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of their fortifications shall be allowed them out of their countrie rates.

Resolved, that the inhabitants of Woodbury, Waterbury and Danbury, do every of them maintain a good scout out every day from their respective towns, of two faithfull and trusty men to observe the motions of the enemy. The scouts in Woodbury and Waterbury to be appointed and directed by the commission officers in each town. The scouts in Symsbury to be appointed and directed by the major of the countie. The charges of the several scouts to be borne by the countrie as by law is provided.

Resolved, that a letter be drawn up in answer to the letters received from Colonel Schuyler and the gentlemen at Albanie. A letter drawn up in answer to those letters was read and approved in Council.

Ordered by the Governour and Council, that Serjt Jonath. Williams, Gershom Sexton, Abraham Cornwell, Timothie Phelps, and Charles Coots, that went up to the Great Falls in October last upon publick service, shall be allowed eight shillings apiece more then what is allowed them in the debenture given them by Capt. Mathew Allin. And that Jonath. Arnold who went up to Cooss upon the said service shall be allowed out of the publick treasurie fiftie shillings more then what is allowed him in his former debenture for his service in October last. And that Major Ebenezer Johnson, for the travel of himself and his son to Albanie upon publick service and for their expences, shall be allowed out of the colonie treasurie six pounds in current countrie pay.


Present at this Assembly, The Honbl Major General John Winthrop, Esqr, Governour. Colonel Robert Treat, Esq", Deputy Governour.

Assistants present, Nathaniel Stanly, )

Joseph Curtis, ) John Hamlin,

John Chester,

Nathan Gold,
William Pitkin, J John Alling. )
[11] Deputies present at this Assembly are,
Joseph Wadsworth, Cyprian Nicholls, for Hartford.
Capt. Mathew Allin, Samuel Woolcutt, for Windzor.


Josiah Rossitei

James Treat, John Curtis, for Wethersfield.
Thomas Talmage, Abraham Bradly, for Newhaven.
John Levingstone, for New London.
Samuel Eels, for Milford.
Nathaniel White, Thomas Ward, for Midltown.
Richard Bushnel, for Norwich.
Jonath. Sellick, for Stanford.
John Crane, for Kilinsworth.
Abraham Fowler, for Gilford.
Nehemiah Smith, for Groton.
Daniel Brewster, for Preston.
Thomas Jud, for Waterbury.
Samuel Hale, Thomas Treat, for Glassenbury.
Joshua Riplye, Jonath. Crane, for Windham.
John Chapman, James Wells, for Haddum.
James Judson, for Stratford.
William Malbie, for Branford.
Ebenezer Johnson, for Derby.
Thomas Yale, for Wallingford.
John Higlye, James Cornish, for Symsbury.
Ephraim Minor, Henerie Stephens, for Stonington.
John Hooker,* Thomas Hart, for Farmington.
John Sprage, William Clarke, for Lebanon.
William Ely, for Lime.
William Parker, Robert Chapman, for Saybrook.
Joseph Platt, for Norwalke.

The Governour (after the opening of the Court,) informed the Assembly that the occasion of his calling them together at this time was a letter that he had received from Governour Dudly, wherein his Excellency signified to him that upon the earnest desire of the General Assembly of his Province he determined to raise a thousand men for an expedition against the French and Indian enemies in L'Accadie and Nova Scotia, desiring that forces might be sent from this Colonie to joyn with them.

His Excellencies letter was read in Council, with other letters relating to that expedition.

The Court was adjourned to the 3d day of the month at eight of the clock in the morning.

April 3d. The Assembly being convened, a committee was appointed to consider and prepare an answer to Governour Dudlies letter. The persons appointed are Capt. Nathan Gold, William Pitkin, and Major John Chester for the Upper House.

* Clerk

A bill was drawn up, presented and approved by both houses, in answer to the said letter, in the words following, viz:

This Assembly having considered the motion of his Excellency Governour Dudly to our Governour, for joyning the forces of this government in his expedition against L'Accadie and Nova Scotia, are of opinion that it is not their duty under their present circumstances to comply with the said motion ; and therefore for divers reasons do decline the same. (1st,) They have not been of council in, nor had opportunitie of consent unto the said expedition. (2ly,) They do not understand that the neighbouring governments, who are equally obliged, are concerned therein. (3) Which is very considerable, the vast expence this government hath been out in the defence of the countie of Hampshire and their own frontiers, doth very much incapacitate them, and what may be further expected of like nature doth altogether discourage from joyning in such an enterprize.

This Assembly grants to Elizabeth Bucklin of Hartford, widow, six pounds for her time spent in tending of her son who was taken sick in the countries service, to be paid out of the countrie treasurie.

Upon the complaint of John Murrin of Milford, tanner, who complains that he cannot vend his leather, which is like to be much to his damage if not considered by this Court: this Assembly therefore grants to the said Murren a libertie of transporting out of the colonie leather thus lying upon his hands. This libertie to continue till the last of May next. [12] This Assembly grants to Ichabod Wells, sheriff, a sallerie of four pounds for his service the last year, and the bill for six pounds which he formerly received of Mr. Stanly and Mr. Pitkin is to be returned.

This Assembly grants to Ebenezer Gilbert of Hartford, six shillings for his attendance upon the Lower House two days.


TO THE 22D DAY OF THE SAME MONTH. Major General John Winthrop, Esq", was chosen Governour. Colonel Robert Treat, Deputy Governour. The persons undernamed were chosen to be Assistants for the

year ensuing, Major James Fitch, Esq', Capt. Daniel Wetherel, Esqr.

Nathaniel Stanly, Esq", Major John Chester, Esq',
Capt. John Hamlin, Esq', Josiah Rossiter, Esq",
Capt. Nathan Gold, Esq", Richard Cristophers, Esq",
William Pitkin, Esq', Peter Burr, Esq",
Joseph Curtis, Esqi, John Alling, Esq".

Present in this Assembly and sworn,
Major General John Winthrop, Esqr, Governour.
Colonel Robert Treat, Esq', Deputy Governour.

Assistants present,
Major James Fitch, Esq", Joseph Curtis, Esq”,
Capt. Daniel Wetherell, Esq, Major John Chester, Esq",
Nathaniel Stanly, Esq', Josiah Rossiter, Esq', .
Capt. John Hamlin, Esq", Peter Burr, Esq',
Capt. Nathan Gold, Esqr, John Alling, Esq'.
William Pitkin, Esq',

Deputies present are as follows:
Capt. Cyprian Nichols, Capt. Joseph Wadsworth, for Hartford.
Mr. Abraham Bradly, Mr. William Thomson, for Newhaven.
Lt. John Hough, for Newlondon.
Lt. Joseph Wakeman, Mr. Jonath. Sturge, for Fairfield.
Capt. Richard Bushnell, Lt. Solomon Tracye, for Norwich.
Mr. John Eliott, Capt. Samuel Woolcutt, for Windzor.
Mr. Benjamin Curtis, Lt. John Hawly, for Stratford.
Capt. Jonath. Sellick, Mr. Elisha Holly, for Stanford.
Capt. James Averie, Capt. James Morgan, for Groton.
Mr. William Parker, Mr. Nathaniel Chapman, for Saybrook.
Mr. William Malbye, Mr. William Barker, for Branford.
Mr. John Crane, Mr. Robert Lane, for Kilinsworth.
Mr. John Sherman, Capt. John Minor,* for Woodbury.
Capt. Abraham Fowler, Mr. James Hooker, for Gilford.
Capt. Samuel Wells, Lieut. Samuel Hale, for Glassenbury,
Capt. Robert Wells, Mr. John Curtis, for Wethersfield.
Mr. Thomas Betts, Mr. Samuel Hanford, for Norwalke.
Mr. Thomas Jud, for Norwalk.f.
Mr. Joseph Knap, for Greenwich.
Lt. John Hart, Mr. Jobn Wadsworth, for Farmington.
Ens. Thomas Taylor, Mr. Josiah Starr, for Danbury.
Capt. Thomas Yale, Lt. John Merriman, for Wallingford.
Ens. Joseph Peck, Lt. Joseph Treat, for Milford.
Mr. William Holton, Mr. Joseph Bradford, for Lebanon.
Capt. John Higly, Mr. Nathaniel Holcomb, for Symsbury,
Capt. John Parke, Ens. William Billing, for Preston.

* Clerk.

† An error in recording; read Waterbury.

Capt. William Eely, Mr. Mathew Griswold, for Lyme.
Capt. Nathaniel White, Lt. Thomas Ward, for Midltown.
[13] Major Ebenezer Johnson, for Derby.
Mr. Joshua Riply, Mr. Joseph Caree, for Windham.
Mr. Nehemiah Palmer, Mr. Henerie Stephens, for Stonington.
Lt. James Wells and Thomas Gates, for Haddum.

Judges and Justices appointed by this Assembly. William Pitkin, Esqr, is appointed judge of the countie court and court of probate in the countie of Hartford.

Justices appointed for the countie of Hartford. Of the peace': John Hains, John Eliott, Joseph Tallcott, Mathew Allin, John More, John Hooker, Thomas Hart, John Higly, Robert Wells, James Treat, Nathaniel White, John Chapman, Eleazar Kimberly, Joshua Riplye, Thomas Jud, Esqrs; Michael Tainter to be justice of the peace in the town of Colchester.

The above named John Hains, John Eliott, Joseph Tallcott, Robert Wells, and Mathew Allin, are appointed to be justices of the peace and quorum in the said countie.

John Alling Esqr is appointed judge of the countie court and court of probates in the countie of Newhaven. Justices of the peace appointed in the said countie of Newhaven.

William Malbye, Jeremiah Osborn, Thomas Clarke, Ebenezer Johnson, Nathaniel Andrews, Samuel Eels, Abraham Fowler, Thomas Yale, John Hall, Esqrs.

The above named William Malbie, Thomas Clarke, Ebenezer Johnson, Samuel Eels, and Abraham Fowler, are appointed to be justices of the peace and quorum in the same countie. And also the above named Nathan Andrews.

Nathan Gold, Esq", is by this Assembly appointed judge of the countie court and court of probates in the countie of Fairfield.

Justices of the peace appointed for the countie of Fairfield.

John Wakeman, Mathew Sherwood, James Judson, James Olmstid, Jonath. Sellick, John Minor, James Bebee, John Sherman, Samuel Peck, Ebenezer Meed, Samuel Hoyt.

The abovenamed John Wakeman, Mathew Sherwood, James Judson, James Olmstid, Jonath. Sellick, and John Minor, are appointed by this Assembly to be justices of the peace and quorum in the said countie.

Daniel Wetherell, Esq”, is by this Assembly appointed judge of the countie court and court of probates in the countie of Newlondon.

ler, Tln, Nath Jeremi

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