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The Honble Major Generat at this Assemb


Present at this Assembly,
The Honble Major General John Winthrop, Esqr, Governour.
The Honble Collonel Robert Treat, Esq", Deputy Governour.

Daniel Wetherell, Esq”, John Chester, Esq",
Nathaniel Stanly, Esq", Josiah Rossetter, Esqr,
John Hamlin, Esq",

Richard Christophers, Esq", Nathan Gold, Esq",

Peter Burr, Esq, Joseph Curtis, Esq, John Alling, Esqr.

Representatives present at this Assembly are, Capt. Cyprian Nickols, Capt. Joseph Wadsworth, of Hartford. Lt. Thomas Talmage, Mr. Abraham Bradly, for Newhaven. Capt. John Levingstone, Ens. John Richards, for Newlondon. Lt. James Bennett, Lt. Joseph Wakeman, for Fairfield. Capt. Samuel Woolcutt, for Windzor. Capt. Samuel Eells,* Mr. Jonath. Lawe,t for Milford. Lt. James Treat, Serjt. John Curtis, for Wethersfield. Capt. Nathan) White, Lt. Thomas Ward, for Midltown. Capt. Richard Bushnel, Lt. Solomon Tracie, for Norwich.

* Speaker.

† Clerk.

Capt. Jonath. Sellick, Lt. David Waterbury, for Stanford.
Mr. John Crane, Mr. Robert Lane, for Killinsworth.
Capt. Abraham Fowler, Mr. James Hooker, for Gilford.
Mr. Nehemiah Smith, Serjt. Samuel Fish, for Groton.
Ens. Thomas Tayler, Mr. Josiah Starr, for Danbury.
Capt. John Park, Lt. Daniel Brewster, for Preston.
Mr. Thomas Jud, senr, Mr. Thomas Jud, junr, for Waterbury.
Lt. Samuel Hale, for Glassenbury.
Mr. Joshua Ripley, for Windham.
Mr. John Sherman, for Woodbury.
Lt. James Wells, Capt. John Chapman, for Haddum.
Capt. James Judson, Mr. Ambros Thomson, for Stratford.
Mr. William Malbie, for Branford.
Majr. Ebenezer Johnson, Mr. Samuel Brinsmead, for Derby.
Capt. Thomas Yale, Capt. Sam!! Hall, for Wallingford.
Capt. John Higlye, Mr. Sam” Cornish, for Symsbury.
Mr. Ephraim Minor, senr, Mr. Henerie Stephens, for Stonington.
Capt. Thomas Hart, Mr. John Hooker, for Farmington.
Ens. John Sprage, Mr. William Clarke, for Lebanon.
Capt. William Eely, Ens. Joseph Peck, for Lime.
Mr. William Parker, Mr. Robert Chapman, for Saybrook.
Mr. Joseph Platt, for Norwalke.
Joseph Knap, for Greenwich.

Acts and Laws passed at this Assembly.
An Act for exempting the settled Ministers of the Gospel from

e payment of Rates. It is ordered and enacted by the Governour, Council and Representatives, in General Court assembled, and by the authoritie of the same, That all the ministers of the gospel that now are or hereafter shall be settled in this colonie, during the continuance of their publick service in the gospel, shall have all their estates lying in the same town where they dwell, and all the polls belonging to their several families, exempted, and they are hereby exempted and freed from being entred in the publick lists and payment of rates. [2] || An Act for preventing the unnecessary Expence of Time at the session of the General Assembly, in examining the

Lists of Estates of the several Towns. Whereas by an Act past in the General Assembly holden at Hartford, May the 10th, 1705, it is enacted that the listers in the several towns in this colonie should take due care that the several lists drawn up by them should be transmitted to the General Assembly in October annually:

It is now ordered and enacted by this Assembly, That the listers shall onely send the sum total of their several respective lists of estates, with the number of male persons in their respective towns, to the General Assembly in October yearly, under their hands, by the deputies of their several towns respectively; and that the said listers shall have power of inspecting their respective lists according to law from the first of October to the last of December annually. An Act for regulating the Signing of Bills to the Treasurer

and Constables upon the Colonie account. Whereas it is found by experience that there is not due care taken in signing of bills to the treasurer and constables for debts due from the colonie, many persons having accounts signed without the sundry particulars mentioned therein, and unreasonable prizes are allowed for interteinment of men and horses, and for service done for the colonie: for the prevention whereof,

It is ordered and enacted by this Assembly, That for the future it shall not be lawfull for any assistant or justice of the peace within this colonie to sign any account or bill for any person whatsoever to be paid out of the publick treasurie, unless the several particulars with the prizes of them be inserted therein; and due care shall be taken by them that the colonie be not wronged by extravagant prizes for mens service and for such things that shall at any time be taken up for publick use. And all accounts and bills for debt from the colonie not signed according to law shall not be received at any time or accepted by the treasurer, or by any constable or constables, or by the auditors of the colonie accounts for the time being. An Act for preventing of Fraud and Deceit in barrelling and

vending of Tar and Turpentine. It is ordered and enacted by this Assembly and the authoritie thereof, That the countie courts in this colonie shall in every town needfull thereof, appoint a suitable and fit person to search all barrels of tar and turpentine before it be exposed to sale or shipped on hoard any ship or vessel for exportation, who shall take care that all such barrels of tar and turpentine be of full gage according to law, and that they be filled with tar and turpentine, good and merchantable, free from all fraudulent and deceitful mixture of earth, stones, or other such deceitfull matter, who shall set his mark or brand upon all such barrels as he shall upon search find to be good and merchantable, and free from deceit as aforesaid, and for his pains therein shall have two pence per barrel, to be paid to him by the person that shall imploy him. And all barrels of tar or turpentine exposed to sale or shipped on board any ship or vessel for transportation, not searched and marked as aforesaid, upon proof thereof shall be forfeited, one half thereof or the value to the complainer that shall prosecute his complaint to effect, and the other half to the treasurie of the countie where such tar shall be seized and brought to trial. An Act concerning Purchasers of Land of the Indians without

grant from the General Assembly. This Assembly being informed that several persons in this colonie have made purchases of land of the Indian natives [3] without any grant || or libertie of purchasing obteined from the General Assembly according as the law directs, and being sensible that such insufficient titles or claims to land may prove of ill consequence to the purchasers and their families : for remedie whereof, and for the quieting and better and orderly settlement of all such persons who have made any such purchases as aforesaid without any fraud or deceit, and whose purchases do not interfere with any grants made by this Assembly, and are not in themselves extravagant and prejudicial to any plantation already settled, or to the settlement of any plantation ;

It is ordered and enacted, and declared by this Assembly, That if the said purchasers shall bring or send to the General Assembly in May next a true account of the respective purchases so made by them, there shall not any advantage be taken against them in the law by reason of their so sending to said General Court, but the General Court will be ready and willing to do all that for them for their more orderly settlement which may in justice be done, consonant and agreeable with the ends of the charter. And all such persons who have made any such purchases as aforesaid, and do not bring or send an account thereof to the General Assembly in May next, shall not have any benefit or advantage by this order. An Order for altering the day appointed by law for the Freemen in the Countie of Newlondon to meet to give in their

Proxies for the Nomination of Publick Officers. Whereas the times appointed by law for holding the countie court in the countie of Newlondon, and for the freemen in the said countie to meet to give in their proxies for the nomination of publick officers, fall out to be both upon the same day, viz. the third Tuesday in September, which is found by experience to be very inconvenient: for remedie thereof,

It is ordered by this Assembly, That for the future, the day for the meeting of the freemen in the said countie to give in

their proxies as aforesaid shall be the second Tuesday in September annually, any former law, usage or custom to the contrary notwithstanding. An Act for the preventing and punishing of Tipling and

Drunkenness. It is ordered and enacted by this Assembly, That if any person be found drunken so that he be thereby bereaved and disabled in the use of his understanding, appearing in his speech or gesture, he shall forfeit the sum of ten shillings; and if any person or persons shall continue tipling in any publick or private house, after nine of the clock at night, every person so offending shall forfeit the sum of five shillings, and the master or mistress of the familie where such tipling shall be, shall forfeit the sum of fortie shillings. The fines to be to the treasurie of the town where the offence is committed, for the use of the poor therein. And for want of goods whereon to make distress, the offender or offenders to be set in the stocks, there to continue not exceeding three hours, and not less then one hour. All breaches of this law to be heard and determined by any assistant or justice of the peace. . Stocks to be made and maintained in every Town in this

Colonie. It is ordered and enacted by this Assembly, That every town in this colonie shall make and maintain at their own charge a good pair of stocks sufficient to hold such offenders as shall be sentenced thereto, with a lock and key to secure offenders therein; and if any town be without a pair of stocks as aforesaid after the first of March next, the selectmen of such town shall forfeit the sum of ten shillings to the countie treasurie, and so ten shillings for every month they are defective therein, to be heard and determined by any assistant or justice of the peace. Criminals brought to the Countie Court and condemned there, to have libertie of one Review to the same Court and no


, Il is ordered and enacted by this Assembly and the authoritie thereof, That all criminals who are brought directly to the [4] countie court and condemned there || shall have the libertie of one review to the same court and no further. Provided they give sufficient securitie to prosecute their review to effect, and to abide the judgment of the court therein.

This Assembly grants a rate of four pence upon the pound, for the defraying of the charges of the colonie, to be paid in

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