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can conceive, or that occurs to my mind as applicable to priestcraft and hypocrisy: indeed it may be truly said, it is here used in its most virtuous sense) are completely defeated, a little more perseverance and the business is done. Priestly humbug will receive its amen blow.

Wishing you and your family health and every prosperity, I earnestly subscribe myself your zealous friend and well-wisher.

WM. PAUL ROGERS. P.S. While the mind and speech of mankind remain bottled up, there can be no substantial happiness. There must be thorough liberty of speech on Theological subjects, I do not mean oor say liberty of speech on other subjects; because man may ruin his neighbour and brother, but upon subjects that can harm no living mortal. I repeat, that liberty and freedom of speech should, and I doubt not will ere long, ultimately prevail; falsehood should be met by contradiction and adequate punishment, all else that is wanted are laws to suppress violence and secure property.



“ Let him that is afflicted, pray: and him that is merry, sing psalms."

Where sleeps the God of the Catholics and Protestants? Where dozes the tremendous God of Israel? How , tame the thunder of Sinai! Where, 0 hypocritical, God-called, Holy Ghost-inspired methodists, slumbers your Idol, the true Jehovah? See they not what we are doing? Hear they not what we are saying? Stand forth, O priests, and your Gods with you, arrest our progress, or you and they will not have a foot of ground to stand on. Shall I, O priests, form another prayer for you, a petition to your Joss, in the fulness of fraudulent anguish and dread of the loss of tythes, church-livings and all the benefits of marriage notes, fuueral ceremonies and Easter dues? Yes, you shall have a prayer in the true Presbyterian stile, and a hymn or psalm in the very spirit of King David, Laureatto Jehovah and man after God's own heart.

A PSALM, To be sung in all Christian Churches, Bedlam, Chapels, Presbyterian Meeting Houses ; but chiefly in Methodist tabernacles, to the praise and glory of Joss.

O Lord! Jehovah! in thy wrath

And tenfold vengeance rise,
Consume all reason, sense and truth

And prosper fraud and lies.

For thy mercy endureth for ever. No. 23, Vol. XII.

O show no mercy unto those

Who dare dispute thy word;
To save them from Hell's fiery lake,

O Lord! would be absurd.
For thy mercy endureth for ever.
Therefore, arise and lay about,

O help us! or we faint,
Or eise the atheists will destroy

Both thee and every saint.
For thy mercy endureth for ever.

Let swift destruction be their doom,
Who in justice put their trust;

The friends of truth send to the tomb,
Lord ! voll them in the dust.

For thy mercy endureth for ever.
But bless all true hypocrites,

Who thrive by fraud and lies;
Grant Lord, that by thy heavenly grace,

We may all truth despise.
For thy niercy endureth for ever,

Selal. After which the following prayer :

O most merciless Jehovah! who art thyself NOTHING, madest all things out of- NOTHING, who dwellest every where, can be found nowhere, who makest man to sin and punishest him for sinning. Thou, O Lord! who can do good but will not, or would do good but cannot, whose attributes are every thing and amount to nothing, who livest in companionship with the Devil, who art mightier than he in word only, while he is mightier than thou in deed; for he doeth evil in spite of thy teeth, and thou never doest any good ! Descend, in thy wrath, among thy enemies. Blight those who can neither see nor know thee, with thy lightnings; confound

them with thy thunders; crush them with thy power; 'annihilate : them with thy omnipotence.' Destroy them utterly, root and

branch, as thou didst the enemies of thy right, faithful and worthy servants the remorseless Jews, who, thou promisest should rule over the whole earth, and who now rule nowhere. Save us, O Lord, for the atheists, the sons of science, virtue and truth, with

names, the Materialists, the Zetetics the Zerotarians, are risen up against us, and against thee, O Lord. “ Souse them and douse them! in the powdering tub of thy affliction that they may come forth tripe fit for thy table, O Lord !"* They deny our books ; they laugh us to scorn; they believe not our holy lies : yea, they deny thy very existence. Therefore, better mind what thou doest, O Lord, or they will send thee packing, with all the

See preshyterian eloquence~One prays thus: “ Thou sayest they are worse than infidels, who provide not for their own-we are thine own and yet have been but scurvily provided for, O Lord !” Another thus—“ Permit us not to go to hell, O Lord; for, if we go to hell and become the property of the Devil, who will lose by that, () Lord ?" I would recommend this book to the methodists, as a criterion of genuine home brewed prayer. Nothing can exceed it in pla ness of style. It is a most capital jest book.


wooden gods of Canaan, the stone gods of Greece, and the thirty thousand familiar gods and goddesses of Rome; with the terrible Gods, like thyself, of old Scandinavia, and the ragman god, Mumbo Jumbo, of Africa,f It is time to show a miracle, O Lord! to save thyself, if not thy priests. Create a new Sun or two, or half a dozen Moons. Or, in thy unsearchable mercy, play at the ten plagues of Egypt again and slay all the first born; for thy mercy endureth for ever. Or, O! may it please thee, to set on another massacre of Saint Bartholomew. Then shalf thy priests and the elders rejoice and be exceedingly glad. O send forth thy lying spirit to confound truth and destroy the confidence of society. O raise up Johanna Southcote, Richard Brothers, and Swedenborg from the dead, that they may come and prophecy unto us, that they may comfort us and confound our enemies. Lo! the radical reformer, Jesus, is no more. The humbugging Devil has cried off.

Hell is destroyed and heaven is no where. Religion and the wicked are fading away fast, and if man become virtuous and happy, what will become of thee and thy priests. O Lord ? Send war, ruin, and desolation on earth; but save thy priests, and thy chosen people, the elect before all time, and the called in the name of the Lord Jesus. Amen! Amen!! Amen!!!


The following Specimen of Irish Religion and Irish Know

LEDGE is copied from a Letter published in the Morning Herald for Nov. 29.

While the driver was mending a part of his horse's harness, I walked up to one of these groupes. Observing a small pamphlet in the hands of a man belonging to the party, I imagined that I had discovered a knot of “ Biblicals,” who were enlightening themselves with one of the “ pretty little books" distributed by the Tract Society. I asked the man what he was reading. Fathe, Sir,” said he, “ I was reading a very elegant poeni, which Father

gave me,--may the Lord bless him for it!” Looking at the pamphlet, I observed the name of Carlile.“ Surely,” said I,

a Priest would never give you a book in favour of that man?” He replied (apparently pleased with my sentiment), “ in favour of him, did yer honour say? Ah, bad luck to him! but its not in .. The great God, Mumbo Junibo, is represented by a rag tied to a tree, in the vicinity of the Village--When displayed, the natives bring fowls, eggs, fish, yams, and fruit, and leave them at the foot of the tree. When all have made their offer. ing, Mumbo Jumbo and the property disappear, and the priest blesses t'ie village. If the priest is not satisfied, Numbo Jumbo remains, and the people are threatened with calamities, which frequently appear in the very questionable shape of poisoned water. This is no quotation.

# A very bungling miracle has lately been played off in Spain. Numbers of the Spaniards swallowed it in whole.



favour of him at all.” Being anxious to know what idea he had formed of Carlile, I asked him what he thought Carlile's religion

Why sure," said he, “he's nothing but a Protestant-a mere Orangeman.” Somewhat puzzled at this reply, I inquired if there were no difference between a Protestant and an Orange

“ Welt then, by J-s," he answered, “I know of none. For a fippeny I obtained this “ elegant poem,and I here present the public with a literal copy of it, not doubting but they will be pleased, and edified by it, as I have been

A Poem against Carlile's

English Hatched Heresy.
'TWAS in the fourth century that Arius did oppose,
The Church the lawful spouse of Christ, which the whole world knows,
He denied the Holy Trinity, believed but in Persons two,
So his proselytes by darkness led a bye path did pursue,
Our Lord and only Saviour still mindful of his flock,
Built his church quite visible upon a solid Rock,
He promised to remain with her unto the end of days,
And his consolation thro' each nation shone with glorious rays,
Ere he to Heaven did ascend all power he did confer,
Upon his twelve Apostles that they might not err,
With heavenly fire he did inspire the 12 on Whitsunday,
And the Holy Ghost their pilot was they could never stray.
The Heresy of Carlile has drooped its head in Court and died,
Those vile perpetrators and false teachers will surely end in 25,
By power divine being rendered blind their souls they could not steer,
So on the rock of error splitting finished their career.
An English bull and hornless of late I here require ,
That the Prelates of Ireland should grant his desire,
With him to barter power divine for lying heresy,
But his crafty wiles they disregard they dread captivity,
Let them beware of a fanatic and watch how the rogue moves,
Let them be wise as serpents harmless as doves,
Let them still hold unto the fold that belongs unto the Church,
For the promises assigned to her will leave no one in the lurch,
The sons of Granu suffered much when the prince of whigs did reign
For the articles at Limerick signed they never did obtain,
He persecuted priests and monks he robbed the laity,
And our boly Bis hops some new attempt with jarring heresy,
There out -pop these holy men will never change a coat,
They feed their flock with heavenly food and still obey the Pope,

3 Chap of St. Paul to Titus.
For search the scriptures to and fro shew me where you can find,
That an heretic of any age has power to loose or bind.
Ye pious sons of Erin-ye Catholics I mean,
Never dread those holy men they never broke the chain,
Nor never lost one link of it since the Apostle's days.
Nor never will till time's no more for this our Saviour said,
My dear beloved brethren I mean for to conclude.
I hope there's none among you will think me vain or rude,
The reason that I did extract those lines from Scripture's rules,
Was to let all false seducers know our Bishops were no fools.

Limerick : Printed by S. B. Goggin, 15, George's-street, near the corner of William-street, where Cobbett's works may be had.

Country Dealers. MARK WELL-That S, B. GOGGIN, is constantly snpplied with School Books of the best editions and in the most durable binding; also an extensive assortment of Pictures, Ballads; &. &c. all manufactured under his own inspection which enables him to sell cheaper than nny other house in this Kingdom.

In justice to the erudite Mr. S. B. Goggin, I have copied the preceding notice which is attached to the poem. As there can be no doubt that his “ ballads, poems, and school-books, all manufactured under his own inspection,” will be in great demand in England, as the literati here have now an opportunity of appreciating their merit.


When I received, from the Rev. Mr. Wait of Bristol, the Letters of Dr. Olinthus Gregory, as evidential of the soundness of the Christian Religion, and as the work of a scientific man upon the subject, I was not aware, that the author was living, and I was totally ignorant of his character and past and present situation in life. Under this state of ignorance, 1 proceeded to make my observations upon his work, and finding that he had been rather bitter towards the opponents of Christianity, I fell into a corresponding error as a retort, for which, from a better knowledge of him, I bave since been sorry. The first edition of that work is nearly out of print and I look forward to the opportunity of rewriting it and of making it a complete reply to all the attacks upon infidelity toward the Christian system of religion, and a thorough refutation of all the supposed evidences of the soundness of the system.

Bnt Dr. Gregory has lately come forward in a new character, one that commands my highest respect, one that brings with it a common good to mankind, free from the bitterness of religious feuds, with the admirable Dr. Birkbeck he is a joint patron of the new Mechanic Institutions. In this character, I bail Dr. Gregory as the common friend of man, and several little sketches of his life that I have lately read bave instructed me to know him as a good man.

I therefore very much desire to remove all bitterness of expression in my review of his evidences of the soundness of Christianity, and I most sincerely ask and offer a mutual forgiveness for the past.

The manner in which the Rev. Mr. Wait was in the habit of writing to me was a great provocation to strong expressions on my part; but I hope, that, from two visits in Dor

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