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and gloves are decorated with yellow borders, and he is entrusted with the sign, grip, word and pass-word.

The ceremony is concluded by the G. C.'s observing, that the lodge is obscured and that it is time to retire. A table lighted with candles is introduced, and, if a supper be provided, it is to consist wholly of vegetables.

Q. Who are you.
A. Tell me who you are and I will tell you who i am.
Q. Do you know the children of Noah.
A. I know three of them.
Q. Who are they
A. I particularize them by their initials S. H. I.
R. Tell me the words.
A. Begin and I will reply
Q. Shem Ham.
A. Japhet.
Q. What does this letter signify.
A. The initial letter of the secret word.
Q. Present the signs.

A. The arms extended towards the moon and the face towards the east.

Q. Why is the face towards the east.
A. Because it is the part in which the moon rises.
Q. Give me the grip.
A. The hand is clenched thrice.
Q. Deliver the pass-word.
A. Peleg
Q. How do you know the Architect of the Tower of Babel.
A. I have mentioned him.
Q. Who acquainted you with his history.
A. The Knight of Eloquence.
Q. In what lodge.
A. In a lodge where the moon gave light.
Q. Was this edifice praiseworthy.
A. It was not, as it was never completed.
Q. What is the reason to be assigned.
A. The foundation was laid in pride.

Q. Is it to initiate the children of Noah that you retain it in your memory.

A. No; but to avoid the danger which they experienced.
Q. Where were the remains of Peleg deposited.
A. In a tomb.
Q Was he he not considered a reprobate.
A. No, for the stone on his remains informs us that his

Creator had mercy on him on account of his subsequent humility.

Q. In what manner were you received a Prussian Mason.

A. By three humiliations and by kissing the pommel of the sword of the Grand Commander.

Q. Why did you submit to these humiliations.

A. As a proof of my obedience to the dictates enjoined in this degree.

Q. Why do knights wear a triangle.
A. In memory of the Temple of Peleg.
Q. Why is the arrow reversed in the centre of it.

A. In remembrance of the remission that took place from his contrition, and that the cup of wrath was turned away from him.

G: C. So may it be turned aside from all his successors, and with this sentiment I close the lodge of Noahites.


First point. Officers.-Cyrus, Mithredath, Senior Prince, Junior Prince, Senior General, Junior General, Eastern Knight, Southern Knight.

Scene.- Babylon, with two towers and a bridge over the river Euphrates.

Cyrus is called most potent sire.

For the solemnities of this order, two apartments are required. One is considered as the council chamber of Cyrus, King of Persia and Babylon. A throne is placed in the east and behind it a transparency, descriptive of a dream of that monarch, lighted with seventy lamps, to represent the seventy years of the captivity of the Jews.

Form of opening. Cyrus.- Brother companions, assist me to open the sovereign chapter of Knights of the Red Cross Sword of Babylon. Princes, Generals, the days of the seventy years for the captivity of the Jews are expired. My intention is to liberate them, and, to that purpose, I will relate to you the particulars of a dream. Interpret the words and assist me with your counsel.

In my sleep, I perceived a lion ready to devour me; and, at a distance, Nebuchadnezzar and Belshazzar, my predecessors, in chains. They were contemplating a GLORY, which masons show as the name of the grand architect of the universe. In the clouds appeared an eagle, from whose beak issued an order to RENDER

I was astonished and confounded. The dream vanished, but my tranquillity is disturbed. · Princes, deliberate; assent or dissent to the term of the vision.

They draw their swords and present the points to the air, then to the earth; by which they assent to the will of the king. Then


they lift up the points, which denotes liberty, and let them remain in that position.

Cyrus...Brother companions ; the captivity shall be concluded. Princes, Generals, the chapter of Knights of the Red Cross Sword of Babylon is opened.

Form of Reception. The candidate, being properly prepared, is brought to the door of the outer tower of Cyrus' Palace and gives the proper report. One of the King's Guards of that tower opens and demands, who comes there?

Zerubbabel.—The first among my equals, a mason of rank, and a royal captive in Babylon.

Guard. - What is your desire ?
Z. To approach the presence of our sovereign.
G. What is


name? Z. That is well known. Not one in Babylon, but that knows my name and dignity. (Here Zerubbabel throws aside his outer garment and discovers the rich dress that he usually wore at the court of Cyrus, by which, with his well-known features, he makes himself known to the guard.)

G. What is your age?
Z. Seventy years.
G. What is the nature of your present application ?
Z. To remedy the miserable situation of my brethren.
G. Attend, whilst I report you to the king and council.

Here the Guard knocks as a Knight of the Red Cross Sword, seven distinct or slow, three quick, an interval, and two quick. Answered from within, he reports, that the Prince Zerubbabel solicits an audience of the King. He is commanded, -after a pause, to introduce him to the middle tower." The Senior Prince of the Court of Babylon, who now represents Cyrus, the king, comes to him says:~Worthy Prince, for what do you appear before us?

Z. I implore your good will and justice.
S. P. Upon whose account?

Z. My own, and that of my companions, who have been in servitude seventy years.

S. P. Signify the extent of the favour you request.

Z. To grant us our liberty, to permit us to return to Judea, and to assist us in rebuilding the Temple of our Creator.

S. P. Since motives so just and honourable have brought you here, you shall speak to us face to face.

The council chamber door is thrown open, and, upon entering, Zerubbabel kneels before the throne of Cyrus. The king's representative, during the time of his kneeling, delivers the substance of the request. Cyrus says : ---Arise, worthy prince, I have long witnessed the weight of your captivity, and am ready to release you this instant, if you will communicate to me the mysteries of your order of masonry; for which I have always had the most profound veneration.

Z. Most potent Sire, your situation renders it impossible for me to entrust you with them; for Solomon, when he first gave us the principles, taught us, that equality, fidelity and brotherly love were ever to be the criterion among masons.

Your rank, your titles, your superiority are incompatible with the mansions where the sacred mysteries of our order are prevalent. Our exterior marks are unknown to you. My engagements with my brethren are inviolable, and I dare not reveal to you our secrets. If my liberty is only to be purchased in this manner, I prefer captivity.

Cyrus.--I admire your zeal and your courage. Princes, Generals, this worthy prince merits liberty for his attachment to his solemn compact. (The brethren assent by lowering the points of their swords.) With much pleasure, I grant the remission you requested, and consent to your liberty. (The chains are removed from the captive.) Go into your country of Judea.

I permit you to rebuild the temple of Jerusalem, destroyed by my predecessors : and your treasure shall be returned to you before the sun is set. - appoint you chief among your brethren and to preside over your equals : and I command, that they shall honour you as they have hitherto honoured me. I expect a small tribute from you, and will send to receive it even under the porches of your new temple, as soon as erected. I ask a model of your temple. It is not for the simple value, that I require it; but to convince your neighbours and surrounding nations, that you are still under my protection. Henceforward, you are to be to me and I will be to you a friend. I now arm you with this sword, as a distinguishing mark above your fellow companions. You are to consider it the same sword that Nebuchadnezzar received from your king Jeroia. chim, at the time of his captivity, and I am persuaded, that you employ it in defence of your country, religion and laws. I, therefore, create you a Knight of the Red Cross Sword, and, as a proof of my esteem, I invest you with this apron and sash, which we have adopted in imitation of your own architects. These marks are circumscribed with particular mysteries, which I grant to the Princes and Companions of this Court as an honour: and you will hereafter enjoy among them the same distinctions. I also

present you with these remnants of your former Temple, that were brought away at the captivity ; this Red Cross Jewel; this olive branch, as an emblem of peace between us; and, the secrets of the Red Cross Sword Degree, as a proof of permission to leave this country for your own. That you may pass without impediment through the provinces between this and Judéa, you must

What! was he wiser than the most wise Solomon, or more powerful than the most powerful Hiram ; kings of two moderately sized towns? R. C.

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give to the three first Babylonish Guards in succession the words M

and A—, and altogether to the fourth. These words will carry you to your native country; but if more is demanded of you, give them the sword up and down as

The candidate retires; the lodge or chapter is made to represent a public road with a bridge over the river Euphrates in Baby; lon, with guards at each end. Zerubbabel appears and is stopped by the first guard, who challanges him with :- Who comes there? He gives the answer, sign, word, &c., and the same to the second guard. He passes through the dominions of the King of Babylon and reaches the confines of Judea. On passing the bridge of the Jordan, he gives the third word to the first guard and to the last the three words. The guard replies:- Thrice tried and thrice approved companion, pass in the name of the God of sMand A. The best scenery for this ceremony, that the place where the chapter is held will admit, is used.

Second point. The candidate has now put off his rich attire as Zerubbabel Prince of Jerusalem, and has put on that of first sojourner. Zerubbabel, Haggai and Joshua are supposed to have gone through the ceremonies of the Red Cross Sword Degree, and to have become principals, holding a chapter or sanhedrim on their own account, at Jerusalem, to examine all who return from their captivity, to prove that they are legitimate descendants from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Ezra and Nehemiah are also officers of this sanhedrim, the whole present being seventy-two.

A report is made at the door by five distinct and two quick knocks : and, to the question of who comes there, is answered :A sojourner, a descendant of your forefathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, come out of Babylon to live with his brethren in Judea, and to assist in rebuilding the temple of the Lord.

Janetor (door keeper), What is your age?
Sojourner.--Seventy years.

J. None but architects and grand architects can be admitted to the honour which you seek. If you possess the necessary qualifications, there is a vacancy not yet occupied and you may, by civility and perseverance, acquire those honours which avail true merit; without regard to birth or fortune.

The candidate gives the signs of the ten preceding degrees and enters upon the proper level.

J. In the name of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, enter the grand Sanhedrim of Jerusalem and give immediately an account of your recent deliverance from your Babylonish captivity, and endeavour to prove that you are worthy of distinctions. On entering, he salutes the Sanhedrim with the signs of the

No. 10, Vol. XII.

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