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cloathing, arms, horses, saddles, bridles and other furniture, and of all other things whatsoever which he, they or any of them have impressed for the use and service of the Colony in this present year 1709, and the name of every person from whom they impressed and took the same, and to send and deliver the same accompts and warrants sealed up, to the judge of the county court within the county to which he belongs, on or before the said last Tuesday of December next, on pain that every sheriff, deputy sheriff and constable who shall neglect his duty herein, shall pay a fine of five pounds money, to the publick treasury of this Colony, to be levyed by distress.

And it is enacted and ordained by the authority aforesaid, That as well the captain or other chief officer of every company or trainband within this Colony, who detached or impressed any men for the aforementioned expedition, as also the captain or other chief officer of every company of souldiers, both English and Indians, who marched upon the said [95] expedition, shall make and || draw a true, plain, and particular accompt in writing under his hand, of all cloathing, arms, and other goods and things whatsoever, which either they themselves did impress, or any officers or souldiers detached for the said expedition did take up, or which was by his or their order delivered to any such officers or souldiers on the credit of this Colony, with the name of the person from whom the same was impressed or taken, and to whom delivered, with the price thereof, and to send and deliver the same accompts sealed up, to the judge of the county court within the county to which he belongs, on or before the said last Tuesday of December next. And the captain or other chief officer of every company of souldiers upon the said late expedition, shall also make a true and exact list of all the officers and souldiers that have been under his command upon the said expedition, with the time of the date of his own and inferiour officers commissions, and the time when his said souldiers were impressed or listed, and when dismissed or disbanded, with the time of the decease of such of them as are dead, or shall dye in the said service, and send the said list sealed up to the judge of the county court in the county to which he belongs, on or before the said last Tuesday of December next.

And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That Richard Christophers, Peter Burr, John Alling, and Richard Lord, Esqrs, and Mr. Nathanael Hooker, or any three of them, be a committee for and on the behalf of this Colony, with full power, and they are hereby fully authorized and impowred to examine and pass all the aforementioned accompts, and to

take especial care that the Colony have no wrong nor damage thereby, and that none of the Colonys creditors, in their said accompts, do charge the Colony debtor for any service, matter, or thing whatsoever, any more than the law allows, or than is reasonable to be allowed for the same, and to draw and sign orders to the Colony treasurer for paying all the sums due out of the treasury; also to audit, examine and pass the accompts of Mr. Joseph Whiting, commissary upon the aforesaid expedition, and to see that out of his said accompts everything proper be charged to the officers and souldiers respectively, to whom they were delivered, and to take accompt of all the goods whatsoever which the said commissary took up on the credit of this Colony, at all places wheresoever, and how and to whom they were disposed of, and of what stores belonging to this Colony, shall be remaining in his hands. And the said committee, upon their audit of all the said accompts aforementioned, shall give and make out orders to the treasurer to pay out of the colony treasury to all officers and souldiers imployed in the said expedition, the wages remaining due to them respectively. And the said treasurer is hereby ordered and required to make payment thereof accordingly, out of the bills of publick credit emitted and delivered to him, and to keep true and exact accompts of all such payments, to be laid before the General Assembly of this Colony as they shall require. 196] And further, it is enacted by the authority aforesaid, || That the said committee, before they enter upon the said work and business committed to them by this act, shall take the following oath, viz:

You, A. B., swear that without partiality and respect of persons, you shall truly and faithfully do, perform, and execute the office and trust committed to and reposed in you by the act of the General Assembly of this Colony, made and passed at their session, October 13th, 1709, intituled An Act for passing and regulating the Publick Accompts of the Colony, and payment of money out of the treasury, according to the best of your skill and ability. So help you God. .

Which oath shall be administred unto them, and a record made thereof, by any two assistants or justices of the peace. And the said committee shall be allowed and paid out of the publick treasury of this Colony, for their time and expences in the service aforesaid, the sum of four shillings per day, as money.

And it is further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That the said committee shall meet together at some convenient place by them appointed in the town of Hartford, on or before

And be it justice diers, of all, accompt the payof No

the first Tuesday of January next ensuing, upon the service aforesaid, and there continue upon the same until it shall be finished. And the judge of each county court within this Colony, shall carefully transmit to the said committee at the said town of Hartford, all the said lists, accompts, and writings, (which shall be brought to them pursuant to the intent of this act,) on or before the said first Tuesday of January next, at which time the said commissary also shall lay his accompts before the said committee. And the committee shall state and settle all the said accompts of the Colony in a plain and proper method and form, in sticht books for that purpose, and lay the same before the General Assembly of this Colony in October, 1710.

And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That no assistant, justice of the peace, captain, or other officer of any company of souldiers, or other officer whatsoever within this Colony, shall sign any bill, accompt, debenture, or other order whatsoever to the treasurer, for the payment of any money out of the treasury, until the first day of November, Anno Dom., 1710, any former law, usage, or custom to the contrary notwithstanding.

This Assembly allows and approves the act of the Honbl Deputy Governour and Council, in sending Capt. John Miles and his company to the relief of our sick souldiers at Albany and the Wood Creek.

This Assembly do order and enact, That the Council to assist the Governour, and in his absence the Deputy Governour, in the intervals of the General Assembly, shall consist of two of [97] || the assistants at the least, and four able, judicious freemen, such as the Governour, or in his absence the Deputy Governour, shall see cause to call to Council ; who shall have power in the intervals of the General Assembly to manage the affairs of this Colony according to charter, they not to raise men to send out of the Colony, unless in case of exigency, nor to raise money.

This Assembly do order and appoint Major John Clark and Mr. Daniell Taylor of Saybrook, to demand and receive of Mr. Maltby of said Saybrook, a quantity of barley belonging to this Colony, and of Mr. Peck of Lyme, a parcel of cattle belonging to this Colony; and to sell the same for the best advantage, and pay the effects to the treasurer for the use of the Colony.

The Deputy Governour, Council and Representatives, now in General Court assembled, have agreed to request and appoint the Honourable Gurdon Saltonstall, Esqr, to be Agent for this Colony, to attend her Majestie and manage the affairs of this government mentioned in the address drawn up and agreed upon by the several Governours at the Congress at Rehoboth in this present month. And this Assembly do hereby constitute, appoint, and request, the said Honourable Gurdon Saltonstall, Esq", to accept that office and trust accordingly. And this Assembly do allow and grant out of the publick treasury of this Colony, the sum of two hundred pounds sterling money, to be paid to his Honour for the defraying the charge of his agency, and a recompence for the same, if he shall accept and attend that service.

This Assembly have agreed to suspend, and not at present to declare their accèpting or not accepting, a bill of exchange drawn upon this Colony by Sir Henry Ashhurst, and laid before this Assembly at this time, for the sum of one hundred and forty seven pounds.

The whole record of the several acts, grants, and orders of this Assembly, as they stand in the pages of this book next preceding, were read in the presence of both Houses, and ordered to be signed by the Secretary as perfect and compleat.

Test. CALEB STANLY, Secry. Of the Representatives that attended at this Assembly, several were absent, as follows, viz: Capt. Joseph Talcott, Capt. John Hawly, Capt. Robert Wells, Lieut. Samuel Hale, Capt. Nath. Harrison, Mr. Thomas Williams, Mr. Joseph Platt, were absent each 1 day; and Mr. Robert Lane, and Mr. Joseph Beckus, were absent each 9 days; and Capt. John Crane, and Mr. William Warner, were absent each 7 days; and Mr. Wakefield Dibble was absent 3 days.

October 28th, 1709. This Assembly is adjourn'd until the Governour or Deputy Governour shall see cause to call them to meet again. [98] There was added to the lists of persons and estates brought in at this Assembly, by the accounts of the listers of several towns sent to the Secretary, as followeth, viz: 2. $. d.

I. 8. d. To New London list, 79 0 0 To Hartford list, 273 0 0 To Waterbury list, 76 00 To Branford list, 189 100 To Woodbury list, 690 1 0 To Fairfield list, 710 30 To Killinsworth list, 71 00 To Newhaven list, 1351 10 0 To Windsor list, 256 0 0 To Colchester list, 80 10 0 To Saybrook list, 181 10 10

An account of all the above additions was given to the Treasurer.




Present at this Assembly were, The Honourable Gurdon Saltonstall, Esq, Governour. The Honourable Nathan Gold, Esq', Deputy Governour.

Assistants, Daniell Wetherell, Esqr, Joseph Curtis, Esq', Nathanael Stanly, Esq", Richard Christophers, Esq", John Hamlin, Esq",

Peter Burr, Esq", William Pitkin, Esq", John Haynes, Esq". John Chester, Esq",

Samuell Eells, Esq”. Deputies or Representatives that were present and attended at

Mr. Joseph Talewere as hereafte

this Assembly were as hereafter followeth : that is to say, Capt. Joseph Talcott, Mr. Nathi Hooker, for Hartford. Mr. Abraham Bradly, Mr. Samuell Smith, for Newhaven. Mr. William Douglas, Mr. Jonathan Prentts, for New London. Capt. Joseph Wakeman, Capt. John Burr, for Fairfield. Mr. John Eliot, Mr. Roger Woolcott, for Windsor. Capt. Joshua Robbins, Mr. William Warner, for Wethersfield. Mr. John Stanly, Capt. John Hart, for Farmington. Capt. Nath? White, Capt. John Hall, for Middletown. Mr. James Wells, Mr. Daniell Brainard, for Haddam. Mr. Joshua Ripley, Mr. Joseph Carey, for Windham. Mr. Samuell Hale, Mr. Thomas Kimberly, for Glassenbury. Mr. Michael Tainter, Mr. Samuel Loomis, for Colchester. Capt. John Higley, Mr. Samuel Wilcockson, for Simsbury. Mr. John Hopkins, Mr. Stephen Upson, for Waterbury. Mr. Jonathan Law, Mr. Joseph Peck, for Milford. Mr. Edward Barker, for Branford. Mr. Joseph Tuttle, Mr. Daniel Collins, for Easthaven. Mr. John Hall, Mr. Samuel Royce, for Wallingford. Mr. John Riggs, for Derby. [99] Mr. James Wadsworth, Mr. Caleb Seward, for Durham.

* The Journal of the Lower House only, at this session, is found.

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