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Such was his public ministry. And they
Through life who loved him till his latest day,
Of many a noble, gentle trait can tell,
That as a man, friend, father, marked him well :
The frank simplicity; the cordial flow
Of kind affections; the enthusiast glow
That love of Nature or his Native Land
Would kindle in those eyes so bright and bland;
The unstudied eloquence, that from his tongue
Fell like the fresh dews by the breezes flung
From fragrant woodlands; the benignant look
That like a rainbow beamed through his rebuke-
Rebuke more dreaded than a despot's frown,
For sorrow more than anger called it down;
The winning way, the kindliness of speech,
With which he wont the little ones to teach,
As round his chair like clustering doves they clung-
For, like his Master, much he loved the young.

These, and unnumbered traits like these, my verse
Could fondly dwell upon ; but o'er his hearse
A passing wreath I may but stop to cast,
Of love and grateful reverence the last
Poor earthly token. Weeping mourners here
Perchance may count such frail memorial dear,
Though vain and valueless it be to him
Who tunes his golden harp amidst the seraphim!

T. P.


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- anecdote. Letters

of her child — to a widowed mournera friend on the death —to a friend dying. wnsend. To a friend 1. A good-humoured

miniscences of early escriptions of natural

Friendships with the

His general character y-talent for anecdoteking--modesty-lettercessor's widow..Page 317

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as a husband. Letters to his witters to his daughters. Habits wiexander : notice of his death : widow. Paternal counsel to one

husband on their marriage, and is daughter Jeane Neill, during her Lot of her illness and death. Letters to

one of them on his entering the Uniwerings. Letter. Sketch of his domestic wits, by one of his daughters : kindness Spitality - commissions and correspondence

duty-course of Sabbath duties —personal erfulness-miscellaneous notices. Sketch by sons: his nationality – description of a tent - Stitchell Brae — recollections of early scenes Is --- patriotism - poetical imagination ..... 396


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