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C. H A P. XXV. An ACT for regulating the Fees of the several Officers and Minifters ojo

Juflice within this State.

Palled 18th February, 1789. L DE i enalled by the people of the state of New-York, represented in fenate

Dani aljembly, and it is hereby enažied by the authorily of the fame, That no cíficer or other person, shall exact, demand or ass, or be allowed any greater or other fee or reward, for or in respect of any service to be done or perforined after the first day of June next, than such as is herein after frecified: That is to fay; In the Court for the Trial of IMPEACEMENTS and Correction of ERRORS.

The Clerk's Fecs.
For reading and filing the writ, return and record, three shillings.

Filing every affidavit or other proceeding, one shilling.
Entering every rule, one filling and fix-pence.
Every certified copy of a rule, one shilling and fix-pence.
Entering every appearance, one shilling.
Entering every judgment or dismillion, two Ihillings.
Entering the judgment and remittitur on the roll, for each sheet containe

ing feventy-two words, one Ihilling. The leal to any record or process, four shillings. Copies of records, pleadings, and other proceedings, for each sheet com

taining ninery words, nine-pence. Taxing a bill of costs, four shillings.

The Cryer's Feeso In each cause, three fillings.


The Chancellor's Fees.
For the seal to every common writ, two shillings and three-pence.

The seal to exemplificationis, five shillings.
Every decree, forty Mullings.
Every dismission of a bill for want of profecution, ten shillings.
Every opinion or order upon petition or motion controverted and argued

in court, ten shillings.
Every order on petition out of court, five shillings.
Appointing a guardian, ten shillings.
Signing a dedimus to take a fine, three shillings.

The Mafter's Fees.
For every summons, Three shillings.
Copies of all charges and discharges brought in before the master, for each

Deet containing ninety words, nine-pence. Scheduling wriings, for each feet of such schedule containing ninety

words, nine-pence. Every report in pursuance of an order made upon hearing a cause, ten

shillings. Every other report made up on petition or motion only, five shillings. Taking the acknowledginent or proof of a deed or mortgage, three fil

lings; a lease and release to be considered as one deed. Drawing every report, for each fhuet containing ninety words, one thil


For every copy thereof, each sheet as aforesaid, nine-pence.
Swearing a defendant to an answer or plea, or swearing a witness, or tak-

ing an affidavit, one shilling.
Signing every exhibit brought before him, one shilling,
The caption and writing of every recognizance, three shillings.

Taxing every bill of coits before a decree, three shillings.
Taxing a bill of costs after a decree, fix shillings.

And all costs of the party plaintiff, ineļuding officers fees, whençoever costs shall be directed to be taxed, shall be taxed in one bill only; and in like manper all the costs of the party defendant, including officers tęes, shall be taxed in one bill only, and only one fee shall be allowed for any such one taxation.

And where mories are ordered by the court to be put out by a matter, or where an estate is ordered to be fold by a matter, and where the mafter is ordered to take an account of an eftate, or between partners in trade, the chancellor shall make such allowance to the master for the fame, as he shall judge reasonable.

The Regifer's Fees,
For drawing all rules, and orders, for each sheet containing ninety words,

one shilling and fix-pence, and entering the fame, for each sheet nine

Reading and filing every report, petition or other paper, one shilling.
Copies of all rules, orders, reports, affidavits, records and proceedings, for

each sheet containing ninety words, nine-pence.
Every certificate, one shilling and fix-pence.
Entering a cause for hearing, one fhilling.
Making or certifying notes of the causes that stand for hearing, for ground-

ing a subpæna to hear judgment for each cause, one shilling and fix

pence. Drawing every decree, for each sheet containing ninety words, one

fhilling and fix-pence; but no record, writing, report, order or proceeding to be inserted therein verbatim, or in hæc yerba, shall be computed

as any part of such draft. Engrofling every decree, including all reports, orders and other procced

ings, records and writings inferred therein; for each sheet, containing

ninety words, and including parchment, one shilling, Fontering every dismission, four shillings. Examining and figning every decree, and attending the chancellor to get

the same signed by him, eight shillings.
Searching for any order or decree, for every year in which such search

was made, six-pence.
Entering all attachments and proclamations, nine-pence for each person.
Entering every amerçiament, one shilling and fix-pence.
Entering an appearance upon process of contempt, one shilling.
Engrolling all depofitions, exhibits, records and pleadings to be exen.

plified, for each sheet containing ninety words, nine-pence,
Boundage on all deposit money, fix-pence in the pound, and on all other

money brought into court by special order, and lodged with him, three-
pence in the pound.

The Clerk's Fees.
For drawing and engrossing every subpæna or attachment, including parch

ment, five shillings,

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For drawing all other writs and commillions, when done by him, for every

sheet containing ninety words, one philling and six-pence, and engrofting

when done by him, for each sheet, including parchment, one shilling. Entering the defendant's appearance, and certificate thertof, and serving

the same, two millings; and if two or more defendants appear at one time, no more than che fee for entering and certifying their appear

ance, foal by allowed. Copies of all bits, answers and other pleadings whatsoever, for each sheet

containing ninety words, fix-pence, Meeting to tettle commitionis, on joining in commission, four Dillings. Every certificate that pleadings are filed, costs of contempt paid, or other

matter necesary to be cerified, one fhilling. Filing every bill, answer, plea, replication, rejoinder, demurrer, or other

pleading, one filling. Entering a rule to aniwer, reply or rejoin, or other rule in the rule book,

and cory thereof, and serving on the clerk of the opposite party, two

shilincs. Entering receipt of rule to answer, reply or rejoin, or other rule in the

Tule books, and inaking and serving a copy of the rule on the folicitor,

two Gillings. Searching for any bill, answer or other pleading, for every year in wlich

fuch fearchis made, fix-pence. Attending master with rule book on taxing costs, two shillings. Attending court on hearing with the pleadings, whether they are read

of not, four shillings. Poundage on all money brought into court, and lodged with him, threepence in the pound.

The Examiner's Fees. For taking the examination of every deponent, and making a fair copy

of the fame on paper for the witness to lign, for each sheetcontaining ninety words, one Thilling and fix-pence; and if he travels, a mileage fee

of one Philling a mile going out only. Certifying every exhibit thewn to a witness on his examination, two

shillings. Copies of all depositions, exhibits and interrogatories, when required, for

each sheet containing ninety words, fix-pence. Attending court with depositions and exhibits, four fhillings.

The Counsel's Feesa. For a retaining fee in each cause, thirty shilļings; but a retaining fee shall not

be taxed or allowed to the fame person, both as counfellor and folicitor

in the same cause. Peruling and figning every bill, answer, plea, demurrer, and other special

pleadings, interrogatories and exceptions, if not done by the perfon act

ing as solicitor in the fame cause, twenty shillings. Every motion of course before the chancellor, four fhillings; but no mo

tion to be allowed for common process, nor for rules to answer, reply, rejoin, produce or examine witnesses, or for publication or the like,

which are to be ifsued or entered of course by the clerks. Every special motion, ten shillings. Arguing every plea or demurrer, thirty shillings. Arguing before the mafter upon exceptions or other special matter, twenty


For arguing before the chancellor upon petition of exceptions, twenty

Arguing upon the final hearing of any cause, fortyoshillings.
But no costs to be taxed for more than one counsel in the same cause.

The Solicitor's Fees.
For a retaining fee in every cause, twenty shillings; but when the fame

person acts as solicitor and counsel, no retaining fee to be allowed as

Tolicitor. Drawing every bill, answer, plea, demurrer, replication, rejoinder, inter

rogatories, exceptions and other proceedings, for each sheet containing ninety words, one shilling and fix-pence; but no record, writing, report, order or proceeding, to be inserted therein verbatim, or in hæc

verba, shall be computed as any part of such draft. All engrollments, including parchment, one shilling for each sheet con

taining ninety words, computing all records, writings, reports, orders
and proceedings inserted therein, and all copies on paper, six-pence for

each sheet as aforeiaid.
Attending the chancellor on petition, four shillings,
Attending the court upon hearing, upon every argument, ten shillings.
Attending the register upon drawing decretal order, four shillings.
Attending the chancellor upon every common inotion, four Millings.
Attending upon every special motion, when argued, fix shillings.
Serving every order, one shilling and fix-pence.
Giving notice of the examination of a witness, either before the examiner,

or a master, or commissioners, two shillings.
Drawing instructions for the examination, two shillings.
Abbreviating every bill, answer ayd other pleadings, and depositions and

exhibits, three-pence for each sheet containing ninety words. Drawing brief for counsel, one shilling and fix-pence for each sheet con

taining ninety words, and a copy thereof, lix-pence for each sheet as

Drawing charge or discharge before a master, for each sheet containing

ninety words, one Chilling and fix-pence.
Attending the master upon any matter referred to him, four Willings,
Attending the mafter upon a fummons, four shillings.
Attending on taxing costs, four shillings.
Copy of a bill of costs to be ta xed before a decree made, three shillings ;

after a decree, fix shillings.
Drawing notice of every motion, copy and service, three shillings.

The Fees of the Serjeant at Arms.
For taking a person into cuftody, eight shillings.

Mileage, for each mile going out only, one shilling. The return of an order or process, one shilling. Attendance at every final hearing, three shillings. Serving every summons to attend a matter, one shilling. Taking bail upon attachment or other process, fix snillinge, And every person in contempt, before being dischargid, hal, bulitics other fees, pay to the serjeant at arms, fix Phillings and eight-renet,


Fecs to the Chief Justice, For licence to an attorney, ten shillings.

Taking a conufance of a fine, fix Millings.

Fees to be divided among the Judges present when the Service is done, For admitting a person to practice as an attorney, thirty shillings. The first motion irrevery cause unless criminal

, five Thillings. Taking the acknowledgment of a fine at the bar, fix chillings.

Fees to be paid to the Judge who does the Service. For taking bail, three shillings. Searching for bail in any one term, one fhilling; and for every term

more in which search is made, fix-pence. Allowing every writ of error, writ of privilege, habeas corpus, proceden

do, certiorari, or prohibition, three shillings. Taking the acknowledgment of fatisfaction out of court, three phillings. Taking the acknowledgment or proof of a deed or mortgage, three Thil

lings; a lease and release to be considered as one deed. Admitting an intent by guardian or next friend, two shillings. Signing a dedimus to take the acknowledgment of a fine, three shillings, Taking the acknowledgment of a fine by dedimus, four thillings. I.xamining and figning the indentures of a fine, four chillings. Examining and ligning the enrollments of the several parts of a fine, two

Dillings for each roll. Examining and figning the enrollment of a recovery, five shillings Examining and ligning the exemplication of a fine or recovery, five snil

lings. Taking an affidavit, one shilling. Taking acknowledgment of a warrant of attorney for levying a fine or

Tuffering a recovery, or to profecute or defend a real action, two fil

lings. Allowing a warrant of attorney in other cases, one shilling. Every attendance at his chamber on motion, or on examining a witness,

five shillings. Every order or certificate upon the act concerning infolvent debtors,

three shillings, Every warrant, order, report or certificate, or appointment of trustees,

upon the act relative to abiconding or absent debtors, three shillings. Signing every judgment, two fhillings; and for taxing every bill of cofts, four shillings.

The Courfel's Fees in the Court of Errors and Supreme Court,
For peruling and amending every special pleading and entry, ten shillings.

Aflifting on special motions, ten shillings.
Arrending the court of errors to make or oppose a motion, ten shillings.
Trial of a cause, or arguing a demurrer, or a special verdiet, or in error,

thirty shillings. But no costs shall be taxed for counsel in any cause, but where counsel is actually employed, and then only for one counsel...

The Atornies Fees in the Court of Errors and Supreme Court. For a retaining fee, twenty-nine shillings; but where several suits are brought

upon one bond, note or bill of exchange, no more than one retaining fee thall be allowed, nor shall any retaining fee be allowed in any fuit upon a bail bond, or to the defendant's attorney upon confesling judg

ment on a bond by virtue of a warrant of attorney. Drawing and copy of a warrant of attorney, one shilling.

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