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ity of the same, That upon all payments made of any of the Colony's debts by the Colony Treasurer, or by any of the constables of the several towns in this Colony, the said treasurer and constables shall take receipts of the persons to whom they make such payments, for the sums paid to them.

And it is further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That there shall be appointed but one constable in each town, society or village, within this Colony, to make up the accompts of such town, society or village, of their country rate annually, with the treasurer, and to levy and gather the said country rate of the town, society or village to which he belongs.

The sums of the Lists of the Persons and Estates of the several towns within this Colony, exhibited in this Court, by their Deputies respectively, are as follows, viz.

I S. Males. Hartford, 20972 17, 300. Waterbury, 2108 06, 50. Newhaven, 17326 06, 220. Glassenbury, 3371 15, 83. Windsor, 15382 09, 315. Killingworth, 3538 18, 63. Milford, 12761 13, 180. East-haven, 2463 00, 43. Guilford, 10955 07, 170. Wethersfield, 14155 02, 250. New London, 8476 14, 249. Greenwich, 4615 10, 70. Wallingford, 7671 00, 132.

7301 10, 140. [50] Stratfrd,12617 06, 134. Preston, 3656 08, 80. Norwalk, 8001 10, 115.

6838 15, 140. Colchester, 2497 00, 81. Saybrook, 7743 08, 147. Middletown, 9066 01, 172. Stanford, 8382 00, 110. Branford, 6053 02, 104. Windham, 2863 06, 72. Haddam East, 3142 00, 69. Norwich, 9333 03, 174. Haddam West, 2526 02, 55. Lebanon, 3910 00, 140. Derby, 2825 00, 50. Stoningtown, 7112 15, 172. Fairfield, 14561 14, 160. Danbury, 2921 09, 63. Simsbury, 3910 09, 74. Plainfield, 1890 09, 55. Woodbury, 3715 12, 86. Farmington, 7590 00, 150.

See at latter end of this Court additions to the list of some of these towns.

Upon consideration of the petition of Jonathan Biglow junior of Hartford, now entred and heard in this Court, wherein among other things he prays that the act of the court of assistants held at Hartford October 6th, 1698, which made void a certain execution served by the sheriff or marshal of the county of Hartford, on certain lands belonging to the estate of Thomas Greenhill, and delivered to him the said Biglow, may by this Assembly be made and declared to be void; and the replys thereunto made by John and Thomas Shepard of Hartford, administrators on the estate of Serj. John Shepard, late


of said Hartford, deceased : This Court do now declare the said act of the court of assistants not agreeable to law, and therefore is in its self null and void. And this Court do not allow any costs, neither to the petitioner nor to the said John and Thomas Shepard.

Upon the application of Mrs. Mary Edwards of Stratford, adininistratrix on the estate of her late husband Capt. Thomas Edwards of Stratford deceased, now made to this Court: This Assembly do grant unto her the said Mary Edwards, full power to sell the real estate of her said late husband, Thomas Edwards, or so much thereof as may be thought necessary for the payment of the just debts of the said deceased, with the advice and approbation of Joseph Curtis, Esq", and Capt. James Judson of Stratford aforesaid; provided that the said Mary Edwards, before she shall make sale of the said estate, or of any part thereof, shall give bond with sufficient sureties (before the court of probates in the county of Fairfield,) for her faithful administration on the said estate.

It is ordered and enacted by the Governour, Councill and Representatives, in General Court assembled, and by the authority of the same, That the second Wednesday of November next shall be religiously observed and kept a day of publick Thanksgiving by all her Majesties subjects within this Colony, and all unnecessary servile labour is forbidden on that day, according to an act of this Assembly now passed, which is on file.

Upon the humble petition of Mr. Caleb Watson of Hartford, and the consideration of his good service done in this Colony: this Assembly do now free and release him from paying country rates from this time forward, during the term of his natural life, for his person and estate whatsoever in Hartford aforesaid.

This Assembly do grant their consent and full liberty to the inhabitants of the town of Durham in this Colony, to imbody themselves into church estate, with the approbation of their neighbouring churches..

Whereas the General Assembly of this Colony, March 13th, 1661, did ġive and grant unto Capt. Richard Lord of Hartford, three hundred and fifty acres of upland and fifty acres of meadow, and Richard Lord of Hartford, Esq", (grandson of the said Captain Lord,) having desired Mr. John Chandler to survey and lay out for him the said four hundred acres of land granted as aforesaid, and the said John Chandler having laid out the same, (and exhibited in this court a plat thereof,) in one intire piece, on the east side of Egunck Hill, eastward of the town of Plainfield, and is bounded on the west with a line

called the Mohegan sachems east boundary, and elsewhere upon the Colony's land :-Now therefore, this Court do allow and approve of the said survey of the said four hundred acres of land, provided it doth not prejudice any former grant; and do order that the said Richard Lord, his heirs or assigns, shall have a patent for the said four hundred acres of land, qualified and executed according to the laws of this Colony, for the full confirmation of the same to him and them forever; [51] || provided also it do not prejudice any township or any former grant of this Court.

Whereas the laws of this Colony do oblige the selectmen of each town within the same, (at the charge of the town,) to provide a stock of ammunition for the town, and a stock of arms and ammunition for the poor if need be, and divers other things,

It is therefore ordered and enacted by the Governour, Coun. cil and Representatives, in General Courl assembled, and by the authority of the same, That the selectmen, or the major part of them, in the several respective towns within this Colony, when and as often as there shall be need of a supply of money in the treasury of any town, to provide any of the things aforesaid, by them to be provided, and the inhabitants of the town at any town meeting (whereat such want of a supply is made known to them by their selectmen,) shall refuse or neglect to grant such supply, shall be and are hereby fully authorized and impowered to assess the several inhabitants of their said town, and make a rate upon them, according to the list of the ratable estates of the said inhabitants, for raising such sum or sums as shall be necessary for the providing the several things aforesaid, or any of them, which they shall be accountable for according to the law, title Poor.

And it is hereby further enacted and provided, That all such rates so made by the selectmen, or the major part of them, in any town within this Colony, and delivered to the constable or constables of the said town, with a warrant annexed thereto, and signed by the said selectmen, or major part of them, and directed to the said constable or constables for the gathering of it, shall be a full obligation upon the said constables for the collecting the same, who shall therein observe and follow the direction of the law relating to the gathering or collecting of country rates; and when they have collected the same according to the said warrant, shall pay the said sum or sums to the said selectmen, or the major part of them, or their order for the uses aforesaid, and take receipts of what they pay. And in case the said constables or any of them shall not perform


the trust hereby committed unto them, they shall be accountable and suffer distress as is provided against collectors of rates in the printed law, page 101.

Upon the petition of the trainband in the town of Guilford, this Court do grant and allow to them a liberty to divide themselves into two companies, and to choose their officers needful for them.

This Court do now choose and appoint Mr. John Plumb of New London to be the Surveyor of Lands in and for the county of New London, in the room and stead of Capt. John Prentts, and order that he be sworn accordingly.

Upon consideration of the petition of the inhabitants of the town of Wethersfield, praying this Court to describe and settle the line or boundary between their said town and the town of Farmington,

It is ordered and enacted by the Governour, Council and Representatives, now in General Court assembled, and by the authority of the same, That a straight line run from the heap of stones at the south west corner of Hartford bounds, on the east side of a boggy meadow, to a certain white oak tree, marked on four sides, standing on rising land about a mile to the south of Mattabesett River, shall be the dividing line between the said two towns, viz. Wethersfield on the east and Farmingtown on the west side of the said line; and that the surveyor of the county of Hartford shall run the said line, and make monuments therein according to law, at the charge of the said town of Wethersfield, they giving seasonable notice thereof to the inhabitants of the said town of Farmingtown. And in case that by running the said straight line from station to station as aforesaid, it shall appear that any mans allotment bordering upon the said line, hath been bettered by any labour or cost bestowed upon it by his bordering neighbour, the owner of [52] such land shall give reasonable satisfaction to his || neighbour for his labour and cost so bestowed, according to the benefit he shall receive thereby, to be valued by indifferent men mutually chosen by the parties concerned therein, or ap. pointed by the county court in the county of Hartford.

And this Court have considered that the said petitioners shall recover the sum of two pounds one shilling and ten pence in money, and three pounds one shilling and four pence in pay, of and from the said town of Farmington, or their selectmen, for the costs of the said petition and attendance at this Court thereupon, and that execution shall be granted for the same accordingly.

This Assembly do establish and confirm Mr. Joseph Cadey of Kellingley to be Lieutenant, and Mr. John Winter to be Ensign of the souldiers or trainband in the said town of Kellingley. And this Court grants liberty to the inhabitants of the said town of Kellingly, to survey and lay out one hundred acres of land within their township, for the use and incouragement of a minister to settle there and carry on the worship of God among them, provided it do not prejudice any former grant of this Court.

Upon consideration of the petition of Joseph Bryan of Milford, now entred and heard in this Court, setting forth that there is a legacy due to him from the estate of his father, Mr. Richard Bryan, formerly of said Milford, deceased, and that there is some lands, debts or other things, part of said estate, (not yet distributed or set out to any of the children,) within this Colony, and that there is no administrator in this Colony of whom he can demand the said legacy: This Court do order and enact, that the court of probates in the county of Newhaven shall grant letters of administration on the estate of the said Richard Bryan, deceased, wheresoever in this Colony, unto the said Joseph Bryan, (taking bond of him as the law. requires,) the better to enable him to obtain his said legacy or portion.

This Court do desire the Honbl the Governour and Secretary, with such other persons as his Hon' shall think fit, to draw and send an answer to the letter received from the Lords of the Council of Trade, of the 7th of May, 1707, as soon as may be.

Upon consideration of the petition of the inhabitants of the town of Canterbury, now presented to this Court: this Court do free and release them from paying any country rate for this present year, excepting so much as the Colony now owes to any of the said inhabitants for any service, matter or thing, which shall be paid by and amongst themselves this year, out of their country rate; provided also, that all the rest of what would have arisen and been due to the Colony by a rate upon a lawfull list of their estates this year be improved by them for the building a meeting house in their town, within one year next coming. And this Court do order that the said inhabitants without fail shall send a true list of their persons and estates according to law to the General Assembly in October next.

Whereas the General Assembly of this Colony, March 27th, 1643, did give and grant to the Honbl Mr. Haynes, Governour of the said Colony, one thousand acres of land about the Pe

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