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upon him.

Christ's entry

into Jerusalem. 4 And they went their way, I leaves; for the time of figs and found the colt tied by the was not yet. door without in a place where 14 And Jesus answered and two ways met; and they loose said unto it, No man eat fruit him.

of thee hereafter for ever. And 5 And certain of them that his disciples heard it. stood there said unto them, 15 | And they come to JeWhat do ye, loosing the colt? rusalem: and Jesus went into

6 And they said unto them the temple, and began to cast even as Jesus had command out them that sold and bought ed: and they let them go. in the temple, and overthrew

7 And they brought the colt the tables of the money chang. to Jesus, and cast their gar- ers, and the seats of them that ments on him; and he sat

and he sat sold doves;

16 And would not suffer that 8 And many spread their gar- any man should carry any vesments in the way; and others sel through the temple. cut down branches off the 17 And he taught, saying trees, and strewed them in the unto them, Is it not written, way.

My house shall be called of all 9 And they that went before, nations the house of prayer? and they that followed, cried, but ye have made it a den of saying, Hosanna; Blessed is thieves. he that cometh in the name 18 And the scribes and chief of the Lord :

priests heard it, and sought 10 Blessed be the kingdom how they might destroy him: of our father David, that com- for they feared him, because eth in the name of the Lord : all the people was astonished Hosanna in the highest. at his doctrine.

11 And Jesus entered into 19 And when even was come, Jerusalem, and into the tem- he went out of the city. ple: and when he had looked 20 And in the morning, round about upon all things, as they passed by, they saw and now the eventide was the fig tree dried up from the come, he went out unto Beth

roots. any with the twelve.

21 And Peter calling to re12 | And on the morrow, membrance saith unto him, when they were come from Master, behold, the fig tree Bethany, he was hungry:

which thou cursedst is wi. 13 And seeing a fig tree afar thered away. off having leaves, he came, if 22 And Jesus answering saith haply he might find any thing unto them, Have faith in God. thereon: and when he came 23 For verily I say unto you, to it, he found nothing but | That whosoever shall say unto

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Of John's baptism. CHAPTER XII. Parable of the vineyard: this mountain, Be thou re. say,

From heaven; he will say, moved, and be thou cast into Why then did ye not believe the sea; and shall not doubt him ? in his heart, but shall believe 32 But if we shall say, Of that those things which he men; they feared the people: saith shall come to pass ; | for all men counted John, that he shall have whatsoever he he was a prophet indeed. saith.

33 And they answered and 24 Therefore I say unto you, said unto Jesus, We cannot What things soever ye desire, tell. And Jesus answering when ye pray, believe that ye saith unto them, Neither do I receive them, and ye shall have tell you by what authority I them.

do these things.
25 And when


ing, forgive, if ye have aught

1 In a parable of the vineyard let out to unagainst any; that your Father

thankful husbandmen, Christ foretelloth the also which is in heaven may

reprobation of the Jews, and the calling of

the Gentiles. 13 He avoideth the snare of forgive you your trespasses. the Pharisees and Herodians about paying 26 But if ye do not forgive,

tribute to Cesar; 18 exposeth the error of

the Sadducecs, who denied the resurrection; neither will your Father which 28 declareth to the scribe the two great conis in heaven forgive your tres

mandments of the law; 35 refuteth the

opinion that the scribes held of Christ; passes.

38 bidding the people to beware of their am27 | And they come again

bition and hypocrisy; 41 and commendeth

the poor widow for her two mites, above to Jerusalem : and as he was all. walking in the temple, there

to them by parables. A and the scribes, and the eld- certain man planted a vine. ers,

yard, and set a hedge about 28 And say unto him, By it, and digged a place for the what authority doest thou winefat, and built a tower, these things ? and who gave and let it out to husbandmen, thee this authority to do these and went into a far country. things?

2 And at the season he sent 29 And Jesus answered and to the husbandmen a servant, said unto them, I will also ask that he might receive from the of

you one question, and an- husbandmen of the fruit of swer me, and I will tell you the vineyard. by what authority I do these 3 And they caught him, and things.

beat him, and sent him away 30 The baptism of John, was empty. it from heaven, or of men ? 4 And again he sent unto answer me.

them another servant; and 31 And they reasoned with at him they cast stones, and themselves, saying, If we shall / wounded him in the head,

iet ht


come to him the chietpriests

, AND he began to speak un.

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see it.

Of paying

tribute to Cesar. and sent him away shameful. regardest not the person of ly handled.

men, but teachest the way of 5 And again he sent another; God in truth: Is it lawful and him they killed, and many to give tribute to Cesar, or others; beating some, and kill. not? ing some.

1:1 15 Shall we give, or shall 6 Having yet therefore one we not give? But he, knowson, his well beloved, he sent ing their hypocrisy, said unhim also last unto them, say- to them, Why tempt ye me? ing, They will reverence my bring me a penny, that I may son.

7 But those husbandmen said 16 And they brought it. And among themselves, This is the he saith unto them, Whose is heir; come, let us kill him, and this image and superscription? the inheritance shall be ours. And they said unto him, Ce

8 And they took him, and sar's. . killed him, and cast him out 17 And Jesus answering said of the vineyard.

unto them, Render to Cesar 9 What shall therefore the the things that are Cesar's, lord of the vineyard do? he and to God the things that will come and destroy the are God's. And they marhusbandmen, and will give velled at him. the vineyard unto others. 18 | Then come unto him the

10 And have ye not read this Sadducees, which say there is scripture; The stone which the no resurrection; and they askbuilders rejected is become the ed him, saying, head of the corner:

19 Master, Moses wrote un: 11 This was the Lord's do- to us, If a man's brother die, ing, and it is marvellous in. and leave his wife behind him, our eyes ?

and leave no children, that his 12 And they sought to lay brother should take his wife, hold on him, but feared the and raise up seed unto his people: for they knew that he brother. . had spoken the parable against

20 Now there were seven them : and they left him, and brethren: and the first took a went their way.

wife, and dying left no seed. 13 | And they send unto him 21 And the second took her, certain of the Pharisees and of and died, neither left he any the Herodians, to catch him in seed: and the third likewise. his words.

22 And the seven had her, 14 And when they were come, and left no seed : last of all they say unto him, Master, we the woman died also. know that thou art true, and 23 In the resurrection there. carest for no man; for thou | fore, when they shall rise,

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Which is the first CHAPTER XII.

whose wife shall she be of There is none other command.
them ? for the seven had her ment greater than these.
to wife.

32 And the scribe said unto
24 And Jesus answering said him, Well, Master, thou hast
unto them, Do ye not therefore said the truth: for there is one
err, because ye know not the God; and there is none other
Scriptures, neither the power but he:
of God?

33 And to love him with all
25 For when they shall rise the heart, and with all the un.
from the dead, they neither derstanding, and with all the
marry, nor are given in mar- soul, and with all the strength,
riage; but are as the angels and to love his neighbour as
which are in heaven.

himself, is more than all whole 26 And as touching the dead, burnt offerings and sacrifices. that they rise; have ye not read 34 And when Jesus saw that in the book of Moses, how in he answered

discreetly, he said
the bush God spake unto him, unto him, Thou art not far
saying, I am the God of Abra- from the kingdom of God.
ham, and the God of Isaac, and And no man after that durst
the God of Jacob?

ask him any question.
27 He is not the God of the 35 | And Jesus answered and
dead, but the God of the liv. said, while he taught in the
ing: ye therefore do greatly temple, How say the scribes

that Christ is the son of Da-
28 [ And one of the scribes vid ?
came, and having heard them 36 For David himself said by
reasoning together, and per- the Holy Ghost, The LORD
ceiving that he had answered said to my Lord, Sit thou on
them well, asked him, Which my right hand, till I make
is the first commandment of thine enemies thy footstool.

37 David therefore himself
29 And Jesus answered him, calleth him Lord; and whence
The first of all the command is he then his son ? And the
ments is, Hear, O Israel; The common people heard him
Lord our God is one Lord : gladly.

30 And thou shalt love the 38 And he said unto them
Lord thy God with all thy in his doctrine, Beware of the
heart, and with all thy soul, scribes, which love to go in
and with all thy mind, and long clothing, and love saluta-
with all thy strength : this is tions in the marketplaces,
the first commandment.

39 And the chief seats in the
31 And the second is like, synagogues, and the upper-
namely this, Thou shalt love most rooms at feasts :
thy neighbour as thyself. 40 Which devour widows'

to him the v there is


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The widow's two mites. ST. MARK,

The destruction houses, and for a pretence | the temple, Peter and James make long prayers: these shall and John and Andrew asked receive greater damnation. him privately,

41 | And Jesus sat over 4 Tell us, when shall these against the treasury, and be things be? and what shall be held how the people cast mo- the sign when all these things ney into the treasury: and shall be fulfilled ? many that were rich cast in 5 And Jesus answering them much.

began to say, Take heed lest 42 And there came a certain any man deceive you: poor widow, and she threw in 6 For many shall come in my two mites, which make a far- name, saying, I am Christ; thing.

and shall deceive many. 43 And he called unto him 7 And when ye shall hear his disciples, and saith unto of wars and rumours of wars, them, Verily I say unto you, be ye not troubled : for such That this poor widow hath cast things must needs be; but the more in, than all they which end shall not be yet. have cast into the treasury:

8 For nation shall rise against 44 For all they did cast in of nation, and kingdom against their abundance; but she of kingdom: and there shall be her want did cast in all that earthquakes in divers places, , she had, even all her living. and there shall be famines and

troubles: these are the beginCHAPTER XIII.

nings of sorrows. i foretelleth of tem

pole, and the persecutions for the gospel. 9 T But take heed to your10 The gospel must be preached to all na- selves: for they shall deliver tions ; 14 great calamities shall happen to the Jews. 24 The manner of Christ's coming you up to councils; and in the to julgment ; 32 the hour whereof being, synagogues ye shall be beaten: known to none, every man is to watch and pray, that he be found prepared when Christ

and ye shall be brought before cometh to him by death.

rulers and kings for my sake, ND as he went out of the for a testimony against them.

temple, one of his disci- 10 And the gospel must first ples saith unto him, Master, be published among all nasee what manner of stones tions. and what buildings are here ! 11 But when they shall lead

2 And Jesus answering said you, and deliver you up, take into him, Seest thou these no thought beforehand what great buildings ? there shall ye shall speak, neither do ye not be left one stone upon an- premeditate : but whatsoever other, that shall not be thrown shall be given you in that down.

hour, that speak ye: for it is 3 And as he sat upon the not ye that speak, but the mount of Olives, over against / Holy Ghost.

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