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Mifera Servitus est ubi Jus est vagum aut incognitun.

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I HE fecond Volume of the Laws of Nexu-York is finally completed. In this Volume the same Plan has been pursued as in the first, nor has a Sheet of it been put to the Press until critically examined by some one Gentleman of the Profesjon of the Law.

| The Patrons to this Work will please to obferve, that agreeably to the Request of a great part of them, the Laws which were passed at the fifteenth Session of the Legislature, comprises Part of this Volume; and, as this Addition was not contemplated in the original Proposals, that this is subject to the trifling extra Charge of TWO SHILLINGS and SIX-PENCE. The Editor has no Doubt but the Demand will be cheerfully complied with by all the Subscribers ; and hopes, that the whole Work will fully answer their most sanguine Expectationsbeing, with sentiments of respect, &c.



* The Editor has this Day issued Proposals for printing the future Laws of New-York in NUMBERS, to commence with the next (or fixteenth) Seffion ; each Number to contain the Laws of one Seslion, be it more or less, to be fitched in Blue, at 3f. the Number.

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