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By Berlin H. Wright, De Land, Fla.

TIDE TABLES. (From U. S. Coast Survey.) To find the time of high water for any place given in the table below apply the rection opposite the place to the times of high water for its respective port given

every day on the twelve calendar pages of this Almanac. Add the correction to ne of high water when it is plus, and subtract it when it is minus. Example: To d time of high water at Rockland, Me., on January 8, 1910

Time of high water at Boston, January 8........................ 9 25 p. m. Correction for Rockland, Me. (see below)............

-0 26 p. m Time of high water at Rockland, Me., January 8............. 8 59 p. m. Add 6 h. to this for the succeeding low water or subtract same for preceding low Iter. and apply 12 h. in the same way for tho other high water of the same dato.

Corrections to Cor- Corrections to | Cor-1 Corrections to | Coraes of high water rec- times of high water rec- times of high water recAt Boston, for: 1 tion.) at New York for: 1 tion. at Charleston for: 1 tion. stport, Me..... 035) Block Island, R. I.. -1 2 Dover, Del..........

- 846 est Quoddy H'd, Mel -O 49 Stonington, Conn.... +0 49 Sea Breeze, N. J... Ichiasport, Me.... -040 New London, Conn.. 6 New Castle, Del... dian Harbor, Me.. -085 | Norwich, Conn...... +1 47 Wilmington, Del.... Desert Nar., Mo. -0 281 Middletown, Conn...

18 1 Gray's F., S. R., Pa. 188 H., Mt.D.I., Me -0 45 Hartford, Conn..... +6 58 Phii., Wash ave.... W. H. Mt. D. I.,Me -0 44 Duck Island, Conn.. 23 | Trenton, N. J.... Ackland, Me....... - 28 New Haven, Conn.. 0 Rehoboth, Del..... eenville, D. I., M -0 36 Stamford, Conn.....

4 Ocean City, Md.... ngor. Me..... +1 12City I., L. I. S., N.Y

Cape Chas. L., Va othbay. Me....... -0 43 1 College P., E.R. N.Y.

Old Point Com.. ith, Me.......

+0 31 Flushing, E. R.,N.I. +3 40 Newport News, 'Va.. rdiner, Me........ +2 56 Pot Cove, Ast., N.Y. 2 Peaersburg, Va. igusta, Me...... +3 37 B’kwell's 1. L., N.Y. +1 50/Richmond, Va....... rtland, Me.... LO 84 E. 41st st., N. Y. C. 37 Yorktown, Va.. rtsmouth. N. H.. -0 18 E. 27th st., N. Y. C. +i 23 Pt. L., P. R., Ma... es of SboalL., N.H. - 20 Brooklyn, N.Y., N.Y. +0 40Alexandria, P. R., Va wburyport. Mass! ( 15. B'klyn Bridge

+0 20 Wash, N. Y., D. C.. ducester, Mass.... -0 36) E.110th st., N. Y. C. +2 B| Crisfield, c. B., Md. 69 lem, Mass.........

-Ö 11 High Bridge, N.Y.C. +2 21 | Cambridge, c.B.Md. hant, Mass.......

-018 Kingsbridge, N.Y.C. to 56 Oxford, Md......... ston Light, Mass. -O 18 Willets Point, N. Y. #3 7 Annapolis, Md...... mouth, Mass..... O 09 Glen C., L.I.S., N.Y. +3 6 Balt., Fells Pt., Md. 11fleet, C.C., Mass. -011 Oyster B.,L.I.S., N.Y. +36 Elkton, Md......... ovincetown, Mass. -O i Nthpt. H.,L.I.S.,N.Y 3 6 Pt. Dep., S. R., M isconget, Nant'k Il +0 1 Trum. B., L.I.S., N.Y 2 11/Virginia Beach, Va.. intucket H., Magg. +0 55 | Sag Har.,L.I.S., N.Y. +2 19 Hatteras Inlet, N.C. 0.47 gartown, Mass.... +0 44 Montauk Pt, L., N.Y. D1 Cape Lookout, N

1 6 Mans L' I., Mass -46 Bellport, N. Y....... 9 Beaufort, N. C.

0 12 bey'd Hav'n, Mass +0 11 Fire Isl'a Inlet, N.Y. +0 66 Carolina Beach, N.C. 0 14 Imouth, Mass..... 18 Rockaway Inlet, N. - 35 Wilmington, N. C... 1 47 rpaulin Cove, Mass 41 Coney Island, N. Y 0 42 B'nerman's B.,

4 1 ttyhunk L., Mass. -4 i Tottenville, S.I.,N.Y. -O 21/White Hall, N. C... 3 58 Mods Hole, Mass.. -2 68 Fort Tom., s.l., N.Y. -0 23 Georgetown, S. d Island L., Mass -3 43 Ossining. H.R., N.Y. +1 49 Bluff Pt., W.R., S.C.

0 21 w Bedford, Mass. -3 40| Albany H. R., N. Y. +9 33 Port Royal, S. wport, R, I.... 3 48Eliz'port, N. B., N.J. +0 10 Beaufort, s. C. Istol, R. I..... -3 34 Long Branch, N. J. -0 37 Savannah, Ga. wtuxet, R. I.... -3 21 Atlantic City, N. J.. 0 28 Warsaw Sound, ovidence, R. I.... 3 231 Cape May City, N.J.) -0 16 St. Andrew S., Ga..!




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TIONS. All tho calculations except the Moon'. Phases, Tides and seasons are in mean al time. (See table for its conversion into Standard Time.) The Sun's rising and ting is for the upper limb and corrected for refraction. The signs used are as lows: ó conjunction 0 near approach, at which time a line from the North Star rough one will also pass through the other; 8, opposition or 180° from the Sun, at dch time the Superior Planets are the brightest; 0, quadrature or 90° from the n; 3. Sun; Đ, Earth; 8, Mercury; , Venus; ở, Mars; 24, Jupiter; b, Saturn;

Uranus; N. Neptune; 9. Moon generally; nAscending Node; , Descending ide. Per.-Perihelion, or nearest to Sun; applied to Planets. Aph.-Aphelion, or furthest from Sun; applied to Planets. Per.--Perigee, or nearest to Earth; applied to the Moon. 80.-Southing, or Meridian Passage.

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