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THE PRESIDENT: If there is nothing further to discuss, we will take a vote on this motion that has been seconded, that the members present endorse the recommendations of the committee, in which the Highway Commission concurs, that this bond issue be approved and ratified by the people. Are you ready for the question? All in favor signify by saying aye. Opposed no. The motion is carried.

The meeting adjourned for one month.

[blocks in formation]


In December, 1915, initiative petitions were filed with the Secretary of State, bearing the names of more than eight per cent of the qualified electors, proposing two amendments to the constitution. They were officially described as follows:

No. 1. “PROHIBITION. Initiative measure adding Article XXIV to Constitu

tion. Defines alcoholic liquor. After January 1, 1920, prohibits the manufacture, sale or possession of same, except for medicinal, sacramental, scientific and mechanical purposes under restrictions prescribed by law. Prescribes and authorizes penalties. Declares payment of Internal Revenue Tax prima facie evidence of violation. Declares this amendment shall not affect prohibitory liquor laws, or ordinances, enacted before such date, or be construed as in conflict with Article XXIV-A of Constitution if latter article is adopted, and that this amendment supersedes that article on that date."


STITUTION. Defines alcoholic liquor; after January 1, 1918, prohibits its possession, gift or sale in saloon, dram shop, dive, store, hotel, restaurant, club, dance hall or other place of public resort; prohibits sale, accepting or soliciting orders anywhere, except in pharmacies for certain purposes and by manufacturers on premises where manufactured, under delivery and quantity restrictions. Owner or manager of all such places to prevent drinking therein. Restricts transportation. Payment Internal Revenue Tax prima facie evidence of violation. Prescribes and authorizes penalties. Neither repeals nor limits state or local prohibition, or Article XXIV of Constitution."

The number of signatures being sufficient, the question of the adoption or rejection of the policies thus summarized is to be submitted to the voters of California at the election of November 7, 1916.

The importance of the questions involved brought a request that they be discussed before the Club and the Board of Governors therefore set aside the September meeting for presentation of arguments. Owing to the sharp conflict of opinion over the amendments the selec

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