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The names of the petitioners for the land before granted fol[38] lowes, || viz: Joseph Curtis, James Judson, Sam!! Hawly, John Read, John Burr, Theophilus Hull, John Minor, Benjamin Sherman, Josiah Curtis, Daniel Burr, junr, Daniel Curtis, Richard Hubbel, jun", John Judson, John Sely, junr, Daniel Beardsly, Joseph Fairchild, Benjamin Hurd, Benjamin Nichols, Peleg Burrit, John Griffin, Thomas Sharp, Dunning of Stratford, Daniel Beardsly, senr, Zechariah Ferris, Will. Mallerie, Sam Hubbel, junr, Jonathan Booth, John Hawly, David Whitlock, jun", John Glover, Daniel Foot, junr, Abraham Kimberly, Benjamin Peat, Dan Burr, sen", Mr. Richard Brians heirs, Samil Eels. It is ordered and enacted by this Court and the authoritie

thereof, That there shall be paid to the publick Act for excise trooni

cise treasurie of this Colonie, for the support of the and impost.

government therein, and for defraying the incident charges thereof, an excise upon all wines, brandy, rum and other distilled liquors, cyder and metheglin, that shall be sold by retail in any town or place in this Colonie, by those that shall retail the same, in manner and form as is hereafter expressed, that is to say, for all wine, rhum, brandy and distilled liquors, four pence per gallon ; for all cyder, twelve pence per barrel; for all metheglin, two pence per gallon, all in currant money of this Colonie, and after that rate for any greater or lesser quantities.

And for the due and orderly collecting and receiving of the excise aforesaid: It is hereby further ordered by the authoritie aforesaid, That all retailers of rhum, brandy and other distilled liquors, wine, cyder and metheglin, within this Colonie, having any of the said liquors in their respective houses or elsewhere belonging to them at the time of publishing this act, shall make due entrie and pay the duties aforesaid for the same as is herein before mentioned, and upon their further receit and purchase of all or any of the liquors before mentioned, shall within twentie four hours after the receit or purchase thereof make entrie with such persons as are appointed to receive and collect the same, and pay the duties aforesaid, under the penaltie of the forfeiture of such strong drink or liquors, as shall be found in any retailers house, not being duely entred and the excise paid as aforesaid. And it shall and may be lawful for the officers appointed to enter into any retailers house in the day time so often as they shall think fit, or into any retailers cellar or warehouse to search for any such wines or liquors, cyder or metheglin, as are not duely entred nor the excise paid for the same, and such wine and strong drink to seize and secure in order to a trial : Provided alwayes that it shall be in

the power of the officers appointed to agree with any retailers for the excise for one whole year, and to receive it quarterly as they in their discretion shall think fit to agree.

It is further enacted by the authoritie aforesaid, That there shall be paid by the importer of all wine, rhum, brandy, or other distilled liquors that shall be brought in and landed in any part or port in this Colonie (except such as shall be brought directly from the countries where they are raised,)* the duty or impost following, that is to say, fiftie shillings for every pipe of wine, and fiftie shillings for every hogshead of rhum, brandy or other distilled liquors, in currant money of this Colonie, and proportionably for greater and lesser quantities, to be paid be[39] fore the landing of such liquors to the naval officers || who are hereby appointed to receive the same, under the penaltie of the forfeiture of all such wine, rhum, brandy or other distilled liquors, as shall be brought into and landed in this Colonie contrary to the true intent and meaning of this act.

And it is further enacted, That there shall be one fit person in each countie of this Colonie, nominated and appointed by the countie court of the respective counties, to be the collector or receiver of the said dutie of excise, and to have the general inspection, care and management of that office, and of whatsoever relates thereunto, within said respective countie, with authoritie to nominate, imploy and impower such and so many officers under him as he shall think necessary for the collecting and receiving the duties of excise aforesaid within the countie for which he shall be appointed. And the said officers and all other officers under them, before their entring upon the execution of their respective offices, shall be sworn to deal truly and faithfully therein. And the said officers appointed by the countie court shall keep fair books of all duties of excise arising by virtue of this act, and pay in all such money as shall be in their hands unto the treasurer of this Colonie as he shall demand it. And the said officers for their labour, care and expences in the said office, shall have the sum of two shillings on the pound for all such sum and sums as shall be collected and received by them respectively by virtue of this act for excise, and one shilling upon the pound for impost.

And it is further enacted, That the said officers appointed to receive the excise and impost abovesaid, shall have full power by themselves or their lawful substitutes to seize all such liquors as shall not be entred by retailers or importers, before · in this act exprest; and such as shall be landed without paying impost according to the intent of the above act, and bring

* In the margin.-Rased out by order of both houses.

the same in behalf of the Colonie to tryal at the next countie court in the said countie after such seizure, and prosecute the same from court to court till the case be ended. And the one half of all forfeitures arising by virtue of this act to be and belong to the complainer, and the other half to the treasury of the Colonie.

Always provided, That if any liquors which are by this act to pay impost shall afterwards be exported to any other plantation or government, the exporter of the same shall be repaid by the officer that received the impost of the said liquors, excepting only the officers part of the said duty.

Whereas there hath been divers outrages committed by some of the inhabitants of Sufficld and Enfield, on several of the inhabitants of the towns of Windzor and Symsbury, seizing sundry barrels of turpentine within the aforesaid townships of Windzor and Symsbury, and belonging to the inhabitants of the said towns, and imprisoning divers persons belonging to this government, carrying away in a violent and unlawful manner several barrels of the aforesaid turpentine, and destroying the estate or effects of the labour of the inhabitants of the towns of Windzor and Symsbury and others belonging to this government:

This Assembly, being desirous to prevent any such injuries and differences for the future by a fair and just settling the boundarie or line between this Colonie and the Province of the Massachusetts, after their heretofore many fruitless and chargeable indevours with the government of the aforesaid Province to obtein a settlement of the same,

Do enact, and it is hereby enacted by the Governour, Council and Representatives, in General Court assembled, and by the authoritie of the same, That there shall be Commissioners appointed by the Governour and Council of this Colonie for the running of the dividend line between this Colonie and the Province of the Massachusetts Bay, who shall be fully impowered to act in the behalf of this Colonie, with such Com[40] missioners as shall be appointed by the || said Province for the same service, who shall take care that the said dividend line shall be run by skillful artists with good instruments, beginning or taking their rise and station three miles to the southward of the south part of Charles River, at the place where Mr. James Tayler and the commissioners of this goverment, (for the same end formerly appointed,) began the said line in the year 1702, and run from the said first place or station a due west line, causing certain marks to be made or monuments to be set up in the said line to be hereafter carefully refreshed and preserved, for the preventing of all such controversies as may hereafter arise for the want of a due stating and fixing the said line of division between the governments.

And it is hereby also provided and enacted, That upon the running and stating of the line between this Colonie and the aforesaid Province, according to the method proposed in this act, that all such grants of land to towns or particular persons made by either governments as are the antientest shall be held and deemed to make a good title to the said towns or particular persons of the land so granted to them, into whichsoever government it shall fall by the aforementioned stating or fixing the boundaries between the said governments, colonies or prov.. inces.

And it is further enacted and ordeined by the authoritie aforesaid, That this proposal to settle the said line in the manner aforesaid shall be made to the General Assembly of the aforesaid Province, at their next sessions, and immediately prosecuted, if they shall see good to agree with this Assembly therein.

And for the preventing of all manner of injuries, quarrels and contentions between the inhabitants of this Colonie and the inhabitants of the aforesaid Province, respecting any lands in controversie between them for want of the said line being settled, and particularly respecting the lands claimed by the towns of Windzor and Symsbury within this government, and claimed also by the towns of Suffield and Enfield, in the aforesaid Province, as within the government of the Massachusetts, until the aforesaid line shall be run and fixed, and therby it shall be determined whether the said lands controverted are truely within the bounds of this Colonie or the Massachusetts Province:

It is hereby enacted, That no person whatsoever shall presume to make any new improvement upon the said controverted lands, by cutting or boring any pine trees, drawing of turpentine, until the said line shall be run and fixed, upon the penaltie of ten shillings for every pine so tapped or cut for the drawing of turpentine, to be recovered by the complainer in auy of the courts within this government; wherein the partie so transgressing shall be, and is hereby barred of justifying the trespass so complained of, by pleading right or title to the land where the said act of trespass is committed. And that the turpentine be drawn out of the trees already boxed, and be put into the care of persons indifferent till the line be run as abovesaid, in order to its being afterwards disposed of to those to whom of right it shall belong.

And it is also further enacted, That all actions now depending in any of her Majesties courts within this government [41] against any persons whatsoever, || for any actions done by them on the said controverted land, shall be continued by adjournment until the countie court to be held in Hartford on the first Tuesday in September next, and then cease and determine.

Provided always, That the General Assembly in her Majesties Province of the Massachusetts Bay shall, for the preventing of the like injuries and quarrels and contentions, in their next sessions or assembly provide and ordain that the method proposed in this act in the several parts of it shall be in equal force within their government until the settling of the line aforesaid: otherwise the aforesaid continued .actions shall proceed at the aforesaid countie court in all things fully and amply, and all bonds, recognizances, or other obligations whatseever relating to said actions, shall remain in full force and virtue. Provided also that if the said General Assembly in her Majesties Province of the Massachusetts Bay shall not agree to the settling of the aforesaid line in the way expressed in this act, and that with as much speed as may be, nothing in this act shall be construed to the prejudice of this government or of their claim to have the said dividend line to begin in a point to the northward of that place where Mr. James Tayler and the commissioners of this government agreed to take their first station as abovementioned. And that her sacred Majestie be addressed, that the said dividend line be found and run according to the grant in the letters pattents made to the Governour and Company of the Massachusetts Colonie, bearing date the nineteenth of March, in the third year of King Charles the first, by skilfull artists in the presence of commissioners on the part of both governments.

This Assembly grants a township to the eastward of Woodstock and a pattent thereof; the bounds whereof to be northerly on the line of the Massachusetts Province (it being by estimation about) five miles from the line between this Colonie and the Colonie of Roade Island and the river called Assawaug; easterly on the said line between the said Colonies ; southerly partly on the northern boundary of Plainfield, and partly on a line to be continued east from the northeast corner bounds of Plainfield to the said line between the said Colonies; the said northern boundary of Plainfield being settled by order of the General Court, May the 11th, 1699, and westerly on the aforesaid river; the said township being by esti

north wa have the prejudima

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