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dians, pag. 57, it is enacted that no person shall be allowed or admitted to prosecute before any assistant, justice of the peace, or court of judicature in this colonie, any action of debt or detinue for any goods sold, lent, or trusted out to any Indian or Indians whomsoever: This Court doth now see cause to repeal the same, and it is hereby repealed accordingly. Always provided, that no person shall have benefit hereby to recover any such debt made before the publication hereof.

Grant of a Rate of four pence upon the pound. This Assembly grants a rate of four pence upon the pound, to defray the charges of this colonie, to be paid in wheat at six shillings per bushel ; rye at three shillings and six pence per bushel ; Indian corn at three shillings per bushel, all to be good and merchantable; pork well repackt to pass at three pounds fifteen shilling per barrel ; beef well repackt to pass at two pounds five shillings per barrel ; and if any persons will pay their rate, or any part of it, in money at fifteen pennie weight, it shall be accepted at two thirds.

Persons nominated for Election in May next are,
· Major General Fitz John Winthrop, Esqr.

Colonel Robert Treat, Esqr.
Major James Fitch, Capt. Daniel Wetherel, Nathaniel Stan-
ly, John Hamlin, Capt. Nathan Gold, William Pitkin, Joseph
Curtis, John Chester, Josiah Rossiter, Richard Cristophers,
Peter Burr, John Alling, Esqrs, John Hains, Esq?, Capt. Abra-
ham Fowler, Capt. Samuel Eels, Capt. Mathew Allin, Eleazar
Kimberly, Capt. Jonathan Sellick.
List of Persons and Estates exhibited in this Assembly,

Persons. Saybrook, 8229 00 0: 147. Glassenbury, 03282 10 0: 082. Fairfield, 14118 17 0: 171. Norwalk, 07559 18 0: 130. Lyme,

07158 12 0: 133. Danbury, 02836 18 0: 062. Symsbury, 03940 06 0: 080. Waterbury, 01958 17 0: 049. Lebanon, 05179 18 0 : 135. Kilinswort, 03367 18 3: 070. Wethersfield, 14472 09 0: 250. Darbye, 02855 00 0: 053. East Haddum, 02903 18 0: 070. Branford, 05693 13 0 : 090. Norwich, 08911 06 0: 168. Stanford, 07845 17 6: 100. Milford, 12511 05 3: 170. Newlondon, 10277 17 8: 226. Gilford, 10245 00 0: 165. Farmington, 08195 16 0: 130. Preston, 03488 10 0: 077. Greewich, 04401 15 0: 084. Midltown, 08994 10 0: 180. Hartford, 20438 00 O: 310. Stratford, 12989 18 3: 140. Woodbury, 03840 00 0: 080. Groton, 06602 04 0: 125. Windzor, 15450 00 0: 315. Wallingford, 07288 00 0: 130. Easthaven, 02277 05 0: 044. Stonington, 06973 07 6: 117. Newhaven, 15223 16 0: 280. Windham, 02758 12 8: 069. Plainfield, 01265 10 0: West Haddum, 02351 00 9: 048. Mansfield, 01154 07 0:




[27] This Assembly grants to our honoured Governour a sallerie of one hundred and twentie pounds for his good service the year past; and to our honoured Deputy Governour, for his good service the year past, a sallerie of sixtie pounds.

This Assembly grant to the Treasurer that his sallerie for the year ensuing shall be fortie five pounds in pay..

This Assembly allows to the town of Waterbury fifteen pounds out of the country rate, considering the charge they have been at in fortifying; and to the town of Symsbury, · seven pounds to be paid out of the country rate, in consideration of their charge in fortifying; and to the town of Woodbury seven pounds, to be paid out of the country rate, in consideration of their charge in fortifying.

Council stated. Voted and concluded by this Assembly, That the Council appointed to assist the Governour, or in his absence the Deputy Governour, in the intervale of the General Assembly, shall consist of two of the Assistants at the least, and four able, judicious freemen, such as the Governour, or in his absence the Deputy Governour, shall call to council ; who shall have power, in the intervales of the General Assembly, to manage the affairs of this colonie according to charter, they not to raise men to send out of the colonie, (unless in case of exigencie, or to lodge men in the countie of Hampshire if need be,) nor to dispose of the colonies money. Towns of Plainfield, Colchester, and Mansfield to send in

their Lists. It is ordered by this Assembly, That the towns of Plainfield, Colchester, and Mansfield, before the first day of December next, shall send a list of their persons and estates in their respective towns according to law, to the Secretary of this Colonie, that they may be entered with the other lists, on penaltie of fortie pounds each town for their neglect.

Committee of War appointed in Hartford Countie. It is ordered and enacted by this Assembly, That there shall be a Committee of War in the countie of Hartford, consisting of seven, viz: Mr. Nathaniel Stanly, Mr. William Pitkin, Maj. John Chester, Maj. William Whiting, Capt. Cyprian Nickols, Capt. Aaron Cook, Capt. Mathew Allin, or any four of them ; who shall have full power to send out what souldiers shall be needful, (not exceeding sixtie men unless in case of actual invasion by a body of the enemy,) to defend our frontiers on that side, and the countie of Hampshire, from the as

spective towns. d a list of the fore the ti

saults of the enemy. And the constables, by warrant or order from the said Council of War, shall impress so many souldiers as they shall be directed, and what shall be necessary to furnish them for their expedition. And such souldier or souldiers so impressed that shall refuse to attend her Majesties service, shall be punished as the law directs in such case when the souldiers are impressed by a warrant from the major of the countie. The said Committee of War to appoint officers for the said souldiers, who are to be commissioned by the Governour. Military Officers appointed in the towns of Farmington, New

london, and Stonington. George Denison, gent., is by this Assembly appointed Captain of the trainband in Newlondon, that was formerly under the command of Capt. Daniel Wetherel, and to be commis[22] sioned accordingly. || Lt. John Hart is by this Assembly appointed to be Captain of the trainband in the town of Farmington, and Ensign Samuel Wadsworth to be their Lieutenant, and Sam Newell to be their Ensign, and to be commissioned accordingly. Mr. Joseph Saxton is by this Assembly appointed to be Captain of the north company in Stonington, Ephraim Minor, Jun', to be their Lieutenant, and Ichabod Palmer, Ensign, and to be commissioned accordingly. And Maj. James Fitch is by this Assembly appointed to make an equal division of the souldiers in Stonington.

Act concerning the East Farmers in Gilford. Whereas the town of Gilford, in the year 1703, in answer to a petition of their east farmers, did grant the said east farmers on the east side of the Neck river, libertie to be a societie by themselves, and to procure a minister among themselves, in case the General Court should approve and confirm the same, they paying their dues to the minister of Gilford until they had a minister among themselves, as doth appear by a vote of said town bearing date the sixt of April, in the year abovesaid. And whereas the said east farmers or societie have now laid before this Court the charge which they have been at, in building a meeting house and settling a minister among themselves, humbly praying this Court to confirm the bounds of their societie, and to grant them such privileges as this Court shall think fit. This Court having considered what hath been laid before them by those who represented said societie, as also by those that represented the town of Gilford, do see cause to order, that the farmers in Gilford, on the east side the Neck river, and bounded upon said river and

neck westerly, upon the sea southerly, and upon Kilinsworth easterly, shall be a distinct societie by themselves, and shall have full power to make rates for the maintenance of their minister, building or repairing their meeting house from time to time, or any necessary charges arising about the same, as also to choose collectors for said rates, and a societie recorder or clerk for recording what may be necessary concerning the said societie, with libertie to said societie to imbody themselves in church estate, and to have the benefit of the school money within the bounds of the societie, provided they keep a school there. And the said societie is hereby freed from paying any rate to the minister of Gilford, so long as they maintain an orthodox minister among themselves.

Upon the petition of Capt. Nathan Gold, Mr. Peter Burr, Capt. John Wakeman, John Edwards, Jonathan Sturgis, John Barlow, Gideon Allin, Samuel Wilson, Samuel Jinings, Moses Dimon, and Joseph Wakeman, all inhabitants of Fairfield, in behalf of themselves and their associates, for a certain tract of land to be for a township, lying north of and near to Danbury, bounded southerly upon Danbury, running thence northerly fourteen miles ; bounding easterly upon Newmilford, westerly upon the colonie line: This Court grants to them the said petitioners and their associates, their heirs and assigns forever, the abovesaid tract of land for a township, provided it doth not prejudice any former grants ; to be under such regulations for the settlement thereof and the number of inhabitants as this Court shall judge fit.

This Assembly doth appoint and impower Mr. Caleb Stanly, surveyor for Hartford countie, and Capt. John Prentis, surveyor, to survey and lay out to the heirs of Governour Hains the one thousand acres of land granted to him by the General Court, March the 27th, 1643; and to the heirs of Mr. Joseph [23] Hains the three hundred acres of land granted | to him by the General Assembly, May the 15th, 1662; and to Mr. Timothie Woodbridge his grant of two hundred acres, granted to him by the General Assembly, October the 13th, 1687, where the said several grants may be surveyed and laid out to the abovesaid persons without prejudice to former grants to any particular person or plantation. The work to be done at the charge of the said grantees.

This Assembly doth allow to the inhabitants of the village on the east side of the ferry river in Newhaven, sixteen shillings and six pence in money, and seventeen shillings and six pence in pay, for cost of attendance at this Assembly upon the citation of the inhabitants of the town of Newhaven.

[In the margin. Cost allowed to Joseph Wakeman, agent for Fairfield, for his attendance on this court upon the citation of Joseph Lockwood, is fourteen shillings.]

Capt. William Ely and Mr. Mathew Griswold, in behalf of the town of Lyme, making application to this Assembly respecting a person in Lyme named Polly, that is a cripple, having lapsed their opportunitie of applying themselves to the court of assistants as the law directs: This Assembly gives libertie to the inhabitants of the said town to make their application to the next court of assistants.

The estate of Richard Harvie, late of Stratford, deceased, being considerably indebted, and nothing left to pay the debts but land: This Assembly, upon the motion of John Hide of Fairfield, administrator of the said estate, grants to the said John Hide libertie, (with the advice of Mr. Peter Burr and Mr. John Edwards,) to sell so much of the lands belonging [to] the estate of the said Richard Harvie as may be needfull for the payment of his just debts.

Amy Gilbert of the town of Wethersfield, a poor, lame, impotent person, and non compos mentis, having been chargeable to the said town for some years past, and having only a small estate in lands: This Assembly, (upon the motion of the selectmen of the said town,) do impower the selectmen of Wethersfield aforesaid for the time being, to make sale of the said Amy Gilberts land, the produce thereof to be improved for her livelyhood and maintenance.

Whereas it appears to this Assembly that David Sage of Midltown is a distracted person, this Assembly (as the law directs,) allow the selectmen of the town of Midltown to sell the land of the said David Sage for his maintenance; provided they tender the sale thereof first to his relations.

This Assembly grants power to Lieut. John Hawly, administrator to the estate of John Negro, to sell so much of his land as will make payment of ten pounds; it appearing by a copie of record of the court of probates in the countie of Fairfield that there is near ten pound more due from the said John Negroes estate then his moveables will pay.

Whereas there were two actions depending in the court of assistants holden at Newhaven, October the 3d, 1706, by appeal from the judgment of the countie court in Newlondon, between Leicister Grossvener, of Mashamuggett in the countie of Newlondon, and Anthonie Ashbye Jun", of Groton in the said countie ; in one of which actions the said Leicister Grossvener was plaintiff contra the said Anthonie Ashbye, in an ac

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