Refining Our Best Resources - Our Children

Sampul Depan
Athena Press, 2003 - 320 halaman
A clarion call for a society ravaged by alienated, misguided youth devoured by a culture of guns, sex and drugs. Walter C. Lichfield's extensive work represents a much-needed wake-up call to all responsible Americans. Adroitly guiding the reader through the various stages of growth in the life of a child, the author provides wise counsel as to the proper ways of molding our most precious resource: our children. This scholarly treatise quoting liberally from the Holy Scriptures points out the fallacy of many newfangled ideas and holds a mirror to how far away we have moved from the teaching of God and His apostles. America needs to make possible and encourage total family observance of a weekly day of rest to enjoy the blessings revealed in Isaiah 58:13-14, and avoid captivity and sorrow per Jeremiah 17:20-27. The author spares none - the individual, the family, the church and the state - in his sharp chastisement for the current state of affairs in America. He admonishes and exhorts every segment to initiate steps to stem the tide - before it is too late. The Sword of Damocles hangs over our society because we fail to demand strict adherence to our God and the constitution He has given us.

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