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Halaman 8 - Steel Tires On Locomotive Driving Wheels, and on Steel-Tired Wheels, give the best results for every variety of service. THOMAS PROSSER & SON, 15 Cold St., NEW YORK.
Halaman 37 - ... remains open until the piston has completed its stroke, which should never occur. Therefore the exhaust should be made to close later at A and earlier at B. If it is too great or too small when equalized, then the only remedy would be to change the inside lap of the valve. Back pressure will be shown by the distance apart of the atmospheric line and the line of counter pressure as shown in Fig. 1. Back pressure is largely controlled by the speed, design of the engine, adjustment of the valves,...
Halaman 10 - Locomotives. Adapted to every variety of service, and built accurately to gauges and templates after standard designs, or to railroad companies' drawings. Like parts of different engines of same class perfectly interchangeable. ELECTRIC LOCOMOTIVES AND ELECTRIC CAR TRUCKS WITH APPROVED MOTORS.
Halaman 41 - SIGHT FEED LUBRICATORS for Cylinder and Air Brakes STEAM FIRE EXTINGUISHERS for Switching and Yard Engines Boiler Washers, Rod and Guide Oil Cups, etc. SEND FOR CATALOGUE Sole Agency of the Coale Muffler Safety Valves. Original and Exclusive Manufacturers of "Non-Corrosive
Halaman 88 - If there is no business of a miscellaneous nature which any member desires to bring up, a motion to adjourn will be in order. On motion, the meeting adjourned until 8 o'clock PM EVENING SESSION.

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