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hurst, where she joined the Society God which passeth all understanding then worshipping in a cottage. She kept her heart and mind through Christ received her first ticket from the Rev. Jesus ;” and to those who visited her Thomas Ludlam, under whose ministry she expressed herself as being willing she profited much, and to whom she to wait, or ready to go, as it pleased was ever after greatly attached. On God. The first verses of the fourteenth leaving Hawkhurst she went into the chapter of St. John, and the following service of Mr. Ayerst, of Newenden, favourite hymns, were frequently upon afterward that of Mr. Bennett, of her lips ; Sandhurst, in whose class she met “Rock of Ages, cleft for me," etc.; upwards of twenty years. Notwith

• Jesu, Lover of my soul," etc.; standing the distance, she occasionally attended the

" Leader of faithful souls, and Guide," prayer-meetings at

etc. Tenterden, to which place Mr. Ludlam had removed, and where a revival of Shortly before she died, seeing her religion had broken out.

daughter weeping, she said, “I want In 1822 she was married to Mr. you to be resigned, as I am; don't Edwards, an esteemed local preacher, grieve.” In reply to her husband, who of the Sandhurst Circuit, who still

asked if she could give them up, she survives. After a time they removed said, “ Yes, and I shall welcome you all to Newenden ; but for nine years she

into heaven.” She sent her dying love still attended the chapel and class at

to all her friends : but what about Sandhurst, till preaching was com- your enemies was inquired; “I never menced at Newenden, in 1835; when had any," was the prompt answer. she and her husband formed the No one was ever known to say a word pucleus of a small Society, in wbich disparaging to her character. she took much interest, frequently Mr. Carlos Coleman, of Brede, who leading a prayer-meeting in her knew her forty years, and who at her husband's absence. Her four children request preached on the occasion of her are walking in the fear of God and the death, says, " The things which struck comfort of the Holy Ghost, chiefly as

me as most remarkable in her were the the result of her influence. She likeness she bore to the Methodist regularly prayed with them, pleading women of Mr. Wesley's day; in fact, that God would keep them from sin, she seemed among us as one who had and save them in the days of their outlived her time, and who lingered youth. As the infirmities of age with a succeeding generation. Her increased it was apparent she was fast

attendance at the means of grace, and ripening for heaven, of which she her attachment to them, were very delighted to speak. Contemplating marked. In prayer-meetings she was death she would sometimes exclaim,- ever ready to take part, being earnest

and powerful in prayer, and able and * But o when that last conflict's o'er,

willing to assist in raising the tunes. And I am chain'd to earth no more,

Yet withal she was most childlike and With what glad accents shall I rise

humble. As a hearer of the preaching To join the music of the skies !”

of God's Holy Word she alwayslistened She was frequently visited by the wife with deep attention; her countenance, of the clergyman of the parish, who at all times heavenly, would change enjoyed the society of one whose and brighten and glow as God helped religious experience was so clear and His servants to speak, and applied satisfactory; their friendship is now His word to her heart. Her love to renewed in that land where partings the ministers and local preachers was are unknown.

deep and abiding : indeed, she was as In Mrs. Edwards' last illness, which a mother to them, and by them was was of short duration, "the peace of greatly loved.


“The course of her religious life was trouble were sure soon to bave her by even; there were no sudden changes their side. It has been my happiness ever observed in her. From the time to know many deeply pious people in of her conversion she sternly set her this Circuit, but our departed sister self against sin in every form. Her was one of the holiest I ever knew: companions were those who feared she died with a heart full of humility, God. Her dress was neat and plain. gratitude, peace, and joy, on February Her conversation was frank, kind, 5th, 1873, aged seventy-nine years." sincere, and free from lightness ; and

S. W. L. whoever of her neighbours were in


RECENT DEATHS. October 13th, 1872.–At Scarborough, in marriage to Miss Bentley; and to Mr. John Fearby Sutcliffe. He was her refinement of manner, clearness of favoured with a pious Wesleyan ances judgment, and tender affection, he was try. His grandmother was noted for her largely indebted for all that is lovely piety and zeal for God. His mother was in a Christian home. For some one of those gifted women to whom the months it was evident that his strength Church has been indebted for some of its was failing, and his Christian graces loftiest influences ; and his father (the growing. He spoke in a lovefeast just late John Sutcliffe, Esq., of Milton Hall) one week before his death, declaring was a man of most exemplary devoted. his readiness, if called, at that very

The son was converted to God moment to “lay down his tabernacle." in his school-days, the instrumentality During the week he was found at his employed being a correspondence with class ; visiting a dying member of the his father, in which the salvation of Society; preparing for an approaching his soul was urged upon him as the tea-meeting; and then went to bed “one thing needful.” On leaving in his usual health. In the night be school, the youth became a loving and was seized with apoplexy. Medical earnest teacher in the Sunday-school; help was at once secured; but all was and some, who are now men and in vain. He continued in a state of women in the Church, speak of the unconsciousness for thirty-six hours ; tenderness shown to the little ones by and then the word was given, the rest the "young master.” In due time, at was gained, he slept “ in Jesus." Sowerby-Bridge, and afterwards at

J. S. Scarborough, he held office as trustee, steward, leader, and superintendent October —.-At Kington, William of Sabbath-schools ; and in all these Anson, in the eighty-third year of his positions he secured the contidence age. In early life he had fer and love of all concerned. As a leader educational or religious advantages ; he was faithful and wise. He had and when a young man, living in commenced a new class for young the neighbourhood of Knucklas, people about six months before his Radnorshire, he was a persecutor of death; and they mourn for him as for religion. He afterwards came to reside a father. Having much leisure, he at the Hengoed Farm, near Gladestry; took delight in visiting and relieving and when there, was led, by some the sick and the poor, affording at the unknown circumstance, to come to same time both temporal and spiritual Kington, to see what arrangement consolation.

could be made with the Wesleyan Mr. Sutcliffe was most happily joined ministers for holding Divine service

coder to debate with Cancies in those places. Dua of sound principle,

part of the Kington Circuit, and of vate as well as public, and loved to meet He was fond of conversation upon the last years of her life she was called ediu pus subjects, and has been known to "endure a great fight of afflictions;" to ) W Hereford and Abergavenny, in but her faith never failed. Patiently puiteszed of a large amount of com

in bis bonse. Preaching was consequently commenced,

fifty years walked humbly with Him. and

regularly She was a lovely example of “ the carried on there, resulting in great wisdom that is from above,—first pure, good, many being "the slain of the Lurd." Among these was

then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be br ther. This was the foundation of fruits.” our deceased entreated, full of mercy and good

In “that day,” when the the Methodist cause in that neighbour. secrets of all hearts shall be made bool

, and it led to the erection of the manifest, she will be recognized as “a present chapel at honse was the home of the ministers Gladestry. His

succourer of many." She was conopen to their rounds in the upper attendance on the means of grace, pri

scientious and exemplary in her house of other denominations, who with them that feared the Lord.” tested with the like hospitality and spake often one to another." In

the Roman submitting herself unto God, she He was a

endured “hardness, as a good soldier and was

of Jesus Christ.” " Exercised " by

severe “chastening” she “yielded the addicted to peaceable fruit of righteousness."

After a short illness she calmly passed away, to spend eternity in heaven's unclouded light.

W. H. C. November 26th.–At Ryde, Mr. George Woods, in the eighty-fourth year of his age. For more than sixty years he was a consistent member of the Wesleyan-Methodist Society. He was for was converted to God under the minis.

22 sense. Himself raling, he established a small library in the parish of Huntingdon. He was a regular attendant upon the means of grace ; his religious experience citar and full; and

though often mearning over his own unworthiness, Läs bope of eternal happiness, through Christ, was strong.


He would somebeing fixed on the Rock Christ Jesus, many years a useful class-leader and

unexpectedly. local preacher. It is believed that he departure, that he could not live long, text on the occasion was, “They shall be replied, "Shan't I?" and folded look upon Me whom they have pierced,

two before his try of the late Rey. R. Moody, whose bis armis, as though going to sleep. ..and mourn." In this way be passed away peacefully deep, and his subsequent joy rose high.

October 24th.-At Wildmay Park, simplicity, and deep piety. Mr. Woods laithe late Dr. Hamilton, City Road. long life he uniformly sustained the un Elizabeth Hamilton, daughter-in- Saviour in all things.” Through a See tas born at Baldock, Hertford- character of "a good man.” He was sure and brought by her parents when greatly attached to the Church of his bome one of the first scholars in the ship with the people of God. He was " Land of Promise" (Hoxton) Sunday. remarkable for his constant and punc

Here she choice, and highly valued his fellow. White sbe is yet young she began to of God's house. The Sabbath early

more than morning prayer-meeting, and the ser

His mourning was T. B.

His Christian life was truly exemplary,

being marked by great earnestness, years,

" adorned the doctrine of God his teacher. tual attendance on the ordinances

say that he had no fear of death,

Death came to him
Viten he was told by his medical
steniant, an hour or

to eternal rest.

London X., aged sixty-eight

& mere child to London.

much and afterwards

seek after God, and for


IS BEST SELGE Sustrals of a kind Siz Sini

Tin, possessed of

ses of character, esse

semmi iite to God and souls, she

* * = 2133 Di Deeds for ber Master, Is Evie Fid as being confined to her

se s = 33 0 Iso be extending to the var Se: 3 Ju Es Ea eni was preceded,

se o SEO strength, which E ESSse zum s zu blicated to others

seits seose ofte, was evidently - Sissees les pecesity. She was in,

ESSI* si le 10 ze biase of God the last x = DI SOSS It see which she spent on

siz=3 *** 3 tasse rapidly-increasing

s Is The Sec porsical and mental -= 32 31 332 iz srca spopiery terminated === Care zussi sesal course.

Lente13ih.-Aber residence, Ciechan 9.7, Manchester, Lonish sztbe Bev. Thomas Burrows No Cinister. She was brought

Goi ben s sebols. in a Sabo * = 34. * š a' is-secol in Menebester, and for

ILIST Tears enjoyed the blessing of ete sapetification. At this time the

berage often on her lips was, S-IN-Essig to sing my Saviour's praise,

Thee may I publish all day long; Lad le: Thy precious Ford of grace FE from my heart, and fill my

tongue; F: . ms life with purest lore, Bed join me to the Church above.'

Herast aftliction was protracted azt paisal bat sbe bad that beaten of

Crisis on earth, entire res saatiin 23 ar sexe se mos ishte Divine Will

. She fri quedi

ended on der friends to praise Gud IBA 39 sth ber, and bymn after bymns sexi 3 SE eng si ber bedside, until she

sauk in blissful dreamsstas And visions of eternal day."

T. B.

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