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An ACT to raise by way of lottery, a sum of money to defray the expence of re. building a church in the borough of York

p. 314. ch. 111 An ACT to authorise Charles Smith, of the borough of Lancaster, his heirs and

assigns, to erect and maintain a wing-dam in the river Juniata, under certain restrictions

p. 316. ch. 102 An ACT authorising William Wright, to lead off and use part of the waters of the Susquehanna, on his own land, in York county.

p. 343. ch. 116 An ACT to authorise Samuel Bell and Nicholas Gerst, their heirs and assigns respectively, to erect mill-dams on Swatara creek, in the county of Dauphin

p. 345. ch. 117 An ACT to vest in Sophia Biddle, for the use of herself and children, certain

parts of the forfeited estate of John Biddle, which have not yet come into the possession of this commonwealth

p. 348. ch. 119 An ACT dissolving the marriage between John Alexander and Hannah his wife

p. 356. ch. 125 An ACT to raise by way of lottery, a sum not exceeding five thousand dollars, for

the purpose of completing the building of the Bustleton academy in the county of Philadelphia

. p. 365. ch. 130 An ACT to empower Sanuel Miles, to sell and convey certain real estate in the same act mentioned, and for other purposes

. p. 372. ch. 134 An ACT for the relief of Dickinson college

- p. 463. ch. 146 An ACT to authorise the commissioners of Montgomery county and their succes

sors in office, to raise money by toll, for paying a part of the expences of erecting a bridge over Manatawny creek, near Pottsgrove, on the road leading from Philadelphia to Reading

. - p. 465. ch. 147 An ACT for the relief of Doctor Robert Johnson

. p. 469. ch. 143 A SUPPLEMENT to the act, entitled “ An act to empower and direct Ann

“ M Farren, John Agnew and William M Clean, administrators of all and sin“ gular the goods and chattels, rights and credits, which were of the estate of “ Amos M.Ginley, deceased, to convey certam lands in Hamilton's bann and “ Cumberland townships, in York county, to sundry persons to whom the said Amos M'Ginley was a trustee, and to vest the same in the grantees”.

p. 471. ch. 149 An ACT for raising by way of lottery, a sum not exceeding ten thousand dollars for the purpose of discharging the debts owing by the trustees of the German religious society of Roman Catholics, of the Holy Trinity church, in the city, of Philade!phia, and for providing means to support a school under their patronage

p. 473. ch. 150 An ACT to enable Martin Hocker, to obtain a title to a lot of land, in the township of Paxton and county of Dauphin

. p. 506. ch. 154 A SUPPLEMENT to the act, entitled “An act for the relief of the estate of “ Sarah Caldwell”

p. 569. ch. 158 An ACT enabling certain trustees, to sell and dispose of the real estate of David Hayes, a lunatic

- p. 571. ch. 159 An ACT granting to Peter Smith and Elizabeth his wife, the donation land to which Nicholas Ungerman, a soldier in the fourth Pennsylvania regiment, was by law entitled

- p. 577. ch. 162 An ACT affording compensation to Benjamin Alexander, Thomas M.Millan and others, for ascertaining the centre of Mercer county

p. 580. ch. 164 An ACT to vest in the devisees of James Parrock, deceased, such parts of the

forfeited estate of John Parrock, which have not been sold by this common. wealth

p. 620, ch. 174

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An ACT to tax the office of the Prothonotary or

Clerk of the Supreme Court.

Section 1. DE it enacted by the Senate and

D House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, in General As. sembly met, and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the same, That the prothonotary or Prothonotary

to keep an aca clerk of the supreme court, shall from and count of fees: after the first day of April next ensuing the date of this act, keep, or cause to be kept, a fair and accurate account of all the fees received in his office; and shall once in each and every year thereafter, furnish a copy thereof upon oath or affirmation, to the register and comptroller-general.

Sec. 2. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That the register and comptroller-general, shall proceed with the account lo furnished by the prothonotary or clerk of Vol. V.



the supreme court, in the following manner Yearly amount that is to say: Of the amount of fees received above 2000 dollars to be by the said prothonotary or clerk during thi taxed 75 per space of one year, two thousand dollars shall bi

and remain clear of tax, and shall be deduétec from the amount of fees so received during one year, and the remainder of the said ac count shall be taxed seventy-five per cent which said taxes shall be charged to the faic prothonotary or clerk, in the books of the comptroller and register-general; and the said prothonotary or clerk, shall forthwith up on the settlement of his account as aforesaid,

pay into the state-treasury the amount of the Proviso as to said taxes: Provided always, That the arrears fees due.

of fees which may be due to the said prothono. tary or clerk, on the thirty-first day of March next ensuing the date hereof, and which may be paid after that day, are not intended to be included within the provisions of this act.

Sec. 3. And be it further enacted by the auPowers of the thority aforesaid, That the register-general shall conderolle have the same powers to compel the said proq

thonotary or clerk, to furnish his account for settlement, and the comptroller-general to compel the payment thereof as they have in other cases.

Sec. 4. And be it further enačied by the au«, Tax of one dol- thority aforesaid, That so much of the act for lar on every h. writ, &c. to

the more speedy and effectual administration cease. of justice, passed the twenty-fifth day of Sep

tember, one thousand seven hundred and eighty." six, as directs the prothonotary of the supreme court to pay into the state-treasury, the. fum of one dollar upon every writ of capias ad

respondendum, fummons or other writ, fhall , cease, determine, and become void, on the first


cease, derraum, fumm every writ


day of April, next ensuing the date of this act: Provided always, That the arrears of the tax Proviso as to which may then be due under the said act, shall ** Lot be affected thereby.

ISAAC WEAVER, junior, Speaker

of the House of Representatives. JOHN WOODS, Speaker

of the Senate.


Monday, December 7th, 1801.
1 Mr. Thompson, the Secretary of the com-
nonwealth, being introduced, presented to the
khair, a message from the Governor, which
was read as follows, viz.
To the Senate and House of Representatives of the

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

THE bill, entitled “ An jAct to tax the office of prothonotary or clerk Jof the supreme court;" which was presented to me near the close of the last session, has not been sent back within three days after your present meeting, so that it is now become a law, I have directed it to be returned to the house of representatives in which it originated,

This is intended as an additional evidence of the deference I pay to the opinion of the legis. lature, by prefering it to my own.

THOMAS MʻKEAN. - Lancaster, December 5th, 1801.

Extract from the Journal,




An ACT for the relief of Edmund Milne,

HEREAS, Edmund Milne hath by bis V petition set forth that he paid to John Nicholson, then comptroller-general, the balance of a judgment obtained against him, which still continues a lien on his property and from which it cannot be relieved, unless an act be passed declaring the said judgment satisfied ; and as by the receipt of the said comptroller, it appears that the money was paid by the said Edmund Milne.

Section 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, in General Assembly met, and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the fame, That the attorney-general cause satisfaction to be entered on record, in the suit instituted in the name of John Hazlewood in behalf of the commonwealth, against Edmund Milne and John Vandeeren.

ISAAC WEAVER, junior Speaker

of the House of Representatives, SAMUEL MACLAY, Speaker

of the Senate. Approved—December the nineteenth, 1801 : THOMAS MʻKEAN, Governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.


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