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Home, Marshalltown: Kansas State Soldiers' Home. Fort Dodge; Massachusetts State Soldiers' Home, Chelsea; Michigan State Soliders' Home. Grand Rapids: Minnesota State Soliders' Home, Minnehaha: Missouri State Federal Soldiers' Home, St. James Montana State Soldiers' Home, Columbia Falls: Nebraska State Soldiers and Sailors Home, Grand Island; Nebraska State Soldiers and Sailors' Home, Milford; New Hampshire State Soldiers' Home, Tilton; New Jersey State Soldiers' Home, Kearny; New Jersey State Home for Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Their Wives, Vineland; New York State Soldiers and Sailors' Home, Bath: New York State Woman's Relief Corps Home, Oxford; North Dakota State Soldiers' Home, Lisbon; Ohio State Soldiers' Home, Sandusky; Oregon State Soldiers' Home, Roseburg: Pennsylvania State Soldiers and Sailors' Home, Erie; Rhode Island State Soldiers' Home. Bristol; South Dakota State Soldiers' Home, Hot Springs; Vermont State Soldiers' Home, Bennington; Washington State Soldiers' Home, Orting; Wisconsin Veterans' Home, Waupaca; Wyoming State Soldiers' Home, Buffalo.

THE NATIONALIZED MILITIA, 1909. An act of Congress approved January 21, 1903. defined as the organized militia of the United States the regularly enlisted, organized and uniformed militia of the various states and territories, and provided that the organization, armament and discipline of this militia should be within five years from the date of the approval of the act the same as those prescribed for the regular and volunteer forces of the United States. By an act approved May 27, 1908, the time limit within which conformity must be effected was extended to January 21, 1910. The following table gives the militia strength in each state and territory:

States and
Territories. | Officers. Men | Headquarters.

Adjutants general.

221 3,093) Montgomery.. Brig. Gen. Bibb Graves. Alabama ..

5881 Phenix....... Col. Lewis W. Coggins. Arkansas ..

129 1,327 Little Rock... Brig. Gen. B. W. Green. California


2,348 Sacramento... Brig. Gen. J. B. Lauck. Colorado


774| Denver........ Brig. Gen. John Chase. Connecticut

2,677| Hartford..... Brig. Gen. George M. Cole. Delaware


Wilmington... Brig. Gen. I. P. Wickersham. Dist. of Columbia..

1,329 Washington... Lieut. Col. Samuel E. Smiley. Florida ...

101 1,242 Tallahassee... Maj. Gen. J. C. R. Foster. Georgia ...


2,7941 Atlanta ... Brig. Gen. A. J. Scott. Hawaii

557) Honolulu... Col. John W. Jones. Idaho ....


592 Boise......... Brig. Gen. A. M. Rowe. Illinois ..

520 6,165 Springfield.... Col. Frank S. Dickson, Acting. Indiana

198 2.293) Indianapolis... Brig. Gen. Oran Perry. Iowa ....

216 2,523 Des Moines... Brig. Gen. Guy E. Logan. Kansas


1,383) Topeka....... Brig. Gen. Charles T. Martin. Kentucky


1,941 Frankfort.... Brig. Gen. Phillip P. Johnston. | Louisiana

111 1,2481 Baton Rouge.. Maj. Gen. D. T. Stafford. Maine ....

107 1,221 Augusta ...... Brig. Gen. Elliott C. Dill. Maryland.

157 1.911 Annapolis... Maj. Gen. Henry M. Warfield. Massachusetts

5.538| Boston...... Brig. Gen. William H. Brigham | Michigan ... 204 2,578) Lansing.....

Brig. Gen. Wm. T. McGurrin. Minnesota

2.7471 St. Paul.....

Brig. Gen. Fred B. Wood. Mississippi 127 1.325 | Jackson.......

Brig. Gen. Arthur Fridge. Missouri

3.217 | Jefferson City.. Brig. Gen. Frank M. Rumbold. Montana ...


501| Helena........ Brig. Gen. Phil. Greenan, Nebraska ...

990 Lincoln....... Brig. Gen. John C. Hartigan. Nevada

Carson City.. Brig. Gen. D. S. Dickerson. New Hampshire

1.545 Concord... Maj. Gen. Harry B. Culley. New Jersey..... 369 4.1161 Trenton......

Brig. Gen. W. F. Saddler, jr. New Mexico....

181 Santa Fe... Brig. Gen. R. A. Ford. New York......

981 14,503| Albany...... Brig. Gen. Nelson H. Henry. North Carolina.... 215

1.903 Raleigh..... Brig. Gen. Joseph F. Armfield. North Dakota....


663 Bismarck..... Brig. Gen. Amasa P. Peale. Ohio ...........

495 5,511 Columbus..... Brig. Gen. Chas. C. Weybrecht. Oklahoma .....

938 Guthrie...... Brig. Gen. Frank M. Canton. Oregon ......

112 1,457 Portland..... Brig. Gen. Wm. E, Finzer. Pennsylvania ..


9,776 Harrisburg .... Brig. Gen. Thomas J. Stewart. Rhode Island...

110 1,041 Providence.... Brig. Gen. Fred'c M. Sackett. South Carolina.

180 1,751 Columbia...... Brig. Gen. John C. Boyd. South Dakota...


707 Pierre ...... Brig. Gen. C. H. Engelsby. Tennessee

122 1.401 Nashville..... Brig. Gen. Tully Brown. Texas ....

2161 2.378 Austin........ Brig. Gen. James 0. Newton. Utah ....


359| Salt Lake City. Brig. Gen. E. A. Wedgewood. Vermont ..

767) Montpelier....1

Brig. Gen. Wm. H. Gilmore. Virginia ......

1701 2.222 Richmond..... Brig. Gen. Charles J. Anderson. || Washington ...


9691 Olympia....... Brig. Gen. Geo. B. Lamping. West Virginia.

1161 1,194 Charleston.... Brig. Gen. Noyes S. Burlew. Wisconsin

2.898) Madison...... Brig. Gen. C. R. Boardman. Wyoming .....


408) Cheyenne..... Brig. Gen. P. A. Gatchell. Totals ........ 8,9751 109,951)




102 131




[blocks in formation]

After After After After 5 years' 10 years' 15 years' 20 years'

After After After

Yearly. | Monthly. service. | service. service. service. Yearly. Monthly. 5 years' 10 years' 15 years' 20 years'
10 p. c. 20 p. c. 30 p. c. 40 p. c.

service. service. service. service.
Lieuten't general $11,000 001 $916 67

$8,250 00j $687 501 Major general.... 8,000 00] 666 67

6,000 001 500 00 Brigadier general 6,000 001 600 001

4,500 001 375 00 Colonel..........

.4,000 001 333 33) $366 67 $400 00) 2$416 67 $416 67 3,000 001 250 001 $275 001 $300 001 $312 501 $312 50
Lieuten't colonel. 3,600 001 291 67 320 831 350 001 2375 00 375 00 2,625 001 218 75 240 62 262 50) 281 2 281 25

3,000 001 250 00 275 00 300 00 325 00 2333 33 2,250 00 187 501 206 25 225 001 243 75 250 00
Captain......... 2,400 001 200 00 220 00 240 00 260 00 280 00 1,800 00 150 00 165 00 180 00) 195 0 210 00
First lieutenant.. 2,000 001 166 67|| 183 33 200 00 216 671 233 33 1,500 001 125 001 137 501 150 001 1626 175 00
Second lieutenant 1,700 00 141 671 155 83) 170 00 184 17 198 33 1,275 00 106 251 116 871 127 601 138 121 148 75

1 Officers below the rank of brigadier general receive 10 per cent on the yearly pay of the grade for each term of five years'
service, not 10 exceed 40 per cent in all.-R. S., 1262, 1263. (Except colonel, lieutenant colonel and major.) The maximum pay
of a colonel !8 $5,000, that of a lieutenant colonel $4,500 and that of a major $4,000. —Act May 11, 1908. Retired officers receive
76 per cent of the pay of their grade (salary and increase).-R. S., 1274. No increase of longevity after retirement unless retired
for wounds received in battle.-Act March 2, 1903.

NOTES. -First-The lieutenant general may select two aids and a military secretary who shall have the rank of a lieutenant
colonel while so serving.-R. S., 1097.

Second-An aid to a major general is allowed $200 and an aid to a brigadier general $150 a year in addition to the pay of his rank.-R. S., 1261.

Third-An acting commissary of subsistence is allowed $100 a year in addition to the pay of his rank.-R. S.. 1261.

Fourth-Any officer below the grade of mjor, required to be mounted, shall receive $150 a year additional if he provides one
suitable mount at his own expense, and $200 if he provides two mounts.-Act May 11, 1908.

Fifth-Regimental and battalion or squadron staff officers receive the pay of their respective grades on and after May 11, 1908.
Sixth-Lteutenants of the medical corps are entitled to pay of captain after three years' service.-Act April 23, 1908.

Seventh-An acting judge advocate detailed by the Secretary of War is entitled to the pay of captain.-Acts July 6, 1884: Feb-
ruary 2, 1901.

Eighth-Ten per cent increase on pay of all officers serving outside the United States, except in Porto Rico and Hawail.-Act
June 12, 1906.

Ninth-Chaplains appointed prior to April 21, 1904, are entitled to pay of captain; appointed subsequent to April 21. 1904. en-
titled to pay of first lieutenant for first seven years of service, thereafter to pay of captain; retired from active service prior to April
21. 1904. entitled to the retired pay of a captain; appointed prior to April 21, 1904, and retired from active service subsequent to that
date, but prior to completion of seven years' service, entitled to the retired pay of a captain.-Acts February 2, 1901; April 21, 1904;
10 Comp., 765, May 7, 1904.

Tenth-Retired officers below the grade of lieutenant colonel detailed for active duty other than at colleges are entitled to the
full pay and allowances of their grade; detailed at colleges under Act November 3, 1893, are entitled to the full pay of their grade.
Colonels and lieutenant colonels similarly detailed receive the same pay and allowances a major would receive under like assignment;
general officers receive their retired pay, and mileage for travel under proper orders. -Acts April 23, 1904; March 2, 1905:
June 12, 1906.


at, Paragua: Chattanoogaslon: Charlestoquadron (Rear and

The actual strength of the personnel of the navy on June 30, 1909, was 2,802 ficers and 44,129 enlisted men- total, 46,931. There were lost to the navy during e year ended June 30, 1909, 165 officers and 11,367 enlisted men of the officers 34 ed from casualties or disease. Of the men 215 died from casualties or disease, the mainder representing men discharged at expiration of term of service for disability, 1 sentence of court martial, desertions and retirements. In the Marine Corps on ine 30, 1909. there were 318 officers and 9,330 enlisted men. The corps lost 10 Acers and 3.638 enlisted men during the year ended June 30, 1909.


(Corrected to December 1, 1909.) Atlantic Fleet (Rear Admiral Seaton Schroeder, commander in chief). First | Ivision: Connecticut, Kansas, Vermont, Louisiana. Second Division (Rear Admirall ugo Osterhaus, commanding): Minnesota, Idaho, Mississippi, New Hampshire. Tird Division (Rear Admiral Richard Wainwright, commanding): Georgia, Neaska, New Jersey. Rhode Island. Fourth Division (Rear Admiral Samuel P. mly, commanding): Virginia, Ohio, Missouri, Wisconsin. Armored Cruiser Squad

—, commanding): North Carolina, Montana, New York, Pacific Fleet (Rear Admiral Uriel Sebree, commander in chief):First Squadron First Division: Tennessee, California, South Dakota, Washington. Second Division Lear Admiral Edward B. Barry, commanding): West Virginia, Colorado, Maryland, innsylvania. Second Squadron: Milwaukee, St. Louis. Third Squadron (Rear AdIral Giles B. Harber, commanding)--First Division: Charleston. Cleveland, Denr, Galveston. Second Division: Chattanooga, Wilmington, Villalobos, Callao, Indoro, Samar, Arayat, Paragua, Helena, Rainbow.

Naval Station, Boston.-Rear Admiral William Swift, commandant.
Naval Station, New York.- Rear Admiral Joseph B. Murdock, commandant.
Naval Station, Philadelphia.-Rear Admiral Uriah R. Harris, commandant.
Naval Station, Norfolk.- Captain William A. Marshall, commandant.

Naval Station, Narragansett Bay.- Rear Admiral Raymond P. Rodgers, Supertendent Naval Training Service.

Naval Station, Portsmouth, N. H.-Captain Frank A. Wilner, commandant.

Naval Station, Washington, D. C.-Rear Admiral Eugene H. C. Leutze (reted), commandant. Naval Station, Mare Island, Cal.-Rear Admiral Thos. S. Phelps, commandant.

Navy Yard, Puget Sound, Wash.—Rear Admiral John A. Rodgers, comandant. NAVAL OFFICERS ABOVE THE GRADE OF LIEUTENANT.

Admiral. Name.

Date of commission Date of retirement. orgo Dewey........

...................... Mar. 2, 1899

Rear Admirals. lel Sebree.....

.........July 8, 1907

Feb. 20, 1910 nam Swift.....

..Jan. 3. 1908

Mar. 17, 1910 H. Arnold. ...,

..Jan. 30, 1908

Nov, 14, 1910 lolph Marix.....

.... July 1908

May 10, 19101 P. Rodgers.....

..July 4 1908

Dec. 20, 1911 Aton Schroeder.....

..July 1 1908

Aug. 17, 1911 chard Wainwright.....

..July 1 1908

Dec. 17, 1911 hn A. Rodgers........

.Sept. 7.

July 26, 1910 mes D. Adams..........

Oct. 20. 1908

May 4, 1910 Nliam P. Potter...


May 10, les B. Harber......

. ...Nov. 12. 1908

Sept. 24,

1911 E. Mason..........

..... Nov. 12, 1908

Oct. 14, 1912 thur P. Nazro...

......Dec. 15, 1908

Dec. 1912 Iliam W. Kimball.

.Dec. 17, 1908

Jan. 9, 1910 lah R. Harris...

.Jan. 7, 1909

Sept. 14, 1911 ward B. Barry..


Oct. 20. 191] rbert Winslow.....

May 27. 1909

Sept. 22, 1910 bert G. Berry......

.June 18, 1909

Sept. 16, 1910 omas S. Phelps...

.July 24, 1909

Nov. 7, 19101 seuth Niles......

.Sept. 15, 1909

June 14, 1911 muel P. Comly..

..Oct, 23, 1909

July 13, 1911 on Hubbard......

Oct. 25, 1909

May 19, 1911 win P. Rees.....

.Oct. 25, 1909

Sept. 4, 1910 wie c. Heilner...

.. Nov. 16, 1909

Jan. 29, 1911 eph B. Murdock...

... Nov. 20, 1909

Feb. 13, 1913 o Osterhaus..........

.Dec. 4, 1909

June 15, 1913 ert C. Dillingham....

...Dec. 4, 1909

June 3, 1910 erles E. Vreeland........

. .Dec. 27, 1909

Mar. 10, 1914

Oct. 30,


Captains. Rush, W. R.

Plunkett, C. P. Williams, (Rank with colonel.) | Knapp, H. S.

Chase, V.

Terhune, W. J. Miltun, J. B. Rodgers, Wm.

Hourigan, P. W. Mitchell, G. G.
Ward, Aaron.
Huse, H. McL. P Slocum, G. R.

Davis, C.
Staunton, S.
Commanders. Miller, W. G.

Harrison, W. K. l'homas, C. (Rank witn lt. col.) Kline, G. W.

-chofield, F. H. Marshall, W. A. Smith, Roy C. Strauss, Joseph. Holmes, U. T. Young, Lucien. McElroy, G. W. Russell, R. L.

Chase, J. V. Southerland, W.H.H. Griffin, R. S.

Bispham, H. A. Zlegemeier. H. J. Fox, Chas. E.

Lloyd, Edward, jr. Rust, Armistead. Signor, M. H.
Fremont, John
Hughes, R. M. Evans, G. R.

Williams, P.
Mertz, Albert.
Bartlett, F. W. Eberle, E. W.

Price, C. B. Cottman, V. L. Clark, George ) McCormick, C. M. Taylor, M. M. Howard, T. B. White, W. P.

Gilmer, W. W

Vogelgesang, C. Cowles, W. O Burd, Georso

Coontz, R. E.

McVay, C. B., 1 Knight, Austin M. Shipley, J. H.

Bullard, W. H. Dayton, J. . Badger, Chas. J. Oliver, J. H.

Edgar, W. A.

Bostwick, L. A. Nicholson, R. F. Craven, J. E. Oman, J. W.

Moffett, W . A. Underwood, E. B. Knapp, J. J.

Andrews, P.

'alimer, J. L. Wilner, F. A. Hood, J. Hines, H. K

Dismukes, D. E. Moore, C. B. T. Hayden, E. E. Cooper, G. K

die, J. R. Veeder, T. E. DeW. Bryan, B. C.

McKean, J.

Belknap, R. R Reynolds, Alfred. Marsh, c. C.

Hayes, C. H.

Blymer, DEW
Barton, J. K.
Harlow, C. H. McAlpine, K.

Robison, J. K.
Fiske, B. A.
Carr, c. A.
Decker, B. C.

Willard. A. L. Bowyer, J. M. Gill, Wm. A Bristol, M. L.

Pollock, E Ransom, G. B. Norton, H. P.

McCully, N. A.

"tearns, C.
Zane, A. V.
Bennett, F. M.

Bertolette, L. C Kuenzli, H.
Edward, J. R.
Gibbons, J. H. Witherspoon,

Rowen, J. II. Helm, James H. Snowden, Thomas. Logan, G. W.

Hough, H. H. Willits, Albert B. Carter, Thos. F. Bryan, H. F.

Leed, M. E. Winslow, C. McR. Bowers, F. C.

Long, A. T.

christy, II. M sharp, Alex. Salisbury, G. R. Durell, E. H.

Irvin, N. E.
Usher, N. R.
Purcell, J. L.
Scales, A. H.

Evans, Waldo. Fletcher, F. F. Lopez, R. F.

Blue, V.

enn, T. J.
Beatty, F. E.
Kellogg, F. W. Stone, C. M.

Sypher, J. H
Doyle, R. M.
Bitler, R. O.

Washington, T. Bierer, B.
Parks, W. M.
Phelps, Harry.
Davis, A. H.

Preston, C. F.
Bailey, F. H.
Ackerman, A.

Burrage, G. H. Leigh, R. H. Caperton, W. B. Miner, Leo D.

Marble, F.

Althouse, A. Smith, J. T.

Niblack, A. P. Robertson, A. H. Brotherton, W. D. Willits, G. S. Simpson, Edward. Brittain, C. B.

Carter, J. F.
Worthington, W. F. Kinkaid, T. W. Morgan, C. B.

Laws, G. W.
Little, W. N.
Sims, W. S.
Crose, W. M.

Day, G. C.
Potts, T. M.
Van Duzer, I
Hubbard, J. F.

McNamee, Luke. Walling, B. T. Buchanan, W. N. Miller, M. L.

Sawyer, F.
Maxwell, W. J.

Chandler, L. H. Hussey, C.
Sears, J. H.
Smith, W. S.

Koester. 0. W. Blakely, J.
Mayo, н. т.
Luby, John F.

Hayward, G. N. Thompson,
Rogers, C. c.
Rodman. Hugh
Rahison. S. S.

Traut, F ewton, J. T.

Hoogewerff, J. A. Lt. Commanders. Hines, J.
Tappan, B.

Capehart, E. E. (Rank with major.) Payne, F
Pond, C. F.
Wilson, Henry
Hughes, C. F.

Crank, R. K.
McLean, W.
Kaemmerling, G. Norton, A. L.

Moses, S. E.
Chambers, W. I. Theiss, Emil.

Reid, J. H.

Symington, P. Gillmore, J. Wood, Spencer S. Beach, E. I

Stirling, Yates, jr Gove, C. A. Brown, Guy W. Stickney. H. 0 .

Hasbrouck R. D. Coffman, DeW. Fletcher, W. B. Wiley, H.

Ball, Walter
Griffin, T. D.
Johnston, M.

Basset, F. B., jr. Pringle, J. R.
Mulligan, R.
Anderson, E. A Gates, H. G

McCormick, B. Sherman, F. H. Jayne, Jos. L.

Tackson, R.

Kellogg, E. S. Hall, R. T. Key, Albert L. Hoff. A. B.

Allen, D. V. . Fullman, W. F. Howard, Wm. L. Twining, N.

Clark, F.
Winterhalter, A. G. Higgins, Robert B. Hutchinson, E. F. Bisset, E.
Orchard, J. M.
Leonard, John C. Magruder. T.

Fechteler, A. T. Ellicott, J. M. Kittelle, s. E. W. Crosley, W
Wright, E. E.
Dyson, c. W.
Pratt, W. V.

Lang, C. J.
Gleaves, A.
Chapin, F.
Vulton, D. M.

Price, H. B.
arker, J. P.
Marvell, G. R.

Trench, M. E
Hodges, B. V
Field, H.
Patton, J. B.

Wilson, T. S.
Dunn, H. C.
Knepper, a

McDougall. TT T Pearson, H. A Grant, A. W. Williams,

Bradshaw, G. B. Jackson, 0. P Nelson, V. S. Hill, F. K. Offiey, C. N.

Chadwick, F. L Benson, W. Welles, Roger.

Steiguer, L. R. de. Doddridgo, J. Bostwick, F. McDonald, J. D. Dhelps, W.

. Rodgers, T. S Jones, H. P., jr. Kaiser, L.,

Brady, J. R.
Quinby, J. G.
Shoemaker, W.
Cole, W.

'ook, A. M. Glennon, J. H. Fahs, C. M.

Brand, C.

Fewel. C.

Boush, C. J.

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