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Halaman 1 - An Act to regulate and improve the civil service," approved January sixteenth, eighteen hundred and eighty-three, and...
Halaman 34 - Board and in the boards of arbitration, and as may be provided for by the Congress from time to time.
Halaman 10 - ... the chief of police or to the commissioner of police, or to the commissioner of public safety, and she shall have rank equal with other such officers as are immediately subordinate to him. " That policewomen shall carry out a preventive and protective program which will include social protection of women and children. " That policewomen shall deal with all cases in which women and children are involved, either as offenders or as victims of offenses.
Halaman 198 - Union, the National Congress of Parents and Teachers, the General Federation of Women's Clubs, the American Social Hygiene Association, the National Council of Women, and the International Association of Policewomen.
Halaman 4 - S. 1750, a bill to establish a woman's bureau in the Metropolitan police department of the District of Columbia and for other purposes.
Halaman 33 - States, except that (1) minimum preliminary requirements for appointment shall be graduation from a standard high school or the completion of at least fourteen college entrance units of study, and either not less than two years' responsible experience in systematic social service or educational work or not less than two years...
Halaman 5 - That there shall continue to be a woman's bureau in the Metropolitan police department of the District of Columbia, to.
Halaman 1 - ... •An act to regulate and improve the civil service of the United States] approved January 16, 1883, as amended, and the rules and regulations made in pursuance thereof, in the same manner as members of the classified civil service of the United States: Provided further, That hereafter the assistant superintendents and inspectors shall be selected from among the captains of the.
Halaman 33 - Dept. as may be designated by the Commissioners ; Provided, That the person so designated shall be a trained social worker, as evidenced by a certificate of graduation from a recognized school of social work, or the equivalent of such certificate from a college of the first class. The person designated shall be known as the Director of the Woman's Bureau, Metropolitan Police Dept.
Halaman 134 - Bureau is authorized to adopt any such legal measures as may be necessary to correct or eradicate conditions tending to cause, or contribute to any such delinquency. (b) To deal with all matters relating to cases of lost children, fugitives from parents, juvenile fugitives from institutions, and cases of females of whatever age coming Into the custody of the police unable to give proper account of themselves and against whom no charge la to be placed.

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