on Mines and MinScam. Scammon (Ill.)

ing. Scates' Comp. St.... Treat, Scates & Blackwell Sol. J..

. Solicitors' Journal, London. Compiled Statutes (I11.) Soule, Syn.. .Soule's Dictionary of Eng. Schmidt, Civ. Law.. Schmidt on the Civil Law

lish Synonymes. of Spain and Mexico. South,

Southern Reporter.
Schoales & L...... Schoales and Lefroy's Irish Southard

Southard (N. J.)
Chancery Reports.

Sp. Acts.

Special Acts, Schouler, Bailm.... Schouler on Bailments. Speers

Speers' Law (S. C.) Schouler, Pers.

Speers, Eq.

Speers' Equity (S. C.) Prop.

Schouler on the Law of Spell. Extr. Rel..... Spelling in Extraordinary
Personal Property.

Relief in Equity and in
S. D.....
South Dakota.

Law. S. E..

Southeastern Reporter. Spell. Extr. Rem.. .. Spelling's Treatise on InSedg. St. & Const.

junctions and Other ExLaw Sedgwick on Statutory and

traordinary Remedies. Constitutional Law. Spence, Eg. Jur.... Spence's Equitable JurisSedg. & W. Tr. Ti

diction of the Court of tle Land... Sedgwick and Wait on the

Trial of Title to Land. Spencer

Spencer (N. J.)
Selden (N. Y.)

Spinks, Prize Cas... Spinks' Admiralty Prize
Seld. Notes.
Selden's Notes (N. Y.)

Serg. & R..
Sergeant & Rawle (Pa.) Sp. Laws.

Special Laws.


Sprague (U. S.)
Sess, Acts.
Session Acts.


Sp. Sess.

Special Session.
Sess. Laws.
Session Laws.

Sp. St...

Private and Special Lars. Shan. Cas. Shannon's Tennessee Cas- St.

Laws or Acts (in some



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State, Statutes.

Suth. St. Const..... Sutherland on Statutes and
Stand. Dict.
Standard Dictionary.

Statutory Construction. Stanton's Rev. St... Stanton's Revised Statutes S. W..

Southwestern Reporter. (Ky.)


. Swabey's English AdmiralStarkie, Sland. & L.. Starkie, on Slander and

ty Reports. Libel.

Swab. & T......... Swabey and Tristram's Starkie Starkie's English Nisi Prius

English Probate and DiReports.

vorce Reports. Starkie, Ev. ...... Starkie on Evidence. Swan

Swan (Tenn.) Starr & C. Ann, St. Starr and Curtis' Annotat. Swan's St.

Swan's Statutes (Ohio) ed Statutes (III.)


... Swanston's English ChanStat. Statutes at Large (U. S.)

cery Reports. St. at Large

Swan & C. Rev. St.. Swan and Critchfield's ReSteph. Bailm.. Story on Bailment.

vised Statutes (Ohio) Steph. Comm. .. Stephen's Commentaries on Swan & S. St...... Swan and Sayler's Supplethe Laws of England.

ment to the Revised StatSteph. Cr. Law..... Stephen's General View of

utes (Ohio) the Criminal Law.


Sweeny (N. Y.) Steph. Dig. Cr. Law.. Stephen's Digest of the Swift, Dig.. Swift's Digest of Laws Criminal Law.

(Conn.) Steph. Dig. Ev..... Stephen's Digest of the S. & C. Rev. St..... Swan and Critchfield's ReLaw of Evidence.

vised Statutes (Ohio) Steph. Pl.

Stephen on Pleading. S. & R. on Neg..... Shearman and Redfield op Steven's Dig.. Stephen's Digest of the

Law of Evidence.

S. & S...

. Swan and Sayler's SuppleStew. (Ala.). Stewart (Ala.)

ment to the Revised StatStew. Dig. . Stewart's Digest of Deci

utes (Ohio). sions of the Courts of

Law and Equity (N. J.) Stew. (N. J.) Stewart (N. J.)

Stew. & P..

Stewart & Porter (Ala.)
Stiles (Iowa)


Taney (U. S.)
St. Law.
Loughborough's Digest of Tapp:

Tappan (Ohio)
Statute Law (Ky.)


Tapping on the Writ of
Stockton's Equity (N. J.)

Sto. Const.. Story's Commentaries on Tariff Ind., New... New's Tariff Index.

the Constitution of the Tate's Dig..... .Tate's Digest of Laws (Va.)
United States.


Taunton's English Com. Story Story (U. S.)

mon Pleas Reports. Story, Ag.. Story on Agency.


Taylor (N. C.) Story, Bailm. Story on Bailment.

Tayl. Corp.. . Taylor on Private CorpoStory, Bills . Story on Bills.

rations. Story, Comm. Const.. Story's Commentaries on Tayl. Ev. .. Taylor on the Law of Evithe Constitution of the

dence. United States.

Tayl. Landl. & Ten.. Taylor's Landlord and Story, Conf. Lawe.. Story on the Conflict of


Tayl. Med. Jur..... Taylor's Manual of MedStory, Const. ... Story's Commentaries on

ical Jurisprudence. the Constitution of the Tayl. Priv. Corp.. . . Taylor on Private Corpo- . United States.

rations. Story, Cont. Story on Contracts.

Tayl. St...........Tavlor's Revised Statutes Story, Eg. Jur. .. Story on Equity Jurispru

(Wis.) dence.

T. B. Mon... T. B. Monroe (Ky.) Story, Eq. Pl..... Story on Equity Pleading. Tenn.

Tennessee. Story, Merchants.... Abbott's Merchant Ships Tenn. Cas.

. Shannon's Teunessee Cas. and Seamen by Story. Story, Partn. Story on Partnership. Tenn. Ch.... Tennessee Chancery. Story, Prom. Notes.. Story on Promissory Notes. Ter. Laws.

Territorial Laws, Story, Sales.... Story on Sales of Personal Termes de la Ley... Terms of the Common Property.

Laws and Statutes ErStory's Laws.... ..Story's United States Laws.

pounded and Explained Strange Strange's English King's

by John Rastell. Bench Reports.

Term R. .......... Term Reports, English Strob. Strobhart's Law (S. C.)

King's Bench (Durnford Strob. Eq. Strobhart's Equity (S. C.)

and East's Reports). Sub. Rev.. Supplement to the Revis- Tex.

Texas. ion.

Tex. App.

Texas Appeals Reports. Sumn. Sumner (U. S.)

Tex. Civ. App.. Texas Civil Appeals ReSup. Ct. Supreme Court Reporter.

ports. Super. Ct. Rep..... Superior Court Reports Tex. Cr. R... Texas Criminal Reports. (Pa.)

Tex. Supp.... Texas Supplement. Supp. Code.. Supplement to Code.

Thacher, Čr. Cas.... Thacher's Criminal Cases Supp. Gen. St...... Supplement to the General

(Mass.) Statutes.


Prelim. Supp. Rev....... Supplement to the Revi- Treatisé Ev....... Thayer's Preliminary Treasion.

tise on Evidence. Supp. Rev. Code.... Supplement to the Revised Theob. on Wills. ... Theobald on Wills. Code.

Thom. Co. Litt..... Thomas' Edition of Coke Supp. Rev. St...... Supplement to the Revised

upon Littleton, Statutes.

Thomp. Neg...... Thompson on Negligence. Supp. U. S. Comp.

Thomp. Tenn. Cas... Thompson's Unreported
St. 1903
Supplement 1903 to the

Tennessee Cases.
United States Compiled Thomp. & C.... .... Thompson & Cook (N. Y.)
Statutes of 1901.

Thomp. & St. Code.. Thompson and Steger's Sus. Leg. Chron.... Susquehanna Legal Chron

Code (Tenn.) icle (Pa.)

Thornton, Gifts..... Thornton on Gifts and Ad. Suth. Dam... Sutherland on Damages.





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Thornt. & BI. Bldg.

Ves. Jr...... Vesey, Junior, English & Loan Assʼns. ... Thornton and Blackledge's

Chancery Reports.
Law Relating to Build-Ves. Sr......


Senior, English ing and Loan Associa

Chancery Reports. tions.

Ves, & B........... Vesey and Beames' EngTidd, Prac.... Tidd's Practice.

lish Chancery Reports. Tied. Lim. Police


Queen Victoria (as 5 & 6 Power . Tiedeman's Treatise

the Limitations of Police Vin. Abr..

Viner's Abridgment.
Power in the United Vroom

Vroom (N. J.)

V. S..

Vermont Statutes. Tiedman, Real Prop.. Tiedeman on Real Proper-Vt.

Tied. Mun. Corp.... Tiedeman's Treatise on

Municipal Corporations.
Tiffany (N. Y.)

Times L. Rep.. Times Law Reports.
Toller on Executors.


William (as Wm. IV). Toml. Law Dict.... Tomlins' Law Dictionary,

Wade, Am. Mining Townsh. Sland. & L., Townshend on Slander and


Wade on American Mining Libel. T. R...... Term Reports, English

Wade, Attachm..... Wade on Attachment and King's Bench (Durnford

Garnishment. and East's Reports). T. Raym.....

Wagner's Statutes (Mo.) Sir Thomas Raymond's

Wag. St.

Wait, Act. & Def.. . Wait's Actions and DeEnglish King's Bench

fenses. Reports.

Wait's Prac.... Wait's New York Practice. Tread. Const.... ....... Treadway's Constitutional


Walker (Miss.)
Reports (S. C.)

Walk. Am. Law. Walker's American Law. Troub. & H. Prac... Troubat & Haly's Practice

Walk. Ch..

Walker's Chancery (Mich.) (Pa.)

Walk. (Pa.)

Walker (Pa.)
T. T..
Trinity Term.

Walk. Pat...

Walker on Patents, Tuck. .. Tucker's Surrogate (N. Y.)


Wallace (U. S.) Tucker's Blackstone.. Tucker's Blackstone's Com

Wall. Jr..

Wallace, Junior (U. S.) mentaries.

Wall. Sr.

Wallace, Senior (U. S.) T. U. P. Charlt.....T. U. P. Charlton (Ga.)


Ware (U. S.)
Turner (Ark.)

Warv. Abst.. Warvelle on Abstracts of Turn. & R. Ch..... Turner and Russell's Eng.

Title. lish Chancery Reports.


Tyler (Vt.)

Wash. (Va.). Washington (Va.)
Tyler, Ej.
Tyler on Ejectment and
Washb, Easem......

Adverse Enjoyment.

Washburn on

and Servitudes. Tyler, Steph. Pl..... Tyler's Edition of Stephen on Principles of Plead- Washb. Real Estate.. Washburn on Real Prop

erty. ing.

Washb. Real Prop.. Washburn on Real PropT. & 8. Prac.......Troubat and Haly's Penn

erty. sylvania Practice.

Wash. C. C........ Washington Circuit Court

(U. S.) U

Wash. Law Rep.... Washington Law Report

er (D. C.) Wash. T.

Washington Territory. Underhill, Ev....... Underhill on Evidence.


Watts (Pa.)
Unofficial (Reports).

Watts & S.. Watts & Sergeant (Pa.)
U. S..
United States.

W. Bl.

Sir William Blackstone's U. S. App. United States Appeals.

English King's Bench U.S. Comp. St. 1901.. United States Compiled

Statutes 1901.

Webst. Dict........ Webster's Dictionary. U. S. Comp. St.

Webster in Sen. Supp. 1903....... Supplement 1903 to the


Webster in Senate DocuUnited States Compiled

ments. Statutes of 1901.

Webst. Int. Dict.... Webster's International U. S. Law Mag.... United States Law Maga

Dictionary. zine (N. Y.) U. S. Month. Law

Wedgw. Dict. Eng. Mag.

Wedgwood's Dictionary of United States Monthly


English Etymology.
Law Magazine.

Welsb., Hurl. & G.. Welsby,

Hurlstone, and Utah,

Gordon's Reports (1-9

English Exchequer ReV

ports). Wend,

Wendell (N. Y.)

West Coast Rep. West Coast Reporter. Va. Virginia.

West. Law J....... Western Law Journal, Va, Cas. Virginia Cases.

Cincinnati (Ohio) Va. Law J........ Virginia Law Journal, West. Law Month.. Western Law Monthly Richmond.

(Ohio) Van Fleet, Coll. At

West. L. M........ Western Law Monthly tack Van Fleet on Collateral

(Ohio) Attack.


..Wharton (Pa.)
Van Ness, Prize Cas.. Van Ness' Prize Cases (U. Whart. Ag.. ....Wharton on Agency.

Whart. Am. Cr. Law.. Wharton's American CrimVattel, Law Nat... Vattel's Law of Nations.

inal Law. Vent.

Ventris' English Common | Whart, Confl. Laws.. Wharton's Conflict of
Pleas Reports.


Vernon's English Chancery Whart. Cr. Ev..... Wharton on Criminal Evi-

Vesey, Junior, English Whart. Cr. Law.... Wharton's American Crim-
Chancery Reports.

inal Law. 6 WD8. & P.-b

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Whart. Cr. Pl. &

Witthaus & Becker's
Wharton's Criminal Plead-

Med. Jur........

Witthaus and Becker's ing & Practice.

Medical Jurisprudence. Whart. Ev......... Wharton on Evidence in Wkly. Dig.... Weekiy Digest (N. Y.) Civil Issues.

Wkly. Law Bul.... Weekly Law Bulletin Whart. Law Dict... Whartou's Law Diction

(Ohio) ary (or Law Lexicon). Wkly. Law Gaz.... Weekly Law Gazette Whart. Law Lexi

(Ohio) con

Wharton's Law Diction- Wkly. Notes Cas.... Weekly Notes Cases (Pa.)

ary (or Law Lexicon). Wkly. Rep..... Weekly Reporter, London Whart. Neg.... Wharton on Negligence.

(English). Whart, St. Tr..... Wharton's State Trials Wm.

William (as 9 Wm. III). (U. S.)

Wm. Bl..

Sir William Blackstone's Whart. & S. Med.

English King's Bench ReJur. Wharton and Stille's Med

ports. ical Jurisprudence. Wm. Rob. Adm..... William Robinson's Eng\Vheat. Wheaton (U. S.)

lish Admiralty Reports. Wheat. Int. Law... Wheaton's International Vms, Ex'rs .. Williams on Executors, Law.

Wm. & Mary. William and Mary (as ? Wheeler, Am. Cr.

Wm. & Mary, c. 1). Law

Wheeler's Abridgment of Woerner, Adm'n.... Woerner's Treatise on the
American Common Law

American Law of Ad-

ministration. Wheeler, Cr. Cas... Wheeler's Criminal Cases Woodb. & M.. Woodbury & Jinot (U. S.) (V. Y.)

Wood, Ins..

Wood on Fire Insurance. White's Recop..... White's Recopilacion (Land Wood, Inst... Wood's Institutes of the Laws of Spain and Mex

(Common) Laws of Eng. ico).

land. White & T. Lead.

Wood, Landl. & Ten.. Wood on Landlord and Cas. Eq... White and Tudor's Lead

Tenant. ing Cases in Equity. Wood, Lim.... ... Wood on Limitation of AcWhite & W. Civ.

tions. Cas. Ct. App..... White & Willson's Civil Wood, Nuis... Wood on Nuisances.

Cases Court of Appeals Wood, Ry. Law.... Wood's Law of Railroads. (Tex.)


Woods (U. S.)
Wig. Wills.
Wigram on Wills.

Wood's Civ. Law... Wood's Institutes of the
Wilcox (Pa.)

Civil Law of England. Will.

William (as 1 Will. IV). Woodw. Dec... Woodward's Decisions(Pa.) Will. Eg. Jur... Willard's Equity Jurispru- / Woolr. Waters. Woolrych's Law of Waters. dence.


Woolworth (U. S.)

Willes' English Common Worcest. Dict.. Worcester's Dictionary.
Pleas Reports.

(Vor. Dict.

Worcester's Dictionary. Williams (Vt.) Williams (Vt.)

Works, Courts ... Works on Courts and Their Williams, Ex'rs Williamson Executors.

Jurisdiction. Williams, Real Prop.. Williams Real Prop- Works, Pr..... Works' Practice, Pleading, erty.

and Forms. Wills, Cir. Ev...... Wills on Circumstantial Wright

Wright (Ohio)

Wright (Pa.) Wright (Pa.)
Willson, Civ. Cas.

W. Rob....

W. Robinson's English AdCt. App. Willson's Civil Cases Court

miralty Reports. of Appeals (Tex.)

W. S.

Wagner's Statutes (Mo.) Willson, Tex. Cr.

W. Va.

West Virginia.
Willson's Revised Penal


Code, Code of Criminal Wythe

Wythe's Chancery (Va.)
Procedure, and Penal

Laws of Texas. (Vils. Wilson (Ind.)


Wilson's English Common
Pleas Reports.


Yeates (Pa.)
Winch's English Common | Yerg.

Yerger Tenn.)
Pleas Reports.

York. Leg. Rec..... York Legal Record (Pa.)
Winch's Entries.

Younge & C. Ch.... Younge & Collyer's Eng: Winfield, Words &

lish Chancery Reports. Phrases

Winfield's Adjudged Words

and Phrases, with Notes. Winst. Winstou (N. C.)

Winst. Eg.

Winston's Equity (N. C.)


Zabriskie (N. J.)



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