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Grab. & W. New


Hatsell's Parliamentary Trials ... Graham and Waterman on

New Trials.


Hawaiian Reports. Grant, Cas. Grant's Cases (Pa.)

Hawes, Jur..

Hawes on Jurisdiction of Grant's Dig.... Gantt's (& Caldwell's) Di

Courts. gest of Statutes (Ark.) Hawk.

Hawkins' Pleas of the Grat. . Grattan (Va.)

Gray (Mass.)

Hawkins' Wills.... Hawkins' Construction of Green, C. E.. C. E. Green (N. J.)

Wills. Green, Cr. Law R... Green's Crimival Law Re- Hawk. P. C. ...... Hawkins' Pleas of the ports (N. Y.)

Crown, Greene, G... G. Greene (Iowa)


Hawks (N. C.) Greenb. Pub. Pol.. .. Greenhood's Doctrine of Hayes

Hayes' Irisk Exchequer Public Policy in the Law

Reports. of Contracts.

Hayw. (N. C.). Haywood (N. C.) Green, H. W. H. W. Green (N. J.) Hayw. Tenn.). Haywood Tenn.) Green, J. S........J. S. Green (N. J.)

Hayw. & H.. Hayward & Hazelton (U. Greenl. Greenleaf (Me.)

S.) Greenl. Cruise, Real

Haz. Reg.

Hazard's Register (Pa.) Prop. .. Greenleaf's Edition of H. Bl.

Henry Blackstone's Eng. Cruise's Digest of Real

lish Common Pleas ReProperty.

ports. Greeol. Ev. Greenleaf on Evidence. Head

Head (Tenn.)
Green's Brice, Ultra

Heard's Shortt, Extr.
Green's Edition of Brice's Rem.

Heard's Edition of Shortt
Ultra Vires,

on Extraordinary Legal Gross, St......... Gross' Illinois Compiled

Laws (or Statutes). Heisk.

Heiskell (Tenn.)
... Grotius' Latin Law.


Hempstead (U. S.)

King Henry (as 8 Hen.


Aen. St....

Hening's Statutes (Va.) Hen. & M..

Hening & Munford (Va.) Hagg. Adm......... Haggard's English Admi- Herm. Chat. Mortg.. Herman on Chattel Mortralty Reports.

gages. Hagg. Cons........ Haggard's English Con- Herm. Estop...... Herman's Law of Estoppel. sistory Reports.

High, Extr. Rem... High on Extraordinary Hagg. Ecc......... Haggard's English Eccle

Legal Remedies. siastical Reports.

High, Inj..

High on Injunctions. Hale, Com. Law.... Hale's History of the Com- High, Rec..

High on Receivers. mon Law.

Hil. Abr..

Hilliard's American Law. Hale, De Jure Mar.. Hale's De Jure Maris (Ap- Hill

Hill (N. Y.) pendix to Hall on the Hill. Cont.. Hilliard on Contracts. Sea Shore].

Hill. Elem. Law.... Hilliard's Elements of Hale, P. C..... ..Hale's Pleas of the Crown.

Law. Hale, Torts. Hale on Torts.

Hill, Eq..

Hill's Equity (S. C.)

Hall's Superior Court (N. Hilliard, R. R. Hilliard on Real Property.

Hill, Law.

Hill's Law (S. C.)
Halleck, Int. Law.. Halleck's International Hill's Ann. Codes &


Hill's Annotated Codes and Hall, Mex. Law. Hall's Mexican Law.

General Laws (Or.) Halst. .. Halsted (N. J.)

Hill's Ann. St. &
Halst. Ch.
Halsted's Chancery (N. J.) Codes

Hill's Annotated General
Hammond (Ohio)

Statutes and Codes Ham. Cont.. Hammon on Contracts.

(Wash.) Hand Hand (N. Y.)

Hill's Code.... Hill's Annotated Codes and Handy Handy (Ohio)

General Laws (Or.) Har. (Del.). Harrington (Del.)

Hill's Code... Hill's Annotated General Har. (Mich.) Harrington (Mich.)

Statutes and Codes Har. (N. J.). Harrison (N. J.)

(Wash.) Hardin Hardin (Ky.)

Hill & D. Supp..... Hill & Denio, Lalor's SupHardw. Cas. Temp.. Cases temp. Hardwicke, by

plement (N. Y.) Lee and Hardwicke. | Hilt.

Hilton (N. Y.)

.Hare’s English Vice Chan- Hil. Term 4, Will.
cellors' Reports.


Hilary Term 4, William Hare, Const. Law.. Hare's American Constitu

IV. tional Law.

Hil. Torts...... Ililliard on the Law of Harg. Co. Litt..... Hargrave's Notes to Coke

Torts. on Littleton.

Hittell's Laws...... Hittell's General Laws Hargrave & Butler's

(Cal.) Notes on Co. Litt.. Hargrave and Butler's H. L. Cas.

House of Lords' Cases, Notes on Coke on Little

English. ton.


Hobart's English King's Harp. Harper (S. C.)

Bench Reports. Harp. Eq.

Harper's Equity (S. C.) Hodge, Presb. Law.. Hodge Presbyterian Harris Harris (Pa.)

Law. Harrison, Ch.. Ilarrison's Chancery Prac- Hoff. Ch. .. Hoffman's Chancery (N. tice.

Y.) Hart, Dig.

Hartley's Digest of Laws, Hoff. Land Cas..... Hoffman's Land Cases (U.

Har. & G.
Harris & Gill (Md.)

Holl. Jur....... Holland's Elements of Ju.
Har. & J.
Harris & Johnson (Md.)

risprudence. Har. & McH. Harris & McHenry (Md.) Holmes

Holmes (U. S.)
Hasbrouck's Reports (Ida- Holt

Holt's English King's ho)

Bench Reports.
Haskell (U. S.)

Holt, N. P......... Holt's English Nisi Prius


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Holt, Shipp... Holt on Shipping.

Jellett, Cr, Law.... Gillett's Treatise on CrimHopk. Ch.. Hopkins' Chancery (N. Y.)

inal Law and Procedure Horner's Ann. St... Horner's Annotated Revis

in Criminal Cases. ed Statutes (Ind.)

Jeremy, Eq...... Jeremy's Equity Jurisdic Horner's Rev. St.... Horner's Annotated Re

tion. vised Statutes (Ind.) J. J. Marsh. J. J. Marshall (Ky.) Horr & B. Mun.


Johnson (N. M.) Ord.

.... Horr and Bemis' Treatise John. Dict... .Johnson's English Dictionon Municipal Police Or

ary. dinances,

John. Eng. Ch...... Johnson's English ViceHorr. & T. Cas. Self

Chancellors' Reports.
Horrigan and Thompson's Johns.

Johnson (N. Y.)
Cases on Self-Defence. Johns. Cas.

Johnson's Cases (N. Y.)
Houston (Del.)

Johns. Ch.

Johnson's Chancery (N. Y.) Houst. Cr. Cas.. Houston's Criminal Cases Johnson's Quarto (Del.)


.. Johnson's Quarto Diction. How. (Miss.). Howard (Miss.)

ary. How. Howard (U. S.)


Jones (Pa.) How. Ann. St.. Howell's Annotated Stat. Jones, Bailm.. Jones on Bailments, utes (Mich.)

Jones, Chat. Mortg.. Jones on Chattel MortHowell, N. P....... Howell's Nisi Prius Re

gages. ports (Mich.)

Jones, Easem ......Jones' Treatise on EaseHowell, St. Tr..... Howell's English State

ments. Trials.

Jones, Eq... Jones' Equity (N. C.) Ilow. Prac... Howard's Practice (N. Y.) Jones, Law.. Jones' Law (N. C.) How. Prac. (N. S.).. Howard's Practice, New Jones, Liens. Jones on Liens. Series (N. Y.)

Jones, Mortg... Jones on Mortgages. How. St....... Howell's Annotated Stat- Jones, Pledges.. Jones on Pledges and Col. utes (Mich.)

lateral Securities. How. & H. St...... Howard and Hutchinson's Jones, Securities.... Jones on Railroad SecuriStatutes (Miss.)

ties. Hughes (Ky.).. Hughes (Ky.)

Jones & S.. Jones & Spencer (N. Y.) Hughes .. Hughes (U. S.)

Jour. Juris.

Journal of Jurisprudence. Hume's Hist. Eng.. Hume's History of Eng. Joyce, Ins..

Joyce on Insurance. land.

J. P...... The Justice of the Peace. Humph. Humphrey (Tenn.)

London (periodical). Hun Hun (N. Y.)

J. P. Smith........J. P. Smith's English Hurd's Rev. St..... Hurd's Revised Statutes

King's Bench Reports. (III.)

J. Scott (N. S.). .... English Common Bench Hurl. Bonds. Hurlstone on Bonds.

Reports, New Series by Hurl. & C...... Hurlstone Coltman's

John Scott. English Exchequer Re Jud. Repos. Judicial Repository (N. Y.) ports.


The Jurist, London. Hurl. & G......... Hurlstone and Gordon's Jur. (N. S.). . The Jurist, New Series, Reports (10, 11, Eng

London. lish Exchequer Reports). Just. Inst..

Institutes of Justinian. Hurl. & N........ Hurlstone and Norman's

English Exchequer Re-

Hutch. Carr.... Hutchinson on Carriers.
Hutch. Code.. Hutchinson's Code (Miss.)


Kansas. Hutch. Dig. St..... Hutchinson's Code (Miss.)

Kan. App....

Kansas Appeals.
Kay & J...

Kay and Johnson's Eng.

lish Vice Chancellors' ReI

ports. Keb.

Keble's English King's

Bench Reports.


Keen's English Rolls Court
Ill. App..
Illinois Appellate Court


Keene, Ch.... ......Keen's English Rolls Court Imp. Dict... Imperial Dictionary.



Keener, Quasi Cont.. Keener


Ind. App..
Indiana Appellate Court

tracts. Reports.


Sir John Kelyng's English Ind. T. Indian Territory.

Crown Cases. Ins. Law J.. Insurance Law Journal


Kelly (Ga.) (Pa.)

Kent, Comm. Kent's Commentaries OD Inst. Coke's Institutes.

American Law.
Internat. Dict.

Kernan (N. Y.)
Webster's International


Kerr, Inj... Kerr on Injunctions.

John Interst. Com. R. ... Interstate Commerce Re- Kersey Dict..

Kersey's English ports.

Dictionary, 1708.


Keyes (N. Y.)
Iredell's Law (N. O.)


.. Keilwey's English King's Ired. Eq. Iredell's Equity (N. C.)

Bench Reports.
Irwin's Code.. Clark, Cobb and Irwin's Kinney, Law Dict.
Code (Ga.)

& Glos... . Kinney's Law Dictionary

and Glossary. Kirby

. Kirby (Conn.)

Knight, Mech. Dict.. Knight's American Mechanj

ical Dictionary.

Kulp (Pa.)
King James (as 21 Jac. I). Ky.

Jac. Law Dict.. Jacob's Law Dictionary. Kyd

Kyd on Bills of Exchange. Jagg. Torts... Jaggard on Torts.

Kyd, Corp.. . Kyd on Corporations. Jarm. Wills.. Jarman on Wills.

Ky. Dec..

Kentucky Decisions.
Jefferson (Va.)

Ky. Law Rep. Kentucky Law Reporter.

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on Low.


Ky. St. Law....... Morehead and Brown Di- | Lieb. Herm.. Lieber's Hermeneutics.

gest of Statute Laws Lil. Conv... Lilly's Conveyancer.

Lilly, Abr...... Lilly's Abridgment; or K. & R..... Kent and Radcliff's Law of

Practical Register. New York (Revision of Lindl. Copartn.. Lindley, on Partnership. 1801).

Lindl. Partn..... . Lindley's Law of Partner


Coke on Littleton.


.. Littell (Ky.)

Litt. Comp. Laws... Littell's Statute Law (Ky.) Le Louisiana.

Litt. Sel. Cas. Littell's Select Cases Ky.) La. Ann. Louisiana Annual.

Litt. & S. St. Law.. Littell and Swigert's DiLack. Jur.

Lackawanna Jurist (Pa.) Lack. Leg. N..... Lackawanna Legal News Liv. Law Mag...... Livingston's Law Maga

gest of Statute Law (Ky.) (Pa.)

zine (N. Y.) Lalor, Supp. ...... Lalor's Supplement to Hill L. J. Ch.

Law Journal, New Series, & Denio's Reports (N. Y.)

Chancery, English.
Lamb. Eir....... Lambard's Eiranarcha.
Lanc. Bar
Lancaster Bar.

L. J. M. Cas........ Law Journal, New Series,

Magistrates' Cases. Lanc, Law Rev. .. Lancaster Law Review.

Loc. Acts.

Local Acts.
Lansing (N. Y.)

Loc. Laws..

Local Laws.
Lans. Ch..
Lansing's Chancery (N. Y.)


Lofft's English King's Law J. Ch.... Law Journal, New Series,

Bench Reports.
Law J. Q. B., ..... Law Journal, New Series, Lom. Dig..

Lomax, Ex'rs.... Lomax on Executors.

.Lomax's Digest of Real Queen's Bench (English).

Property. Law of Trusts (Tiif.

Long, Irr..

Long on Irrigation. & Bul.)

.Tiffany and Bullard
Trusts and Trustees.

... Lowell (U. S.)

Lower Ct. Dec. Lower Court Decisions Law Rep...... . Monthly Law Reporter,

(Ohio) Boston, Mass.

L. R. A.

Lawyers' Reports AnnotatLaw Rep. Ex....... English Law Reports, Ex

ed. chequer.

L. R. App. Cas..... English Law Reports, ApLawson, Exp. Ev... Lawson on Expert and Opinion Evidence.

peal Cases, House of

Lords. Lawson, Pres. Ev... Lawson Presumptive L. R. C. P........ English Law Reports, Evidence.

Common Pleas. Lawson, Right

L. R. Eq.......... English Law Reports, EqRem. & Pr....... Lawson on_Rights, Reme

uity. dies and Practice.

L. R. Ex. Cas...... English Law Reports, ExLaw T....... English Law Times Re

chequer: ports. Law T. (N. 8.).... English Law Times Re L. R. Exch........ English Law Reports, Ex

chequer. ports, New Series.

L. R. H. L........ English Law Reports, Ld. Raym.. Lord Raymond's English

English and Irish Appeal
King's Bench Reports.

Lea (Tenn.)

L. R. H. L. Sc..... English Law Reports, Leach, Cr. Cas..... Leach's English Crown

Scotch and Divorce ApCases. Leach's C. L....... Leach's Club Cases, Lon- L. R. Prob. & Div., English Law Reports, Pro

peal Cases. don.

bate and Divorce. Leam. & Spic....... Leaming and Spicer's Laws, L. R. Prov. & Div.. See L. R. Prob. & Div.

Grants, Concessions and L. R. Q. B......... English Law Reports,
Original Constitutions

Queen's Bench.
(N. J.)


Lutwyche's English ComL. Ed...

Lawyers' Edition Supreme
Court Reports.

mon Pleas Reports.

Luz. Law T. ....., Luzerne Law Times (Pa.) Lee (Cal.)

Luz. Leg. Obs. Luzerne Legal Observer . Acts of the Legislature.

(Pa.) Leg. Chron. Legal Chronicle.

Luz. Leg. Reg...... Luzerne Legal Register Leg. Gaz.... Legal Gazette (Pa.)

(Pa.) Leg. Gaz. R.. Legal Gazette Reports

(Pa.) Leg. Int. Legal Intelligencer (Pa.)

Leg. News.

Legal News, Chicago.
Leg. Op.
Legal Opinions.

McAdam, Landl. &
Leg. Rec. Rep. Legal Record Reports.


..McAdam on Landlord and Leg. Rep. Legal Reporter (Tenn.)

Tenant. Leg. & Ins. Rep.... Legal & Insurance Re- McAll.

McAllister (U. S.) porter.


MacArthur (D. C.) Lehigh Val. Law

MacArthur, Pat.Cas.. MacArthur's Patent Cases Rep. Lehigh Valley Law Re

(U. S.) porter,

MacArthur & M. .. MacArthur & Mackey (D. Leigh Leigh (Va.)

C.) Leigh & C.. Leigh and Cave's English Macaulay, Hist. Eng.. Macaulay's History of Crown Cases.

. Leonard's English King's McCahon

McCahon (Kan.)
Bench Reports,


McCarter (N. J.) Lev.

. Levinz's English King's McCarty, Civ. Proc.. McCarty's Civil ProceBench Reports.

dure Reports (N. Y.) Lewin, Cr. Cas..... Lewin's English Crown McClain, Cr. Law.. McClain's Criminal Law. Cases Reserved.

McClain's Code..... McClain's Annotated Code Lewis, Em. Dom.... Lewis on Eminent Domain.

and Statutes (Iowa) Lewis, Perp...... ... Lewis' Law of Perpetuity. McClel. Dig........ McClellan's Digest of Laws Les Mercatoria

(Fla.) Americana ...... An Enquiry into the Law McCord

McCord's Law (S. C.) Merchant of the United McCord, Eq.. McCord's Equity (S. C.) States by George Caines. 'McCrary

McCrary (U. S.)

Lee Leg.

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McCul. Dict. .. ...

McCulloch's Commercial | Mills, Em. Dom... Mills on Eminent Domain.

Mill. & V. Code.... Milliken & Vertrees' Code
VoGloin (La.)

(Tenn.) McKelvey, Ev. Volelvey on Evidence Minn.

Jackey (D. C.)


Minor (Ala.)
VicLean (U. S.)

Minor, Inst. Minor's Institutes of Com-
McMullan (S. C.)

mon and Statute Law. Mellul. Eq. JoMullan's Equity (S. Misc. Laws.

Miscellaneous Laws (Or.) Macn. & G.... Macnaghten and Gordon's 'Misc. Rep.

Miscellaneous Reports (N. English Chancery Re

Y.) ports.



Macqueen's Scotch Appeal Mitch. Mod. Geog... Mitchell's Modern Geog-

raphy. Madd.

.Jaddock's Reports, English Mitf. Eg. Pl.. Mitford's Equity Pleading.


Missouri. Maine, Anc. Law... Maine's Ancient Law. Moak, Eng. R... Moak's English Reports. Man. Manning (Mich.)

Mo. App.

Missouri Appeal Reports. Man., G. & S.::.

Manning, Granger, and Mo. App. Rep'r .. Missouri Appellate Report

Scott's English Common
Pleas Reports.


Modern Reports, English Mansf. Dig...... Mansfield's Digest of Stat

King's Bench. utes (Ark.)


Monaghan (Pa.) Manson, Bankr. Cas.. Janson's Bankruptcy and Mon., B. ...B. Monroe (Ky.)

Winding-Up Cases. Mon., T. B........ T. B. Monroe (Ky.) Man. Unrep. Cas... Manning's Unreported Cas- Mont.

Montava, es (La.)

Montg: Co. Law Man. & G........ Manning & Granger's Rep'r

Montgomery County Law
English Common Pleas

Reporter (Pa.)

Month. Law Bul... Monthly Law Bulletin (N. Man. & R.... Manning & Ryland's Eng

Y.) lish Magistrates' Cases. Mont. & B......... Montagu & Bligh's EngMarsh. Marshall's English Com

lish Bankruptcy Reports. mon Pleas Reports. Mont. & M....... Montagu and MacArthur's Marsh., A. K..... A. K. Marshall (Ky.)

English Bankruptcy ReMarsh. Ins...... Marshall on Marine Insur


Moody, Cr. Cas.... Moody's Crown Cases, Marsh., J. J..... J. J. Marshall (Ky.)

English Courts. Martin, Dict... . Edward Martin's English Moody & M........ Moody and Malkin's Eng. Dictionary.

lish Nisi Prius Reports, Mart. (N. C.).... Martin (N. C.)

Moody & R........ Moody and Robinson's EngMart. (N. S.). Martin's New Series (La.)

lish Nisi Prius Reports. Mart. (O. S.)... Martin's Old Series (La.) Moore

Moore (Ark.)
Mart. & Y.
Martin & Yerger (Tenn.) Moore

Sir Francis Moore's Eng.
Marvel's Reports (Del.)

lish King's Bench ReMason Mason (U. S.)

ports. Mass. Massachusetts.

Moore, Cr. Law.... Moore's Criminal Law and Math. Pres. Ev..... Mathews on Presumptive


Moore, P. C........ Moore's Privy Council ReMaule & S....... Maule and Selwyn's Eng.

ports. lish King's Bench Re Moore, Presb. Dig.. Moore's Presbyterian Di. ports.

gest. Maxw. Adv. Gram.. W. H. Maxwell's Advanced Mor. Corp....... Mora wetz on Private CorLessons in English Gram


Moreau & Carleton's Maxw. Cr. Proc..... Maxwell's Treatise on Partidas ........ Moreau-Lislet and CarleCriminal Procedure.

ton's Laws of Las Siète May, Ins.. May on Insurance.

Partidas in force in

Md. Ch.
Maryland Chancery.

Mor. Priv. Corp.... Morawetz on Private Cor.

porations. Mechem, Ag.. Mechem on Agency. Mechem, Pub. Off... Nechem on Public offices Morrell, Bankr. Cas.. Morrell's English Bank

ruptcy Cases. and Officers.


Morris (Iowa) Mees. & W...... Meeson and Welsby's Eng. Morse, Banks ...... Morse,

the Law of lish Exchequer Reports.

Banks and Banking. Meigs Veigs Tenn.)


Mosely's English Chancery Meigs, Dig. Meigs' Digest of Decisions

of the Courts of Tennes-

Mun. Code....... Municipal Code.

Munford (Va.)
Merivale's English Chan-

Murfree, Off. Bonds.. Murfree on Official Bonds. cery Reports. Merl. Repert.....

Murphey (N. C.)
Merlin, Répertoire de Ju- Murph.

Murray's Eng. Dict.. Murray's English Diction-
Metc. (Ky.)
Metcalfe (Ky.)

ary. Metc. (Mass.) Metcalf (Mass.)

Myl. & C........ Mylne & Craig's English Vich. Michigan.

Chancery Reports. Mich. N. P.. Michigan Nisi Prius. Myl. & K.......... Mylne and Keen's English Miles Miles (Pa.)

Chancery Reports. Mill, Const.

Mill's Constitutional Re Myr. Prob. ...... Myrick's Probate Court ports (S. C.)

Reports (Cal.) Miller, Const. ..... Miller on the Constitution M. & C. Partidas... Moreau-Lislet and Carleof the United States.

ton's Laws of Las Siete Miller's Code.... Miller's Revised and An

Partidas in force in notated Code (Iowa)

Louisiana. Mills' Ann. St...... Mills' Annotated Statutes vi. & W........... Meeson and Welsby's Eng(Colo.)

lish Exchequer Reports.







. Nisi



Overton (Tenn.)

. Owen's English King's Nat. Bankr. Law.. National Bankruptcy Law.

Bench Reports. Nat. Bankr. R...... National Bankruptcy Reg.

ister (U. S.)
N. B. R....... . National Bankruptcy Reg.

ister (U. S.)
N. C..
North Carolina.


Pennsylvania State. N. C. Term R..... North Carolina Term Re- Pac.

Pacific Reporter. ports.

Pa. Co. Ct. R.. Pennsylvania County Court
N. Chip..
N. Chipman (Vt.)

N. D.
North Dakota.

Pa. Com. Pl........ Pennsylvania Common
N. E.
Northeastern Reporter.

Pleas Reporter.

Pa. Dist. R.. Pennsylvania District Re-

ports. Nev. & M. Nevile and Manning's Eng- Paige

Paige's Chancery (N. Y.) lish King's Bench Re Paine

Paine (U. S.) ports.

Paine, Elect.. Paine on Elections. Newb. Adm. .... Newberry's Admiralty (U. Pa. Law J..... Pennsylvania Law Journal. S.)

Paley, Ag.... Paley Principal and Newell, Defam, .... Newell On Defamation,

Agent (or Agency).
Slander and Libel.

Paley, Mor. Ph..... Wm. Paley's Moral PhilosNewell, Eject...... Newell's Treatise on the

ophy-English. Action of Ejectment. Pamphl. Laws. Pamphlet Laws (Acts). Newell, Mal. Pros.. Newell's Treatise on Mali- Park, Ins..... Park on Marine Insurance. cious Prosecution.

Parker, Cr. R... Parker's Criminal Reports N. H. New Hampshire.

(N. Y.) Nisi Prius & Gen. T.

Pars. Bills & N.... Parsons On Bills and Rep. Prius & General

Notes. Term Reports (Ohio) Pars. Cont.. Parsous on Contracts. Nis. Dig.

Nixon's Digest of Laws Pars. Eq. Cas...... Parsons Select Equity (N. J.)

Cases (Pa.) N. J. Eq.

New Jersey Equity. Pars. Mar. Law.... Parsons on Maritime Law. N. J. Law New Jersey Law. Pars. Merc. Law... Parsons

on Mercantile N. J. Law J.. New Jersey Law Journal.

N. M.
New Mexico.

Pars. Shipp. & Adm.. Parsons on Shipping and
Norris (Pa.)

Admiralty. Northam. Law Rep. Northampton County Law Partidas

Moreau-Lislet and CarleReporter (Pa.)

ton's Laws of Las Sieté Northumb. Co. Leg.

Partidas in force in N. . Northumberland County

Legal News (Pa.)

Paschal's Ann.
Nott & McC. Nott & McCord (S. C.) Const.

Paschal's United States N. R. L. Revised Laws 1813 (N. Y.)

Constitution, Annotated. N. S. New Series.

Pasch. Dig...... Paschal's Texas Digest of
N. W.
Northwestern Reporter.

N. Y.
New York.

Pa. Super. Ct...... Pennsylvania Superior N. Y. Ann. Cas. ... New York Annotated Cas

Court Reports.

Paterson's Laws.
N. Y. Cr. R........ New York Criminal Re- Pat. & H..

Patton & Heath (Va.) ports.


Pearson (Pa.)
N. Y. Daily Reg.... New York Daily Register. Peck (III.).

Peck (111.)
N. Y. Law J... ..... New York Law Journal. Peck (Tenn.). Peck Tenn.)
N. Y. Leg. Obs. . New York Legal Observer. Pen. Code... Penal Code.
N. Y. St. Rep. .... New York State Reporter. Pen. Laws..

Penal Laws.
N. Y. Super. Ct.... New York Superior Court. Pennewill ..... Pennewill Reports (Del.)
N. Y. Supp...... New York Supplement. Penning.

Pennington (N. J.)

Pennypacker (Pa.)
Pen. & W.

Penrose & Watts (Pa.) 0

Pepper & L. Dig.

Pepper and Lewis' Digest 0. O. D. Ohio Circuit Decisions.

of Laws (Pa.) Odgers, L. & Sland. Odgers on Libel and Slan- Perry, Trusts.. Perry on Trusts. der.


Peters (U. S.) Ohio

Pet. Ab..

Petersdorff's Abridgment. Ohio Cir. Ct. R.... Ohio Circuit Court Re- Pet. Adm.

Peters' Admiralty (U. S.). ports.

Pet. C. C...

Peters' Circuit Court (U. Ohio Dec.... Ohio Decisions.

S.) Ohio Law J... Ohio Law Journal.

Petersd. Ab.

Petersdorff's Abridgment. Ohio Leg. N.. Ohio Legal News.

P. F. Smitb

P. F. Smith (Pa.)
Ohio N. P...
Ohio Nisi Prius.


Phillips' Treatise on InsurOhio St. Ohio State.

ance. Ohio S. & C. P.


Philadelphia (Pa.)
Ohio Superior and Com- Phil.

Phillips' Law (N. C.)
mon Pleas Decisions. Phil. Ch..

Phillips' English Chancery

Olcott (U. S.)

Phil. Eq.... Phillips' Equity (N. C.) 0. L. D... Ohio Lower Court Deci- Phil. Ev.

Phillipps on Evidence. sions,

Phil. Ins.

Phillips' Law of Insurance. Ont Ontario Reports.

Phillim. Int. Law... Phillimore's International Op. Attys. Gen..... Opinions of the United

States Attorneys Gen- | Phil. Mech. Liens... Phillips

Mechanics eral.



Pickering (Mass.) 0. S. ...Old Series.


Pickle Tenn.) Outerbridge Outerbridge (Pa.)

Pierce, R. R.. .... Pierce on Railroad Law.


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.. Ohio.


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