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ANNOQUE Dom., 1708.

Present at this Assembly, The Honourable Gurdon Saltonstall, Esq', Governour. The Honourable Nathan Gold, Esqr, Deputy Governour.

Assistants, Daniell Wetherell, Esqr, Josiah Rossetter, Esq", Nathanael Stanly, Esq", Richard Christophers, Esq", John Hamlin, Esq", John Alling, Esqa, Joseph Curtis, Esq", John Haines, Esq”.

Peter Burr, Esq", Deputies or Representatives that were present and attended at

this Assembly, were as hereafter followeth, viz :
Capt. Aaron Cook, Mr. Joseph Talcott, for Hartford.
Capt. Nathan Andrews, Mr. Abraham Bradly, for Newhaven.
Mr. Thomas Boles, Mr. James Rogers, for Newlondon.
Capt. John Wakeman, Mr. James Bennit, for Fairfield.
Capt. Robert Wells, Capt. Joshua Robins, for Wethersfield.
Capt. Richard Bushuel, Mr. Joseph Beckus, for Norwich.
Mr. William Maltbie, Mr. Edward Barker, for Branford.
Capt. John Minor, Mr. John Sherman, for Woodbury.
Capt. Samuell Hall, Capt. John Merriman, for Wallingford.
Capt. John Higly, Mr. Nath. Holcomb, for Simsbury.
Mr. Nathanael Lynde, Mr. William Parker, for Saybrook.
Capt. James Avery, Lieut. Samuel Fish, for Groton.
Mr. Timothy Stanly, Mr. John Hopkins, for Waterbury.
Mr. John Elliot, Major Mathew Allyn, for Windsor.
Mr. Daniel Brewster, Mr. Caleb Fobes, for Preston.
Capt. John Seward, Mr. James Hooker, for Guilford.
[47] Mr. Michael Tayntor, Mr. Nathanael Loomis, for Col-

Mr. James Beebee, Mr. Josiah Starr, for Danbury.
Mr. George Clarke, Mr. Benjamin Fenn, for Milford.
Mr. Joshua Ripley, Mr. Joseph Cary, for Windham.
Mr. Ephraim Minor, Mr. Samuel Stanton, for Stonington.
Mr. John Stanly, Mr. Jonathan Smith, for Farmington.
Capt. Nathanael White, Capt. John Hall, for Middleton.
Mr. Thomas Gutsell, for East Haven.

Capt. Tolian Maltbiegel, Mr. Joseph

Mr. Stephen Bishop, Mr. Elisha Holly, for Stanford.
Mr. Thomas Marshall, Mr. Joseph Knap, for Greenwich.
Mr. Thomas Gates, for Haddam.
Capt. John Crane, Mr. John Griswold, for Killingworth.
Mr. John Fellows, Mr. Jacob Warren, for Plainfield.
Mr. William Clarke, Mr. John Sprague, for Lebanon.
Mr. John Betts, Mr. Joseph Platt, for Norwalk.
Mr. Thomas Bradford, Mr. Mathew Griswold, for Lyme.
Capt. James Judson, Mr. Samuel Hawley, for Stratford.
Mr. Thomas Kimberly, Lieut. Samuel Hale, for Glassenbury.

Note that some of the said Deputies, viz: Jno Minor, Nath. Holcomb, Samúel Stanton, Thomas Marshall, Jacob Warren, were absent, and did not attend at this Court.

John Elliott, Esq", Speaker, I of the House of RepreCapt. Richard Bushnell, Clerk, ) sentatives.

By order of the Honourable the Governour, the gentlemen members of both Houses being met together, the Governour caused several letters to be read before them, that is to say,

A letter from the Right Honble the Lords of the Council of Trade, of the 7th of May, 1707, containing several queries to be answered, directed to the Governour and Company of this Colony.

A letter from Colonel Quarry, of the 20th of August last, (who stiles himself Surveyor General of her Majesties Customs in all the Provinces on the Continent of America,) relating to the naval officers and deputy collectors within this Colony, &c., with a copie (as he says) of a letter from the commissioners of her Majesties customs, at the custom house, London, of the 14th of February, 1705, relating to the said Quarry.

A letter from Mr. Secretary Addington of Boston, of the 26th of July last, relating to the line or boundary between this Colony and the Province of the Massachusetts Bay.

A letter from Mr. John Campbell of Boston, Postmaster, of the 4th instant, directed to the Governour and this Assembly, praying some allowance of money to be made him from this Colony, and proposing to settle a constant post between the towns of Hartford and Saybrook.

A letter or writing from Mr. Benjamin Lynde, of the 28th of July last, directed to the Governour, on the behalf of himself and the rest of the proprietors of the Narragansett country, asserting their claim to that part of the same lying within this Colony.

Which several letters being read, his honour the Governour recommended the consideration of them to this Assembly,

His Honour the Governour now also declared to both Houses of this Assembly, the acts and doings of his Honour and the Council, from the session of this Assembly in May last to this time; and read a declaration of the manner of his honours division of the trainbands in the town of Stoningtown, pursuant to the order or act of this Assembly in May last past; and recommended several other matters and things of publick concernment to the consideration of both Houses of this Assembly. [48] This Assembly do establish and confirm Joseph Smith, senior, of Glassenbury, to be Lieutenant of the trainband in that town.

This Assembly do establish and confirm Mr. David Sherman to be Lieutenant, and Mr. Samuell Hubbell to be Ensign of the trainband in the village of Stratfield.

This Assembly do establish and confirm Mr. John Crane to be Captain, Mr. Samuel Buell, junr, to be Lieutenant, and Samuell Steevens to be Ensign of the company or trainband in the town of Killingsworth.

This Assembly do establish and confirm Mr. Joseph Treat to be Captain, Mr. Benjamin Fenn to be Lieutenant, and Mr. Jonathan Law to be Ensign of the first company or trainband in the town of Milford.

This Assembly do establish and confirm Mr. James Steele to be Lieutenant, and Mr. Benjamin Graham to be Ensign of the second company or train-band on the south side the riveret in Hartford.

Upon the petition of several farmers dwelling at and near a place called Nahantick, within the town of Lyme: this Court do allow the said farmers to be a distinct military company or train-band from the rest of that town, and also to choose their own military officers amongst themselves. Provided always, notwithstanding, that the power of setting and fixing the bounds and limits of the said military company of farmers shall be in the Governour of this Colony, and be done and performed at their own proper cost and charges.

This Assembly do establish and confirm Mr. Samuel Griswold to be Captain, Mr. Joseph Beckas to be Lieutenant, and Mr. Thomas Waterman to be Ensign, of the westermost or second company of trained souldiers in the town of Norwich.

This Assembly do establish and confirm Captain Richard Bushnell to be Captain, Lieutenant Sollomon Tracy to be Lieutenant, and Ensign Thomas Leffingwell to be Ensign of the eastermost or first company of trained souldiers in the town of Norwich.

This Assembly do establish and confirm Mr. William Clark to be Captain, Mr. John Sprague to be Lieutenant, and Mr. Abell Wright to be Ensign of the first company or trainband in the town of Lebanon.

This Assembly do establish and confirm Mr. Jeremiah Fitch to be Captain, Mr. Joseph Bradford to be Lieutenant, and Mr. Samuel Hide to be Ensign of the second company or trainband in the town of Lebanon.

This Assembly do establish and confirm Captain John Clark to be Captain, Mr. John Kirtland to be Lieutenant, and Mr. Thomas Buckingham to be Ensign of the second company or trainband in the town of Saybrook.

Whereas Mr. Thomas Short of Boston, printer, hath now offered to this Court to print all the publick acts of this Colony (and the election sermon if desired,) every year, for four years, to commence at the first day of May next ensuing, and to give a copie for every town or place in the Colony that hath a clerk or register, for the sum of fifty pounds a year in money, or other pay equivalent as stated in the country rate, and to find paper for the same; and also to find paper and print all orders for fasts and thanksgivings, and proclamations whatsoever, and give a copy for every society in the Colony,—and always to print the acts of the General Court within one month after the receipt of the copie of them, (if not above eight sheets,) and all other publick business immediately upon his receipt of the copy, and to send the printed copies with all convenient speed after they are printed to the several county sheriffs, to be by them conveyed to the towns, places and societys for whom they are,—and also to print our laws which are now in manuscript for twenty shillings a sheet, (and find paper for the same,) in like pay as aforesaid, and to give a copy for every town or place as aforesaid, well folded, sticht and covered with painted paper:—upon consideration whereof,

It is now ordered, enacted and concluded by this Court, That there shall be paid to the said Mr. Thomas Short out of the publick treasury of this Colony by the Treasurer, the sum and sums expressed in his above proposals, for the time therein specified; provided he shall set up a printing press in this Colony, and perform the conditions on his part in the said proposalls expressed. 5497 The gentlemen nominated by the votes of the freemen to stand for election in May next, are as followeth, viz. The Honourable Gurdon Saltonstall, Esq", The Honbl Nathan Gold, Esq?, Major James Fitch, Nathanael Stanly, Esq", Daniell Wetherell, Esq, John Hamlin, Esqr, William Pitkin, Esqr,

this Assemour until thies of one huetting at Hamst, by

Major John Chester, Joseph Curtis, Esqr, Josiah Rossetter, Esqr, Richard Christophers, Esqr, Peter Burr, Esq”, John Alling, Esqr, John Haines, Esqr, Capt. Samuel Eells, Major Mathew Allyn, Capt. Abraham Fowler, Mr. John Elliot, Mr. Eleazar Kimberly, and Capt. Jonathan Sellick.

Whereas John Ranny of Middletown, in May last past, by sentence of the General Assembly then setting at Hartford, was bound by two recognizances of one hundred pounds each for his good behaviour until this time : Proclamation was now made in this Assembly, in the usual form, concerning the said John Ranny, and nothing being objected against him, therefore the said John Ranny and his sureties bound for him are now discharged from their said recognizances.

Upon consideration of the petition of John Holly and Jonathan Bates of Stanford, now entred and heard in this Court, relating to the settlement of the estate of Capt. John Sellick, formerly of Stanford, mariner, deceased, and of the pleas of the said petitioners thereupon, and replys thereunto made by Nathanael Sellick of Stanford, only son of the said deceased : This Court do grant that the said petitioners shall have an appeal to the court of assistants to be lield at Hartford on Tuesday next preceding the first Thursday of May next, where they shall be heard in what they have to alledge of grievance in the settlement which the court of probates in the county of Fairfield made of the estate of the said Capt. John Sellick, deceased, (excepting only in that point relating to David, late one of the sons of the said deceased, which was determined at the court of assistants in May last past.) Provided, that the said petitioners shall give bond to the clerk of the court of probates in the said county of Fairfield, to prosecute their appeal, and also cite the persons concerned in the said appeal to appear at the said court of assistants, fourteen days before the sessions.of the said court, by a warrant from the clerk of the said court of probates, who is hereby impowered to grant the same. And this Court have considered, that the said petitioners shall recover the sum of two pounds and twelve shillings in pay, and eighteen shillings and ten pence in money, of and from the said Nathanael Sellick, for their costs of the said petition and attendance at this court thereupon, and that execution shall be granted for the same accordingly.*

Execution is granted on this judgment, January 4th, 170%.

It is ordered and enacted by the Governour, Council and Representatives, in General Court assembled, and by the author

* In the margin. Execution is issued forth upon this judgment January 5th, 1708-9.

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