Gambar halaman

DIVISION AND DEPARTMENTS. The Philippines Division.-Embracing the Department of Luzon, Department the Visayas and Department of Mindanao. Headquarters, Manila, P. I. Comunder, Major-General William P. Duvall.

Dopartment of Luzon.-Embracing all that portion of the Philippine Archilago lying north of a line passing southeastwardly through the West Pas of Apo, or indoro Strait, to the 12th parallel of north latitude, thence east along said parallel

the 125th degree 10 minutes east of Greenwich, but including the entire Island of asbate; thence north to San Bernardino Strait. Headquarters, Manila, P. I. Comander, Major-General W. H. Carter.

Department of the Visayas.-Includes all Islands South of the southern line the Department of Luzon and east of longitude 121 degrees 45 minutes east of reenwich and north of the 9th parallel of latitude, excepting the islands of Mininao, Paragua, and all Islands east of the Strait of Surigao. Headquarters, Iloilo, 1. Commander, Brigadier General Daniel H. Brush.

Department of Mindanao.-Includes all the remaining Islands of the Philipne Archipelago. Headquarters, Zamboanga P. 1. Commander, Brigadier General on J. Pershing.

Department of California.-Embracing the states of California and Nevada id the Territory of Hawaii. Headquarters, San Francisco, Cal. Commander, Major eneral Thomas H. Barry.

Department of the Colorado.-Embracing the states of Colorado and Utah id the Territories of Arizona and New Mexico. Headquarters, Denver, Col. Comander, Brigadier General Earl D. Thomas.

Department of the Columbia.-Embracing the states of Washington, Oregon id Idaho (except that part included in the Yellowstone National Park) and the Tertory of Alaska. Headquarters, Vancouver Barracks, Wash. Commander, Brigadier eneral Marion P. Maus.

Department of Dakota.- Embracing the states of Minnesota, North Dakota, fontana and so much of Idaho and Wyoming as is included in the Yellowstone Naonal Park. Headquarters, St. Paul, Minn. Commander, Brigadier General C. L. odges.

Department of the East.-Embracing the New England States, New York, New rsey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, District of Columbia, West Virginia, Virnia, Porto Rico and islands and keys adjacent thereto. Headquarters, Governor's land. N. Y. Commander, Major General Leonard Wood.

Department of the Gulf. Embracing the states of North Carolina, South Carina, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi. HeadquarIB, Atlanta, Ga. Commander. Brigadier General Albert L. Mills.

Department of the Lakes.- Embracing the states of Wisconsin, Michigan, Illiis, Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky. Headquarters, Chicago, Ill. Commander, Major eneral Frederick D. Grant.

Department of the Missouri.--Embracing the states of Missouri, Iowa, Neaska, South Dakota, Wyoming (except the Yellowstone National Park) and Kansas, eadquarters, Omaha, Neb. Commander, Brigadier General Charles Morton.

Department of Texas.-Embracing the states of Texas, Arkansas and Oklama. "Headquarters, San Antonio, Tex., Commander, Brigadier General A. L. Myer.


Date of appointment. Date of retirement. eonard Wood .....

.......Aug. 8, 1903

Oct. 9, 1924 rederick D. Grant............................Feb. 6, 1906

May 30, 1914 Franklin Bell.. .............................Jan. 3. 1907

Jan. 19, 1920 illiam P. Duvall.............................Oct. 2, 1907

Jan. 13, 1911 homas H. Barry ............................... April 29, 1908

Oct. 13, 1919 Tilliam H. Carter..... ........................ Nov. 13, 1909

BRIGADIER GENERALS. rederick Funston.

......... April 1, 1901

Nov. 9, 1929 asker H. Bliss.....

....July 21, 1902


1917 Ibert L. Mills....

...May 7, 1904


1918 infield S. Edgerly..

.....June 23, 1905

May 1910 hn J. Pershing.....

...... Sept. 20, 1906


1924 Ibert L. Myer........

.....Mar. 23, 1907

Nov. 1910 I D. Thomas................................ April 18, 1907

Jan. 1911 harles Morton ................................ April

Mar. 1 1910 harles L. Hodges.....

...April 30, 1907

Mar. 13, 1911 Tullam W. Wotherspoon............

..Oct. 3, 1907

Nov. 16, 1914 amsay D. Potts.................

......Jan. 31, 1908

Sept. 1, 1914 niel H. Brush.....

......Feb 17, 1908

May 9, 1912 rederick A. Smith...

......Oct. 24. 1908

May 15, 1913 arlon P. Maus.....

....June 5, 1909

Aug. 28, 1914 hn G. D. Knight....

...... Nov. 30, 1909

Jan. 24, 1910





















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CHIEF OFFICERS OF STAFF CORPS. Officers marked thus * are detailed from the line, under Section 26, act of Feb. 2, 190

ADJUTAXT GENERAL'S DEPARTMENT. FRED C. AINSWORTH, Adjutant General (rank of major gen.) ........ April 23, WILLIAM P. HALL, Adjutant General (rank of brigadier general)........April 2:

Colonels. Lieutenant Colonels. *Taylor, c W. 1*Hale, H. C. Heistand, H. 0. S. (Brodie, Alex. 0.


*Perkins, Frederick Andrews, George Alvord, Benjamin *Morgan, G. H. *Haynes, Ira A. Simpson, W. A. i *McClure, Charles i *Truitt, C. M. *Johnston, Wm. H McCain, H. P. Ladd, Eugene F. *Kennedy, C. W. *Hinds, Ernest Kerr, James T. *Strong, Fred. S. 1 *Sage. W. H. *Jordan, S. S.

*Jones, F. B.

INSPECTOR GENERAL'S DEPARTMENT ERNEST A. GARLINGTON, Inspector General (rank of brigadier general). .Oct. 1,

Colonels. Lieutenant Colonels.! Majors. 1 *Beil, George, jr. Mills, Stephen c. *Wood, William T. 1 *Morton, č. G. | *Bundy, Omar Chamberlain, J. L. *French, F. H. *Miller, S. W. 1 .Dickman, J. T. *Chase, George F. *Wilder, W. E. *McCormick, L. S. *Rivers, T. R. 1 Woodward, Chas. J.] *Erwin, J. B.

(Lassiter, William JUDGE ADVOCATE GENERAL'S DEPARTMENT. GEORGE B. DAVIS, Judge Advocate General (rank of brigadier general)..May 24, Colonels. |Lieutenant Colonels.!

Bethel, W. A. Crowder, E. H. Dunn, George M. Porter, John B. (Winship, Blanton Carbaugh, H. C. Hull, John A.

Goodier, Lewis E. Read, Beverly A. Dodds, Frank L. Morrow, Henry M. 1

QUARTERMASTER'S DEPARTMENT. JAMES B. ALESHIRE, Quartermaster General (rank of brigadier gen.). ...July 1, Colonels. sawyer, J. E.

Anight, John T. Yates, A. W. Clem, John L.

Stevens, R. R. Carson, J. M., jr. į Kimball, A. W. Patten, William S. Hodgson, F. G. Baxter, J. E.

Horton, W. E. Pullman. J. W. Bellinger, J. B. Zalinski, M. G. Cheatham, B. F Pope, James W. Litteil, Isaac W Wood, W. S.

Bailey, George G. Runlen, George Bingham, G. S. Baker, C. B.

Davidson, J. T. Miller, Wm, H. Devol, Carroll A. | Will'mson, G. McK. Penrose, George F Lieutenant colonels.

Slavens, T.

Young, 'H. P.
Robinson, W. W., jr. Cruse, Thomas

Stanley, D.
Van Schrader, F. (McCarthy, D. E. Schofield, R. MCA.

HENRY G. SHARPE, Commissary General (rank of brigadier general)....Oct. 12,
Colonels. Lieutenant Colonels.


Ruthers, G. W. Dravo, E. E.

Brainard, D. L. Krauthoff, C. R. Wilkins, H. E Smith, Abiel L. Davis, George B. Hart, William H. Stivers, C. P. Allison, J. N. Kniskern, A. D.. Davis, Alex. M. Cole, Henry

Eastman, F. F. Gallagher, H. J. Edwards, Ă. M.

MEDICAL DEPARTMENT. GEORGE H. TORNEY, Surgeon General (rank of brigadier gen.)............Jan, 4, Colonels. | McCaw, W. D. Stark, A. N.

Ashburn, P. M. Girard, J. B. kaymond, H. L. Lyncn, Charles

Dean, E. A.
Gorgas, William C.
Majors. Munson, E. L.

Usher, F. M. C. Byrne, Charles B. Gibson, Robert J. Kennedy, J. M. Truby, Willard F. Harvard, Valery Kendall, William P. Howard, D. C. Russell, Fiederick Hoff, J. Van R. Banister, William B. Wilson, W. H.

Wolte, Edwin P. Maus, Louis M. Woodruff, C. E. Lewis, William F. Greenleaf, Henry Taylor, Blair D. Shitlock, Paul

Bratton, Thomas S. Hess. Louis T. Crampton, L. W. Rafferty, Ogden Kirkpatrick, T. J. Collins, Chris. C. Appel, D. M. Mason, Charles F. Stone, John H.

Edger, Benj. J., j! Perley, H. 0.

Glennan, James D. Rand, Irving W. Waterhouse, Sam, Davis, W. E

Bradley, A. E. Fauntleroy, P. C. Hartnett, Eugene Gray, W.W

Willcox, Charles Wilson, James S. Ford, Clyde S. Brechemin, L

Frick, Euclid B. L'utcher, Basil H. Marrow, Cnarles Lieutenant Colonels. Keefer, Frank R. Fuller, Leigh A. Sl:ockley, M. A. La Garde, L. A. Raymond, T. U. Skinner, George A. Wiun, Robert N. Banister, J. M. Snyder, H. D.

Darnall, Carl R. Lyster, i heodore Appel, Aaron H. Wales, Philip G. Page, Henry

Wadhams, S. H. Richard, Charles Smith, Allen M. Ashford, B. K. Robbins, C. P. Ebert, R. G.

Clarke, Joseph T. Webber, Henry A. Rhoads, Thomas Arthur, W. H. Ireland, M. W.

Clayton, Jere ! Gilchrist, Harry Bushnell, G. E. Fisher, Henry C. Chamberlain, W. P. Lyster, Wm. J. Birmingham, H. P. Shaw, Henry A. Schreiner, E. R. Persons, Elbert I Carter, E. C. Winter, F. **

Hartsock, F. M. Bispham, Wm. N Stephenson, Wm. Purviance, W. E. Duval, Douglas F. Geddings, E. F. Phillips, J. L. Deshon, G.

Manly, Clarence J. Morse, Arthur W Harris, H. S. T. McCulloch, C. C., jr. Baker, David

Baker. Frank C. Edie, Guy L.

Reynolds, F. P. Truby, Albert E. Reynolds, Chas. Crosby, William D. Woodson, R. S. Church, James R. Hutton, Paul C. Gandy, Charles M. Straub, Paul F. Ford, Joseph H. Dale, Frederick A

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PAY DEPARTMENT. RLES L. WHIPPLE, Paymaster General (rank of bragadier general)...Jan. 1, '08

Colonels. Downey, George F. (Smith, Robert S. *Barroll, M. K. egys. W. H.

Majors. | Holloway, G. T. Stanton, C. E. h, George R. Goodman, T. C. Gambrill. W.

*Skerrett, D. rs, H. L.

Houston, James B. Keleher, T. D. Stevens, Pierre C. tenant Colonels. Ray. Beecher B. Pickett, George E. *Hains, J. P. on, Webster (Lord, Herbert M. *Blauvelt, Wm. F. *Smith, E. V. ace, H. S. ] Rochester, W. B. ) Canby, James on, F. L

1*Johnson, F. O. (Lynch, John R.

CORPS OF ENGINEERS. LIAM L. MARSHALL, Chief of Engineers (rank of brigadier general)..July 2, '08 Colonels. Warren, James G. Riché, c. S.

McIndoe, J. F. y, William H. Burr, Edward

Rees, T. H.

| Morrow, Jay J. ell, William T. Beach, L. H.

Potter, C. L.

Cavanaugh, J. B. man, Dan C. Zinn, George A. Shunk, F. R.

Jervey, James P. I, William M. Langfitt. Wm. C. Jervey, Henry Howell, George P. Walter L. Sanford, Jas. C.

McKinstry, C, H.

Kutz, Charles W. sler, S. N. Chittenden, H. M. Judson, W. V.

Walker, M. L. t, F. V. Fitch, G. D.

Winslow, E. E. Raymond, R. R. 1, Thomas L. Gaillard. D. DuB. Flagler, C. A. F Ladue, William B. isend, C, McD. Taylor, Harry

Harding, Chester Barden, Wm. J. hals, G. W. Sibert, W. L.

Harts, W. W.

Schulz, E. H.
Kuhn, J. E.
Jadwin, Edgar

Burgess, H. enant Colonels. Craighill, W. E. Keller. Charles

Stuart, E. R. 3, John


Deakyne, Herbert Hoffman, G. N. e, John

Newcomer, H. C. Bromwell, C. S. es, H. F.

Patrick, M. M. | Cosby, Spencer

ORDNANCE DEPARTMENT. LIAM CROZIER, Chief of Ordnance (rank of brigadier gen.)..........Nov. 22, 01 Colonels. Benet, J. W.

| Buggles, G. L'H. | Tschappat, W. H. 6 S.E. Gibson, W. W.

Horney, Odus C. Rice, J. H. well, James Babbit, E. B.

Montgomery, G. King, David M.
e, Rogers
Lissak, O. M.
Dickson, T. C.

Ames, T. L.
1, Frank
Dunn, B. W.

Jamieson, C. C. O'Hern, Edw. P. lam, 0. B. Thompson, J. T. Joyes, John W.

Bricker, E. D.
L. L.
Wheeler, c. B. Hoffer, Jay E.

*Phillips, W. A.
enant Colonels. I Majors. | Morton, Kenneth
; C. H.

Pierce, William S. Williams, C. C. B, F. E.

Burr, George W. Hoft, Samuel

SIGNAL CORPS. 98 ALLEN, Chief Signal Omcer rank of brigadier gen.).... ...Feb. 10, 06 Colonel. ILieutenant Colonels.


Russel, Edgar pson, R. E. Scriven, George P. Greene, Frank

Fechet, E. O.
Glassford, W. A. Reber, s.

Saltzman, c. M'K.
Squier, George 0.

CHAPLAINS. k_of Major. JBateman, C. C. Gavitt, H. C.

Sutherland, J. H. · Henry Groves, Leslie R. Brown, H. A.

Randolph, J. A. son, W.

BUREAU OF INSULAR AFFAIRS RENCE R. EDWARDS, Chief (rank of brigadier general)............June 30, '06 GE H. SHELTON, Assistant (rank of major).......................

.July 2 PROFESSORS AT THE MILITARY ACADEMY. k of Colonel. Tillman, S. E. Fiebeger, G. J. | Rank Lieut. Col. Wood. Edward E.

Gordon, William B.

Echols, C. P.

Garrard, J.
Day, M. W.

Majors. ld, C. A. P. Dodd, G. A.

Finley, W. L. Wheeler, H. W.
J. H.

McClernand, E. J. Gresham, J. C. Read, R. D.
son, G. S. Murray, C. H. Gale, G. H. G. Swift, E.
T, E. Z.
Jones, T. W.

Taylor, c. W. Lockett, J.
F. K.

Lieutenant Colonels. Reach, W. D. Blocksom, A. P.
rs, A.
Hunter, G. K.
Shank, W. A.

Gaston, J. A.
ler, W. S.
O'Connor, C. M. Bishop, H. S.

Scott, H. L. bury, H. P. wilder, W. E.

Andrus, E. P. McCormick, L. S.
Guilfoyle, J. F. Sibley, F. W.

Ripley. H. L.
. G. F.
Watts, c. H.
Cheever, B. H.

| Galbraith, J. C.
Edwards, F. A.

d, . Colonel.


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Goode, G. W


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Erwin, J. B.
Brett, L. M.
| Foltz, F. S.

| Flynn, W. F.
Morgan, G. H.
Goldman, H. J. Gardner, J. H.

Johnson, C.
Boughton, D. M, Macomb, A. C. Stevens, C. J. Sargent, H. H.
Sickel, H. G.
Lewis, T. J.
| Carleton, G

Scott, w. s.
Johnson, F.
Mercer, W. A.
Dugan, T. E

Tate, D.
Slocum, H. J

Grierson, C. H. McDonald, J. B.
Benson, H. C. Rivers, T. R.

Waterman, J
Foster, F. W.
Sands, G. H.
Allen, H.

Macdonald, G. E.
Brown, W
Trippe, P. E.
Heard, J. V

Steele, M. F. Brewer, E. P. | Dickman, J. T. Slocum, S. L. H. Cameron, G. H.

| Landis, J. F. R. Forsyth, W. W.

ARTHUR MURRAY, Chief of 'Coast Artillery (rank of brigadier gon.). ..... Oct. 1,

Field Artillery.
Colonels. Lieutenant Colonels. Majors.

Taylor, S. W.
Foster, C. W.
Treat, C. G.

Mott, T. B
Dyer. A. B.
Hoyle, E. D.

Van Dusen, G. W. | Hinds, E.
Andrews, H. M. Adams, G.

Millar, E. A.

March, P. McComb, M. M. Gayle, E. A.

Conklin, J.

Kenly, W. L. Niles, L.

Greble, E. St. J. Sturgis, s. D. McGlachlin, E. F.
Brown, E. T.
Rumbough, D. J. Berry, L.

Lassiter, W
McMahon, J. E.

est Artillery.
Colonels. Rafferty, W

| Willcox, C. DeW. Campbell, Howe, W.

Newcomb, W. P. Barrette, J. D. Hains, J. I
Patterson, R. H. Phillips, C.

Hubbard, E. W. Todd, H.
Lundeen, J. A.
Bailey, c. J.
Cree, J. K.

Whistler, G

Townsley, C. P. Stevens, G. W. S. Hearn,
Wisser, J.
Harmon, M. F. Davis, R. P

Davis, W
Williams, j
Cronkhite, A.
Robinson, W.

Mauldin, F.
Coffin, W. H.
Hunter, C. H.

Landers, G. F. | Ketcham, D.
Todd, A.
Foote, s. M.
Gatchell, G. W.

Slaker, A.
Brooks, J. C. W. Straub, O. I.

| Hero, A., j Ludlow, H. H. Bartlett, G.

Schumm, H. C. Harris, F. E. Hamilton, W. R. Bennett, C. A. Hunter, A. M. Blakely, G. Deems, C.

Hayden, J.

Coe, F, T
White, J. V.
Davis, H. C.
| Wilson, D. T.

Smith, W. R. Weaver, E. M. Ridgway, T.

Blake, E. M.

Whitney, H.
Lieutenant Colonels. Ruckman, J. W. Ellis, W. E

Chase, A.
Marsh, F.
Haynes, L.
| Haan, W. G.

Kephart, S
Woodward, C. G. Walke, W.

| Jordan, S. S.

Burgess, L.
Allen, S. E.
Lewis, 1. N.
| Barroll, M.

Shipton. J. A
Strong. F. S. i Hawthorne, H. L. Skerrett, D.

Colonels. Wood, W. T.

Bailey, I

Stamper, W. Y. Cornman, D. Evans, W. P. Mallory, J. S.

Blauvelt, W. F Duncan, J. W. Wilson, R. H. Miller, s. W.

Hodges, H. C., jr. Mansfield, F. W: Febiger, L.

Van Vliet, R. C. Hirst, R. L. Van Orsdale, J. T. French, F. H. Buck, W. L.

Roberts, H. L. Huston, J. F. McClure, Plummer, E.

Chatfield, W. H. Hoyt, R. W. Wolf, S. Kirby, H.

Morrison, J. F. Williams, C. A. Buttler, w. c. Howe, E. W.

Steedman, R. R.
Woodbury, T. C.
Rogers, J. S.

Dunning, S. W. Sage, W. H.
Cowles, C. D.
Young, G. S.

Partello, J. M. T. Goodin, J. A. Scott, Walter S. Bullard, R. L.

Truitt, C. M.

Root, E. A.
Gardener, C.
Glenn, E. F.
Bell, G., jr.

Hale, H.
Reynolds, A.
Cecil, G. R.
Parke, J. S.

Taggart, E. F.
Pitcher, W.
Mann, W. A.
McCoy, F. B.

Faison, S, I
Dent, j. C.
Waltz, M. F.
Noyes, C. R.

Ames, R. F.

Blatchford, R. M. Kreps, J. F.
Greene, H.
Getty, R. N.
Beacom, J. H.

Cabell, H.
Bolton, E. B.
Jones, F. E
May, W. T.

Perkins, F.
Loughborough,R.H.R Nichols, W. A. Hearn, L. J.

Burnham, W
Davis, T. F.
Terrett, C.

Wright, W. K. Arrasmith, J
Booth, C. A.
Phister, N

Pendleton, E. P. Johnston, W. H
Crane, c. J.
Paxton, A.
Penrose, C.

Atkinson, B.
Bailey, H. K.
Jackson, J
Howell, D. L.

Beall, F. M. M
Paulding, W.
Turner, R. B.
Kernan, F. J.,

Nichols, M.
Sharpe, A. C

Frederick, D. A. Kennedy, C.W. O'Neil, J. P.
Bowen, W. H
Tillson, J.
Griffith, I

Simpson, W.
Mason, C. V
Ducat, A.

McIver. G. W. Dentier, C. E.
Williams, A.
Liggett, H.

Richardson, W. H. Thompson, J. K Irons, J. A. Kennon, L. W. V. Barth, C. H.

Styer, H. D. Lovering, L. A. Lassiter, W

| Bundy, O

Ayer, W. ? Evans, R. K. (Morton, c. G. | Hatch, E

Noble, R Lieutenant Colonels. Majors.

Shanks, D.

Jones, E.
Cooke, G. F.
Pickering, A.
Allaire, W.

Holley, D
Chubb, C. St. J. Maney, J. A.

| Shipton, James A. Morse, B. C.

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Finley, J. P. | Prewster, A.W. Baker, D. J., jr. Ballou, C. C.
Day. F. R.
Muir, C. H.
Poore, B. A.

Smith, E. V.

Parmerter, A. L. McRae, J. H. Duncan, G. B.
Roudiez, L. S. Smiley, S. E.

Shattuck, A. B. Durfee, L. L.
Wren, w. c.
Devore, D. B.
Swaine, W. M.

Dwyer, C. G.
Buffington, A. P. Buck, B. B.

Gordon, W. H.

Penn, J. A.
Beckurts, C. L. Martin, W. F

Lasseigne, A. I. Lewis, E. M.
Moore, T. W.
Johnson, E. M., jr. | Frier, J. H.

Croxton, R. C.
Wright, W. M. McIntyre, F.

| Winn, F. L.

Situated at West Point, N. Y. Superintendent, Colonel Hugh L. Scott, U. S. A. The United States Military Academy at West Point was founded in 1802. Each Congress district and Territory, the District of Columbia and Porto Rico is entitled to have one cadet at the academy. Each state is also entitled to have two cadets at the academy from the state at large. Forty are also appointed from the United States at large. The appointments (except those from the United States at large and from the District of Columbia) are made by the Secretary of War at the request of the Senator, Representative or Delegate lo Congress; and the person appointed must be an actual resident of the state, district or territory from which the appointment is made. The appointments from the United States at large and from the District of Columbia are specially conferred by the President. The number of students is 522.

Appointments are required by law to be made one year in advance of the date of admission, and may be made either after competitive examination or given direct, at the option of the Representative. For each candidate appointed there may be nominated two alternates, who will be examined with the regular nominee, and one of whom may be admitted in the event of the latter's failure to pass the prescribed preliminary examinations. Appointees to the Military Academy must be between seventeen and twenty-two years of age at date of admission, at least five feet three inches in height, weigh 100 pounds, be unmarried, free from any infectious or moral disorder, and, generally, from any deformity, disease or infirmity; must be well versed in readi ing, in writing (including orthography), in arithmetic, and have a knowledge of the elements of English grammar, of descriptive geography (particularly of the United States), and of the history of the United States. The course covers four years.

The principal subjects taught are mathematics, French, drawing, tactics of all arms of the service, natural and experimental philosophy, chemistry, mineralogy, geology and electricity, history, international, constitutional and military law, Spanish, and civil military engineering and science of war. Academic duties commence September 1 and continue until June 1. Examinations are held in each December and June, and cadets deficient in either conduct or studies are discharged. From about the middle of June to the end of August cadets live in camp and receive practical military instruction. The pay of a cadet is $600 a year. Upon graduating cadets are commissioned as second lieutenants.

NATIONAL HOME FOR DISABLED VOLUNTEER SOLDIERS. Board of Managers, The President of the United States, the Chief Justice and the Secretary of War, ex omiciis; Major James W. Wadsworth, New York, president, No. 346 Broadway (New York Life Building), New York (term expires 1910): General Thomas J. Henderson, first vice-president, Princeton, Ill. (term expires 1914); Captain Henry E. Palmer, second vice-president, Omaha, Neb. (term expires 1910); Colonel Walter P. Brownlow, secretary, Jonesboro, Tenn. (term expires 1914); John M. Holley, La Crosse, Wis. (term expires 1910); Major William Warner, Kansas City, Mo. (term expires 1312); Colonel Henry H. Markham, Pasadena, Cal. (term expires 1910); Lieutenant Franklin Murphy, Newark, N. J. (term expires 1912); Colonel Edwin P. Hammond. Lafayette, Ind. (term expires 1914); General Joseph S. Smith, Bangor, Me. (term expires 1914); Major Moses Harris, general treasurer; Colonel W. E. Elwell, inspector general and chief surgeon.

The principal officers of branch homes are: Central, Dayton, Ohio; governor, A. J. Clark: treasurer, W. H. Ortt; surgeon, F. W. Roush. Northwestern, Milwaukee, Wis.; governor, Cornelius Wheeler; treasurer, R. W. Corbett; sugeon, Oscar Chrysler. Eastern, Togus, Me.; governor, John T. Richards; treasurer, A. L. Smith; surgeon, Major B. D. Ridlon. Southern, Hampton, Va.; governor, T. T. Knox; treasurer, J. T. Hume; surgeon, John A. Johnston Western, Leavenworth, Kan.; governor, Sidney G. rooke; treasurer, W. W. Martin; surgeon, John L. Fryer. Pacific. Santa Monica, Čal.; governor. T. J. Cochrane; treasurer, E. W. Moore; surgeon, 0. C. McNary. Marion, Marion, Ind.; governor, George W. Steele; treasurer, J. W. Sanderson; surgeon, Harry Miller. Danville, Danville, 111.; governor, M. J. Barger; treasurer, W. L. Kelley; surgeon, D. C. Jones. Mountain, Johnson City, Tenn.; governor, J. P. Smith; treasurer. Oscar L. Hicks; surgeon, J. C. Butler, Battle Mountain Sanitarium, Hot Springs, S. D.; governor and surgeon, James E. Miller; treasurer, William H. Stanley

The requirements for admission include an honorable discharge from the United States gervice and disability which prevents the applicant from earning his living by labor. Soldiers or sailors whose pensions exceed $16 a month are not eligible unless the reasons are explained to the manager and are satisfactory to him.

There are also thirty state homes, located as follows: Veterang' Home of Callfornia, Yountville; Colorado Soldiers and Sallors' Home, Monte Vista: Fitch's Home for Soldiers, Noroton, Conn.; Idaho State Soldiers' Home, Boisé; Illinois Soldiers and Sallors' Home, Quincy: Indiana State Soldiers' Home, Lafayette; Iowa State Soldiers'

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