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Form of the Lodge. This lodge is hung with black, strewed with tears. The master represents Solomon and is stiled Thrice Puissant. He comes to the temple to the seven expert masters to repair the loss of Hiram Abiff.

In this lodge there is but one Warden, who is called Adoniram. . It is he who had the inspection of the workmanship done on Mount Lebanon, before the death of Hiram Abiff. He was the first secRET MASTER.

Form of the Lodge. Solomon sits in the east, clothed in black, lined with ermine; holds a sceptre in his hand; before him is a triangular altar, on wbich is a crown of laurels and olive leaves. Adoniram sits in the west, is called inspector, and does not make use of any iron tool; because the work was suspended by the death of Hiram Abiff. Solomon is decorated with a broad blue ribband from bis right shoulder to his left hip, at the bottom of which hangs a triangle; but no apron.

Adoniram is decorated with a broad white ribband, with black borders, has a triangular collar, to which is pendant, an ivory key with the letter Ž in the wards. All the brethren have a similar collar and key, with white aprons and black strings. The white signifies the candour and innocence of the master: and the black the mourning for their chief. The flap of the apron is blue, with an eye of gold painted on it. This lodge should be lighted with 81 lights in branches of nine to each; but may be done with three times three.

Form of opening the Lodge.
T. P. Brother Adoniram, are you a secret Master ?

A. Thrice puissant, I have passed from the square to the compasses, I have seen the tomb of Hiram Abiff, and have, in company with

my brethren, shed many tears over it. T. P. What is the clock ?

A. The dawn of the day has driven away darkness and the great light begins to shine in this lodge.

T. P. If the great light begins to shine in this lodge and we are all secret masters, it is time to begin our work. Give notice, Brother Adoniram, that I am about to open the lodge.

Adoniram gives this notice: the thrice puissant strikes seven times with his hands and makes the sign of silence, by putting the two first fingers of his right hand upon his lips. Then all the Brethren strike seven times and answer the sign, by putting the two first fingers of their left hands upon their lips. The thrice Puissant says : “ this lodge is open."


Form of reception or passing. The blue master, or candidate, must be examined by an expert master in his third degree, before he is introduced. He is then bound; a large square is hung over his face, with a great light in his hand. The master of the ceremonies knocks seven times at the door, when he enters and gives an account to Adoniram who reports the same to the thrice Puissant, and desires that he may be introduced to him, Adoniram. He is so introduced, examined, led to the pillar or cushion, and told to koeel on his right knee. The thrice Puissant; seeing him with a great square on his forehead, a light in his hand, and kneeling, thus addresses him :

My dear Brother, you have seen little more than a thick veil which covers the sanctum sanctorum of God's Holy Temple. Your fidelity, fervour and constancy have gained you the favours which I am now about to grant: that is, to shew to you our treasure and to introduce you to the number destined to fill the loss of our dear brother Hiram Abiff, in hope, that God will enable you one day or other to arrive at the secret vault, there to con-, template the pillar of beauty. Do you find yourself capable to keep the secrets with which we are willing to intrust you; and are you willing to take an obligation ?

Noodle, I consent.

The penalty of this obligation is, to have the penalties of all former obligations inflicted, guaranteed by seven repetitions of the word amen.

Adoniram raises Noodle and the thrice Puissant invests him with a ribbon, key, and apron; crowns him with a crown of laurel and olive leaves ; after which he addresses him as follows;

My dear brother, I receive you, a secret master and give you rank among the Levites, to fill the number of one whom we have lost. This laurel represents the victory you are to gain over your passions. The Olive is the symbol of peace, which ought always to reign among us. It is for you to deserve the favour, that God may

enable you to arrive one day, in the secret place, to contemplate the pillar of beauty. I decorate you with an ivory key, fung to a black and white ribbon, as a symbol of your fidelity, innocence and discretion. The white apron and gloves are the marks of the candour of the secret master,

My dear brother, by the rank which you now have among the Levites, in quality of secret master, you have become the faithful guardian of the ten ple and are one of the seven to substitute the loss of Hiram Abift, of whose melancholy history you have already been informed. The eye on the flap of your apron is to remind you that you are to keep a careful eye or watch on the workmien in general.

Our signs are, first, the one puts the two first fingers of the

right hand on his lips and tlie other answers by the same sign with the left hand.

The grip is first, the Master Mason's, then creep up to the elbow and balance seven times, crossing your right leg during the balance,

The pass-word is Zizon, a Hebrew word, signifying balustrade, which is a little row of turned pillars. The second word is, Job, Adonai, Ina, They are the three first names which God gave himself to Moses on the mountain : the initials of which you see traced on the triangle.

Go, my brother, pass before the brethren, and then listen to our doctrine.

Lecture or Catechism.
Q. Are you a secret master?
A. I am and I glory in it,
Q. How were you received a secret master ?
A. I passed from the square to the compasses.
Q. Where were you received ?
A. In Solomons Palace,
Q. Who made you a secret master?

A. Solomon with Adoniram the inspector of the works of the Temple.

Q. Did you perceive any thing at your entrance ?
A, Evident marks of the divine presence.
Q. Did you distinguish any thing particular?

A. I perceived a triangle in a great circle, in the centre of which is enclosed a blazing star, which blinded me with holy respect and contemplation.

Q. What signifies the Hebrew character in the triangle? A. Something beyond the common knowledge of human nature which I cannot pronounce.

Q. We are in a lodge, and, therefore, pronounce it?
A. I have seen the great dazzling light without knowing it.
Q. What was inclosed in the great brightness?
A. The great ineffable name of the grand architect of the uni-

Moses was alone on the mountain when God appeared to him and pronounced it. It was forbidden by a law of Moses to be publicly mentioned, by which, the true pronunciation was lost; but I hope one day to arrive at the knowledge thereof.

Q. Did you perceive any thing more?
A. I perceived nine other words in Hebrew characters.
Q. Where were they placed ?
A. In nine beams which came from the luminous triangle.
Q. What signify those names ?

A. The names which God gave himself, speaking to Moses on the mountain, giving him hopes that his future issue should know the real name.


Q. Give them to me with their signification.

A. Eloah, Adonai, Jehovah, Jaohe, Job, Elohim, Echad, Ozee and Jesai, The nine words are composed of letters which com+ pose seventy two names and are taken from the name of the divinity, according to the Angel's Alphabet and the Cabalistical Tree,

Q. What signifies the circle that surrounds the triangle?
A. It is a meteor which ought to guide us to divine providence.
Q. What signifies the letter G in the blazing star ?
A. Glory, grandeur, gomel.
Q. What do you mean by these three words?

A, By glory, I mean God: by grandeur, I mean the man that may be great by perfection: and by gomel, I mean a Hebrew word which signifies thanks to God for his supreme power and goodness, It was the first word that Adam spake when he beheld Eve,

Q, What signify the five points of the blazing star?

A, It reminds us of the five orders of architecture which were used in the construction of the Temple; also of the five senses of nature, without which no man can be perfect,

Q. What more did you see?

A. The ark of alliance, the golden candlestick with seven branches, and the table with shew bread.

Q. Where were they placed ?
A. In the middle of the sanctum sanctorum.
Q, To what do the ark and the blazing star allude ?

A. As the ark was the emblem of peace. an alliance which God made with his people, it was put under the shadow of the wings of the Cherubims. In like manner is the circle, which incloses the triangle in the blazing star, under the emblems of the alliance of brother Masons.

Q. Of what form was the ark?
A. An oblong square.
Q. Of what was it made?

A. Of shittim wood, lined within and without with gold, with a golden crown and supported by two cherubims of Gold?

Q. What was the title and purpose of the ark?

A. The propitiatory, or place that served to appease God's anger,

Q, What did the ark contain ? A. The testimony which God gave to Moses on the two tables of the law.

Q. What did the two tables contain, and of what were they made ?

A. They were made of white marble and contained the ten commandments in Hebrew, as dictated to Moses by the Almighty, and thus divided, the four first respecting our duty to God and the șix last of our duty to man.

Q. Of what use was the table ?

A. To put the twelve Loaves of bread of proportion on which ought to be always in the presence of God as he ordered Moses,

Q. Of what were the loaves made?
A. Of the finest flour.
Q. How were they placed?

A. Six on the right side and six on the left, forming two heaps.

Q. What was put over them?
A. A very pure and bright ewer ?
Q. Why?

A. In order that they should be an ornament to the obligation made to God.

Q. What was the name of the sanctum sanctorum ?
A. Debur, a Hebrew word.
Q. What does it mean?
A. Speech,
Q. Why was it so called ?

A, Because there the dvinity resided and from thence delivered his oracles,

Q. Who constructed the ark?

A. Whén Moses was ordered by God to construct the ark, he made choice of Bazaleel, the son of Uri, of the tribe of Judah and of Mariam sister to Moses. He likewise chose Aholiab the son of Ahishemek, of the tribe of Dan: two able workmen for that purpose, Upon these occasions, the people of Israel shewed so much ardour and zeal, that Moses by the advice of those who had the direction of the work, was obliged, by the sound of the trumpet, to make it known, that he had no further occasion for more assistance. Moses likewise had particular directions for the number of vessels for the tabernacle and for the use of the sacrifices,

Q. How comes the candlestick to be composed of seven branches?

A, Because the No. 7 represents the number of the planets
Q. What was on the top of each of them?
A. A lamp, and each pointed north and south,
Q, Of how many parts did they consist ?
A. Sevenly.
Q. What does that number of parts represent?
A. The twelve signs of the Zodiac through which the planets
Q. What does the fixed eye in the lodge represent?
A. One only light, that dispels the darkness from us.
Q. How did they get up into the galleries of the temple ?

A. By a stair case, contrived as a screw in the inner wall of the temple, by which they ascended by three, five or seven steps, It was called Cockles, because it was made like a screw,


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