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The town of Carlisle, and adjacent country, is healthy, and well watered.

The Letart Spring, runs through the Eastern part of the borough, and good limestone water, may be had, in any part of the town.

The soil is Limestone, and is rich and productive. In the centre of the town, an open space was originally left, which when improved, will add much to the beauty of the place. On the South West side of this square, is situate the Court House, county offices, & Town Hall, all neat two story Brick Buildings. On the South East side of same square, running parallel with High street is the Market House, one hundred and forty-three feet in length, and forty-five in breadth, handsomely paved, and finished. On the North West side, is the Presbyterian Church, a large stone edifice, neatly enclosed with paling, and on the North East side, is St. John's Church.

The other Public Buildings, are a large Brick German Lutheran Church, on the corner of Bedford and Louther streets. A German Reformed Church of brick, on High street fronting the College square. A large brick Methodist Church, in Church Alley. A Roman Catholic Chapel of brick, built in the form of a Cross, in Pomtret, between Bedford and East streets. A Seceder Church of Stone, fronting on West street; and an African Church at the West end, of llanover street.

The Jail and Penitentiary are built of stone, and the space between enclosed with a stone wall, running trom High street on which the Jail fronts, to Mulberry Alley, on which the Penitentiary is situate.

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Dickinson College, stands in a twelve acre square, fronting on High street. It is built of stone, one hundred and fifty feet in length, and forty-five in breadth. The building has lately undergone, considerable repairs and improvements; the Hall has been finished, and a Laboratory fitted up. It was incorporated in 1783, and named after the Hon. John Dickinson ; It is governed by Forty Trustees, and a Faculty composed of a Principal, and three Professors. The Philosophical Apparatus was chiefly purchased from the late Dr. Priestly; to which a new Galvanic Battery on the latest construction, with Chemical apparatus, and about twelve hundred specimens of minerals have lately been added. The College Library, contains about three thousand antique volumes, and the Union Philosophical, and Belles Lettres Societies, have each a library of about one thousand three hundred volumes.

The other Public Buildings are extensive Barracks, built of brick, erected previous to the Revolutionary War, and lately newly roofed and refitted, by the United States ; they can garrison with convenience three thousand troops.

There are four Grist Mills, within a mile of the town, and water power at Middlesex, three miles from the town, sufficient for any Machinery, or any number of factories.

Five weekly papers are published in the borough of Carlisle, viz: the Democratic Republican, American Volunteer, Carlisle Ga. zette, Carlisle Herald, and Carlisle Adviser, and a stereotype foundry has lately been established by two ingenious German printers.

THE MILITARY. Consists of a handsome BATTALION OF VOLUNTEERS of Five Companies, viz : Three of Infantry, one of Cavalry, and one of Artillery, commanded by a Lieut, Colonel, and composed chiefly of the citizens of Carlisle. A Regiment of Volunteers in the Western part of the county, and a Battalion in the Eastern, all neatly uniformed, and well disciplined : In addition, there are several Regiments of Militia within the bounds of the county.

THE CARLISLE BANK, Is governed by thirteen Directors, and has a capital of One Hundred and sixty-four Thousand Dollars paid in. Its banking house is a handsome three story brick building, situate in Hanover street, at the corner of the centre square. Discount day on Tuesday,

There are two Fire Companies in the borough, and several Religious Associations, the chief of which is the Cumberland Bible Society,





Charter, or act of Incorporation

An ordinance to regulate the markets,

A supplement, to an Ordinance, to regulate the markets, 14
On ordinance to reduce the price of “ Retailers Licenses,” 15
An act or ordinance, to regulate the payment of Stall Rents, and

Licenses, for the retailing of provisions, and to preserve the

Records, and property of the Corporation from loss or injury, 15
An ordinance, respecting regulators and surveyors.


A supplement to an ordinance, respecting regulators and sur-

An ordinance respecting salaries of Borough Officers

An act, or ordinance, supplementary to an ordinance, or law to

regulate the markets.
An ordinance respecting party walls, and the foundation of build-

An ordinance, or act concerning fences
An ordinance, or act directing the manner of paving or cleans-
ing the streets

A supplement to an ordinance, entitled, “ An ordinance or act,

directing the manner of paving, and cleansing the streets.
An ordinance, or act, prohibiting all theatrical entertainments,

wax work, exhibitions, rope dancing and the like, without


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An ordinance, to prevent nuisances and other offences, . 28
A supplement to an ordinance, passed the 18th of April, entitled
an ordinance to prevent nuisances and other offences

A supplement to an ordinance entitled an ordinance to prevent
nuisances and other offences

An ordinance to preserve the waters of the Letart Spring, pure
and undefiled

A supplement to an ordinance, entitled an ordinance to prevent

An ordinance and act, to establish a nightly watch, or patrol 42
An ordinance, respecting Dogs

An ordinance respecting the burning of Chimnies

An ordinance to prevent danger by fire

An ordinance to authorize John W. L. Hogue to erect a Patent

Balance or Hay Scales, in the borough of Carlisle, for the pur-
pose of weighing hay

A Supplement to the said ordinance, to continue in force, for one




A further supplement to the ordinance respecting the Hay

An ordinance respecting the Town Hall

An erdinance for naming the different Lanes and Alleys in the
borough of Carlisle, and for other purposes

An ordinance making an annual appropriation to the Two Fire

Companies of the borough, for the better preservation of the
Engine, and the purchase of fire apparatus

An ordinance respecting Stove Pipes and Chimnies

An ordinance respecting Pumps in the public Streets of the






An Act to alter an act entitled, An act for erecting the town of Carlisle, in the county of Cumberland into a borough, for regulating the buildings, preventing nuisances and encroachments on the commons, squares, streets, lanes and alleys of the same, and for the purposes therein mentioned

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Name and bounds of the borough to remain the same as heretofore.

1 Qualifications of electors-Borough Officers to be elected— Return of the e. lectors of constables to be made to the court-Constables powers and liabili. ty-Judge, inspectors and clerks, how appointed-Shall take an oath-Pro. ceedings in case of equality of votes--Certificates to be made out and de. posited with clerk of the court-Duty of bigh constable-How vacancies to be supplied.

2 Style of the corporation Powers and privileges-Seal.

3 Proceedings in case of refusal to serve-Penalty-How recoverable.

4 Burgess, &c. to take oaths, &c

5 Five of the council to constitute a quorum-Stated meeting-Make by laws, &c - Assess tares &c. - Appoint street commissioners, &c — Power of re. moval-Place of holding meetings Proviso, relative to breach of laws--2d. Proviso relative to taxes Burgess to issue precept for collecting taxes.

7 Duty of town clerk.

8 Treasurer to give security.

9 Duties of street commissioners, &c. relative to their accounts. Court of appeal. High constable to give notice and stiperintend elections-Proviso

12 Compensation to judges, inspectors, &c.--President of council to draw orders, &c Proviso---- Relative to refusal to serve, offices.

13 Appeal may be had to the court in case of grievance.

14 Competency of witnesses.

15 Part of former act repealed.



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