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contain 63,000 acres ; and how to be laid


tlu fame
dred lots, and file a

promised to be given as bounty lands, by laws of this state, and for other purposes therein mentioned, pafled the eleventh day of May, one thousand Each township to

seven hundred and eighty-four which town!hips Thall

respectively contain fixty thousand acres of land, and be et!, nunbered, and laid out as nearly in squares as local circumstances will permit,

and be numbered from number one progrellively, to the last inclufive; and the commissioners of the land-office hall like wife designate every township by such name as they hall deem proper; the first of which townships to begin on the western side of the Onondaga-River, at the falls thereof; and all of them to be laid out contiguous to each other, within the limits and bounds of the tract of land set apart for the use of the troops of this state as aforesaid, fo that no part of the said townships shall extend further ealt than a line to be drawn north and south from the fouthwest corner of the lands reserved by the Oneida Indians for their own ule, from and out of the cession and grant made by them to the people of this stare, at the latt, treaty held with them by the cominiffioners appointed by a law of this state for that purpose. Provided always, That no part of the said townships shall interfere with, or be laid out on any part of the lands reserved by the Onondaga and Cayuga Indians, for their own use or the use of any particular perfon or persons in the cession or grant made by them to the people of this ftate, by the treaties lately held between the Onondaga and Cayuga Indians, and the commillioners appointed for that purpose.

II. And be it further enailed by the authority oforesaid, Surveyor general. That the surveyor-general, as soon as may be, shall make a tamatinin, and divide map of each of the said townships, and each township shall

be subdivided on such map into one hundred lots, as nearly your the feet square as may he, each lot to contain fix hundred acres, or outs inal in his own as nearly that quantity as may be ; and the lots in every

township shall be numbered from one to the Fast inclusive, in numerical order ; and one copy of such map shall be filed in the secre. tary's office of this state, and the original fhall be preserved in the said surveyor-general's office : And the surveyor-general shall immediately after having filed such map as aforesaid, in the secretary's office, give notice thereof to the cominisfioners of the land office ; which said commissioners shall thereupon cause a notice to be published fix weeks fucceflively, in one or more of the news-papers printed in each of the cities of New-York and Albany (whereof the news-paper published by the printer to this state, if any such there be, shall be one) requiring all persons entitled to grants of bounty and gratuity lands as aforesaid, who have not by themselves or their legal representatives, already exhibited their claims, to exhibit the same to the said commiflioners on or before the first day of January, one thousand feven hundred and ninety-one.

111. And be id. further enačied by the authority aforesaid, After in January, That the said commissioners after the day fixed by the said er sto proceed in die advertisement, shall proceed to examine and determine the . and tobillot for each claiins of all and each of the persons, or their legal repreperfon's share.

sentatives, entitled to grants as aforesaid, in such mode and, 13th feff. ch.59. manner as to them all appear equitable and just, so that

the bounty and gratuity intended to be given by the state, be not extended to persons who may not be entitled thereto; and after such determination as aforesaid, the said commissioners shall cause the names of each of the officers, non-commillioned officers and privates so by them ad.



Ich lands for the use of the state.

judged to be entitled to the bounty and gratuity as aforesaid, to be written

on separate ballots or tickets, and as many more names of the commissioned Officers entitled to such bounty on separate ballots or tickets, as there shall be fix hundred acres in the share to which such officers respectively are entitled by virtue of the law and resolutions aforesaid ; reserving the surplus that may happen to be due to such officers, and which cannot be satisfied exactly by the division of the faid townships, into lots of fix hundred acres, to be provided for in the manner herein after to be directed. Provided, That no commissioned officer Mall be entitled to any addition of land as a bounty or gratuity on the part of this state, on account of any promotion conferred on him by the acts of congress of the thirtieth of September, and the first of November, one thousand leven hundred and eighty-three.

IV. And be it further enacted by the authority aforefid, Commissioners to That it shall be the duty of the cominissioners of the landzil persons entitled to office, and they are hereby directed and required to take an congreli, and to pro- account of all persons to whom lands shall be granted by cure an alligiment of virtue of this act, and who were entitled thereto by any

a&, or resolution of congress, and of the quantity granted

to each person so entitled, and to require from each of the faid persons, an allignment of his, her or their proportion and claim of bounty and gratuity lands under any act or acts of congress, to be made to and in the name of the surveyor-general, for the use of the people of this state; which account and assignments Mall be deposited in the office of the surveyor-general of this state, in order that this state may receive a juft compensation for the lands which shall be granted by virtue of this act, coriformably to any requisition of congress : And it shall be, and it is hereby declared to be the duty of the surveyor general for the time being, to locate and procure grants in the manner prescribed by congress, for such land so to be assigned to the people of this ftare. Provided always, That it it shall be in the power of the said commissioners to fell and dispose of the whole or any part of such rights fo to be derived under assignments as aforesaid, it shall, in that case be lawful for them, and they are hereby authorised to direct the surveyor-general to sell the faine, for any public securities issued by the treasurer or auditor of this state, at fuch price as the faid commissioners shall think fit and reafonable.

V. And be it fur!hor enated by the authority aforesaid, Commissioners di. That the said commissioners shall cause the ballots or tickets in balloting for the aforesaid, to be rolled up and put into a box, and then shall lots.

cause one hundred ballots or tickets to be made and numbéred, from number one to one hundred ; which said ballots or tickets shall also be rolled up and put in a separate box, for township number one; and so as many ballots or tickets numbered, rolled and put up as aforesaid, for township number two and so on for each other township, which shall be laid out to satisfy the claims of persons entitled to grants of bounty and gratuity lands as aforesaid; and after having completed the same, the said commissioners shall proceed to the balloting of the faid lands, which fhall be performed in the following manner ; that is to say, They shall appoint one or more person or persons, who shall first draw a ticket from the box in which the names are put, and then a ticket of the number of township number one, until the number of ninety-four names, and as many lots have been drawn; and after drawing for the lots in the said township number one, in manner aforesaid, they thall proceed in the fame manner to draw the lots in the other townships, until the whole drawing is compleated; and the lots in each

township drawn next after the tickers marked with the name of the perfon emiiled to such lands, all be the leparate and distinct thare of the perion wbole name was marked on the ticket drawn as aforesaid immediately oxfore; or of his legal representative, and of all persons holding under him or her ; of which balloting, and all the proceeding relating to the same, the said com. milioners shall make a full and fair entry and minute in a book, one copy thereof certified under their hands, or the hands of a majority of them, Incil be filed in the secretary's office, and the oiher copy certified in like manner, in the clerk's office of the county of Montgomery,

VI. And be il further encated by the authority aforesaid, Six remaining Its That the fix lots remaining in each township not balloted intachmaniniy, low tu be dispudinot. for as a foresaid, shall be by the commillioners aforesaid, af

ligned in the manner following; that is to say, One thereof for the promoting the gospel, and a public school or fchools, one other for promoting literature in this flaie, to be applied in such manner asthe legillature may direct, and the remaining four lots to satisfy the furplus shares of commioned officers not corresponding with the division of iix hundred acres. as aforesaid, and to compenfate such perlons as may by chance draw any lot or lois, the greater part of which may be covered with water.

VII. And be it further en.icted by i le authority ajurefaid, After the balloring That the said commillioners, afier complearing the ballot

eneral to furvey ing as aforesaid, shall direct the furveyor general, by himDisclap Shearot make feilf or his deputies, to survey the out-lines of the said to win

Dnips, at the expence of the fate, as foon as conveniently

may be, and to make a map of each of the said townships agreeable to such survey, and on the same to sub-divide the lots in Banner as before mentioned; one copy of which to be filed in the secretary's office, and one other copy in the office of the clerk of Montgomery county.

VIII. sind be it further emuled by the authority aforesaid, That it shall and may be law!ul for the said commilioners to direct letters patent to be prepared and granted to each of the persons by thein adjudged to be entitled io grants of lands as aforesaid, and that the commissioners and secretary shall respectively be entitled to the following fees, for their services performed, or to be performed by their respectively, by virtue of this act; and to be paid by the perion or persons in whose favor any letters patent shall illue; that is to say, To the governor, for his attendance on figning and affixing the great feal to such lerters patent, the sum of eight milings, and to the other of the frid commisioners jointly, exclusive of the secretary, the like fee of eight shillings, to be divided as to a majority of them shall feem proper ; to the secretary, for preparing the letters patent, recording and keeping the mi. nurcs of the said countlioners, the like fees as allowed herein before to the governor; and it is hereby made the duty of the said commiflioners, to die rect letters pateni to be granted to any person who hall apply for the fame, or his legal reprelentatives, including the whole of the lands to which such person, or his representatives, may be entitled as aforesaid in one patent ; provided the same does not exceed one quarter of the quantity of a township,

IX. A d be it fitriher ended by the e'thority aforesaid, An amalan kettle. That on the lands to be granted by this act, there fhall be an every box hundred actual settlement made, for every fix hundred acres which years from itt Janna- may be granted to any person or persons, within seven years fy, next after the from the first day of January next, after the date of the pa

tent by which such lands shall be granted; and on tailure of such settlement, the unsettled lands shall revert to the people of this flate.



X. And be it further enaited by the authority aforesaid, That all letters patest to be granted by virtue of this act, shall be in such words and forms as the faid commiflioners shall direct; and fhall contain an exception and refarvation to the people of this state, of all gold and silver mines; and thall convey the lands therein mentioned, to the grantee and his heirs.

XI. And be it further onucted by the authority aforesaid, Perkers hulding class That it Mall and may be lawful to and for any person or auf die lands pur perions holding and being entitled to any certificates itsued

falfrom the india in pursuance of the act, entitled, An act for raiting two

located upon the regiments for the defence of this state, and the act entitled, if May, 1785.

An act for raising troops to complete the line of this state, and the two regiments to be raised on bounties of unappropriated lands, and for the further defence of the frontiers of this ttate, to locate the lands to which they respectively became entitled, in any part of the lands purchased or to be purchased by the people of this fiate, from the Onondaga, Cayuga or Seneca nations of Indians; which they might have located upon, on the first day of May, in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eightyfix; and that it fhall and may be lawful to and for the commillioners of the land-office to grant letters patent for the fame, in the manner prescribed by

former laws respecting lands located in confequence of such Except the lands al- certificates. Provided always, That no-luch locations shall and the fpwnship of be made on any of the lands alligned to the troops of the

Anunc lacation line of this state, or in any part of the township of Chepar made wishin a mung. And provided always, Such locations be made

within one year after the pasiing of this act. XII. And whereas it has been fuggetled to the legislature, that Johanpis Lieb, and others his associates, were, previous to the revolution, entitled to a grant for a tract of land in the county of Montgomery, and that the said lands were granted by the people of this state as a compensation for military services to other persons;

therefore, Be it further enacted by the arte thority aforeluid, That it shall and may be lawful to and for Con miflioners of the the commissioners of the land office, to examine into the into ile claims of lo- claims of the said Johannis Lieband his associates; and if, Irannis Lieb, and his aliciates.

upon such examinatior, it shall appear that the said claim

is equitable, and ought to be allowed, and that the said lands have been granted by the people of this state, as a compensation for military fervices, it shall and may be lawful to and for the said commillioners, to di. ject the furve yor-general to farvey and lay out, at the expence of the said Johannis Lieband his affociares, a tract, equal in quantity to the lands so granred, of any of the ungranted lands of this flate, not included in the late Indian purchases, or particularly reserved to the people of this state, by any former law, and to grant the fame in like manner, and on the same conditions as other lands granted on equitable claims, were granted before the expiration of the time limited by former laws for that purpose.

XIII. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, when locations are That whenever any person shall have located, by virtue of occupied, how the far- the laws of this state, on lands belonging to this state, which veyor seneral is to proceed.

were occupied and improved on or before the 25th July,

1782, the surveyor-general fhall, at the expence of the perfon for persons having located such lands, cause the fame to be furveyed,

Tugere is not any act with either of theic titles; but lee 4th fell: clup. 32, and gth (ell, chap. 2?.

and also cause notice to be given in writing, to the occupant or occupants, and if the occupant or occupants do not apply for the same, within four weeks after such notice hath been given, the surveyor-general shall then njake a return of the survey of such lands, to the commilioners of the landottice, and the perion or ptrions having located the fame, shall be entitled to letters patent therefor; and whenever any perion shall have made a claim to unappropriated landsby virtue of improvements made, and occupancy had, prior to the faid 25th July, 1782, the commiflioners of the landOslice shall direct the surveyor-general to survey such lands at the expence of the claimant, and give public notice of such claim in one of the public newspapers printed in each of the cities of New-York and Albany, for three weeks fuccessively, of such location ; and if no caveat be entered in the refpective offices of the secretary and the furveyor-general, fatisfactory proof of luch improvement and occupancy being made to the faid commiflioners, the claimant shall be entitled to letters patent for such lands in manner by law directed; provided the quantity of each claim do not exceed two hundred acres; but if caveats be entered in the respective offices of the secretary and Surveyor-general within the time before mentioned, the commillioners of the land office shall proceed to hear and deterinine such claims in the man

ner directed by the act, entitled, † An act to extend the pow. #th fell eh. 80).

eis of the commissioners of the land office to the cases there, in mentioned, and for other purposes, palled the 20th of March, 1788; provided that all such locations or claims as aforesaid, be made on or before the fiift day of January, one thousand seven hundred and ninety-one,

XIV. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That the commitlioners of the land office are hereby directed to grant to lieutenant Elijah Lill, a refugee from Nova-Scotia, the proportion of land he would have been entitled to by any former law of this state, had he applied within the tiine limited by the faid law, out of the lands fet apart for the Canadian and Nova Scotia refugees.

XV. And be it further enaclcd by the authority aforesaid, That the time Jimited for suing out letters patent, by the first paragraph of the fifth fection of the act, entitled, An act to extend the powers of the commissioners of the land-office to the cases therein mentioned, and for other purposes, pafled the aoth of March, 1788, is hereby extended to the first day of March, one thoufand seven hundred and ninety, fo far as it respects the Canadian and NovaScolia refugees.

XVI. And be il further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That it shall and may be lawful for the commissioners of the land-office to grant letters patent to Luis Cook, alias Hadaquitochrongwen, for such tract of land, lying on the Niconfiaga river, beginning at the first falls on the said river, and extending up the fame on both sides thereof, as they shall find to be his distinct propeny ; provided the fame has not been otherwise appropriated.

CH A P. XLVI. di ACT to liquidate and settle Claims for building the Court-House, ana

Gzol in the County of Montgomery, and to provide a Gaol for the County of Clinton.

Palled 3d March, 1789. [This act, except the following clause, is obsolete.) ND whereas the inhabitants of the county of Clinton are disposed

to build a block-house at Platsborough, in the faid county, to be uled as a gao!, until a gaol can be created for the said county : Therefore,


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