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of the stated militia of this government are recoverable. Provided always, that children under age and servants shall not list without leave of their parents or masters, nor the stated times of their exercise interfere with other training days.

It is ordered and enacted by this Assembly, That there shall be allowed and paid out of the publick treasury of this Colony, the sum of fifty pounds in pay, for the bringing up and maintaing of Dogs in the northern frontier towns in this Colony, to hunt after the Indian enemy, and to be improved and ordered for that end by the Committee of War in the county of Hartford, according to their discretion, as soon as may be, who are to procure as many dogs as that money will allow, to be always ready for the Colonys service against the common enemy.

It is ordered and enacted by this Assembly, That the Committee of War in the county of Hartford shall cause to be erected in the towns of Windsor, Farmington, Simsbury, and Waterbury, so many garrisons as they shall judge needfull, and support them with men and provisions as there shall be occasion ; the garrisons to be erected at the charge of the Colony, or else of the respective towns as the said committee shall order. Provided always, that there shall be but two garrisons at Simsbury, and two at Waterbury, erected at the Colony charge.

It is ordered and enacted by this Assembly, That the Honbl the Deputy Governour shall cause to be erected such and so many garrisons at Woodbury, Danbury, and Oweantenuck, and support them with men and provisions, as he shall judge necessary, at the Colonys charge. Provided there shall not be any other then two garrisons at Woodbury, and one at Danbury, erected at the Colonys charge. [60] It is ordered and enacted by the Governour, Council and Representatives, in General Court assembled, and by the authority of the same, That no person or persons whatsoever, within this Colony, upon any pretence whatsoever, shall furnish, lend, or sell, to any of our friend Indian or Indians, any gun, for any time longer or shorter, on pain of forfeiting such gun so lent or sold, or the full value thereof, upon conviction of the offence before any one assistant, or justice of the peace, or court of judicature, within this Colony.

And it is further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That all and every person or persons whatsoever within this Colony, who hath, or have any gun or guns in the hands of any of the said Indians, which is or was lent to them, shall speedily recover and get the same out of their hands, on pain of forfeiting the same guns as aforesaid. And all such forfeiture shall be and belong to the treasury of the county wherein the offence is or shall be committed.

A Report was now made to this Court by Joseph Curtis and Peter Burr, Esqrs, and Mr. John Sherman, upon hearing the matters of difference between the town of Newhaven and the village called Easthaven, pursuant to an order of this Court in May last. Upon consideration whereof: It is ordered by this Assembly, that the said report shall be kept on file till the next General Assembly, when the controversie between the parties mentioned therein shall be finally determined by act of the said Assembly, unless the parties concerned shall come to a full agreement before the convening of the same.

The Reverend Ministers delegates from the elders and messengers of the churches in this government, met at Saybrook, September 9th, 1708, having presented to this Assembly a Confession of Faith, Heads of Agreement, and Regulations in the Administration of Church Discipline, as unanimously agreed and consented to by the elders and messengers of all the churches in this government: This Assembly do declare their great approbation of such a happy agreement, and do ordain that all the churches within this government that are or shall be thus united in doctrine, worship, and discipline, be, and for the future shall be owned and acknowledged established by law. Provided always, that nothing herein shall be intended and construed to hinder or prevent any society or church that is or shall be allowed by the laws of this government, who soberly differ or dissent from the united churches hereby established, from exercising worship and discipline in their own way, according to their consciences.

It is ordered and enacted by this Assembly, That there shall be a Committee of War in the county of Hartford, consisting of seven persons, who shall have full power as was granted to the said committee by this Assembly in October last, and to continue with such power during the pleasure of this Court. And Nathanael Stanly, Esqr, William Pitkin, Esqr, Collo William Whiting, Mr. John Elliot, Mr. Richard Lord, Major Mathew Allyn, and Capt. Aaron Cooke, are now appointed to be the said Committee of War, they or any four of them to be a quorum.

It is ordered and enacted by this Assembly, That there shall be one garrison at Oweantinuck, provided there be one less at Woodbury, which is left to the discretion of the Deputy Governour.

[61] Peter Burr of Fairfield, Esqr, is by this Assembly chosen and appointed to be Major of the regiment of militia in the county of Fairfield, and this Court do order that he be commissioned accordingly. · The whole Record of the several Acts, Granits, and Orders of this Assembly, as they stand in the pages of this book next preceding, was read in the presence of both Houses, and ordered to be signed by the Secretary as perfect and compleat.

ELEAZAR KIMBERLY, Secry. October 28th, 1708. This Assembly is adjourned until the Governour or Deputy Governour shall see cause to call the said Assembly to meet again.

There was added to the lists of estate exhibited in this Court, several sums sent by the listers to the Secretary at the General Assembly, May 12th, 1709, as follows, viz: to the list of Newhaven, 385 pounds; to Stratford, 4261 38 ; to Wallingford, 1074; to Stanford, 721; and to Windsor, 746 pounds; an account whereof is given to the Treasurer; to Middleton, 1341; to Hartford, 4401; and to Fairfield, something as by a note on file, a copy whereof I sent to the Treasurer.

Memorandum.—Three fourths of this addition to Windsor was assessments, an account whereof I gave to the Treasurer.




Present at this Assembly were, .
The Honourable Gurdon Saltonstall, Esqr, Governour.
The Honourable Nathan Gold, Esqr, Deputy Governour.

Daniell Wetherell, Esq", John Chester, Esq”,
Nathanael Stanly, Esqr, Josiah Rossetter, Esq",
William Pitkin, Esq", John Haines, Esq".

en of this corp appointed by nd sort them; Lord,

This day, being the day appointed by charter and the laws of this Colony for Election of the publick officers of this corporation, viz:—The Governour, Deputy Governour, Assistants, Treasurer and Secretary, proclamation was now made in Court by order of the Honbl the Governour and Council, and the freemen of this corporation proceeded to give in their votes to persons chosen and appointed by the Governour and Council, and Representatives, to receive and sort them. The said persons so chosen and appointed, were Mr. Richard Lord, Capt. Cyprian Nickols, Mr. Joseph Talcott, Mr. John Hooker, Mr. Jerremiah Osbourn, Mr. Jonathan Law, Mr. James Rogers, Mr. James Bennet; who were all sworn truly and faithfully to receive, sort, and count the said votes; and the votes of the freemen having now been brought in, sorted, and counted,

The Honbl Gurdon Saltonstall, Esqr, was chosen Governour of this Colony for the year ensuing, and the Governours oath was now administred to him by the Honbl the Deputy Governour, before this Court.

The Honbl Nathan Gold, Esq, was chosen Deputy Governour of this Colony for the year ensuing, and sworn before this Court by the Honol the Governour; and ..

[62] Daniell Wetherell, Josiah Rossetter, Nathanael Stanly,

Richard Christophers, John Hamlin,

Peter Burr, William Pitkin,

John Allyn,

>Esqrs, John Chester,

John Haines, Joseph Curtis,

Samuel Eells, were now chosen Assistants for this Colony for the year ensuing. And the said Daniell Wetherell, Nathanael Stanly, John Hamlin, William Pitkin, John Chester, Josiah Rossetter, John Haynes, and Samuel Eells, Esqrs, were now sworn Assistants before this Court accordingly. Deputies or Representatives that were present and attended at

this Assembly were as hereafter followeth : that is lo say, Mr. Joseph Talcott, Mr. Nathanael Hooker, for Hartford. Mr. Jerremiah Osborn, Mr. Abraham Bradley, for Newhaven. Mr. Thomas Bolles, Mr. James Rogers, for New London. Capt. John Osbourn, Mr. James Bennit, for Fairfield. Mr. Jonathan Law, for Milford. Capt. Robert Wells, Capt. Thomas Wells, for Wethersfield. Mr. Simon Smith, Mr. Thomas Gates, for Haddam. Mr. William Malthie, Capt. Nathanael Harrison, for Branford, Capt. Thomas Hart, Mr. John Hooker, for Farmington. Mr. James Morgan, Mr. William Lathan, for Groton.

Mr. James Beebee, Mr. Josiah Starr, for Danbury.
Mr. John Russell, Mr. Daniell Collins, for East Haven.
Capt. William Eely, Mr. Joseph Peck, for Lyme.
Mr. Joseph Phelps, Mr. James Cornish, for Simsbury.
Mr. John Fellows, for Plainfield.
Capt. Richard Bushnell, for Norwich.
Mr. Samuel Brinsmead, for Derby.
Capt. John Parke, Mr. Thomas Tracy, for Preston.
Capt. Daniell Eldridge, Mr. William Gallop, for Stoningtown.
Mr. Samuell Hale, for Glassenbury.
Mr. William Parker, Mr. Benjamin Lord, for Saybrook.
Mr. John Sherman, Capt. John Minor, for Woodbury.
Mr. Samuel Keelar, Mr. John Betts, for Norwalk.
Mr. Timothy Stanly, Mr. Thomas Judd, for Waterbury.
Capt. Nathanael White, Capt. John Hall, for Middletown.
Mr. Joshua Ripley, Mr. Jonathan Crane, for Windham.
Mr. Michael Tainter, Mr. Samuell Loomis, for Colchester.
Capt. William Clark, Capt. Jerremy Fitch, for Lebanon.
Capt. Thomas Yale, Capt. John Merriman, for Wallingford.
Mr. John Elliot, Major Mathew Allyn, for Windsor.
Mr. James Hooker, Mr. John Seward, for Guilford.
Mr. Stephen Bishop, for Stanford.
Capt. James Judson, Mr. Ephraim Stiles for Stratford.
Mr. John Griswold, for Killingworth.
Mr. John Russell, Mr. Daniell Collins, for East Haven.

Of these, Capt. William Eely, Capt. John Osborn, and Mr. James Morgan, were absent each three days, and Mr. Timothy Stanly was absent two days from this Assembly.

Capt. Joseph Whiting was now chosen Treasurer of this Colony for the year ensuing.

Caleb Stanly was chosen Secretary of this Colony for the year ensuing, and was now sworn by the Honbl the Governour, before this Court.

John Elliot, Esq", was Speaker, I of the House of Rep

Capt. Richard Bushnell Clerk, resentatives. By order of the Honourable the Governour, the gentlemen members of both Houses being met together, the Governour caused several letters and writings to be read before them, that is to say, [63] A letter from Sr. Henry Ashurst, Agent for this Colony, bearing date August 25th, 1708,—and a letter sent to the said Agent, bearing date January 28th, 170;,—and another letter sent to him, bearing date February 21st, 170,—and a letter sent to the Lords of the Council of Trade, bearing date January 24th, 170,—and another letter sent to the said

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