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we Ols of the of Canterbela,

This committee having presented their abovementioned petition to this General Assembly, it was by the said Assembly considered and granted. [17] There being an error in the late patent granted to the town of Plainfield (through a misunderstanding of the exact bounds of the said town,) whereby some of the lands granted to the town of Canterbury are included in the patent to the proprietors of Plainfield, and this Assembly being informed of the said error by divers persons inhabitants of the town of Canterbury, complaining thereof: to prevent any trouble or damage that may happen to the said town of Canterbury, or to any other persons thereby, upon consideration of the premises do declare the said patent to be void, and order a new patent to be granted according to usual form, if desired. Cost allowed to Canterbury contr Plainfield is 11. 18. cash, and 21. 4s. 7d. pay.*

The honourable the Governour and Council do recommend to the serious consideration of the honourable House of Deputies, that after serious reflections upon the return of the committee appointed to agree the differences arising from Owanecoes claims to the lands in Colchester and New London, and long and solemn debates by committees and in Council, they cannot see their way clear to comply with what hath been presented and proposed in that behalf, and are of opinion that it is more safe to leave that matter to some other opportunitie, (hoping that they may receive some further light therein,) then by a hasty proceeding therein in the dark, to hazard the precipitation of her Majesties subjects in this government, (whose peace and quiet they are under the most solemn obligations to preserve,) into great and perplexing vexations.

Upon the petition of Benjamin Janes, late of Northampton, now resident in Wethersfield, complaining of his great sufferings by the French and Indian enemies who rifled his house, killed four of his children and scalpt his wife, who long hath been and still is under cure, and himself so impoverisht that he is unable to satisfie the surgeons, in whose hands she hath been and is like long to be, for their cost and pains therein: The Governour and Council considering his case and judging him to be an object of charitie, order that he shall have a brief craving the charitie of the good people in the towns of Branford, Gilford, Kilinsworth, and Saybrook, for his relief.

* In the margin. May, 1707. Execution is issued forth against the selectmen of Plainfield for cost allowed to Canterbury, which is cash 1l. 18. Od. and 2. 4. 7. pay.

Sam" Carter, of the town of Dearfield formerly, now of Norwalke, having suffered great loss by the French and Indian enemie making a descent upon said town of Dearfield, who rified his house, destroyed his cattle, killed his wife and three of his children, carrying four of them into captivitie, whereof one was redeemed by paying twentie four pounds borrowed money: The Governour and Council, upon his application and complaint craving relief, judging his case to call for charitie, do order that he shall have a brief craving the charitie of the good people in the towns of Newhaven and Milford, and also in the several towns in the countie of Fairfield.

Upon the petition of Dugall Makenzie, this Assembly grants him libertie to prosecute his appeal that he entered at the countie court at Newhaven the 14th of November, 1698, at the court of assistants to be holden at Newhaven in October next; and that the said Makenzie shall give bond with suretie to the secretary before the court of assistants to sit on the 15th instant, to prosecute his appeal to effect, and answer all damage in case he make not his plea good. And this Assembly orders that the said Makenzie shall be released from his imprisonment in Fairfield, and from execution upon the said judgment. And if the said Makenzie shall not prosecute his appeal as (18) abovesaid, then execution shall go forth from || the court at Newhaven upon the former judgment. Mr. Richard Blackleech, atturney for Dugall Makenzie, and Mr. Richard Edwards, did both personally appear before the said court of assistants and acknowledged themselves bound joyntly and severally in a recognizance of fiftie pounds currant money to the publick treasurie of this colonie, that the said appeal should be prosecuted as aforesaid.

This Assembly, upon the petition of Anthonie Ashbye, of the town of Groton, do order that no execution shall be issued forth against the said Ashby upon the judgment recovered against him by Leicister Grosvener of Mashamuggett, at the court of assistants holden at Hartford this present month, nor against the said Leicister Grosvener upon the judgment recovered against him by the said Ashby at the court of assistants in October last, until the General Assembly in October next have considered those causes upon which the said judgments have been given; and do order that both parties issue forth citations for appearance according to law, and abiding the judgment of the said next General Assembly.

This Assembly grants full power to Moses Wheeler, administrator on the estate of Arthur Kinde, late of Stratford, in the countie of Fairfield, deceased, with the advice of Capt. James Judson and Lieutenant John Hawly of Stratford, to make sale of so much of the lands of the said Arthur Kind as will pay his just debts.

This Assembly upon the request of Joseph Gilbert, administrator on the estate of Thomas Gilbert, late of the town of Hartford, deceased, grants him full power, with the advice of Capt. Joseph Wadsworth and Lt. Joseph Tallcott, to sell so much of the land of the said Thomas Gilbert as may be necessary for payment of his just debts.

This Assembly judgeth it expedient that the Indian murderer in durance at Fairfield shall and may be returned to the Indians, that so the Indians may have the opportunitie to execute on him as they shall determine.

This Assembly considering the case of Abigail Thomson, the condemned prisoner, do see no cause to grant her any further reprieve.

Lt. Zechariah Sanford of Hartford, as atturney for Solomon Andrews of the same town, attending this court upon a citation served upon the said Andrews to answer to a petition wherein Mr. Joseph Bull and Lt. Jonathan Hill of the said town were concerned, the said petition being denied : this Assembly grants to the said atturney twentie shillings cost (to be paid in currant pay for his attendance at this court,) against the said Joseph Bull and Jonath. Hill. Survey of Land for Coll. Robert Treat, Deputy Governour.

The General Court of this Colonie having formerly granted unto Coll. Robert Treat three hundred acres of country land, which appears to me never yet to have been laid out: I therefore have done the same upon the request of his son, as followeth, viz: At a place known by the name of Asponock, eastwardly from Lt. Aspenwell's, beginning at the southeast corner of the bounds of Capt. Daniel Wetherell and George Denisons four hundred acres, being a white oak tree marked on four sides, and is the northeast corner of this land ; thence southeasterly by meerstones twelvescore rods to a white oak, being the southeast corner, and marked on four sides ; thence west eighty rods to a black oak marked on two sides, so to a meer[19] stone eighty rods, thence || fortie rods to a maple tree standing in a ledge of rocks, marked four sides, which is the southwest corner tree; thence north norw. to the said Wetherell and Denisons southward line, so by the said line to the tree first abovementioned. Ashpenuck, March the 29th, 1705.

John Prentts, Countie Surveyor.

This Assembly doth allow and approve the within written survey of three hundred acres of land for Coll. Robert Treat, provided it doth not prejudice any former grant of this court; and do order that he shall have a patent for the confirmation thereof to himself, his heirs and assigns forever, signed and executed according to law.

[From a paper in the handwriting of Richard Christophers, communicated by Hon.



Present, The Honourable Governour,

Lieut. John Hough, Capt. Daniel Wetherell, Esq’rs, Assistants. Ens. Robert Lattimore.

Lt. Jonathan Prentts, Richard Christophers, 99, seostamise Ens. Robert Lattimore.

Ordered, That the Committee of War which were in the county of Hartford the last year, shall have the same power which they had then for the raising men upon a sudden exigence, for the relief and assistance of our own frontier towns and our neighbours in the county of Hampshire, until the next General Court.



Present at this Assembly,
Coll. Robert Treat, Esq', Deputy Governour.

Assistants present,
Major James Fitch, Nathaniel Stanly, John Hamlin, Nathan
Gold, William Pitkin, Joseph Curtis, John Chester, Josiah
Rossiter, Richard Cristophers, Peter Burr, John Alling.

Deputies present, Capt. Cyprian Nickols, Capt. Aaron Cook, for Hartford. Mr. Abraham Bradley, Lt. Samuel Smith, for Newhaven. Mr. John Richards, Capt. John Livingstone, for Newlondon. Mr. Benjamin Curtis, Mr. John Hawley, for Stratford. Mr. John Sherman, for Woodbury. Capt. Nathan'l White, Capt. John Hall, for Midltowne. Lt. Sam!! Hale, Serj. John Hubbard, for Glassenbury. Mr. John Eliot, Capt. Samuel Woolcutt, for Windzor. Capt. John Higly, Mr. Nathan' Holcomb, for Symsbury.

Mr. John Griswold, Mr. John Crane, for Kilinsworth.
Mr. Thomas Jud, Mr. Thomas Jud, jun., for Waterbury.
Major Ebenezt Johnson, Mr. Samll Brinsmead, for Darby.
Capt. Richard Bushnel,* Mr. Samuel Griswold, for Norwich.
Lt. Daniel Brewster, for Preston.
Capt. Robert Wells, Capt. Thomas Wells, for Wethersfield.
Mr. Joseph Platt, for Norwalke.
Mr. Joshua Riplye, for Windham.
Mr. William Holton, Mr. Joseph Bradford, for Lebanon.
Capt. Samuel Eels,t Lt. Joseph Treat, for Milford.
Mr. Manasseh Minor, Mr. Ichabod Palmer, for Stonington.
Lt. John Hart, Lt. John Stanly, for Farmington.
Mr. Stephen Bishop, Mr. Elisha Hollye, for Stanford.
Mr. Thomas Gates, Lt. James Wells, for Haddum.
Capt. Abraham Fowler, Mr. James Hooker, for Gilford.
Mr. Sam! Fish, Mr. Nehemiah Smith, for Groton.
Capt. John Wakeman, Lt. Joseph Wakeman, for Fairfield.
Capt. Samuel Hall, Mr. John Parker, sen., for Wallingford.
Capt. William Eely, Mr. Mathew Griswold, for Lyme.
Mr. William Parker, Mr. Nathan! Chapman, for Saybrook.
Mr. William Malbye, Mr. William Barker, for Branford.

Acts passed at this Assembly. An Act for repealing the last clause in the law made October 10th, 1706, respecting the Signing of Bills for the Pay

ment of the Colonies Debts. Whereas in the Act made October the 10th, 1706, concerning signing of bills for the payment of the colonies debts, it is said in the latter part of the said act or law,-And all accounts and bills for debts from the colonie not signed according to law shall not be received at any time, or accepted by the treasurer, or by any constable or constables, or by the auditors of the colonies accounts for the time being: This Court see cause to repeal the said latter clause of the said law, and it is hereby repealed and made void. An Act for repealing the Act past October the 10th, 1706, con

cerning Purchases of Land of the Indians without

Courts of the colon any constable any time, or an

This Court having considered the said act, and finding it to be prejudicial to this Colonie, do repeal the same, and the said act is hereby repealed and made void. An Act for repealing the last paragraph of the printed law,

title Indians. Whereas in the last paragraph of the printed law, title In

* Clerk.

† Speaker.

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