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“ seech" finners by them, to “pray” them," in “ Christ's stead,” to be “reconciled to God.”

In a word, the Clergy must attend personally and diligently to their Flocks; and exemplify what they preach and teach, in spirit and in conduct, - if they would put an end to Village Preaching. But perhaps I shall be esteemed impertinent in these observations, even though they tend to suppress the practice that is exclaimed against as so formidable. I will therefore conclude, in the words of a venerable Clergyman of their own Church, which, with very little alte· ration, will suit the present subject." The nation 6 hath been much alarmed of late with reports con“ cerning the growth and increase of Methodism. * Would we put a stop to the further progress of it? “ - There is one way by which it may be done; “ and let us of the Established Clergy join hand “ and heart in the work ; viz. to live more holily, “ pray more fervently, preach more heavenly, and “ labour more diligently, than the Methodist " Ministers appear to do. Then shall we foon 5 hear that Field Preaching is at an end; and “ Christians will flock to the Churches to hear us, “ as they now flock to the Fields to hear them.” *

* “The Scripture Do&trine of Grace," by J. Andrews, LIB, of St. Mary Hall, Oxford; p. 222, note.


p. 40, 1. 20,

for County, read Country.


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