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Capt. Nathall White, Capt. John Hall, for Midltowne.
Mr. John Bowers, for Derby.

Capt. Sam! Eels, Speaker.

Capt. Richard Bushnel, Clerk. [27] This day being the day appointed by charter and the laws of this Colonie to be the day for election of publick officers for this corporation, viz:-Governour, Deputy Governour, Assistants, with a Treasurer and Secretary,-proclamation being made by order of the Governour and Council, the freemen of the corporation proceeded accordingly to give in their votes to persons chosen and appointed by the honourable the Governour, Council, and Representatives, to receive and sort them.

The persons chosen and appointed by his honour and Council are, Maj. William Whiting, Esq, Capt. Richard Lord, Gent. ; and the persons chosen by the Representatives are, Capt. Cyprian Nichols, Capt. Aaron Cook, Lt. Joseph Treat, Capt. John Clarke, and John Burr.

The persons appointed to receive and sort the votes of the freemen had the following oath administred to them, viz :

You and each of you being appointed to receive, sort and count the votes that shall be brought in at this election for the choice of Governour, Deputy Governour, Assistants, Treasurer, and Secretary, do swear by the name of the everliving God, that you will faithfully, truely, and according to the best of your skill, perform the service now committed to you, and declare the names of the persons that shall be chosen to any of the aforementioned offices according to law. So help you God.

The persons appointed and sworn for the service, having received, sorted, and counted the votes exhibited, declare as follows, viz:

The Honourable Gurdon Saltonstall, Esqr, is chosen Governour of this Colonie for the year ensuing.

The Honourable Capt. Nathan Gold, Esqr, is chosen Deputy Governour of this Colonie for the year ensuing.

Major James Fitch, Capt. Daniel Wetherel, Nathanll Stanly, John Hamlin, William Pitkin, Joseph Curtis, John Chester, Josiah Rossiter, Richard Cristophers, Peter Burr, Jno Alling, John Hains, Esqrs, are chosen to be Assistants in this Colonie for the year ensuing.

Capt. Joseph Whiting, Esq, is chosen Treasurer of this Colonie for the year ensuing.

Eleazar Kimberly, Esqr, is chosen Secretary of this Colonie for the year ensuing.

Capt. For the l Weth Curti

This day the Honourable Capt. Nathan Gold, Esqr, took the Deputy Governours oath, administred to him according to law.

Also the assistants oath was administred according to law to the persons abovenamed that were chosen to that service, [27] excepting || only William Pitkin and Joseph Curtis, then absent.

Also the secretaryes oath was administred to the person chosen by the freemen for that service.

The Court adjourned to the fourteenth day at eight of the clock ante merid.

May 17th, the Governour took the oath proper for his office before both Houses.

Simon Chapman, administrator on the estate of Capt. Samuel Crosse, late of Windzor, deceased, making it evident that there is not sufficient personal estate for the payment of just debts : This Court, upon his prayer, do grant him libertie to sell so much of the land belonging to the said estate as is necessary for discharging the debts of said deceased.

This Assembly doth establish Nathaniel Lomis to be Lieutenant of the trainband on the east side of the great river in Windzor.

Upon the petition of sundry inhabitants of the town of Norwalke, that they might have libertie to purchase of the Indians a certain tract of land bounded south on Norwalk bounds, northeast on Danbury, and west upon York line: , This Assembly doth grant them libertie to purchase the said tract of land, provided it doth not prejudice any former grant; this Assembly reserving to themselves a power for the settlement and alotment of the land so to be purchased among the petitioners and such others as the said General Assembly shall judge meet.

Whereas the inhabitants of the western farms belonging unto the town of Fairfield, did petition that they might have libertie to provide an orthodox minister of the gospel amongst them to carry on the worship of God: This Court do recommend the matter contained in this petition to the reverent elders in the countie of Fairfield, to consider whether the libertie desired may be subservient to the end proposed, viz., the advancement of religion ; who are hereby desired to report their thoughts therein to the General Assembly at Newhaven in October next, for their further direction and order therein.

This Court, upon the prayer of the inhabitants of the town of Mansfield, do grant them freedom from paying of rates to

the countrie for the term of six years, provided they improve the money which ought to be paid to the countrie for the building of a meeting house or ministers house.

This Court; upon the prayer of the Reverend Mr. James Noyes, do grant him two hundred acres of land, if it can be found without prejudicing any former grant of this court.

This Court, upon the petition of the inhabitants of the village called the Great Swamp, in the township of Farmington, do grant them release from the payment of countrie rates for four years.

This Court do allow Joshua Hemstid of Newlondon, twentie six shillings and eight pence pay, for his travail and attendance at this court upon the citation of John Edgcombe of the same town.

Upon the consideration of the petition of Mr. Isaac Wheeler of Stratfield, it appearing that the matter alledged in the [29] plaint, || viz., that the said Wheeler desired an appeal from the judgment of the countie court in Fairfield, March the 9th, 1707, in the case between the said Wheeler and Isaac Hall, Sen', of Fairfield, and that the same was granted, though by some means or other not entred : The question was put whether the prayer in this petition for the appeal mentioned shall be granted : resolved in the affirmative, and this court doth grant the appeal of the petitioner to the next court of assistants.

This Assembly doth establish Timothie Thrall to be Captain of the company on the north side of the little river in Windzor.

At this Assembly allowed to Mr. Richard Lord twelve shillings and six pence in pay, for his attendance on this court upon the citation of Samll Willis, Esqr, the said Samll withdrawing his prosecution.

This Assembly approves of the division of the train soldiers in Newlondon, made by the honourable the Governours direction.

This Court do establish John Hough, Captain, Robert Lattimer, Lieutenant, and Clement Minor, Ensign, of the south and eldest company in Newlondon.

This Court do establish John Prents, Captain, John Richards, Lieutenant, and Joseph Harris, Ensign, of the north company of Newlondon.

This Assembly doth desire and consent that our honoured Governour take upon him the care of the militia in this time of war as Commander in-chief; particularly to give all necessary orders to put our militia in warlike posture, and that all inferior officers do their duty; and if any shall presume to refuse or neglect to obey such orders, that other meet and suitable persons be commissionated by him as shall attend their duty, and that such vacancie be supplied by him in the intervales of the General Assembly as he shall find necessary.

This Assembly having considered the motion of the Treasurer made to them, do order that he shall pay the remaining provision of the last countrie rate which is yet in his hand in any part of the colonie, unto several persons within the said colonie to whom they are indebted, both for salleries or other debts of what kind soever; and after all the debts are dis. charged due from the colonie as aforesaid, and there be any provision yet remaining, the treasurer shall turn it to money to the best advantage for the colonies use.

This Assembly grants libertie unto Lydia Crane, widow and relict of Israel Crane, late of Wethersfield, deceased, to sell so much land belonging unto the estate of her said husband as shall be thought necessary by the court of probates in the countie of Hartford, for the payment of his just debts, and no more.

This Court having resolved to hear, and accordingly heard, the complaint or information of John Ranny of Midltown, against Mr. John Hamlin and Capt. Nathan!! White of Midltown, wherein they are charged by him to have falsified in their evidence given in upon their office oath at a countie court held at Hartford, April 8th, 1707, do find that the said Capt. John Hamlin and Capt. Nathan!! White are not guiltie of the abovesaid charge, and order the said Rannye to pay them costs. And forasmuch as the said John Ranny hath falsely accused and greatly defamed the abovesaid Capt. Hamlin and Capt. White, who are persons in civil authoritie, which greatly aggravates his offence, therefore this Court see cause to sentence him for the same to pay as a fine to the colonie treasurie, the sum of five pounds, and that he find sureties for his appearance at the next General Court to be holden at [30] Newhaven, || in October next, and for his good behaviour in the mean time, in the sum of one hundred pounds, and stand committed until this sentence be complyed with.

Sergt. Thomas Griswold is by this Assembly established to be Ensign of the trainband on the south side of the little river in Windzor.

This Assembly grants to the inhabitants of Groton the libertie of a new election of their military officers.

This Assembly desireth the honourable the Governour, with such gentlemen as his honour shall see cause to take with him, to go to Stonington and to make an equal division of the trained soldiers there between the two companies, if there be a sufficient number for two companies ; otherwise to make up Capt. Cheesbrows company full, and the remainder to belong to the north company, in case it appears to his honour and the gentlemen with him that it is not so already, any former acts to the contrary notwithstanding; and all persons concerned in said companies, are hereby ordered to attend his honour the Governours order in the premises.

Ensign Hezekiah Willis is by this Assembly established to be Captain of the trainband on the south side of the riverett in Hartford, and Sergt. James Steel to be their Ensign.

The Colonie Treasurer informing this Assembly that he ordered Sam' More, constable of Windzor, with the other constables in the said town, thirtie one pounds, &c., to be paid to Capt. Benjamin Newbury, and that said Sam!! More, constable, gave him an account of four pounds nineteen shillings more then he had paid to said Capt. Newbury, as he saith appears by said Newburyes account, whereby it is evident so much remains yet due to said Newbury: The Treasurer desiring direction in the abovesaid case : it is ordered by this Court, that the treasurer shall distrein the said sum, or so much as doth appear to be due, out of the estate of the said More.

Ordered by this Assembly, That the Treasurer shall go to the several towns in this colonie, and make up the accounts with the constables of said town for the rate granted in October last, for which service he shall be allowed out of the Colonie treasury the sum of fortie pound.

Whereas it seems expressed in the law that the charge of the prosecution of delinquents shall be first paid by the countie and colonie treasurie, and so is accordingly practised, and afterwards by the delinquents to the treasury, which is rarely put in execution, whereby the said treasury is unjustly charged:

It is now ordered and enacted by this Assembly, That the necessary charges of prosecution in case of delinquency shall

be born and satisfied by the said persons so proscharge of prosecuted for delinquency, any law to the contrary quents, how de- notwithstanding ; except where it shall appear to frayed.

the court or justice that there was no reason or cause for any such prosecution or information.

ecuting delin- ecuted for

einquency, any

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