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For drawing every notice of trial, copy and service, two frillings.

Copy and serving on the judge or judges, one filling.
Drawing every other notice, copy and service, one shilling and fix-pence
Drawing a brief for trialor inquest, and copy, fix shillings.
Fee on trial or for arguing demurrer or special verdi&, fixteen shillings.
Fee on inqueft, eight shillings.
Attendance on a judge on examining a witness, or shewing cause of action,

or to mitigate bail, or other special inatter, two sħillings. Attendance on taxing costs, two shillings. Copy of a bill of costs to be ta xed for the opposite party or his attorney,

when required, two shillings. Drawing and copy of record of judgment, when done by him, twelve

Fees of the Clerks of the Courts of Common Pleas, and Mayor's Courts.
For every writ of capias, entering the action and seal, two shillings.

A bond given by the plaintiff to prosecute, when necessary, two shillings,
Copy of a declaration, when required, three shillings.
Copies of all other pleadings, when required, fix-pence for each fheet of

feventy-two words,
Filing every declaration, or other pleading or paper, fix-pence.
Entering a retraxit, or discontinuance, or fatisfaction, one shilling.
Entering every rule, one shilling; and for a copy thereof, when required,

one shilling. Attending the striking or ballorting a jury, or both, and making a copy of

the panel for each party, four shillings. Entering an appearance or default, fix-pence. Entering the return of every writ, fix-pence; and filing the writ, fix-pence. Drawing special bail when he does it, one Philling. Reading and entering allowance of habeas corpus, writ of error, or cer

tiorari, and for the return thereof, four shillings. A venire, or other jury process, and seal, three shillings. A subpæna, two shillings. Calling a panel, and swearing a jury, one shilling and fix-pence. Swearing each withess on trial,fix-pence; and swearing a conftable, fix-perice. Reading every paper given in evidence, fix-pence. Receiving and entering a verdi&, one fhilling. Entering

judgment, one shilling, Sealing a writ of enquiry, one shilling and six-pence. An execution and seal, three shillings. Entering recognizance of bail on record, two shillings. Drawing and copy of a record of judgment, when done by him, twelve

shillings; and for a copy to be signed, when the attorney makes the

draft, fix shillings: Searching the records in any one year, fix-pence; and for every other

year in which such search is made, four-pence. Docketing a judgment, one Chilling. Filing a record, fix-pence. Searching for a judgment in one term, one Milling; and in every other

terin in which such search is made, six-pence. Swearing each witness to a will or codicil

, six-pence. Drawing the proof of wills or codicils, one milling for each feet of

seventy-two words,

For recording deeds, wills and codicils, and the proof thereof required by

law, one shilling and fix-pence for each sheet containing one hundred and twenty-eight words; and for copies thereof, when required, one shilling for every sheet of one hundred and twenty-eight words.

Fees of the Clerk of the Seffons, For reading and filing every town order, or other order brought to the fel

fions to be allowed, and entering the confirmation thereof, two shillings; and for recording the fame, if required, one fhilling for each fhcet con

taining seventy-two words. And in all cases of crimes and misdemeanors, where the service is done at the

request of the defendant, the clerk shall be allowed, and may take the

following fees of the defendant : For taking a recognizance, and drawing it up in form, two milings, to be

paid to the clerk, or other person who does the service.
A fubpæna, two shillings.
Entering the defendant's appearance, nine-pence.
Every order or rule of court, nine-pence,
Entering a nolo profequi or cefiat proceffus, one shilling and fix-pence.
Reading and entering an allowance of a pardon, one thiiling and fix-pence,
Swearing a witness, fix-pence.
Reading every paper given in evidence, fix-pence.
Refpicing a recognizance, nine-pence.
Discharging a defendant by proclamation, ninc-pence.
Entering defendants confeilion, one shilling.
Entering or filing defendant's plea, fix-pence.

Taking and entering verdict, when for defendant, one shilling.
Entering judgment for defendant, one shilling.
Copies of records, indictments and pleadings, when required, for each

(heet containing seventy-two words, fix-pence,
Making up record of judgment for defendant, when required, twelve

shillings, Entering the allowance of every habeas corpus, writ of error, or certio

rari, and returning the same, four snillings. And where any defendant shall be convicted of, and fined for any crime or misdeineanor, the court may allow such colls of prosecution out of the fame fine, as such court shall judge reasonable ; and fall cause an entry thereof to be made in the minutes of the court; and the clerk, in the estreat thereof, shall mention the fame, in order that the court of exchequer may fee how much of the faid fine is to be answered to the people of this state ; and when such fine is paid to the sheriff or other officer, he shall pay such cofts to allowed, out of the fame.

The Sherif's Fees in the Courts of Common Pleas and Mayor's Courts. For serving a writ, three shillings.

Mileage going only from the place fixed by law, fix-pence per mile.
Every bail bond, three shillings.
Returning a writ, if ferved, nine-pence.
Summoning a jary, fix shillings.
Attending a view, ten shillings per day; and going and returning, eight

shillings per day.
Every demand of a defendant upon an exigent, and every proclamation,

on a writ of proclamation or in a real action, one shiling.

Por serving an execution for or under one hundred pounds, fix-pence per

pound; and for every pound more, three pence; the poundage on writs of fieri facias, and all other writs for levying money, to be taken

only on the sum levied. Serving a writ of possession or restitution, with the aid of the posse comi

tatus, twenty shillings, and without such aid, ten shillings; and mileage

going only, for every mile from the place fixed by law, six-pence. Making and returning a book of freeholders for ftriking a jury, thirty

shillings. Every person committed to prison, three Shillings. Discharging every person from prison, three shillings. Executing a writ of enquiry, summoning the jury for the purpose, and

returning the inquilition, twelve fhillings. Attending with a prisoner before a judge, on his being surrendered by or in

discharge of his bail, and receiving the prisoner into cuftody, four

Thillings. Copy of every writ, when demanded, one Milling. Serving an attachment against the estate of an absconding or absent debtor

fo i uch as the judge who issues the warrant shall certify to be reason

able. Provided, That no sheriff shall be allowed any fee for the service or execution of any writ or process, unless the same shall be returned, fo as that the return thereof may be entered in the term in which the same thall be returnable (fees for executing a writ of poffeffion only excepted.) The Cryer's Fecs in the Courts of Comman Plcas, Seffions, and Mayor's Courts, For calling every action, nine-pence.

Calling a jury, one shilling.
Calling and swearing a witness, fix-pence.
Ringing the bell for

every action, nine-pence.
Calling a defendant, fix-pence.
Calling a plaintiff on a non-fuit, fix-pence.
Making proclamation for the discharge of any person, six-pence.

Calling any person on recognizanče, fix-pence.
The Jurors Fues in the Courts of Seffions, Common Pleas and Mayor's Courts.
For every juror swom in each action, one shilling.
Every juror attending a view, four fhilings per day.

The Coroner's Fees, For the view of each body, thirty shillings. Provided, That in Richmond

county the coroner's fees shall be no more than twenty fhillings. Serving writs in all cases, the like fees as are herein before allowed to the

sheriff, for the like service. And the fees of the coroner for taking inquests in each county; shall be certified by at leaft two of the supervisors, and paid by the treasurer of the county; and in the city of New-York, the fame shall be paid in the fame Inanner as the other contingent charges in the faid city are directed to be paid. The Constables Fees, where they are entitled to Fees, and such Fees are 15706

otherwise ascertained by law. For serving a warrant, one shilling and fix-pence.

Serving a summons, one shilling.
Mileage for every mile going only, fix-pence.

Por levying a fine or penalty to the amount of twenty shillings, or under,

one milling; and on all fums above twenty shillings, at the rate of one

shilling in the pound. Taking a defendant in custody on a mittimus, one shilling. Conveying á prisoner to gaol, one shilling, if within one mile ; and for every mile more going only, fix-pence.

Fees in the Court of Admiraltys

To the Judge.
For the seal to process, four shillings

The seal to exemplifications, ten Millings.
Every fentence, thirty snillings.
Taking an affidavit, one shilling.
Taking every ftipulation, four shillings.
Swearing a defendant or witness, and certificate thereof two fillings,
Taxing every bill of costs, ten shiilings.

The Advocates Fees,
Por retaining fee, thirty shillings.

Every motion made without effect, five shillings.
Attendance at every court, when any thing is necessary to be done there

in the cause, five shillings. Arguing on the final hearing, where a cause is litigated and a full defence

is made, but in no other cafe, forty shillings. Perusing, examining and signing a libel, answer, plea, demurrer, or any

other special pleadings, interrogatories or exceptions, when the advocate

is not the proctor in the cause, ten shillings. Arguing on any special motion, ten Chillings. Arguing every plea, demurrer or exceptions, twenty shillings. And no fees to be taxed for more than one advocate in the same cause.

Fees of the Pro&ors in the Court of Admiralty. For retaining fee, thirty shillings; but when the same person acts both as

advocate and proctor, no retaining fee shall be allowed as proctor. Drawing every libel or information, answer, replication, or other plead*ing or exceptions, one fhilling and fix-pence for each sheet containing

ninety words; and for copies, nine-pence for each sheet as aforesaid. Every motion made with effect, when he acts as advocate, five fillings. Attendance at every court, when any thing is done in the cause, five

shillings; but no person shall be allowed for attendance both as pro&or

and advocate in the same cause at the same court. Drawing interrogatories, one shilling and fix-pence for each sheet con

taining ninety words; and for a copy thereof, nine-pence for each as aforesaid ; but if any one set of interrogatories hall exceed thirteen theets, no more than twenty shillings shall be allowed for drawing the

same ; and no more than ten Ihillings for a copy thereof, Every notice, copy and service, three Millings. Abbreviating pleadings, depositions and exhibits, three-pence for each

sheet containing ninety words, Arguing on a final hearing when the proctor is not the advocate in the

caule, fifteen shillings. Copy of a bill of costs for the opposite party, when necessary to be taxed.

three Killings.

For Attending taxation of cofts, four shillings. Arguing any demurrer or exceptions, when the proctor is not the advocate in the cause, ten shillings.

Fees of the Register in the Court of Admirally. For drawing every stipulation, process, monition, or subpæna, one shilling

and fix-pence for each sheet containing ninety words; and nine-pence

for engrolling each feet. Entering the return of process, one Killing and fix-pence. Filing every libel, claim, pleading or other paper, one shilling. Reading each pleading, deposition and exhibit on hearing, one shilling Copies of the pleadings, interrogatories, depositions and exhibits, when

required, nine-pence for each sheet of ninety words. Entering each proclamation, one shilling and six-pence. Entering each default, one fhilling. Entering every motion of the plaintiffor defendant, one shilling. Entering every rule of court, one shilling and fix-pence. Examining each witness, and drawing his depofition, one shilling and

fix-pence for each sheet containing ninety words. Certifying each exhibit or writing thewn to a witness at his examination,

two shillings. Drawing every decree or decretal order, one filling and fix-pence for

each sheet containing ninety words: and for entering the same in the

minutes, nine-pence for each sheet as aforesaid. Drawing a record or making a draft of apostles, one shilling and fix-pence

for each feet containing ninety words; but no pleading, deposition, exhibit or other writing to be inserted therein verbatim, or in hæc verba, shall be computed as any part of such draft

. Entering a record in the register, or engrossing or copying apostles or re

cords to be fealed or exemplified, nine-pence for each sheet of ninety words, including all the pleadings, depositions, exhibits and writings in

ferted therein. Every certificate, one filling and fix-pence. Entering return of appraisement or fales, nine-pence foreach Meet of ninety

words. Drawing commission to examine witnesses, one filling and fix-pence for

each Theet containing ninety words; and for engrosiing the fame, if on parchment, one shilling, including the parchment; and it on paper,

nine-pence for each sheet of ninety words. All money deposited in court, three-pence in the pound.

The Marshal's Fees in the Court of Admiralty. For sunmoning every witness or appraisor, one shilling. Giving notice of holding the court to each proctor or advocate, one

Thilling. Swearing each witness in court, fix-pence. Making each proclamation, one shilling. Serving every capias, attachment or summons, twelve Thillings. Travelling each mile, going only, either to serve process or subpoena

witnelles, one shilling. Cutody fees of a vesel, ten shillings per day. Sales, fíx-pence per pound for any lum under two hundred pounds; and

for any larger fum, three-pence per pound.

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