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20 March, gth Eliz., 1568. Upwell. --The like by the same executors, to William Goldwell of Upwell, beer brewer, of ten acres of land and pasture in Upwell in Norfolk.-R. 15, in đ.

10 April, 8th Eliz., 1566. Burnham.—Conveyance by William Bromfeld of Susted, son and heir, and sole executor of William Bromfelde, Esqre, and Thomas Pepys of Southcreke, gentleman, to Robart Jenyson of Burnham Westgate, gentleman, of eleven acres of marsh called Martyndales, an acre-and-a-half of land in Burnham Overy, a close called Vyncent's Close in St. Androwe's parish, and fifty-eight acres and a quarter of a rood of land in Burnham Norton, Burnham Westgate, and Burnham Depdale.—R. 16 and in đ; R. 17 and in d.

The schedule of the said fifty-eight acres of land.—R. 18a and in đ; R. 18b and in d.

11 June, gth Eliz., 1566. Honing.-Mortgage by Cristofer Jenney of Lyncolne's Inn in Middlesex, gentleman, to Thomas Bateman of Flyston in Suffolk, gentleman, of a watermill called Brydgate Myll, with the meadows and fishings thereto belonging, and fifty-six acres of land, meadow, &c., in Honyng, for the sum of £200.-R. 18c.

20 March, gth Eliz., 1568. Cawston, &c.—Conveyance by George Knyghtlye of Thurington in Essex, gentleman, to Thomas Gawdye, Esque, of Claxton, of the manors of Meys and Sterlings with the lands, tenements, and liberties, &c.; and other lands, &c., in Cawston, Heverlond, Brandeston, and Hevyngham.R. 18c, in d.

30 Septer, gth Eliz., 1566. Bunwell.-Conveyance by Emma Smyth alias Folsham of Besthorp, widow, and sole executrix of the will of Adam Smyth alias Folsham, to William Jollye of Besthorp, husbandman, of two pightles of pasture containing together two acres and three roods in Bunwell.-R. 19.

30 Septer, 8th Eliz., 1566. Wymondham.—The like by the same executrix, to James Howse of Besthorp, husbandman, of a tenement void and three acres of land or pasture adjoining called Grene's Close, in Wymondham.-R. 19, in d.

22 June, 8th Eliz., 1566. Tibbenham, &c.—Lease for one thousand years by Sir Thomas Knyvett of Buckenham Castle, Knt., and Thomas Reder, servant of the said Sir Thomas, to Thomas Bannock alias Barber of Tybenham, yeoman, and William Bannock alias Barber his son, of an inclosure of meadow and pasture called Hardycroft, containing sixty acres in Tybenham, two acres of ground called Inhams in Carlton, and two pieces of pasture containing two acres in Tybenham. To which premises one Nicholas Herne is to be admitted without payment of fine.-R. 20 and in đ. ; R. 21 and in d.

28 March, gth Eliz., 1566. Smallburgh, &c.—Enfranchisement by William Arnold of Cromer, gentleman, to Richard Bangs of Norwich, tanner, of a messuage and fifteen acres of land thereto belonging in Smaleborough, Barton, and Beston, lately held by copy of court roll of the manor of Catts. And also one acre of the demesne lands of the said manor, conveyed to the said Richard.—R. 22.

12 July, gth Eliz., 1566. Massingham.-Conveyance by Thomas Alowe of Grete Massingham, gentleman, to William Yelverton, Esqre, of Rougham, of messuages, lands, tenements, &c., being freehold, charterhold, or copyhold in Greate and Litle Massingham. -R. 22 and in đ.

10 Octer, 5th Eliz., 1563. Horningtoft.-Bargain and sale by Thomas Barsham of Oxwicke, executor of the will of Sir Robert Kyrkby, clerk, parson of Hornyngtofte, to William Barsham of Bylaugh, of messuages, lands, tenements, &c., both freehold and copyhold, in Hornyngtofte. —R. 23.

28 Septer, 5th Eliz., 1563. Hemsby.-Bargain and sale by John Buckynham of Hemesbye, yeoman, and Alice his wife, who was widow and executrix of the will of one Jermyn Botolfe, to Gilbert Sympkins of Hemesbye, gentleman, of a messuage and five acres of land in Hemesbye.-R. 23 and in d.

20 March, 6th Eliz., 1567. Clenchwarton.-Conveyance by William Hoo of Tylney, gentleman, to Richard Hoo his nephew, of lands, marshes, &c., in Clenchwharton.-R. 23, in d.

Jan"y, 11th Eliz., 1568. Repps, &c.—Conveyance by Walter Whytynge of Aylisham, gentleman, son and heir of Elizabeth Whytinge, deceased, one of the daughters and heirs of Edwarde Playter, Esq'e, of Obye, deceased, and Roger Dockynge the elder of Burlingham, plowewryghte, to Thomas Clerke of Thurne, yeoman, of lands, tenements, &c., in Reppes, Bastwycke, Ashebye, Owby, and Thurne, and the reversion of a messuage and three-and-a-half acres of land in Reppes. – R. 24 and in d.

30 July, 10th Eliz., 1568. Thuxton.-Bargain and sale by Johanna Crossolde of Matshall Berg, widow and sole executrix of the will of Thomas Crossolde, to Sir Edwarde Bacheler, clerk, parson

1 The rolls numbered 25 to 35 are inscribed on one side only, and contain duplicates of the entries on R. 1, 8 to 14, and 23.

of Garveston, of an inclosure and other lands, tenements, &c., in Thuxton.—R. 36.

13 Jan"), 11th Eliz., 156%. Hingham.-Conveyance by John Clypsby, Esqre, of Owbye in West Flegg, to William Thornton of Downham Lodge, gentleman, of knights' fees, rents, and services whereby the manor of Ellingham's in Hingham, or any other lands in Hingham or Hingham Barrowe be holden as of the manor of Owby, on condition that the said John Clypsby shall obtain a discharge from the payment of eighty Mynes of wheat, reduced to the rent of £4 per annum claimed as part of the manor of Thirne Hall from the manor of Owbye by the counsel and advice of the said William Thornton.-R. 36, in d.

14 June, 11th Eliz., 1569. Breccles Magna.—Conveyance by Thomas Methwolde of Langford, gentleman, to Fraunes Woodhous, Esque, of Great Breckles, of messuages, lands, tenements, &c., in Great Breccles.—R. 37.1

14 June, 11th Eliz., 1569. Wickmere, &c.-Bargain and sale by John Seman to William Dixe, Esqe, of Wickmer, of messuages, lands, tenements, &c., in Wyckmer, Matlaske, and Little Barnyngham. -R. 38 and in đ. ?

1 Blank in d.

? The heading of this conveyance reads :-“ Between Thomas Metholde, &c., of the one part, and Frauncs Woodhouse, &c., and William Dixe of Wickmer aforesaid, esquire, of the other part. Witnesseth that the said John Seman, the son, &c., &c.," and there is no further mention of Methold and Woodhouse. It is evident that the clerk has confused this with the last, and the date being the same in each case is very uncertain in the latter. R. 39 is a continuation of R. 18, after which it has now been placed and numbered R. 18b.

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5 May, 9th Eliz., 1567. Kimberley.-Bargain and sale by John Curson of Kymberlye, yeoman, to Arthur Bunfante of Carleton Fowerhoo, yeoman, of a messuage called Bonds, with a croft adjoining in Kymberley.-R. 40.

20 Decer, 9th Eliz., 1566. Stokesby, &c.--Bargain and sale by William Bocher of Stokesbye, yeoman, and Cecyle his wife, who was executrix of the will, and late the wife of Henrye Patterson of Stokesbye, to John Grene of Southwalsham, yeoman, of a messuage with seventy acres and three roods of land, and reed grounds, fishings, &c., in Stokesbye and Thrygbye.R. 40 and in d.

1 July, 9th Eliz., 1567. Hedenham, &c.-Conveyance by Robert Rycheman of Hednham, yeoman, to Robert Bedyngfyld, gentleman, and Marie his wife, of the manor of Shernbornes, and other lands, tenements, &c., in Hednham, Bedingham, Wotton, Sething, and Dechyngham.-R. 40, in d.

8 June, 9th Eliz., 1567. Dunham Magna. -Bargain and

and sale by

sale by Nicholas Mynne, Esque, of Little Walsingham, to John Feltewell of Grete Dunham, yeoman, of messuages, land, tenements, &c., containing together forty-seven acres in Great Dunham.-R. 41 and in d.

20 Octer, gth Eliz., 1566. Burnham.-Bargain and sale by William Pepys of Yaxham, gentleman, to Faunces Cobbe of Burnham Westgate, of messuages, lands, tenements, &c., at the Staithe in Burnham Norton, and other houses in Burnham Norton, and all his lands, tenements, &c., in Burnham Norton, Burnham Westgate, and Burnham Depedale.-R. 42 and

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