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Archa uriniral Society.


Read MAY 4TH, 1898.

In presenting once more their Annual Report on the work of the Society, the Committee can lay before the members the record of another year of satisfactory progress.

The Annual Meeting was held at the Guildhall, Norwich, on the 31st March, 1897, when, after the formal business had been disposed of, Mr. W. H. St. John Hope, Assistant Secretary of the Society of Antiquaries, London, read a paper on a painted tabula of the fourteenth century in the Cathedral Church of Norwich, and two panel paintings, of the same date, in the Church of St. Michael at Plea, Norwich, in which he contended for their English origin. This paper will appear in the forthcoming part of the Society's Papers, and will be accompanied by another on the same subject by Mr. J. G. Waller, F.S.A., who supports the view that they are the work of a foreign artist. The three paintings were exhibited at the meeting, by the kindness of the Dean and Chapter of Norwich, and the Vicar and Churchwardens of St. Michael at Plea respectively.

On the 7th and 8th July a two days' excursion, un the most fortunate conditions of weather, was held North-west Norfolk. On leaving Fakenham, the party drove to Little Snoring Church, where the incumbent, the Rev. W. Martin, drew attention to the remarkable Norman doorway in the south porch, and thence proceeded to Great Snoring, where the church and rectory-house were visited, both buildings being ably described by the Rector, the Rev. R. P. Roseveare. On leaving Great Snoring the members were conducted round the church of Little Walsingham by the Rev. H. A. Wansbrough, who also described the ruins of the Priory in the interval after luncheon. In the afternoon Binham Priory was the first place on the programme to be visited, the Vicar, the Rev. R. C. Cavell, kindly explaining the principal features of his church, and Mr. L. G. Bolingbroke reading a paper on the history of the Priory. A short drive brought the party to Holkham Hall, where every facility was afforded, by the kindness of the Earl of Leicester and Mr. Alexander Napier, of viewing the priceless treasures of art there preserved. On the return to Wells, dinner was served to the members at the Crown Hotel, the headquarters of the Society for the night. On the following morning a drive through Holkham Park soon brought the members to the church of Burnham Overy, after which visits were paid to the remains of the Priory and to the church of Burnham Norton. Luncheon having been served at the Hoste Arms, Burnham Market, and a short visit paid to the church of Burnham Thorpe, with its reminiscences of Lord Nelson, the ruins of Creake Abbey were visited under the able guidance of the Rev. H. A. Wansbrough. North Creake Church was the last place to be visited, the building being described by the Rev. G. D'Angibau, and the party then returned to Walsingham in time to catch the train to Norwich.

In the autumn your Committee decided to recommence a series of Norwich excursions, those held in the city a few years back having been most instructive and enjoyable.

Accordingly, on the morning of the 21st October a perambulation through King Street was held in conjunction with the Yarmouth Branch, under the guidance of Dr. Bensly and Mr. L. G. Bolingbroke; the churches of St. Etheldred, St. Julian, and St. Peter Permountergate, the Music House, and other buildings being visited. A valuable paper by the Rev. W. Hudson was read at the last-mentioued church. In the afternoon the Convent of the Black Friars (St. Andrew's Hall, Blackfriars' Hall, and conventual buildings) was visited, under the guidance of Mr. James Mottram, and from thence the party proceeded to St. Andrew's Church, on which a paper was read by Mr. F. R. Beecheno. A dinner was held in the evening at the Maid's Head Hotel, which was fairly well attended, and after dinner short papers by the Rev. W. Hudson and Mr. W. H. Jones were read and discussed.

Part II. of Volume XIII. of the Society's Papers has been issued to the members for the year 1896, and the concluding part of the volume, with the index, is in the press and will, it is believed, be ready very shortly for distribution.

At the time of the last Annual Meeting much sympathy was expressed for the Rev. W. F. Creeny, F.S.A., in his serious illness, which we regret to record ended fatally on Easter Day, April 18th, 1897. By the death of Mr. Creeny the Society has lost an accomplished antiquary, whose knowledge, wit, and geniality will be sadly missed at all the meetings and excursions of our Society. His two great works on Continental Brasses and Incised Slabs are well-known authorities on their respective subjects. By his will Mr. Creeny bequeathed to the Society fifty volumes from his library. These have now been received from his executors, and a list of them will be found at the end of Volume XIII. of the Society's Papers. Mr. Charles Candler has been elected to fill the place on the Committee rendered vacant by the death of Mr. Creeny.

The Society has also lost one of its most distinguished members by the death of Sir A. W. Franks, K.C.B., etc., President of the Society of Antiquaries, London ; while the decease of the Rev. R. J. Simpson has deprived the county of one whose pencil had rendered familiar to us many of the most interesting objects of antiquity in North-east Norfolk.

The Members of Committee who retire this year are Mr. E. M. Beloe, F.S.A., the Rev. Edmund Farrer, F.S.A., the Rev. J. W. Millard, Mr. James Mottram, Mr. R. H. I. Palgrave, F.R.S., and Mr. Charles Williams, all of whom are eligible for re-election.


Norfolk and Norwich Archæological Society.--The Treasurer's Account for the Year 1897.

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£. 8. d. £. 8. d.
To Balance at Messrs. Barclay's

Bank :-
General Account

93 65
Deposit Account

83 2 0
Do Boileau Legacy=; 100 00

276 8 5
1 for 1887-93

2 12 6
2 for 1894

0 15 0
3 for 1895

1 2 6
42 for 1896

15 15 0
231 for 1897

86 12 6
13 for 1898

4 17 6

111 15 0
Sale of Publications,
Original Papers

07 6

1 50

1 12 6 Messrs. Barclays, Interest on Deposit Account

3 17 2

By Mr. Agas H. Goose, Balance of Bill for Vol.

XIII., Part II., and for Stationery,

Circulars, and Postage
Illustrations in Vol. XIII. Part I:- £. $. d.
Mr. A. E. Coe

19 9 6
Illustrations in Vol.xiii. Part Ii :-
Messrs. Taylor and Gray

22 18
Mr. W. R. Weyer

2 0 0
Illustrations invol.XIII. Partili :-
Mr. W, Griggs

7 10 0 Mr. C. S. Alger

13 1 0 Mr. A. E. Coe

17 10 0

82 86

Mr. A. H. Goose on account for printing

Vol. XIII. Part III.
Expenses of Meetings
Postage Stamps
Insurance 1897, 1898
Subscription to Congress of Archæo-

logical Societies, and Index of Archæological Papers

Ulind Yorwich Library-One Year's

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