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William Eely, Nathaniel Lynde, Daniel Tayler, Nehemiah Palmer, Nehemiah Smith, and Richard Bushnell, James Morgan, Samuel Buell, Ephraim Minor, Jonath. Tracye and Thomas Bowles, Esqrs, are by this Assembly appointed justices of the peace in the countie of Newlondon.

The abovenamed William Eely, Nathaniel Lynde, Daniel Tayler, Nehemiah Palmer, Nehemiah Smith, and Richard Bushnell, are appointed to be justices of the peace and quorum in the said countie.

Acts and Laws passed at this Assembly. An Act for regulating the Signing of Bills of Cost allowed in

Civil Actions. There being no provision in the law for the direction of courts in allowing bills of cost when judgment is recovered in civill actions:

It is now ordered and enacted by this Assembly, That for the future there shall be allowed to all persons that shall recover judgment in any court of record, two shillings and six pence per day for attendance upon the court, and post wages for their travel, and what is necessary for copies, and two shillings six pence per day for witnesses. An Act for explanation of the law made May 13th, 1703, con

cerning Listers. A question arising whether the law made May the 13th, 1703, concerning listers, be still in force: This Assembly answers the said question in the affirmative, and by their vote do declare, that since there is in the said law a sufficient and easy remedie for all persons overcharged in their lists, the [14] || listers shall not be prosecuted at the common law for any error or mistake by them committed. An Act asserting the Power of Constables and Collectors of Rates to continue (after their year is expired.) for com

pleating that work. A question being propounded to this Assembly, whether the constables in the several towns in this colonie have full power to collect and gather the countrie dues at any time after their respective years be up: It is answered and declared by this Assembly in the affirmative, that they have full power, and also that all collectors of rates have the same libertie and power. An Act in addition to the law in print, title Inhabitants, whom

to be admitted. In addition to the printed law, title Inhabitants whom to be admitted, It is ordered, enacted and declared by this Assembly, that if any transient person contrary to the intent of the second paragraph in the said law, prohibiting any transient person to make his or her abode in any township in this colonie without the approbation of the authoritie and selectmen of such town, shall make his or their abode in any town or plantation within this government, every such person shall forfeit and pay to the use of the poor of such town or plantation, twentie shillings per week for every week that he or they shall continue in such town or plantation after warning given to him or them by order of the selectmen of said town or plantation to depart; any one assistant or justice of the peace to hear and determine the same. And when it shall so happen that any person who shall be convicted for breach of this act hath not estate to satisfie the fine, such person shall be whipt on the naked body, not exceeding ten stripes, unless he or they shall depart the town within ten days next after sentence given, and reside no more in said town without leave of the select men. An Act concerning Souldiers Wages and Provisions that are

in the Fort in Newlondon, or that shall be. It is ordered and enacted by this Assembly, That all bills for souldiers wages that are or shall be in the fort at Newlondon, and also for all charges for victualls and other things, shall be signed by the authoritie there, and by no other person. The Governours Council appointed for the intervale of the

General Assemblies. It is voted, consented to and concluded by this Assembly, That the Council assigned to assist the Governour, or in his absence the Deputy Governour, in the intervale of the Assembly shall consist of two of the assistants at the least, and four able, judicious freemen, such as the Governour, or in his absence the Deputy Governour, shall call to council; who shall have power in the intervale of the General Assembly to manage the affairs of this colonie according to charter, they not to raise men to send out of the colonie, unless in case of exigencye, nor to dispose of money.

Auditors of the Colonie Accounts appointed. This Assembly doth appoint Capt. Cyprian Nichols, Capt. Jonathan Sellick, Mr. Richard Cristophers, Mr. John Alling, and Mr. William Malbie, to be auditors of the colonie accounts.

The Treasurers Sallerie stated. This Assembly doth allow to the treasurer for his sallerie thirty five pounds, and thirtie pounds for riding the rounds to make up accounts with the constables.

This Assembly allows to Mr. Ichabod Wells, colonie sheriff, fortie shillings as an addition to the four pounds formerly granted to him.

This Assembly allows to Thomas Ensign, constable of Hartford, three shillings and six pence per day in pay, for nine days attendance upon the Lower House. Total is 01l. 118. 06d. [15] It is ordered by the Governour and Council, that the gentlemen belonging to the countie of Hampshire, viz. Colonel Patridge, Mr. Porter, and Mr. Dwight, shall be paid the sums due to them from this government out of the present countrie rate, if there be money to discharge those debts; and if not, that the treasurer pay the said debts out of the next rate raised in this colonie. An Order concerning the Trainbands in Stonington, upon sev

eral proposals made to this Assembly and matters pre· sented to them by Capt. Nathaniel Chesebrough, viz:

That by reason of a misrepresentation of several matters and things, the said Assembly in October last at Newhaven did order a division to be made of the trainband or company of souldiers in Stonington; that the said order being put in execution, (the said Assembly not then fully understanding the case,) may be of ill consequence, and render those affairs unpeaceable and unquiet in that town, as the said Capt. Chesebrough is now ready to make appear: Wherefore, and on consideration of the premises, the said Capt. Chesebrough doth hereby humbly propose to this honbl Assembly, and request that the said order may be repealed and made wholly void, and that now the case may be again heard and duly considered, and that now an order may be made for dividing the said trainband into two companies, so always as that a full captains company may by the said division be left in that part of the said town that is southward next the sea, under command of the present commission officers there; and also that the honbl the Governour, or some other suitable person or persons, may by this Assembly be appointed and impowered to make the said division of the said company accordingly, and also to call out the souldiers of the north company and lead them to a choice of officers in a suitable and regular manner.

The above mentioned proposals of Capt. Chesebrough presented to this Assembly for the settlement of the militia in Stonington are approved ; and the honourable our Governour, with such gentlemen as his honour shall make choice of, is desired by this Assembly to order the division of the militia in the said town accordingly, and to order the souldiers of the

nt, and hand in colchis Assembgn.

north company to be called forth to the choice of their officers in a regular manner, if they desire a new choice. Military officers appointed by this Assembly in several towns.

Increase Holly is by this Assembly appointed to be Lieutenant of the train band in Stanford, and John Knap to be their Ensign.

Joseph Hulls is by this Assembly appointed Ensign of the trainband in Derby.

Ensign Thomas Williams is by this Assembly appointed to be Lieutenant of the trainband in Plainfield, and Serjeant Timothie Pierce to be their Ensign.

John Russell is by this Assembly appointed to be Lieutenant of the trainband in the village on the east side of Newhaven, and Daniel Barnes to be their Ensign.

Sam! Gilbert is by this Assembly appointed to be Captain of the trainband in Colchester, Samuel Lomis to be their Lieutenant, and Israel Wiat to be their Ensign.

William Johnson is by this Assembly appointed to be Ensign of the trainband in Canterbury.

All the abovenamed officers are commissioned to their respective offices by order of this Assembly.

Libertie is by this Assembly granted to the inhabitants on the eastern part of the town of Greenwich to imbody themselves into church estate with the approbation of neighbour churches.

This Assembly considering the petition of the East Village of Newhaven, do see cause to order that they shall be a village [16] distinct from the township of Newhaven, and invested and privileged with all immunities and privileges that are proper and necessary for a village for the upholding of the publick worship of God, as also their own civil concerns; and in order thereunto, do grant them libertie of all such officers as are proper and necessary for a town, and to be chosen by themselves in order and form as allowed by law for each or any town. And that all such officers so chosen as aforesaid, and sworn as the law directs, shall be inabled with power and authoritie as fully and effectually for their limits or bounds, as is already granted them as any such officers of any town whatsoever. As also the said village have libertie to have a school amongst themselves with the privilege of the fortie shillings upon the thousand pound estate as every town hath by law; and also shall free their own village charge, and maintain their own poor, as all towns are obliged by law to do; and be fully freed from paying any taxes to the town of Newhaven; and shall be called by the name of Easthaven.

In answer to the petition of the selectmen of the town of Durham, it is ordered by this Assembly, that a committee be appointed to go down to the places and viewing the lands there to indevour an accommodation of the differences between the proprietors of the lands at Cockinchaug and the inhabitants of Kilinsworth, or such as shall represent them, and to state and fix a dividing line between the said proprietors and the said inhabitants. But if they cannot reconcile the said parties and fix their boundaries, then to consider what dividing line between them may be most just and equal, and where the south end of Cockinchaug swamp is, and to present their opinion thereof to the General Assembly in October next, together with their proceedings in the premises, that by order of the Assembly the bounds of each proprietie may be fixt, and future contests concerning them be determined. The committee appointed for this service is Major John Chester, Mr. John Allin, Capt. Thomas Yale, (at their own charge.)

The Petition of the Committee for Hebron. To the Honourable the General Assembly now convened at

Hartford, May 8, 1707. May it please your honours,

We your honours humble suppliants having had by the roll of Providence, a considerable tract of land freely and voluntarily bestowed upon us, by Joshua, sachim, son of Vncas, sachim, by his last will and testament which was proved in the countie court at Newlondon, and approved by a superiour court of record before your honours at Hartford, and for further confirmation of which, your honours were pleased to grant unto us the legatees of the said Joshua, sachim, by his last will and testament, a patent for the said tract, as by record will appear; and we having been at considerable charge to view those lands, and to lay them out in allotments in order to a plantation, do only now wait for and crave your honours leave and libertie to have it established and recorded a township, and by the name of Hebron to be confirmed upon it, and such incouragements from your honours as to promote the design in carrying on things civil and sacred, for the honour of God, and for the good and incouragement of your humble servants.

John Pratt, As a committee appointed
Robi Chapman, 1 by the legatees and
John Clarke,

Stephen Post.

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