Public Documents of Massachusetts, Volume 5-8

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Secretary of the Commonwealth, 1882
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Halaman 6 - The relation between officer and soldier is something so different in kind from anything which civil life has to offer, that it has proved almost impossible to transfer methods or maxims from the one to the other. If a regiment is merely a caucus, and the colonel the chairman, — or merely a fire-company, and the colonel the foreman, — or merely a prayer-meeting, and the colonel the moderator, — or merely a bar-room, and the colonel the landlord, —then the failure of the whole thing is a foregone...
Halaman 6 - An army is an aristocracy, on a three-years' lease, supposing that the period of enlistment. No mortal skill can make military power effective on democratic principles. A democratic people can perhaps carry on a war longer and better than any other; because no other can so well comprehend the object, raise the means, or bear the sacrifices. But these sacrifices include the surrender, for the time being, of the essential principle of the government. Personal independence in the soldier, like personal...
Halaman 47 - The auditor's report shall annually contain a particular statement of the transactions of the funds belonging to, or held in trust by the Commonwealth...
Halaman 137 - Judge Advocate. No other officers than those named can be assembled without manifest injury to the service.
Halaman 7 - ... without it all other gifts are useless. Now, for the exercise of power there is no preparation like power, and nowhere is this preparation to be found in this community, except in regular army training. Nothing but great personal qualities can give a man by nature what is easily acquired by younger men of very average ability who are systematically trained to command.
Halaman 119 - For a combination or .attempt to break, resist or evade the laws or lawful orders given to a person, or advising any person so to do.
Halaman viii - ... who shall certify to the value of the premises mortgaged or to be mortgaged, according to their best judgment, and such report shall be filed and preserved among the records of the corporation.
Halaman x - ... to any securities which have been or may be held by it in pledge or as security for a loan or indebtedness ; and the same shall be held for the purposes for which they were pledged...
Halaman x - ... indirectly, be an obligor for money borrowed of the corporation ; and if such member or officer becomes the owner of real estate upon which a mortgage is held by the corporation, his office shall become vacant at the expiration of sixty days thereafter, unless he has ceased to be the owner thereof, or has caused said mortgage to be discharged. Only one of the persons holding the offices of president, clerk, and treasurer shall at the same time be a member of the investing committee.

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