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wheat at six shillings per bushel, Indian corn at three shillings per bushel, rye at three shillings and six pence per bushel, pork good and well repackt at four pounds per barrel, beef at fortie five shillings per barrel, being good and well repackt; and if any person will pay in money, fifteen pennie weight for six shillings shall be accepted two for three in the payment of rates.

Persons nominated for Election in May next.

Majr. General John Winthrop, Esqr.

Colon' Robert Treat, Esqr. James Fitch, Esqr,

Richard Cristophers, Esq', Daniel Wetherell, Esq", Peter Burr, Esq, Nathaniel Stanly, Esq",

John Alling, Esq", John Hamlin, Esq',

John Hains, Esq", Nathan Gold, Esq",

Eleazar Kimberly, William Pitkin, Esqr, Capt. Abraham Fowler, Joseph Curtis, Esqr,

Capt. Samuel Eells, John Chester, Esq",

Jeremiah Osburn, Esqr, Josiah Rossiter, Esq", Capt. Mathew Allin.

Lists of Persons and Estates exhibited in this Assembly. Hartford, 19836: 00: 00:

persons 290. Windzor, 15258: 00 : 00:

persons 300. Fairfield, 14493: 14: 00:

persons 170. Newlondon, 10524: 00: 00:

persons 134. Newhaven, 18943: 15: 00:

persons 276. Wethersfield, 14381: 19: 00:

persons 281. Stratford, 12979: 13: 09:

persons 135. Gilford, 10159: 15: 00:

persons 160. Branford, 05647: 03: 00:

persons 083. Farmington, 08153: 19: 00:

persons 128. Norwich, 08124: 03: 06:

persons 143. Preston, 03650: 02: 06:

persons 080. Symsbury, 03744: 01: 00:

persons 073. West side of Haddum, 02031: 13: 00:

persons 040. East side of Haddum, 02935: 13: 00: persons 072. Woodbury, 03663: 06: 00:

persons 090. • Waterbury, 02165: 10: 00:

persons 055. Glassenbury, 3237: 10: 00:

persons 078. Killinsworth, 3391: 04: 03:

persons 063. Midletown, 8812: 00: 00:

persons 202. Windham, 2564: 01: 00:

persons 068. Norwalk, 7266: 13: 07:

persons 110. Milford, 12300: 18: 01 :

persons 171. Stanford, 7707: 19: 09:

persons 110.

6542: 08: 00:

persons 150. Groton, 6640: 14: 00:

persons 117. Greenwich, 4313: 09: 00:

persons 060. Wallingford, 7203: 00: 00:

persons 120. Danbury,

2556: 06: 03: Lebanon, 4390: 17: 00:

persons 105. Lyme, 6853: 10: 08;

persons 131. Saybrook, 7080: 02: 06:

persons 092. Derby, 2697: 00: 00:

persons 057. Addition to New Haven list for this year, 1706, £360: 58. Od.

At the General Assembly in May, 1707, added to the sum total of Saybrook list, £623 by estate left out of the list in October: to the sum total of Norwich list (through former miscast) £320.

This Assembly appoints the last Thursday in this present month to be kept as a day of publick and religious thanksgiving throughout this colonie.

The reverd and worthie gentlemen intrusted by the honbl corporation in England with the stock that is given to promote the conversion of the natives in this land, having signified their earnest desire that some methods may be religiously pursued for the promoting of that good work in this colonie, and their readiness to do the best they can for the support of the expensive part thereof: this Assembly being very desirous to promote a work so religious and charitable, do recommend it to the reverd ministers in this colonie at their countie meetings, to consider what may be the best way and means for carrying on so good a work, and to prepare such proposals as in their judgments may be most conducive to that end, and to present them to this Assembly in May next for their concurrence. Copies hereof to be sent to the ministers in the head towns in each countie, to be communicated to their brethren respectively. [5] || The Governour and Council appointed in May last are hereby impowered to order the affairs of this colonie, and to deal in all sudden exigencies during the intervales of this court.

This Assembly grants to our honrd Governour one hundred and fortie pounds for his sallerie for this year. And to our honrd Deputy Governour fortie pounds for his sallerie for this year.

This Court, considering the very good services for many years done and performed by the honoured and religious gentleman, Mr. William Jones, now deceased, do order that five pounds be paid out of the publick treasurie towards the charges of his funeral.

A letter to be sent to our Agent in England from this government was drawn up and approved in this Assembly.

Copie of a letter to Mr. Peter Serjeant in Boston, approved in this Assembly.

Honrd Sr, Our Agent in England, Sr Henerie Ashhurst having drawn a bill of exchange upon our government for two hundred and seventie pounds New-English money, payable to yourself at four months after sight, for our payment whereof to you our honrd Governr hath given his obligation: these are to certifie you that we do accept of the said bill, and do promise to make payment thereof to you the next spring with what interest shall then be due upon it. Signed in the name and behalf of the General Assembly.

Eleazar Kimberly, Secry. An Act of the Governour and Council at the sessions of this

Assembly. It is ordered by the Governour and Councill that the treasurer take all due care to ship for Boston early in the spring so much of the rate now granted as may be sufficient to discharge the bill of exchange of two hundred and seventie pounds drawn on us by our agent, and payable to Mr. Peter Serjeant; and that no debts owing from this government to gentlemen in the countie of Hampshire shall be paid before the abovesaid bill of exchange be discharged ; and that if the present rate be not sufficient for payment of said debts in Hampshire countie, that the colonie pay interest for the same.

This Assembly doth desire and impower the worshipfull Richard Cristophers, Esqr, and the Reverd Mr. Timothie Woodbridge, with Mr. Nehemiah Smith and Capt. Richard Bushnell, as a committee for and in behalfe of this government, as soon as with convenience they can, to treat with Owaneco concerning the differences arising upon his claims to the lands within the bounds of Colchester and Newlondon, who have hereby full power finally to agree with him concerning the premises, and make return of their negotiations in that affair to our honoured Governour as soon as accomplished.

Whereas there was one hundred and fiftie bushels of the countries barley at Saybrook put to John Malbie to be malted, (because none of the countries creditors would take it,) and said malt having received some damage, this Court appoint Mr. Nathaniel Lynde, Capt. William Ely and Mr. Daniel Taylor, or any two of them, to enquire into that matter, and fully to agree with said Malbie about it, that if the damage came through any negligence or defect in said Malbie he make good the same, otherwise that the colonie bear it; and said gentlemen are desired to dispose thereof toward the payment of the colonie debts. 16] This Assembly doth order and impower the countie court in the countie of Newhaven to levie a rate of half a farthing upon the pound of all the rateable estate in the said countie, to be levied upon the inhabitants, according to their estates, and in proportion thereunto, which is to be improved for the payment of a debt due to the estate of the deceased George Pardee, from the said countie of Newhaven, on balance of the said countie accounts, as may more fully appear on records of the said countie.

Capt. John Prentts of Newlondon offering to this court, that if they will appoint men to inspect his accounts he will rectifie all the mistakes and overchargings they find therein: This Assembly doth appoint Mr. Richard Cristophers and Mr. John Plumb of Newlondon to inspect the said John Prentts' accounts, and make return of what they find to the next audit of the countries accounts.

This Assembly grants to the souldiers in Stonington that live above one quarter of a mile to the northward of the countrie road that goeth from the head of Mistick River to Paucatuck River, libertie to be a distinct company of themselves, and to nominate such officers to the General Court in May next, as may be according to their number of men, and the law in such case made and provided.

This Assembly grants to the inhabitants that live on the west side of Newhaven bounds below the road that goeth from Newhaven to Milford libertie to be a distinct foot company or trainband. And Samuel Smith is appointed to be Lieutenant of the said company, and Samuel Burwell to be their Ensign, and commissioned accordingly.

This Assembly appoints John Russell of Newhaven to be Lieutenant of the trainband on the east side of the Ferry river in the said town, and Daniel Barnes to be their Ensign, and to be commissioned accordingly.

Serjt Thomas Woorster is by this Assembly appointed to be Lieutenant of the trainband in the town of Derby and commis sioned accordingly.

Upon the report of the committee appointed by this Assembly in May last to indevour an amicable compromise of the differences between the hon bl the Governr and Major Fitch, with other persons, concerning the lands at Quinebaug: for the issuing of those differences, the following articles are consented to and concluded between the honbi the Governr and the Council and Representatives in this General Court assembled, viz.—His Honour will resign to this corporation all his rights to those lands at Quinebaug that are included in the deeds given by Aguntus and Hiems to his honoured father (excluding only what he hath already obliged himself to release to the town of Plainfield, with his reserves within that township,) and also that his honour will indevour to obtein his brother Majr General Wait Winthrop's concurrence therewith, the said resignation to be compleated by a lawfull instrument under their hands and seals at the sessions of this Assembly in May next; his honour expecting from this government their confirmation of two suitable farms, the one to himself, the other to his said brother, the one on the north of the bounds of Plainfield, the other at the north of the bounds of Canterbury. And this corporation will give unto his said hon' a quitclaim of all their right of purchase, and whatsoever title this corporation hath in the two parcels of land proposed by his honr on the north of the bounds of the forementioned towns, each parcel or tract to contein the quantitie of one thousand acres, the instruments on both parts to be interchangably delivered at the sessions of this Assembly in May next. [7] Upon the request of the proprietors and inhabitants of the town of Plainfield, this Assembly grants that they shall have a Patent for confirmation of the lands in their township, to them, their heirs and assigns forever, under the seal of the colonie, signed by the honbl the Governour in the name of this Assembly, and by the Secretary by his honrs command.

Colon! Robert Treat with other person[s] having purchased a tract of land called Wiantonoq;, which tract of land is made a town by letters patents from the Governour and Company, dated October the 22d, 1703, and named New Milford, but not yet annexed to any countie: This Assembly sees cause to annex the same to the countie of Newhaven.

In answer to the desire of the inhabitants of Stonington for settling their town bounds, this court desires and appoints Mr. Nehemiah Smith and Capt. James Morgan to go to the eastern part of that town, and to see how their difficultie is, and

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