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water of the Nile, brought by a large Daring ihe first week of the New Year caval from the river, some three hup. meetings were held every evening to dred miles to the south. Being join with Christians in other lands in higher than the valley of the Nile in united prayer for the objects suggested this vicinity, it could not in any other by the Evangelical Alliance.-Ibid. way be rescued from the desert. Its principal products are sugar-cane, cotton, Mexico :

SENOR wheat, and dates; besides which, it Aguas.*—The free grace of God was has the indigo plant, grapes, and figs. perhaps never manifested in a more Most of the inhabitants are cultivators striking manner than in the narrative of the soil. Sinovis is a town of twelve recorded below, which has been furthousand inhabitants, ten thousand of nished by the Rev. W. Parkes, the whom are Moslem and two thousand Copt British and Foreigu Bible Society's Christians. Like aimost all the towns recently-appointed agent for Mexico. and villages of Egypt, it is built upon a The chains with which Rome enslaves mound high enough to secure it from her followers are hard to break; but ever being flooded, and consequently “is anything too hard for the Lord ?” it is dryand entirely barren. The houses Thus runs the promise, and it is often are all of brick, a few of burnt brick, fulfilled in a marvellous manner: but the greater part are made of those “Even the captives of the mighty that are merely sun-dried, and which, shall be taken away, and the prey of consequently, are crumbling and very the terrible shall be delivered : for I dusty. The streets are narrow and will contend with him that contendeth dirty. There is only a single house in with thee, and I will save thy the place furnished with glass win- children." dows, and that is the house of the “A very dark dispensation has just missionary. The poverty of the people clouded the prospects of the young in the midst of this exceedingly fertile Protestant and Evangelical Church in country is truly lamentable. Most of the city of Mexico, by the somewhat them sleep upon the ground, without sudden death of its chief pastor, any bed or even a quilt under them- Señor Aguas. Originally a priest of many without even a mat, and with the Romish Church, and of the nothing over them except the same Dominican Order, he was at the same garments which they wear by day..... time rector of Atycapotyalco, a place

For six years the missionary and his on the outskirts of the city, and the wife have laboured among this people, most respected and popular. preacher instructing them, caring for their sick, in the great cathedral of Mexico. In (there being no physician there,) and a letter which now lies before me, thus by word and deed preaching to addressed to his old fellow-student them the Gospel of Christ ; and their and friend, D. Nicolas Arias, also a labours have not been in vain. They Dominican priest, he manfully and have the satisfaction of seeing their eloquently vindicates his position as a schools for males and females well Protestant convert. The letter is attended, and, above all, of seeing fifty published in the form of a tractate, native brethren and sisters in Christ entitled Viniendo à la Luz, 'Coming sitting with them around the Table of to the Light.' In this little book, he the Lord. The Sabbath congregation gives some interesting facts touching is more than a hundred. Meetings for his conversion from Romanism. lle prayer and Christian instruction are states that about four years sinoe, while held on four evenings every week, rector of Atycapotyalco, he began an attended by from forty to fifty persons.

earnest refutation of Protestantism,

* See also this Magazine for January and March last.

and with such success as to bring little boldness for Señor Aguas to some Protestants back to Rome. At preach and write as manfully as he that time he only studied the doctrines always did. In his printed statement, of Protestantism in the distorted forms as also from the pulpit, he charges given by Romanists. Afterwards he Rome with the crime of garbling God's was led to read the Bible without note Word, as in the case of suppressing or comment for himself. He read it, the second Commandment, and with. as he says, earnestly invoking the holding from the people an open help of the Holy Spirit. This prayer- Bible without note or comment. I ful reading of Holy Scripture led him translate somewhat freely : to the Light of Life, & crucified "By the heaviest penalties, Rome Saviour, and secured to him a peace prohibits her members from reading the of mind which he had never realized Bible without notes. She knows very before. I translate his own words: well that, while this prohibition is es.

*** This peace, a sure testimony of my sential to her material profit, the Book salvation, I found in the Holy Bible. itself is in direct antagonism to her I never had it when I was a Romanist. religious influence. If Rome regarded Then I was always full of fears and men with true Christian charity, she anxieties; this trouble of soul at never would have enslaved them, but times forcing me into the practice of would have put forth her most earnest the most rigid austerities. You will efforts to emancipate them from all remember that when I was a student, tyranny, and would have urged them I gave myself up to hard work and to comply with the precepts of the the most complete asceticism. I Lord, which not only command us to imprisoned myself in the college for read, but to search the Scriptures. nearly three years, never going out in an open Bible the nations would into the streets but at the three find truths Rome would rather keep Easter festivals, when I was compelled concealed, namely, that Jesus Christ to do so. You will remember how I is our only Mediator and Priest ; that shrank from taking priest's orders; there is only one Espiatory Sacrifice, how I feared to take upon me such an that of Calvary; that the only swful responsibility; how I had to be incense of adoration is the perfume dragged, as it were, into Holy Orders of His name who was crucified for us by my confessors. You will remem- that there is only one rule of ber how often, and with deepest faith and practice, the Word of God; humility, I came to the confessional, only one confessional, the throne of and even to yonr feet, seeking pardon the Heavenly Grace; only one Divine for my faults and peace for my soul. absolution, granted to all who believe But this peace always fled from me. in the Lord Jesus; only one PurgaI never had it, and never should have tory, the blood of Christ, which so found it, had not the Lord taken com- thoroughly cleanses the soul of the passion on me, snatching me, as He believer from sin in this world, that did, from the error and idolatry of not one stain is left for the fires of Romanism. Thanks, my God, to the next; only one way to heaven, for Thee for this unspeakable favour! Jesus said, “ I am the way, the truth, Yes, my brother, there came a moment and the life: no man cometh unto when my conscience said, “Now you the Father, but by Me.'ought no longer to say mass; now you " It is a noteworthy and interesting ought no longer to go to confession; fact, that Señor Aguas, not knowing and from that day my foet have never English, and therefore not being trod the floor of a Romish church.' acquainted with our old Protestant

Amid the ignorance and rabid divines, should, by the prayerful fanaticism of Mexico, it needed no reading of the Holy Scriptures in his


own Spanish tongue, find in them the deepest thanks for past acts of kind. same distinctive, evangelical doctrines ness, and if I separate from them, all as Latimer loved to the death, and I cau say is, that God commands it. evangelical ministers preach in the -I remain, your loving brother in present day. In a manly and noble Jesus Christ, MANUEL AGUAS.' style he thus closes his letter:

“It seemed a melancholy event that, "My brother,—You ask me if now I in the prime of life and intellect, (for belong to the Protestant Sect. I he was only fifty-five years of age,) back that word Sect as altogether and in the midst of increasing influinappropriate to the followers of Christ. ence, this truly apostolic man should Rather do I believe that such an be so suddenly called away. But from expression finds its truest application seeming evil, Divine Providence oft in the case of those who cut them- educes good. Hundreds of Romanists selves off from Christ and follow who had heard the absurd rumour Rome. You say that it is a dishonour that Señor Aguas had been rendered to be a Protestant. I reply, that I speechless on his dying bed because he regard it as my highest honour to be had spoken against the worship of the a true Christian, and the least of the Virgin, and who also had been for disciples of Christ; and I count my- years taught by the priests that the self happy in having heaped upon me name · Protestant' was synonymous the odious epithets, “excommunicate," with atheist,' 'infidel,' crowded the " apostate," "renegade,"

" sacri. church of San Francisco, where the legious," “ heretic," etc.; for I remem. body lay in public, listened attentively ber the Divine words, “Ye shall be to the beautiful funeral service which hated of all men for My name's sake.” was held in the church on the Sunday Shall I deny that I am a Protestant, morning, followed the hearse, and that is to say, a Christian and gathered round the grave in the disciple of Christ? Never! Never do American cemetery, and there also I wish to deny my Saviour. On the listened attentively to several evancontrary, from next Sunday I shall gelical addresses delivered by members begin the preaching of this crucified of Señor Aguas’s church. It may be Saviour in the old church of San José that these crowds would return to Garcia. Would to God that my their homes with truer ideas and more fellow.citizens, by attending that respectful impressions of the Protestchurch, might become true Christians ! ant faith, Perchance even from the You told me that the public is scanda- dead hand there dropped some living lized by my separation from the seeds. There is no part of the wide Romish Communion - that

Christian world which stands in greater explanation is called for. Those who need of prayer and sympathy than the have long known me will testify to young Protestant Church of Mexico. my honour as a man, and I hope that How little do our friends in England my old friends will do me the justice know about it—a tiny spark struggling of believing that no ignoble motive for life in a land physically beautiful, has led me to this step, but a profound rich in precious metals, in mountain conviction that God commands, and I and valley the grandest in the world, must obey. While in the Romish but morally dark as night, containing Church, prospects of promotion lay nine millions of people spiritually clearly before me, and my place among degraded, and enslaved by the errors the clergy was not the lowest. I tender and superstitions of Rome!”-Bible to my companions and brethren. my Society Monthly Reporter.

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Mr. ROBERT SOUTHWORTH was born fare were wise and pertinent; and in in the year 1821. The loss of his exhorting them to "seek first the father in early life compelled him to kingdom of God, and His righteousdepend upon his unaided efforts, and ness," as the legitimate path to teminduced in him a self-reliant habit in poral prosperity, he repeatedly affirmed the details of business. While in the that his conversion to God had proved service of Mr. Simpson, he regularly the turning-point of his life. The attended the Wesleyan ministry in poor and down-trodden ever found Bradford, and became a subject of in him a discreet adviser and a willing powerful religious impressions. A friend ; and probably many of his acts sermon preached by the Rev. William of thoughtful charity will be only known Sagden, in May, 1858, from," I saw a when they are approved and rewarded great white throne,” etc., became the by the Judge of quick and dead. occasion of personal decision, and the In the enlargement and extension following night found him an earnest of the work of God, his liberal heart inquirer for religious counsel at the devised liberal things, while “ to do class met by Mr. T. H. Moore. This good, and to communicate," he did step was thoroughly characteristic of not “forget.” In the scheme for the the man. Convinced of the duty, and liquidation of the debt, and the imrightly appreciating the privilege, of provement of the Shipley chapel, he union with the Church of Christ, he employed all the influence at his ** conferred not with flesh and blood,” command, exerting himself with an but became a devout and penitent energy which aroused others; while seeker of salvation; and it is believed in the erection of the large and beau. was soon enabled to realize the bless- tiful chapel at Saltaire, his efforts edness of a knowledge of his accept- wore vigorous and effective. ance in the Beloved. It is to be With the spiritual welfare of the regretted that no record of the event Church he evinced the most thorough can be traced ; but the verity and com- sympathy, and was never happier than pleteness of the change was abundantly when engaged in instructing the inproved by his whole career, and he quirer, and directing the penitent ever spoke of it in the most explicit seeker of salvation to the Saviour of terms.

mankind; and on some occasions of Constrained by the Saviour's love, especial visitation of Divine grace, his he soon became an active and intelli. fervent prayers will be long rememgent labourer in the vineyard of the bered. Lord. Mr. Southworth was distin. For the engagements of the Sundayguished by great energy of character, "school, and especially for the superinassociated with a tender heart and tendence of its Infant department, he intense sympathy for the various forms displayed peculiar aptitude; and on of human woe; and observed most his re-appointment to that office, he faithfully the fundamental rule of “the remarked, that had he been deprived people called Methodists,"—to “ do of that privilege, it would have been a all the good we can to the bodies and sore trial. He counselled and encouthe souls of men.”

raged extensive improvement in the Among other traits we may notice school-premises, and even in the hour his stern integrity as a tradesman, and of extreme suffering inquired as to his deep solicitude for the best inter

He had anticipated ests of those placed under his care : with pleasure the return of the annual his counsels on questions affecting Whitsuntide festival; but this he was both their temporal and spiritual wel. not permitted to see, and his removal

their progress

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cast a sombre shade over the proceed- has suffering so great been associated ings of the day.

with patience so perfect. During the He was a regular and devout attend- night, he was heard to say, “Glory, ant at class, and did not forsake the glory, glory!” In his last hours it is assembling of the saints,

as the

believed that he understood the conmanner of some is.” If unavoidably versation which took place near him, detained, he was wont to write to the and appeared to unite in the prayers leader, explaining the occasion of his offered for his peaceful and triumphant absence. Mr. Southworth was a man departure. When thorough bodily of transparent character, and prostration had rendered even that thorough Methodist from personal impracticable, the watchers by his conviction ; and he greatly desired to bed found the gracious presence of the witness a more intimate acquaintance Saviour to be inexpressibly near; and with its doctrines and discipline among while the tide of life rapidly ebbed our officers and people. Beyond out, they could not doubt that minis. the immediate circle in which he tering angels were waiting to escort moved, his inflexible integrity and his happy spirit to the realms of purity uniform consistency awoke the most and bliss. sincere respect. Appropriately might Mr. Southworth died May 30th, his motto have been, “ Not slothful 1868, aged forty-seven years. The in business ; fervent in spirit ; serving concourse of sincere mourners who the Lord :” and whatsoever he did, attended his funeral, and thronged he did it “heartily, as to the Lord.” the streets, abundantly showed that

His naturally vigorous constitution truly “the memory of the just is was assailed by a malady which, in blessed." February, 1867, presented an aspect

John P. LOCKWOOD. so grave as to render his recovery doubtful. The visits of his ministers OFTEN among the ranks of the poor and friends at that time were grate- are found some of the Lord's nobility, fully appreciated, and the deep emotion

"rich in faith and heirs of with which he spoke in a lovefeast the kingdom ”of heaven. The parents afterwards will not soon be forgotten. of the subject of this sketch were He magnified the grace of God, testify amongst this number. Maria EDWARDS, ing that in the most severe agony, he of the Staplecross Circuit, bom at was favoured with visitations so refresh- Burwash, in Sussex, September 9th, ing that he could have shouted aloud 1793, was the daughter of John and for joy. His recovery appeared to be Elizabeth Hawkins, and the youngest complete, and his friends were antici. of eight children. Maria left bome for pating a lengthened careerof increasing service at the age of thirteen. Someusefulness, when his ailment returned time after she was convinced of sin with augmented severity, and rendered under the preaching of the minister of necessary a surgical operation, from the Independent chapel at Burwash; the effects of which he sank. His but did not obtain that peace which sufferings were extreme, and rendered is the heritage of God's people till conversation all but impracticable. 1813, when on a visit to her sister, But such broken expressions as were Mrs. Trill, at Ewhurst. While there, audible, were indicative of perfect she attended a love-feast, and hearing peace and assured hope. After re- others testify of “being justified by marking on the peculiar effect of his faith,” and of having “peace with God, affliction, he added, “But I have a through our Lord Jesus Christ," she, good hope.” No shade of doubt, or after much weeping and prayer, painful misgiving, disturbed the sere. obtained the same blessing. On leavnity of his mind. Seldom, perhaps, ing Burwash she removed to Hawk.

who are

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