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R. B. Longe, Esq., of Spixworth Hall; and the Rev. J. D. Ballance, Vicar of Horsford and Horsham, for kind assistance and explanation.

A second excursion was made on July 3rd to Castleacre, when the party was under the able guidance of Dr. Jessopp, who explained the various details of the Roman and Angle Earthworks in the morning, and the Priory in the afternoon. A heavy thunderstorm interfered with a proposed visit to Westacre on the way back to Swaffham, a visit to Southacre being substituted. At Swaffham the members and their friends were kindly entertained by H. Lee Warner, Esq.

A third excursion was held in the autumn to Worstead, Stalham, Ingham, Waxham Hall, and Hempstead. Papers were read by the Rev. A. J. Back at Worstead, the Rev. J. Neville White at Stalham, the Rev. N. Wilson at Ingham, the Rev. J. F. Kendall at Hempstead, and Mr. L. G. Bolingbroke at Waxham Hall.

A winter evening meeting was held on December 9th, in the Hall of the Church of England Young Men's Society, Norwich, when papers were read by the Rev. Canon Manning on a Norwich Saxon Penny with the moneyer's name (Manning) on it; by Mr. G. A. King on the history of the Union Jack; and by the Rev. W. Hudson on the Customs Roll of the port of Yarmouth for 1380.

The Church Congress, which was held in Norwich in October, has for many years past been accompanied by an ecclesiastical art exhibition, and a loan collection of Church goods. With a view to making this loan collection fairly representative of Church treasures of various kinds in the diocese, the committee of the Norfolk Archæological Society, in conjunction with that of the Suffolk society, issued a circular inviting the owners of such treasures to lend them for exhibition, the Norfolk Society offering

to see that due precautions were taken for their security. A most generous response was made to this appeal, and an unusually interesting and valuable collection was exhibited. Most of the objects have from time to time been noticed in the Society's publications. A notable feature of the exhibition was the collection of icons, service books, and other objects of ecclesiastical interest of the Greek Church, lent by W. J. Birkbeck, Esq., of Thorpe.

The Yarmouth branch of the Society continues its successful progress. At the Annual Meeting held at Yarmouth, on January 17th, 1896, a Paper was read by Dr. Bately on some recent discoveries in connection with the Greyfriars' Priory. In draining Queen Street, a trench was dug through the length of the Church. Careful observations were made as the work proceeded, and the result, as recorded by Dr. Bately, will be published in the next issue of the Society's original papers.

The concluding part of Vol. XII. of the Society's Publications, and also the concluding part of Vol. II. of the Norfolk Visitation were issued to members last summer. The first part of Vol. XIII. is now in course of printing

The transference of the Norwich Corporation Muniments from the Guildhall to the Castle Museuin, as announced in last year's Report, is now completed. The documents have been systematically arranged by your Hon. Secretary, Mr. Hudson, assisted by Mr. J. C. Tingey, a member of the Committee. The arrangements made by the Corporation for the purpose are admirable, and they have further provided four glass cases, in which are exhibited representative documents, books, and seals with due explanations by way of illustrating the character of the collection, and in the hope, perhaps, of assisting some future students. The Joint Committee of the County

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Council, under the guidance of our President, Sir Francis Boileau, and Mr. Hamon le Strange, have provided similar accommodation for the Norfolk County Records. The Castle Museum being technically outside the county, they could not be placed in the City Muniment-room. They are, therefore, provided for in the Muniment-room attached to the office of the Clerk of the Peace at the Shirehall. The superintendence of this work has been chiefly undertaken by Mr. Tingey, who has at the same time made a calendar of the enrolments of county conveyances, which were mentioned in the Report for 1891, and which were to have been calendared by Mr. Tallack, a work which was interrupted by his lamented decease. It being found that many of these transfers of property are not mentioned by Blomefield, Mr. Tingey's calendar will be published by degrees in our publications.

The Society has to regret the loss of one of the original members, the Rev. E. E. Blencowe, Rector of Stow Bardolph, who retained his interest in the work till his death. He had the care of the valuable muniments at Stow Hall.

The Committee desire to remind the members of the Society that at the close of last December the Society completed the Fiftieth Year of its existence and operations. The first Meeting was held on January 6th, 1846. Of the members whose names are entered as then present, or who joined in that year, only two remain, the Rev. Thomas Calvert, formerly Vicar of St. John de Sepulchre, Norwich, and the Rev. Bowyer Vaux, of Great Yarmouth. Our late Hon. Secretary, the Rev. Canon Manning, should almost be numbered among the original members, having joined the Society in January, 1847; and our President is also one of the earliest members. The Committee are considering in what way the Society's Jubilee may best be commemorated during the present year.

In consequence of the removal of the Rev. W. Hudson from the county, it may become necessary to make some change in the office of Honorary Secretary.

The retiring members of the Committee are the Rev. W. Fred. Creeny, Mr. H. J. Green, the Rev. Canon Hinds Howell, Mr. Hamon le Strange, Mr. F. Danby Palmer, Mr. J. C. Tingey. They are all eligible for re-election.

NOTE.—At the Annual Meeting, after the adoption of the above Report, Mr. L. G. Bolingbroke was elected Honorary Secretary, and the Rev. W. Hudson, Hon. Editorial Secretary for the ensuing year.

Norfolk & Norwich Archæological Society.—The Treasurer's Account.



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£. 8. d. To Balance at Messrs. Gurneys' Bank :General Account

17 17 0 Deposit Account

76 4 3
“Boileau Legacy

To Subscriptions :-

£. 8. d.
1 for 1890

0 7 6 6 for 1891

2 5 0 10 for 1892

3 15 0 18 for 1893

6 16 0
48 for 1894

339 for 1895

127 2 6
12 for 1896

4 10 0

162 15 0 To Sale of Publications :Original Papers

2 6 0 “Norfolk Records


07 6

2 13 6 To Donations :

Mr. E.M. Beloe's contribution towards

the cost of Maps to illustrate his
Paper in Vol. XII., Pt. 3, on Free-
bridge Marshland Hundred and the
Making of Lynn

6 0 0
To Messrs. Gurneys :-
Interest on Deposit Account

3 3 2


£. 8. d. £. 8. d. By Mr. A. H. Goose, Balance of his Bill for

Vol. XII. Pt. 3 (being £82. 15s., less $70 paid April 19th, 1895)

12 15 0
Illustrations in Vol. XII., Pt. 3:

Messrs. W. Griggs & Sons 14 00
Mr. W, F. Browne...

5 5 0
Mr. A. E. Coe

7 12 6

26 17 6 Mr. A. H. Goose, on Account for Printing Vol. XIII., Pt. 1

50 0 0
Compilation of Index to Vol. XII.

1 1 O
Ditto to Visitation of Norfolk, Vol. II. 5 5 0
Mr. A. H. Goose, for Stationery, Printing
Circulars, and Postage

20 13 3
Subscription to Conference of Archeo-
logical Societies, 1893, 1894

2 0 0 50 Copies of Index of Archeological Papers for 1892, 1893

0 12 6
Advertisements of Meetings

Expenses of Meetings ...

3 3
Postage Stamps and Carriage

3 5

0 5 0
Norfolk & Norwich Library-One Year's
Rent to Michaelmas, 1895

1 1 0 Gratuity to Hall Keeper

0 10 0 Assistant Secretary's Salary

12 12 0 » Cheque Book

0 5

144 13 3 Balance at Messrs. Gurneys' Bank :General Account

44 12 3 Deposit Account

79 7 5 "Boilean Legacy"

100 00

223 19 8



174 11 8

£368 12 11

£368 12 11

Examined and found correct, March 14th, 1896,


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