Rules of Practice Before the Commission in Cases and Proceedings Under Chapter 362, Laws of Wisconsin for 1905

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Democrat Printing Company, State Printer, 1905 - 17 halaman

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Halaman 8 - If a witness whose testimony may be desired to be taken by deposition be in a foreign country, the deposition may be taken before an officer or person designated by the Commission, or agreed upon by the parties by stipulation in writing to be filed with the Commission.
Halaman 8 - Reasonable notice must first be given in writing by the party or his attorney proposing to take such deposition to the opposite party or his attorney of record, as either may be nearest, which notice shall state the name of the witness and the time and place of the taking of his deposition...
Halaman 8 - Such depositions may be taken before any judge of any court of the United States, or any commissioner of a circuit, or any clerk of a district or circuit court, or any chancellor, justice, or judge of a supreme or superior court, mayor or chief magistrate of a city, judge of a county court, or court of common pleas of any of the United States, or any notary public, not being of counsel or attorney to either of the parties, nor interested in the event of the proceeding or investigation.
Halaman 8 - States, or before any chancellor, justice, or judge of a supreme or superior court, mayor, or chief magistrate of a city, or judge of a county court or court of common pleas of any of the United States...
Halaman 9 - ... must state specifically the grounds upon which the application is based. If such application be to reopen the case for further evidence, the nature and purpose of such evidence must be briefly stated, and the same must not be merely cumulative. If the application be for a. rehearing, the petition must specify the findings of fact and conclusions of law claimed to be erroneous, with a brief statement of the grounds of error; and when any...
Halaman 5 - ... admitted. A copy of the notice must at the same time be filed with the secretary of the Commission. The filing of an answer, however, will not be deemed an admission of the sufficiency of the complaint, but a motion to dismiss...
Halaman 7 - Commission, unless their testimony be taken or the facts be agreed upon as provided for in these rules. The complainant must in all cases establish the facts alleged to constitute a violation of the law, unless the carrier complained against admits the same or fails to answer the petition.
Halaman 10 - Copies of any petition, complaint, or answer in any matter or proceeding before the Commission, or of any order, decision, or opinion by the Commission, will be furnished without charge, upon application to the Secretary by any person or carrier party to the proceeding.
Halaman 3 - Sessions for receiving, considering and acting upon petitions, applications and other communications, and also for considering and acting upon any business of the Commission other than the hearing of contested cases, will be held at its said office daily when the Commission is in Columbus.
Halaman 11 - Information to Parties. The Secretary of the Commission will, upon request, advise any party as to the form of petition, answer or other paper necessary to be filed in any case, and furnish such information from the flies of the Commission as will conduce to a full presentation of facts material to the controversy.

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