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and dimensions as to hold not less than thirty nor more than thirty-one gallons, and the figures 200 shall be branded on one of tlue heads of every Such barrel.

II. And be it firther enated by the authority aforesaid, After if Oct. next; That from and after the said firft day of O&ober next, evepork, how to be hrando ry barrel in which such pork shall be re-packed as by the el, and of what free.

aforefaid act, is denominated first quality, shall not contain more than twenty-four pounds of "head; any thing in the said act to the contrary notwithstanding, and on one of the heads of every such barrel fhall be branded the words, prime pork, and on one of the heads of every barrel in which such pork shall be re-packed, as by the aforesaid act is denominated fecond quality, shall be branded the words, cargo pork, and every bariel in which any kind of pork shall fo be re-packed shall contain two hundred pounds weight of such pork, and shall be of such fize as to hold not less than twenty-nine, nor more than thirty gallons, and the figures 200 shall be branded on one of the heads of every such barrel. Provided always, That all beef and pork which shall be re-packed before the faid firft day of Óc tober next, may be exported in the same manner as if this act had never been palled.

HI. And be it further enabled by the authority aforesaid, Half barrels of ore That every half barrel in which beef shall be re-packed by their fize, and buw virtue of this act, shall be of such size as to hold not less than branded.

fifteen and an half, nor more than fixteen gallons, and shall contain one hundred pounds weight of beer; and every half barrel in which pork shall fo be re-packed, shall be of such fize as to hold not less than fif. teen, nor more than fifteen and an half gallons, and shall contain one hundred pounds weight of pork, and if such pork be of the quality hereby denominated prime, such half barrels, Nall contain not more than twelve pounds of head, and on one of the heads of every such kalf barrel of beef or pork fo to be re-packed, fhall be branded the figures 100, and in other relpects to be branded as on the full barrel.

IV. And be il further ended by the authority aforefuid, Titung wlich pet. That if any person within this state Nail cure and put up in bref and pork any quantity of beef or pork not less than fifty barrels,

within one year, and shall put up the same in barrels or

half barrels, containing the weight specified in this act, and shall produce a certificate from a magiftrate of the place where such beef or pork was put up, purporting that such person had cured and put up the number of barrels or lialf barrels aforesaid, containing the weight aforesaid, within the fame year, together with an affidavit (to the fame purport of the person who did care and put up such beef and pork) it fall be lawful for such person to export fuch beef and pork without being further re-packed, upon branding his name at full length, on one head of each barrel or half barrel. Provided always, That if such beef or pork be fold before exportation, the exporter thereof shall also brand his name at full length on the fame head on which the name of the perfon who cured and put up the same was branded ; any thing in this act, or the above recited act to the contrary in any wise notwithstanding.

V. And be it further enated by the authority aforesaid, Bcet, pork and four That all beef, pork and flour manufactured in any of the to be reshipped here. United States, other than this state, and re-packed, branded,

or inspected pursuant to the laws of the respective states

without pa kiing.


from whence the same was imported into this state, such beef, pork or flour may be re-shipped as the beef, pork or flour of the state where the same was manufactured, without being again re-packed or inspected,

VI. And be it further enabled by the authority aforesaid, In pectors of fun. That the person administring the government of this state ber for

for the time being, by and with the advise and consent of the council of appointment, shall appoint such number of inspectors of lumber for the city and county of New-York, that the whole number of such inspectors shall not be less than four; and every such infpector shall be entitled to receive for inspecting all boards, plank and scantling, by him so to be inspected, at and after the rate of two Millings for every thousand feet, superficial measure ; any thing in the act to regulate the exportation of flaxfeed and lumber, paded the first day of March, 1788, to the contrary notwithstanding.

VII. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That all plank and boards which are less than six inches wide, clear of lap, may be exported as fap plank and boards, being first inspected and marked with the leiter S, the initials of the inspector's name, and the number of feet on each plank and board, Provided such plank and boards are of the thickness of merchantable plank and boards; and that in addition to the sizes of shingles heretofore by law allowed to be exported, shingles of twenty-two inches, and shingles of three feet in length, shall be included; and that the shingles of twenty-two inches in length, shall be at least four inches wide, exclulive of fap, and of a proper thickness; and that the singles of three feet in length shall be at leaft five and an half inches wide, exclusive of sap, straight, and of a sufficient thickness.

VI!l. And be il further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That no inspector of lumber shall appoint any deputy, purchase any lumber except for his own use, nor fell any lumber whatsoever, on pain of forfeiting his office.

IX. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, After ist oct. next. That the inspectors by law appointed to ascertain the quapor and pea:1 athes, lity of pot or pearl ash, shall not after the said first day of

October next, brand any calk containing pot or pearl ash, unless the fame be twenty-nine inches in length, nineteen inches in diameter at each head, be trimmed with at least eighteen hoops, be made of whiteoak staves and heading, and be found and tight, and that the tare of every such calk be at leall fourteen per cent. on the gross weight of the cask and its contents.

X. And be il further enacted by the authority aforesaid, Duty of manufactu; That after the first day of March next every manufacturer afhes, after wi March of pot or pearl alh, shall provide a distingnishable brand,

with the initial letter of his christian name, and his firname at full length on such brand, and shall there with brand each and every cask containing pot or pearl ash, of his own manufacture, before the same be removed from the place where the same shall be so manufactured, under the penalty of five shillings for every casks so removed and not branded as aforesaid.

CH A P. XXXIV. An ACT giving further Powers to the Courts of General Sessions of the Peace,

Palied 29th March, 1799. BE E it enacted by the people of the ftatc of Now-York, represented in jenate

and affembly, and it is hereby enadicd by the auihorily of the fine,

as to calks.


That it shall and may be lawful to and for any court of general feffions of the peace, to take indictments of any treason, misprifion of treason, murder, or ielony whatsoever, committed or done, or to be committed or done in the city or county in and for which such court shall be held, but no luck court drall proceed to determine any fuch indictinent of or for any treason, misprifion of treason, murder or felony, which is by law punishable with death for the firit ofience, but shall cause the indictments for the same to be delivered to the next supreme court, or court of general gaol delivery, to be hel? in fuch city or county, there to be deterniined accoiding to law.

II. And be it further enaĉled by the authority aforelaid, That it shall and may be lawful for any court of general sellions of the peace, to hear, determine and punilh according to law, all perjuries and falfe swearing, committed or to be coinmitted, in the city or county, in and for which such court of general Ellions of the peace shall be held.

every year.

CH A P. XXXV. An ACT to authorise the Clerk of the Senate to islile Notices for the Ele 11972

of Senalors in the Places of those who'e Seats are or muy hercafier become Vacunt between the firft Day of March, and the fifieenth Day of April iz

Pafled 29th March, 1790. BE E il ernied by the people of the fate of New York, represented in cnate

and ciljembly, and it is hereby enabled by the authority of the same, That the clerk of the senate shall forthwith after the passing of this act, inclose and fend in writing under his hand to the several heriffs of the different counties in the respective great dittricts of this state, a notification of the names of the fenators for each relpective district, whose seats have become vacant since the fit day of this initant March, and of the number of senators to be elected in fuh districts at the next ensuing election, to supply the places of such fenators whole lears have to become vacant. And it shall be the duty of the chers or the senate, for the time being, in every year hereafter to send such 110.ification as aforesaid, in case of the vacancy of a seat of a senator or iena. tore netween the first day of March and the fifteenth day of April.

in ACT fur the further Encouragement of Literature.

Passed 311 March, 1790.
HEREAS it is the duty of a free and enlightened people to patronize

and promote science and literature, as the surest basis of their liberty, property and happiness: And whereas the regents of the univerlity in their annual reports communicated at the last and present sestions, have represented that Columbia college, as well as the respective academies incorporated by the laid regents in pursuance of the trust reposed in them by the legislature, require aid and encouragement to remove the impediments under which they labour, from a deficiency of their funds, notwithstanding the contributions of individuals. And it appearing to this legislature, that a proportion of the public property will be wisely and usefully employeck in enabling the said regents to remove those disadvantages, and to proceed with greater energy and success in accomplishing the important office assigned to them by law, as the guardians of the education of the youth of this state. Therefore,

1. Be it enated by the people of the fate of New-York, represented in senale and asembly, andil is hereby enacted by the authority of the janie, That it

shall and may be lawful to and for the laid regents of the Regents of the uni. verlity to take polles univerlity, and their successors, and they are hereby autho. fion of, and leale oltarised and empowered to enter into and take feisin and pofbenefit of faid college Jession of the lands and tenements hereafter described, being and academies, &.c.

now vested in the people of this state ; that is to say, a certain tract of land in the county of Washington, adjoining the fouth end of Lake-George, beginning at the south-east corner of a tract of land heretofore granted to John Jones, and extending thence eafierly along the said lake to the place where a small brook falls into the said lake, on the east of the place where fort George formerly stood; thence east forty chains, thence south one hundred and lixty chains, thence weft, until the place of beginning bears north forty degrees east, and thence to the place of beginning. And also a certain other tract of land in the county of Clinton, called Ticonderoga, bounded southerly by the waters issuing out of Lake-George, eafterly by the waters of Lake-Champlain, and northerly and wcfterly by the adjoining pas tented lands. And also a certain tract of land at Crown-Point, fituate within the same county, bounded westerly, northerly and easterly by the waters of Lake-Champlain, and southerly by the adjoining patented lands, And also a certain island lying within the general bounds of the city and county of New-York, commonly called and known by the name of Go, yernor's island, and the same lands and tenements to leafé, grant and demise from time to time for one or more lives, or for years, and on such rents and considerations as they the faid regents of the university, or their successors shall judge most beneficial ; so that no more than two dwelling houses shall at any time be erected on the said island. And to sue for, recover, have and feceive the rents, issues and profits thereof, which are now in arrear, or shall become due hereafier; and from time to time to dispose of and apply the fame for the better advancement of science and literature in the said college, and the respective academies now incorporated or hereafter to be incorporated under their superintendence and authority within this state, and in such manner and proportion as they shall conceive will best answer the ends of their inílitution, and the true intent and meaning of this act. Reserving fo inuch of the said rents, issues and profits as shall be found necessary to defray the expence which shall be incurred by them in the execution of their trust. Provided always, That if any part of the said lands shall hereafter become necessary for the public defence, or other public uses, all leases and grants, with respect to such parts thereof, shall ceale and be suspended during the pleasure of the legislature, without any compensation to be made therefor; any thing herein contained to the contrary notwithstanding. And provided also, That the said regents of the university fall pay to Morgan Lewis, Esquire, the sum of two hundred pounds in full for all claims he may have on any part of the above described lands.

II. And whereas the state of literature requires, that in addition to the provision which may arise from the rents and profits of the lands vefied in tho regents of the university by this act, a sum of money should be applied by them without delay, for the encouragement and promotion of science in the - said college and the academies already incorporated. Therefore,

Be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That it shall and may be lawful to, and for the treasurer of this state, and he is hereby authorised and required, to advance and pay to the regents of the university, out of any mo.

nies in the treasury unappropriated, the fun of one thousand pounds, on a warrant to be issued by the chancellor thereof, to enable them more effectus ally to answer the purpose aforesaid.

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с нА Р. XL. † 12 Seff. Ch. 24. An ACT to repeat the first and second Sedions of an A, entitled, tin for the Relief of Debtors with relped to the imprifone ment of their Perfons, lo far as the same retrospect to Debts and Contrade exifting previous to the palling of the fime,

Pafled 31st March, 1790.
E it enabled by the people of the fate of New-York, represented in jenate

and jembly, and it is hereby enačied by the authority of the fame, That the first and second sections of the act, entitled, an act for the relief of debtors, with respect to the imprisonment of their persons, so far as the fame sections relate and retrospect to debts and fums of money, owing from any person or persons previous to the passing of the same act, Thall be, and here. by are repealed.

II. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, Tirat it shall be lawful, for any person or persons, to whom any debt or debts, fum or fums of money, designated in the faid two sections, were due and owing previous to the passing ofthe said act, to sue and profecute to execution, and to confine in giol, such person or persons respectively, from whom such debt or debts, fum or sums of money were due and owing as aforesaid, in like man. ner, and as by law they might have done, in case the said act had not passede Provided always. That in all cases, where any person or persons have been already discharged, by virtue of the fame act, such person or persons reípectively, shall not be again imprisoned for the same debt or sum of money, notwithstanding the same may have been contracted, due, or owing, previ. ous to the passing of the said act.

III. And be il further enacled by the authority aforesaid, That the judge, justice or magistrate, who shall issue execution for any debt or debts, or contracts made and entered into, previous to the passing of the said act, Mall specify in the same, that the cause of action did arise, on or before the tenth day of June, one thousand seven hundred and eighty-nine,

1. BE

CH A P. XLI. An ACT to enable Pieter Jahan Van Berckel, and the several Perfors therein named, to purchase and hold Real Eftatc within this State.

Palled 2d April, 1790. Eit enated by the people of the Aałe of New-York, represented in senate

and afëmbly, and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the Jame, That it mall and may be lawful, for tlie said Pieter Johan Van Berckel, to purchase lands, tenements and hereditaments within this state, and to have and to hold the fame, to hiin, his heirs and assigns, to the use of him, the said Pieter Johan Van Berckel, his heirs and aligns, forever ; as fully, and to all intents and purposes as any natural born citizen or citizens may, or can do, any law, usage, or custom to the contrary notwithstanding.

II. And be it further engled by the authority aforesaid. That it shall and may be lawful, for Antoine Renè Charles De la Forest, to purchase lands,

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