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keeping accounts for the TEACHER, and must insist on payment from each subscriber in advance, or upon receipt of the first number. Where gold dollars cannot be obtained for remittance, silver can be sent by putting three three-cent postage stamps upon the letter. For three subscribers, a quarter eagle may be inclosed, and the remainder in postage stamps. Rev. enue stamps will be of no service to us. It will be better, how. ever, for Teachers to secure five subscribers, and inclose a half eagle.

It is hoped THE CALIFORNIA TEACHER will be of great service to the profession, and in the homes of the Pacific Coast. The need of such a journal is unquestioned. The Eastern educational journals, however valuable, cannot meet our emergencies. Their distance from us, and their necessary ignorance of our School-needs, aside from the call for the full employment of their energies in the home-field, render them entirely inadequate for California. We shall select from the mass whatever may be adapted to our circumstances.

We desire to furnish a regular means of communication between School officers and Teachers; to bring to parents and Teachers the best practical methods of discipline and instruction; to give the materials for the future historian of our growth in educational directions; and to use every authorized means of making Teachers better and the people happier. Due regard will be paid to the opinions of all; but no attempt will be made to conceal the importance of moral training and of patriotism in our Schools.

The TEACHER is destined to live at least one year; the Institute has made that certain. It remains for those to whom this prospectus may come to determine, in some measure, the degree of influence it will exert, and whether the first year sball be the last. The Editors make no pledges beyond their determination to meet Teachers and friends of education once each month with the best matter that can be obtained. The TEACHER will be very poorly conducted if the investment of one dollar for each adult in the State should prove a total loss.

Address all communications and remittances, “THE CALIFORNIA TEACHER,” Box 1977, San Francisco, California.




WE, as Teachers of California, in order to further the educa

tional interests of the State, to give efficiency to our School System, to furnish a practical basis for united action among those devoted to the cause in which we are engaged, and, for those purposes, to elevate the office of the Teacher to its true rank among the professions, do hereby adopt the following



SECTION 1. This organization shall be known as the “CALI. FORNIA EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY."

MEMBERS. SEC. 2. The qualification of members shall be: a good moral cbaracter, three years' successful experience, one of which must have been in this State, and ability to pass a thorough examination in Reading, Spelling, Penmanship, Drawing, Object-TeachingGeography, Grammar, History, Arithmetic, Algebra, Physiology, and Natural Philosophy.

SEC. 3. This Society shall consist of male members only.

SEC. 4. All male graduates of State Normal Schools in the United States who have taught three years previous to their application for admission to this Society, and who are residents of this State, and all male holders of State Educational Diplo. mas, as provided by the laws of California, shall be eligible to membership upon the recommendation of the Examining Committee.

DUES Sec. 5. Each member, upon his election, shall sign this Con. stitation, and pay into the Treasury the sum of ten dollars.


Sec. 6. Honorary membership may be conferred upon any gentleman eminent for literary attainments, or for successful service in the cause of popular education, upon the recommendation of the Examining Committee, and a two-thirds vote of the members present at any regular meeting.

EXPULSION. Sec. 7. Any member may be expelled for unprofessional conduct by a two-thirds vote of members present at any regular meeting; provided, that a copy of the charges be deposited with the Recording Secretary at least four weeks before the meeting . at which the charges are acted upon, and immediate notice thereof be given to the accused.

OFFICERS. SEC. 8. The officers of this Society shall be: a President, two Vice-Presidents, a Corresponding Secretary, a Recording Secretary, and a Treasurer, who shall be elected by ballot at a regular annual meeting, and shall hold their offices for one year, or -until their successors bé chosen.

DUTIES OF OFFICERS. Sec. 9. The duties of the President, Vice-President, Recording Secretary, and Treasurer, shall be the same as those usually devolving upon such officers. The duty of the Corresponding Secretary shall be to conduct the correspondence of the Society under the direction of the Executive Committee.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. Sec. 10. There shall be an Executive Committee, which shall be composed of the officers of the current year, together with five other members of the Society, to be elected at each annual meeting, and to hold their offices for one year.

EXAMINING COMMITTEE. SEC. 11. There shall be an Examining Committee of three members, who shall be elected out of six members nominated for that purpose by the Executive Committee; the three nominees having the highest number of votes to be considered elected.


Sec. 12. It shall be the duty of the Executive Committee to manage the general business of the Society, to examine the accounts of the Treasurer, and audit all claims upon the Treasury.

It shall be the duty of the Examining Committee to inquire into and determine upon the qualifications of candidates for membership, and to report to the Society, at its next regular meeting

VOTING. i Sec. 13. All voting upon admission to the Society, or upon . matters pertaining to the provisions of this Constitution, shall

be by ballot. . Sec. 14. A two-thirds vote of members present at any regular meeting shall be sufficient to elect a candidate proposed by the Examining Committee.


Sec. 15. Members may vote either in person or by proxy; provided, that the proxy be made known in writing to the Recording Secretary.


Sec. 16. There shall be a regular annual meeting of the Society on the third Saturday of May, in each year, in the City of San Francisco, or at such other time and place as may be appointed by the President with the consent of the Executivo Committee; but, in case a quorum be not present at that time, the officers shall hold over another year, or until their successors be chosen.

Sec. 17. There shall be a meeting of the Society at least once in three months, for the purpose of promoting the interests of Education in all its departments. The exercises at these meetings may be determined by the President in conjunction with the Executive Committee.

CHARACTER OF DISCUSSIONS. Sec. 18. No political or sectarian discussions shall be allowed in the meetings of this Society.


Sec. 19. Assessments may be made from time to time at any regular meeting, by a two-thirds vote of the members present.

DIPLOMAS. SEC. 20. Every member of this Society shall be entitled to a diploma in such form as the Executive Committee shall decide upon, and under the official seal and signature of the Society; but no diplomas shall be issued to honorary members.


SEC. 21. After the close of the second annual meeting of this Society this Constitution shall not be altered or amended, except by a vote of three fourths of the members present at an annual meeting, and after one month's previous notice in THE CALIFORNIA TEACHER, or some other suitable medium.

President John SWETT.
Vice-Presidents—THOMAS S. MYRICK; D. C. STONE.
Corresponding SecretaryT. C. LEONARD.
Recording Secretary-BERNARD MARKS.
Treasurer-J. C. Pelton.

Executive Committee-The officers of the society, and Messrs. SWEZEY, STRATTON, MCGLYNN, WHITE, and GOODRICH.

Examining Committee Messrs. SWETT, Tait, and LEONARD.

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