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Por drawing all process and returns, admissions of guardians or next friends,

and all recognizances of bail, one shiliing and lix-pence for each iheet containing feventy-two words. All engrollments, including parchment, one shiling for each sheet; and

all copies upon paper, fix-pence for each sheet. Every term, a term fee of five shillings; but no more than three to be al

lowed in any cause. Drawing all pleadings, adjournments, suggestions and other necessary

entries, records, bonds to prosecute, and affidavits, one shilling and fixpence for each sheet containing seventy-two words; but no record, writ

, return, pleading, bond, covenant or other writing, to be in feried verbatim, or in hæc verba, thall be computed as any part of such

draft. Engrossing, including parchment, and computing all records, writs, re

turns, pleadings, bonds, covenants and other writings inserted therein, one Shilling for each fheet containing seventy-two words; and all

copies on paper, fix-pence for each sheet. Every necessary motion, five shillings; but no motion to be allowed upon

judgment by confession, by virtue of a warrant of attorney, when no

suit is brought either for entering the action or a rule to plead. Every attendance before the court of errors, in order to make a motion,

or to oppose a motion, five fhillings. Arguing every special motion, ten shillings. A fee on trial or inquest, twelve shillings. Arguing demurrei, special verdict, or in error, thirty shillings. Drawing a brief and a copy or copies thereof, nine shillings. Drawing up a judgment, fix shillings. Entering the judgment on the roll, three shillings. Every notice, copy and service on the opposite party, or his attorney,

two shillings. Copy and service of notice of trial on the judge or judges, two shillings. Making a note of the issue for the judges, to be served on the clerk, with

a copy of the notice of trial, and for copy and service, three shillings. Attendance on balloting or striking a jury, or both, five shilings. Attendance on examining a witneis out of court, two shillings. Attendance on taxing a bill of cost, two shillings. Serving a certified copy of a rule, or a copy of a declaration, with a cer

tified copy of a rule to plead, one shilling and fix-pence. Copy of a bill of costs to be taxed, delivered to the opposite party, or his

attorney, if before iflue joined, or judgment, three shillings; if after, fix shillings; and no more than one writ of execution shall be taxed in any case.

The Fees of the Clerk of the Supreme Court in Civil Caules.
For sealing a writ, entering the same, filing the precipe, and entering on the

docket, one shilling
Filing a declaration or other pleading, one filing.
Entering an appearance or default, one shilling.
Entering every rule, one shilling and fix-pence.
A certified copy of a rule, when required, one shilling.
Entering every nonsuit, one shilling and fix-pence.
Calling and swearing every jury, two shillings.
Entering the return of a writ, and filing the writ, one shilling.

fix pence.

LAW Ś OF NEW YORK, Twelfth Sellion. For filing a writ of error, habeas corpus or certiorari, with the return thereof,

one filling. Swearing each witness, fix-pence. Swearing a constable to attend a jury, fix-pence. Reading every writing given in evidence, one shilling. Filing every roll, one fhilling. Docketing a judgment, one shilling, Taking a verdict and entering the same in the minutes, one snilling and Engrolling every special verdict or demurrer to evidence, for each sheet

containing seventy-two words, including parchment, one (hilling. Entering a judgment, one shilling and fix-pence. Entering or filing a retraxit or discontinuance, one shilling. Drawing and engrossing exemplifications of records, for each sheet con

taining feventy-two words, including parchment, one snilling. Copies of records and pleadings, for each sheet containing seventy-two

words, nine-pence. Attending and striking a special jury, and delivering a copy of the panel

to each party, fix shillings. Copies of records to be returned upon writs of error, for each sheet cona

taining feventy-two words, including parchment, one shilling. Filing an affidavit, or other paper, on request, nine-pence. Entering satisfaction on record, one shilling and fix-pence. Searching the records in any one year, one shilling; and for every other

year in which such search is made, six-pence. Searching for a judgment, fix-pence for every terın in which such search

is made. Entering confession of lease, entry and ouster, one shilling and fis-pence. Reading and entering a poftea, two shillings. Swearing each witeis to a will, one Milling. Drawing the proof of wills and codicils, one Philling and six-pence for

each Theet containing seventy-two words. Recording a will or codicil

, and the proof as by law directed, one milling and fix-pence for each sheet containing one hundred and twenty-eight words; and for copies thereof, when required, one shilling for every

sheet containing one hundred and twenty-eight words. Examining and signing a note of a fine, one shilling. Examining and figning the indentures of a fine, three shillings. Making, entering and endorfing each proclamation of a fine, three Niil

lings. Attending and examining the enrollment of the several parts of a fine,

five shillings. Examining and figning, and affixing the seal to the exemplification of a

fine or recovery, five shillings. Fees of the Clerk of the Supreme Court in criminal Caulcs, not Catal, where

the Service is done at the Request of the Defendunt; but no fees to bra!lowed

in a olher Cafes.
For entering an appearance, one shilling.

Entering the discharge of a person upon bail, one Milling.
Entering an imparlance, one shilling.
Entering or filing a plea, one shilling.
Reading a record or other writing given in evidence, one shilling.

For Swearing a witness, fix-perce.

Refpiting a recognizance, fix-pence.
Taking a recognizance in court, and entering thereof, three shillings.
Copies of all indictments, informations and pleadings, when required, for

each sheet of seventy-two words, nine-pence.
Entering a relinquishment of a plea, one shilling.
Entering a submission, one fhilling.
Every subpæna for witnesses, two shillings and three-pence.
Entering an order or rule of court, one shilling and fix-pence.
A copy

of an order or rule of court, one fhilling. Taking and entering a verdict, when for the defendant, one fhilling and

fix pence. Taking and copying a special verdiet for each sheet containing seventy

two words, one thilling and fix-pence. Entering a judgment for the defendant, two shillings. Reading and entering the allowance of a pardon, or a warrant of nolo profequi, or ceffat proceflus, three shillings.

Fces of the Clerk of the Cireuit Courts.
For entering in the judge's book, every cause noticed for trial, two shillings.

Filing every nifi prius record, one shilling.
Entering every rule, one shilling and fix-pence.
A copy of a rule, one shilling
Entering confession of leafe, entry and ouster, one shilling and fix-pence.
Calling and swearing a jury, two shillings.
Swearing each witnes, fix-pence.
Swearing a constable to attend a jury, fix-pence
Reading every deed and writing given in evidence, one shilling.
Filing a plea or bill of exceptions, one shilling.
Copies thereof, for each sheet containing feventy-two words, fix-pence.
Taking and entering a verdict, one shilling and six-pence.
Drawing and returning every postea, fix shillings.
Entering every non fuit, one fhilling and fix-pence.
Entering every appearance or default, one filling.
Engrolling a special verdict or demurrer to evidence, for each sheet con-

taining seventy-two words, including parchment, one shilling. And twenty shillings in each cause noticed for trial, and not countermanded in due time, in lieu of all travelling charges.

And in criminal causes, the clerk of the circuit courts shall be allowed the like fees as the clerk of the supreme court, and under the faine restrictions.

The Sheriff's Fees in the Supreme Court.
For serving a writ, four shillings and fix-pence.
Every mile going only, fix-pence, to be computed from the sheriff's place

of abode, except where it is otherwise fized by law.
A bail bond, three shillings.
Returning a writ, if served, one shilling.
Every demand of a defendant upon an exigent, and every proclamation

upon a writ of proclamation, or in a real action, one shilling.
Summoning a jury, eight shillings.
Serving an execution for or under one hundred pounds, six-pence per

pound; and for every pound more than one hundred pounds, threepence; the poundage on writs of fieri facias, and all other writs for levying monies, to be taken only for the sum levied. Vol. II.


For serving a writ of poffeffion or restitution, without the aid of the poffe

comitatus, ten shilings; and with the aid of the polle comitatus, thirty fhillings; and initage for every mile, from the place fixed by law fix

perce. Making and returning a book of freeholders for striking a jury, thirty

snillings. Every person committed to prison, three shillings. Discharging every person from prison, three shillings. Bringing upa prisoner, by habeas corpus, in civil causes, twelve shillings;

and mileage for every mile from the gaol, one shilling. Executing a writ of enquiry, fummoning the jury for that purpołe, and

feturning the inquifition, twelve hillings. Attending a view, fifteen shillings per day; and going and returning, ten

shillings per day. Attending with a prisoner before a judge, on his being surrendered by his

bail, and for receiving the prioner into custody, eight shillings. Summoning the jury to enquire of a forcible entry or detainer, twenty

shillings. Copy of every writ, when demanded, one shilling and fix-pence, Serving an attachment against the estate of an absconding or absent debtor,

so much as the judge who issued the warrant Mall certify to be rea

fonable. Provided, That no sheriff shall be allowed any fee for the service or execution of any writ or process, unless the same shall be returned, so as that the return thereof may be entered in the term in which the same shall be returnable (fees for executing a writ of poffeffion only excepted.)

The Cryer's Fies in the Supreme Court and Circuit Courts.
For calling every action, nine-pence.

Ringing the bell, each action in court, one filling,
Calling a jury, one shilling.
Swearing a witness, fix-pence.
Making proclamation for the discharge of any person, nine-pence,
Calling the plaintiff, on a nonfuit, nine-pence.
Calling the defendant, on a default, nine-pence.
Calling the defendant on a recognizance, nine-pence.
Every proclamation upon a fine, nine-pence.

The Juror's Fies in the Supreme Court and Circuit Courts.
For every juror foreach action on which he is sworn, one shilling.
Every juror coming to and attending a view and returning, fix thillings

per day. Every juror from a foreign county coming to and attending at court, and

returning, six shillings per day. The Fees of the Judges

, of the Courts of Common Pleas and Mayor's Courts,

Fces to the firf Judge. For a licence to an attorney, eight shillings.

Fees to the Recorder in the several Mayor's Courts. For the first motion in every cause, fix shillings. Fees to be divided among the judges who are present when the Service is doute. For the first motion in every cause in the court of common pleas, three


For admitting a perfon to practice as an attorney, fifteen shillings.

Admitting a guardian on the act for the partition of lands, two shillings.

Fees to be puid to the Judge, Mayor or Recorder who does the Servicc. For adinitting an infant by guardian or next friend, one shilling and fix-pence,

Taking bail, two thillings.
Taking acknowledgment of fatisfaction out of court, one shilling.
Attending on shewing cause of action, or other special matter out of court,

two shillings.
Taking an affidavit, one shilling.
Allowing a warrant of attorney, one shilling:
Taking the acknowledgment or proof of a deed or mortgage, lease and

release to be considered as one deed, three shillings.
A certificate or order concerning an insolvent debtor, three shillings.
A warrant, order, report, certificate or appointment of trullees, in pursa-

ance of the act concerning absconding and ablent debtors, three shillings. Signing a judgment, one shilling, Taxing a bill of cost, two shillings; but no judgment shall be ligned, or

taxation of costs made by any assistant judge of any court. Fees of the Juftices of the Peace, where they are entilled to Fees, and such Fees

are not otherwise afceriained by Law. For a precept to summon a jury to enquire of a forcible entry or detainer,

three fhillings.
Adminiftring an oath, one shilling.
Swearing a jury to enquire of a forcible entry or detainer, two shillings.
A preceptto fummon a jury to try a traverle of the force, three shillings.
Swearing the jury to try the tarverse, two shillings.
Drawing the conviction on a forcible entry or detainer, eight shillings.
A warrant of reftitution, three snillings.
A mittimus for a fine or forfeiture, one shilling and fix-pencé.
A warrant against any person for a breach of the peace, or a misdemeanor,

one shilling and fix-pence.
A bond or recognizance, two shillings.
A summons upon a penal law, one thilling.
Drawing a conviction, three shillings.
A warrant to levy a penalty, one shilling, and six-pence.

The Attorney's Fees in the Court of Common Pleas, and Mayor's Courts. For a retaining fee, twenty Millings; but where several suits are brought upon

one obligation, note or bill of exchange, no more than one retaining
fee shall be allowed, nor shall any retaining fee be allowed in any fuit,
upon a bail bond, or to the defendant's attomey, upon confefling judg-

ment on a bond, by virtue of a warrant of attorney.
A warrant of attorney, one shilling.
Drawing and copy of a plaint, one filling and six-pence.
Every necessary motion, two fillings.
Drawing a declaration, fix shillings.
Copy of a declaration, three Millings.
Drawing a plea, two shillings.
Copy thereof, one shilling.
Drawing all other pleadings, one shilling for each sheet containing eventy-

two words; and for a copy thereof, fix-pence for each fheeta
Drawing a writ of enquiry and copy, nine shillings

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