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DON, MAY THE 6TH, 1712.
Present, The Honble Gurdon Saltonstall, Esq", Governour.

Daniel Wetherell, Esq".
Richard Christophers, Esq'.
Jonathan Prentts, Esq".
John Plumbe, Esg".
Lieut. John Richards.

George Denison. Ordered, that the treasurer of this Colony pay the several sums hereafter mentioned, viz:

1. 8. d. To Daniel Wetherell, Esq’, for tending in the Council ten times,

- - 1 10 0 To Richard Christophers, tending in Council ten times, 1 100 To Jonathan Prentts, Esq', nine times, - - - 1 02 0 To John Plumbe, Esq", six times, - - - 0 12 0 To George Denison, seven times, - - - 0 16 6 To Lieut. John Richards, three times, - - 007 6

The masters of the coasting sloops now lying in this harbour, prefered to this board a petition under their hands, praying for liberty to proceed on their voyage, for as much as the convoy is not yet come, and it being uncertain when she will come, and for other reasons therin set forth. This board, having considered the said petition, do thereupon order, that if the convoy sloop do not arrive in this harbour from Boston by six of the clock tomorrow morning, (the wind being now easterly,) the said coasters may then take their own time, and proceed on their voyage with the first fair wind.

Ordered, that Lieut. Richards, who has advanced to provide watchmen to attend the military watch in this town, the sum of seven shillings, as appears per his account now produced and allowed by this board, be payd out of the treasury the said sum of 7s. And whereas the said Lieut. Richards has supplyed the place of other delinquents mentioned also in the said account, and has payd those that served in their room: Ordered, that the commission officers of the several companies to which the said delinquents belong, do forthwith issue out the proper orders for recovering the said fines of the said delinquents according to law, and that out of them they pay to the said Lieut. Richards what he has advanced to supply such their defects.

Ordered, that the treasurer pay to Daniel Wetherell, Esq', twelve shillings, for storeage of the country arms for two years.

An account of those which were delinquent in their turns in watching:

Serjt. Stephen Prents, 1 night. Richard Brewster, one.
Thomas Jeggels, one.

Stephen Maple, one.
Phenice Thomas, one.

Eben" Bennet, one. Thomas Willey, one.

Sam Fox, one. Matthew Coy, one.




Present at this Assembly were,
The Honourable Gurdon Saltonstall, Esq", Governour.

Nathaniel Stanly, Esqr, John Haynes, Esq”,
John Hamlin, Esq”,

Samuel Eels, Esq",
William Pitkin, Esq", Mathew Allyn, Esq",

Richard Christophers, Esqr, Joseph Talcott, Esq. Representatives or Deputies that were present at this Assembly

are as follows: that is to say, Coll. William Whiting, Capt. Aaron Cook, for Hartford. Mr. Samuell Byshop, Mr. Nath! Yale, for New Haven. Mr. William Douglass, Mr. John Plum, for New London. Major John Burr, Capt. Joseph Wakeman, for Fairfield. Mr. John More, Capt. Timo Thrall, for Windsor. Lt. Jonath. Belding, Serjt. John Curtice, jun", for Wethers

field. Capt. John Hart, Lt. John Stanly, for Farmington. Lt. Thomas Ward, John Warner, junr, for Middletown. Capt. Thomas Gates, Lt. James Wells, for Haddam. Mr. James Wadsworth, for Durham. Capt. Richard Bushnell, Lt. Joseph Bachus, for Norwich. Mr. John Sherman, Ensign Joseph Minor, for Woodbury. Mr. James Hooker, for Guilford.† Mr. Edward Barker, Mr. Nathan Johnson, for Branford. Serjt. Edward Camp, Ensign Samuel Gunn, for Milford. Lt. Ephraim Minor, Ensign William Gallop, for Stoningtown. Mr. Joseph Spalding, Mr. Joseph Fellows, for Plainfield. Capt. Samuell Wells, Lt. Thomas Treat, for Glassenbury. Mr. John Hopkins, Mr. Abram Andrews, for Waterbury.

* The Journal of the Lower House is not found.

† Capt. Abraham Fowler had also been elected a representative for Guilford, but having been chosen an Assistant at this time, his name is erased on the record.


Jony, for The Governo Pro

Mr. Jonath. Bates, Mr. John Stone, for Stamford.
Mr. Joseph Hawkins, for Derby.
Capt. John Merriman, Lt. John Hall, for Wallingsford.
Mr. Michael Taintor, Mr. Joseph Wright, for Colchester.
Capt. John Park, Lt. Danll Brewster, for Preston.
Mr. Elisha Pain, for Canterbury.
[185] Capt. William Clark, Lt. Joseph Bradford, for Leb-

enon. Capt. John Griswold, Mr. Robert Lane, for Kellinsworth. Mr. Sam! Wilcockson, sen', Mr. Joseph Phelps, sen", for Syms

bury. Ensign John Colt, Mr. Renald Mavin, for Lime. Return'd, Capt. John* Hally, Mr. Ambrose Thomson, for

Mr. Joshua Ripley, Capt. John Fitch, for Windham.
Capt. James Avery, Mr. Moses Fish, for Groton.
Mr. Josiah Starr, Mr. Abraham Wileman, for Danbury.
Major John Clark, Mr. William Parker, for Seybrook.
Mr. Ebenz Meade, for Greenwich.

This day, being the day appointed by charter, and the laws of this Colony, for the Election of the publick officers of this corporation, viz :—the Governour, Deputy Governour, Assistants, Treasurer, and Secretary,–Proclamation was now made in Court, by order of the Honble the Governour and Council, and the freemen of this corporation proceeded to give in their votes to persons chosen and appointed by the Governour, Council, and Representatives, to receive and sort them.

The said persons so chosen and appointed were, John Hamlin, Esqr, William Pitkin, Esqr, Samuel Eels, Esq", Mathew Allyn, Esqr, Col. William Whiting, Major John Burr, Mr. Samuel Byshop, Mr. John Plumb, who were all sworn truly and faithfully to receive, sort, and count the said votes.-And the votes of the freemen having now been brought in, sorted, and counted,

The Honourable Gurdon Saltonstall, Esqr, was chosen Governour of this Colony, for the year ensuing, and the Governours oath was administred to him, and also the oath required by him to be taken by the act of Parliament, relating to trade and navigation.

The Honble Nathan Gold, Esqr, was chosen Deputy Governour of this Colony, for the year ensuing, and the Deputy Governours oath was administred to him.

Nathaniel Stanly, Esq", John Allyn, Esq",
John Hamlin, Esq",

John Haynes, Esq',
William Pitkin, Esq", Samuel Eels, Esq',

* It is uncertain whether the reading is John or Joseph.

Joseph Curtice, Esq", Mathew Allyn, Esq",
Richard Christophers, Esqr, Joseph Talcott, Esqr,
Peter Burr, Esqr,

Abraham Fowler, Esqr, were now chosen Assistants for this Colony for the year ensuing. And the said Nathaniel Stanly, John Hamlin, William Pitkin, Richard Christophers, John Haynes, Samuell Eels, Mathew Allyn, Joseph Talcott, and Abraham Fowler, Esqrs, were sworn Assistants before this Court accordingly.

Capt. Joseph Whiting was now chosen Treasurer of this Colony for the year ensuing.

Hez. Wyllys was now chosen Secretary of this Colony for the year ensuing, and was sworn to that office and trust. Capt. John Sherman, Speaker, 1 of the House of RepresentCapt. Richard Bushnell, Clerk,) atives. [186] By order of the Honbl the Governour, the gentlemen members of both Houses being met together, the Governour laid before them sundry letters and writings relating to the publick business and affairs of this Colony, and recommended them to this Assembly.

This Assembly do establish and confirm Mr. John Griswold Captain of the company or trainband in the town of Kellensworth.

This Assembly do establish and confirm Mr. Richard Miles to be Lieutenant of the second company or trainband in the town of New Haven.

Upon the consideration of the petition of the West Division farms in Hartford, praying for an exemption from paying country rates for four years: This Court grants the inhabitants of said West Farms the one half of their country rates for four years ; provided it shall be gathered and disposed of for the publick benefit of that society, for the promoting the ministry of the gospel there.

Susanna Bartlet, the wife of Daniel Bartlet of Guilford, and formerly the wife of Samuel Lord, late of Seybrook, deceased, and administratrix on his estate, petitioning to this Court for liberty to sell 20 pounds worth of land belonging to the said Lords estate, for the payment of the like sum due therefrom by bill, there being not moveable estate left to do it, which appears under the hand of the clerk of the court of probate in the county of New London: This Court do thereupon grant liberty, and fully impower the said Daniel Bartlet and Susanna his wife, with the advice of Dea. William Parker of Seybrook, to sell 20 pounds worth of the said Sam!! Lords land for the use aforesaid.

or the cars; provide the one haltEtants the mying aginning at the sou south to a white court, th

Upon the petition of the town of Canterbury, to have the bounds of the said town run and established, and particularly the line dividing between the said town and the town of Windham, which in a pattent for the said township of Windham, bearing date the 8th of July, 1686, is thus described, viz:Beginning at the south end of Appaquaog Pond, from thence running eight miles south to a white oak tree marked with the letter B,—and it appearing to this Court, that the said line, if it may be found, ought to be the dividend line between the said towns; and that if the said line cannot be found, that a line be run anew, as near as can be, to the description abovementioned, and the last will of Joshua, an Indian, together with a map made and mentioned by the said Indian in the said will ; which shall be and remain the dividend line between the said towns:- This Court do therefore impower and order the Worshipful Mathew Allyn, Esq", and Mr. John Plumb of New London, to endeavour to find out and renew the said line [187] || and extend it to Norwich bounds; which if they can do, they shall renew and refresh the same with proper marks. But if they can't find the said antient line, they are hereby impowred to run and state the said line [anew, according to the abovementioned directions, and the said line*] thus either renewed or new stated and established by proper marks, returned under the hands of the said persons, to the next General Assembly, and by them approved, shall be entered in the records of this Court, and remain as the dividing line between the said towns. And the said persons are hereby impowred to call in and examine such witnesses as shall be able to inform them, relating to the premises, and to take their testimony on oath if need be. And further, it is hereby ordered, that the charge of the persons abovenamed, in the performance of this service, shall be paid equally by the said towns.

This Assembly do establish and confirm Mr. Thomas Ward to be Captain of the south company, or trainband, in the town of Middletown; Ensign Samll Hall to be Lieutenant, and Mr. William Harris to be Ensign of said company.

This Court do establish and confirm Deacon Joseph Rockwell to be Lieutenant of the north company or trainband in the town of Middletown.

Upon the petition of Capt. Samuel Fish of Groton, against Mr. John Edgecomb and his wife Elizabeth, late administratrix of the estate of Joshua Hemstead of New London, pray

* These words, within brackets, which are necessary to complete the sense, are found in the original bill, Towns and Lands, II, doc. 283, but were omitted in recording.

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