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30 Septer, gth Eliz., 1566. Wymondham.-Bargain and sale by Emme Smyth alias Folsham of Besthorp, widow, and sole executrix of the will of Adam Smyth alias Folsham, to John Thorne of Eyrsham, husbandman, of a messuage in the Marketsted in Wymondham.-R. 43.

10 Nover, 8th Eliz., 1566. Grimston, &c.—Grant by William Yelverton, Esqre, of Rougham, to Sir Thomas Cornewellice of Brome in Suffolk, Knt., and Henrye Mansuer, Esqre, of Norwich, of the manors of Breckles, Blackborough, and Westacre, in Grymston, Congham, Well, Gayton, and Gayton Thorp, and foldcourses and a messuage, and thirty acres of land in the same parishes; also a messuage and two hundred acres of land, meadow, &c., in Congham, and two messuages and sixty acres of land, meadow, &c., in Grete Massingham; and also a messuage and sixty acres of land in Titleshall, and other lands in the aforesaid parishes; also certain leases in Tittleshall and Geist, to the use of the said William and Jane his wife, and their heirs as specified. £4 to be paid annually to the said Jane out of the rectory of Rougham.—R. 43 and in đ.

25 Febry, 12th Eliz. Lammas.—Quitclaim by John Allen of Lammas, yeoman, to Robert Allen, of six acres and three roods of land, meadow, &c., in Lammas, and the rents arising from it, lately held by the said Robert, of Thomas Grosse, Esque, by copy of court roll, as of his manor of Sloley.—R. 44.

Same date. Lammas.—The like by the same John, to William Smyth, of thirteen acres and three roods of land, meadow, &c., in Lammas, and the rents as before, lately held by the said William as above.-R. 44.

Same date. Lammas.—The like by the same John, to William Godderson, of two acres and three-and-a-half roods of land, meadow, &c., in Lammas, and the rents as before, lately held by the said William as above.-R. 44.

Same date. Lammas.- The like by the same John, to Reginald Thurston, of an acre of land, meadow, &c., in Lammas, and the rents as before, lately held by the said Reginald as above.—R. 44.1

6 Augst, 13th Eliz., 1571. Whis sonsett. - Assignment by Robert Bosome, Esqre, of Studdye, to Roger Bosome his son and heir apparent, and Anne the wife of the said Roger, who was daughter of Hamond Lestraunge, Esqre, of Hunstanton, of the site and mansion house of the manor of Wyssonsette with the buildings, gardens, &c., and one hundred and fortyfour acres of land, meadow, wood, &c., and rights and liberties with certain reservations.-R. 45.1

27 Octer, gth Eliz., 1567. Woodrising.–Bargain and sale by Thomas Hyckes of Norwich, bocher, one of the executors of the will of Thomas Horsbroke of Woodrysynge, to Thomas Myett of Bakensthorpe, one of the grandchildren of the said Thomas Horsbroke, of lands, tenements, &c., in Woodrysynge.R. 46.

1 Septer, 9th Eliz., 1567. Marlingford, &c.—Mortgage by Thomas Phippers, yeoman, to Thomas Jermye, gentleman, both of Marlingforthe, of a messuage with eighty acres of land, meadow, &c., in Marlingforthe, Colton, Eston, and Honyngham, for the sum of £83. 18. 1d.-R. 46 and in đ.

· Blank in d.

25 March, 10th Eliz., 1568. Fundenhall, &c. — Mortgage by John Whitynge of Funnell, husbandman, to Richard Whitynge of the same parish, husbandman, of lands, tenements, &c., in Funnell and Ashewelthorpe, for the sum of £38.—R. 46, in d.

1 Octer, 10th Eliz., 1568. Swannington, &c.—Bargain and sale by Francis Rugg, gentleman, of Norwich, and John Aldriche, alderman, of the same, executors of the will of Henrye Haylyett of Swanyngton, to Richard Aldriche of Swarderston, gentleman, of lands, tenements, &c., in Swanyngtone, Branston, Cawston, Attylbrigge, Heveringland, and Monte Joye.R. 47.1

19 Septer, 13th Eliz., 1571. Hempton, &c. – Bargain and sale by Thomas Fermour, Esque, of East Basham, to Richard Benson of Puddinge Norton, gentleman, of the manor, rectory, and church of Hempton, with the lands, tithes, buildings, rights, liberties, and members in Hempton, Lyttle Rybourghe, Testerton, Colcreake, Greate Rybourghe, Oxwycke, Shereforde, Flytcham, Lyttle Snoringe, Wyssyngsett, Thurnyng, and Owtwell next Marshlond.—R. 48.1

20 Decer, 14th Eliz., 1571. Antingham, &c.—Mortgage by Richard Skottowe of Norwich, yeoman, son and heir of John Skottowe of Antingham, deceased, to John Kemp of Antyngham, gentleman, of a capital messuage in Antyngham called Damettas, with the lands, tenements, &c., thereto belonging, in Antyngham, Felmyngham, and Suffilde.—R. 49.1

1 Nover, 13th Eliz., 1571. Keswick.- Assignment by Edward Spavye of Tunstall, gentleman, to Nicholas Brend and Robert Mayhew, gentlemen, of messuages, lands, tenements, &c., in Keswycke, to the use of that one of several persons named who shall pay to the said Edward the sum of fifty marks, in default of which one moiety to the use of the said Edward, the other to the use of John Baspole of Beson, gentlemen.R. 50.1

1 Blank in d.

20 March, 14th Eliz., 1577. Hillington, &c.—Conveyance by Thomas Newman of Grymston, labourer, son and heir of Thomas Newman of Hillyngton, deceased, to Robert Melton of Hillington, husbandman, and Cecelye his wife, of the reversion of a messuage or tenement called Barnyes, with a croft and woodyard adjoining in Hillington, and six acres of land, meadow, &c., in Hillington and Congham.—R. 51.

8 Augst, 14th Eliz., 1572. Hempton.-Bargain and sale by Rychard Benson of Pooddinge Norton, gentleman, to Thomas Clyfton of Toftres, gentleman, of all his lands parcell of the dissolved Monastry of Hempton, in Hempton, with right of tithes, liberty of foldage, &c.—R. 52 and in đ.

18 Nover, 15th Eliz., 1572. Pulham,-Bargain and sale by William Bygott of Sterston, gentleman, to Robert Prentys of Flordon, yeoman, of the reversion of a close called Maryfeld, of twenty-five acres and 28. 4d. rent issuing from a pightle in Pulham. -R. 53.1

18 Octer, 15th Eliz., 1573. Rocklandtofts. --Bargain and sale by Margaryt Spryngalte of the parish of St Andrew in Rocklondtofts, widow and sole executrix of Thomas Spryngalte, to William Rydnale, singleman, of three acres and three roods of land in Rocklondtofts.—R. 54.

1 Blank in d.

7 Nover, 15th Eliz., 1573. Hingham.--Conveyance by Johan Crowe of Hengham, widow, and William Francke, late of Pedders Wynche now of Hengham, husbandman, the executors of the will of Margarete Crowe, widow of Thomas Crowe, late of Hengham, to Henrye Mynne of Lyttle Fraunsham, yeoman, of an inclosure of pasture containing three acres in Hengham.—R. 55.

20 May, 20th Eliz., 1578. Attleborough.-Bargain and sale by John Galle of Attleburgh, whelewryght, to Thomas Smyth of Attleburgh, gentleman, of a messuage and thirty-six acres and a half and half a rood of freehold land, meadow, &c., and three acres and a rood of copyhold land, all in Attleburgh R. 56 and in d.

30 Jan", 20th Eliz., 1577. Attleborough.-Bargain and sale by Rychard Chambers of Attleboroughe, yeoman, to Thomas Smyth of the same town, gentleman, of a messuage with the buildings, &c., and a croft of two acres and one rood adjoining in Havercroft Street in Attleborough; and also a part of a messuage void, and twenty-two and a half acres and half a rood of meadow in the same town.-R. 57.

18 Jan"y, 21st Eliz., 1578. Besthorpe.-Conveyance by William Cockett of Besthorp, Esq"e, to Anthony Drewrye of Besthorp, gentleman, of the reversion of the manor of Plassinghall with the members in Besthorp, and a close called Brodwood Close in the same parish.-R. 57 in đ.

18 July, 20th Eliz., 1578. Gissing:–Enfranchisement by Arthur Heveningham, Esqve, of Heveningham in Suffolk, to Thomas Grad badge and William Gradbadge of Tybenham, of messuages, lands,

1 Blank in d.

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